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Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

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AnnouncementMy Treasure Spot Sponsor, George Lesche at Predator Tools may have a deal for someone...02/21/2014 09:31AM
For those people interested in coin and relic hunting, bottle hunting, or any other forms of treasure hunting. The NKTHC meets on the last Monday of every month at 7:00 at the Boone County High School Media Center at 7056 Burlington Pike in Florence, KY.

Club website can be found at Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters


Another Reminder! The Clubs 10 Year Anniversary!

CopDog3607/20/2014 10:03AM

Just 3 more days! metal detecting smiley (n/t)

Randy D1007/23/2014 04:34PM

Thanks Ed. I'll be there. (n/t)

Groundhog03807/20/2014 11:09PM

FYI 10th Anniversary Club Meet in on July 26th

CopDog7007/10/2014 10:50AM

Looking Forward to it. Anyone who doesnt want pizza, there are other fast food chains less than ten minutes away. See everyone there. (n/t)

Randy G1007/11/2014 04:52PM

Spread the word! Thanks Ed. Looking forward to getting everyone together for a day out! (n/t)

Randy D1507/10/2014 11:32AM

June Find of the Month Winners

Hazlewood19856207/07/2014 02:48PM

Congratulations to all the winners , Sure miss the pictures though (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)807/10/2014 05:39PM

Congrats to all! Another month of very nice finds! (n/t)

CopDog1807/08/2014 09:35AM

Thanks Chris! (n/t)

Randy D707/08/2014 06:35AM

Congrats to all the winners... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick607/07/2014 07:06PM

First Silver of 2014... dance Attachments

Randy G5707/08/2014 10:15PM

Nice Finds! (n/t)

CopDog707/10/2014 10:31AM

Looks like someone just wanted the head and threw the rest away! (n/t)

Randy D1007/09/2014 06:33AM

This is what my coin should have looked like, thats a bummercrying (n/t) Attachments

Randy G1307/08/2014 10:19PM

Find of the Month Leaders through June

Hazlewood19855407/07/2014 02:52PM

Gonna be another close one, keep it up guys (n/t)

Randy G907/08/2014 10:10PM

Re: Find of the Month Leaders through June

wagsjd1307/08/2014 03:47PM

Joe shouldn't u be doing more fishing? lol (n/t)

CopDog1007/08/2014 09:36AM

Keep it up guys!.....even you Joe... (n/t)

Randy D807/08/2014 06:36AM

Pretty good day at the new bottle site Attachments

Nick & Dave Horn7307/03/2014 11:16PM

I like em! (n/t)

Randy D607/07/2014 11:39AM

Nice job! Look forward to seeing them! (n/t)

CopDog807/06/2014 09:40AM

Got some good looking bottles there. Keep up the good work. (n/t)

Groundhog031607/04/2014 12:28PM

Im ready for the club hunt. Got me a new rig..... Attachments

Randy D6007/03/2014 06:29AM

No, I'm going fishing. (n/t)

Groundhog031507/04/2014 12:29PM

Re: Im ready for the club hunt. Got me a new rig.....

wagsjd1307/03/2014 07:33AM

Pinpointing isnt that good, but....

Randy D1007/03/2014 03:12PM

HBO In China? (n/t)

CopDog1207/06/2014 09:42AM

Good meeting

wagsjd4307/01/2014 07:51AM

We keep it up and we may have to rent the coliseum for meetings! tongue sticking out smiley (n/t)

Randy D1007/02/2014 09:30PM

Re: Good meeting

Randy G807/02/2014 08:27PM

Re: Good meeting

wagsjd807/03/2014 07:38AM

Better picture of gold coin. Attachments

Ken in Cinti5907/02/2014 09:52AM

Good luck Ken! (n/t)

Randy D607/03/2014 06:24AM

10th Anniversary Club gathering

CopDog4607/02/2014 08:17AM


Randy D1707/02/2014 09:33PM

Re: 10th Anniversary Club gathering

Randy G1107/02/2014 08:25PM

A friends 1887 5 five dollar gold coin fresh out of the ground. bow Attachments

Ken in Cinti7306/29/2014 08:04AM

Really nice find! (n/t)

CopDog1307/02/2014 08:01AM

Roy's story on his gold coin is on Buckeye Treasure Form.

Ken in Cinti1507/01/2014 08:41PM

It's a find of a life time. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti906/30/2014 07:47AM

It doesnt get much better than that! (n/t)

Randy D1206/30/2014 06:53AM

Found another ring today and a five cent token.

Ken in Cinti4406/29/2014 04:13PM

Looking forward to seeing it! (n/t)

Randy D906/30/2014 06:54AM

Meeting Reminder!

CopDog4406/28/2014 08:19AM

Thanks Ed! (n/t)

Randy D906/30/2014 06:52AM

thanks Ed. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti1206/29/2014 08:06AM

Had a great fishing trip to Erie.happy Attachments

Ken in Cinti10006/11/2014 07:04PM

Good thing Ben and I could borrow that stringer for the photo nana (n/t)

Ken in Cinti1506/29/2014 08:10AM

Thanks for stopping for awhile in Bluffton, Oh. on your way

ringfinder1806/25/2014 12:18PM

Good to see you also Denny.

Ken in Cinti1806/27/2014 07:51AM

I can't believe Mike is such a good fisherman.

Ken in Cinti2406/16/2014 06:04AM

Thanks for the invite Ken. I'm glad I answered the phone.It was fun. (n/t)

Groundhog031806/13/2014 10:47AM

Mike, Joe W. is going to be jealous you went! (n/t)

CopDog1606/15/2014 08:10AM

Well, he never calls me, so I go with who ever calls. (n/t)

Groundhog031306/15/2014 03:37PM

Re: Had a great fishing trip to Erie.happy

wagsjd2306/12/2014 06:51AM

Fish Fry when? lol (n/t)

CopDog1906/11/2014 08:20PM

Re: Had a great fishing trip to Erie.happy

wagsjd1806/11/2014 08:12PM

Anyone know how to get in touch with Mike Williams? shrug

RHorseUSMC5806/18/2014 10:15PM

I'm on the next stagecoach Joe (n/t)

Ken in Cinti1106/21/2014 08:25AM

Try him at home.

Ken in Cinti1606/19/2014 12:05PM

Re: Try him at home.

wagsjd1806/19/2014 04:52PM

Rick, I'll call you tomorrow. It's kind of late. (n/t)

Groundhog031306/18/2014 10:27PM

Anybody want to get out to hunt on Sunday?

Hazlewood19854806/20/2014 10:41AM

Committee meeting next week......

Randy D4406/18/2014 09:41PM

I'll try to be there (n/t)

Ken in Cinti1406/19/2014 12:02PM

I'll be there! (n/t)

CopDog1406/19/2014 08:11AM

Got out for a little bit again today... Attachments

Sardius8206/15/2014 11:56PM

Re: Got out for a little bit again today... Attachments

Sardius2706/17/2014 11:52PM

Very nice! You are on a roll... (n/t)

Randy D1506/18/2014 06:39AM

Check Out My Video My Oldest Coin Yet 1848 Large Cent smiling smiley

Dodger The Digger9106/09/2014 12:04AM

Re: Check Out My Video My Oldest Coin Yet 1848 Large Cent smiling smiley

Sardius1706/16/2014 11:30PM

Re: Check Out My Video My Oldest Coin Yet 1848 Large Cent smiling smiley

Dodger The Digger2406/18/2014 12:40AM

New to group. Attachments

Erich9306/11/2014 10:08AM

Re: New to group.

Dodger The Digger2506/13/2014 10:56PM

Sounds like your in the right place.

Ken in Cinti1806/11/2014 07:07PM

Re: New to group.

wagsjd2706/11/2014 05:43PM

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