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Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

For those people interested in coin and relic hunting, bottle hunting, or any other forms of treasure hunting. The NKTHC meets on the last Monday of every month at 7:00 at the Boone County High School Media Center at 7056 Burlington Pike in Florence, KY.

Club website can be found at Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters


Couple of Reminders. Meeting Nov 30th

CopDog2511/23/2015 09:50AM

Re: Couple of Reminders. Meeting Nov 30th Attachments

wagsjd711/24/2015 06:38PM

Yes, thanks Ed. We will certainly miss you ! (n/t)

gldnuggit111/24/2015 05:27PM

Thank you Ed for all that you do for the club! clap (n/t)

Randy D111/24/2015 06:51AM

Love token article Attachments

wagsjd5811/13/2015 07:02AM

I knew that was an awsome piece! (n/t)

Randy D111/24/2015 06:48AM

Great Find! I would love to see the article! (n/t)

CopDog111/23/2015 09:35AM

check another coin off the bucket list Attachments

mkriege124711/18/2015 11:28PM

Nice! Those are hard to find. (n/t)

Randy D111/24/2015 06:43AM

Great Find! (n/t)

CopDog111/23/2015 09:36AM

Great find (n/t)

Ken in Cinti911/19/2015 01:15PM

Re: check another coin off the bucket list

DSTADTLANDER911/19/2015 09:30AM


DSTADTLANDER8111/13/2015 09:36AM

I like it! (n/t)

Randy D111/24/2015 06:42AM

Preparing for DIV XXIII..... how time does fly! Attachments

Randy D9310/30/2015 08:45PM

And your TOOTH! brushfighter (n/t)

CopDog2011/10/2015 01:53PM

That's funny (n/t)

Ken in Cinti2111/01/2015 10:25AM

Re: Preparing for DIV XXIII..... how time does fly!

wagsjd2710/31/2015 07:00AM

Re: Preparing for DIV XXIII..... how time does fly!

DSTADTLANDER3110/30/2015 10:03PM

11/08/15 find getting ready for DIV

michael kraus7511/08/2015 03:48PM

Very nice find Mike (n/t)

Ken in Cinti2111/09/2015 07:59PM

Definately a goodun! (n/t)

Randy D1711/09/2015 06:53AM

Re: 11/08/15 find getting ready for DIV

Ryno2911/08/2015 05:30PM

Re: 11/08/15 find getting ready for DIV (n/t)

michael kraus2211/08/2015 04:03PM

Re: 11/08/15 find getting ready for DIV (n/t) Attachments

michael kraus2811/08/2015 04:20PM

Re: 11/08/15 find getting ready for DIV

DSTADTLANDER2511/08/2015 05:51PM

ALWAYS read the garret searcher newsletter!!! Attachments

mkriege127711/04/2015 11:16PM

Nice! Never toss any find that you arent sure about! (n/t)

Randy D2011/05/2015 10:55AM

Coons compound Attachments

wagsjd12810/23/2015 07:39AM

Re: Coons compound

mkriege123411/04/2015 11:18PM

I relocated 30 coons in N Ky so far.

Ken in Cinti3710/29/2015 09:50AM

Maybe you have just relocated the same one 14 times??? (n/t)

Randy D2910/27/2015 06:32AM

Re: Maybe you have just relocated the same one 14 times???

wagsjd3110/28/2015 07:47AM

I live on church street. (n/t)

Randy D3510/30/2015 06:24AM

Re: I live on church street.

wagsjd3510/31/2015 07:02AM


DSTADTLANDER9610/31/2015 03:15PM

There was a train wreck near Loveland, Ohio

Ken in Cinti3311/03/2015 08:52PM

Re: There was a train wreck near Loveland, Ohio

DSTADTLANDER3411/04/2015 08:01AM

Look for a seam where it was in the mold. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti2711/02/2015 05:18PM

Re: Look for a seam where it was in the mold.

DSTADTLANDER2411/03/2015 05:48PM

What area did you buy it in?

Ken in Cinti2411/01/2015 10:24AM

Re: What area did you buy it in?

DSTADTLANDER2711/01/2015 11:31AM

What is the exact diameter?

Randy D3010/31/2015 04:50PM

Re: What is the exact diameter?

DSTADTLANDER2910/31/2015 06:39PM

November Meeting

CopDog10410/28/2015 08:54AM

USA Joe For President! 2016!!! USA (n/t)

Randy D3410/30/2015 06:30AM

Re: November Meeting

wagsjd3410/30/2015 06:05AM

Re: November Meeting

CopDog2610/30/2015 08:01PM

Wish I could help.

Ken in Cinti2910/29/2015 09:55AM

Re: Wish I could help.

wagsjd3610/31/2015 06:56AM


Hazlewood19857810/26/2015 11:46AM

WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Attachments

DSTADTLANDER10810/21/2015 09:38PM

Kinda cool! (n/t)

Randy D2910/26/2015 06:37AM


wagsjd3410/23/2015 07:09AM

Next Meeting Oct 26th Friendly Reminder!

CopDog7110/24/2015 04:08PM

Dont forget...nominations are tonight for club officers...

Randy D2710/26/2015 06:36AM

family love token Attachments

mkriege1211010/18/2015 11:19PM

Very nice family collection! (n/t)

CopDog2710/24/2015 04:03PM

Thats a nice collection there....

Randy D3510/20/2015 06:38AM

Re: family love token

mkriege123410/19/2015 06:08PM

Re: family love token

wagsjd3210/19/2015 04:52PM

Re: family love token

DSTADTLANDER3510/19/2015 12:56PM

Re: family love token

mkriege124010/18/2015 11:22PM

United Ststes Army ring Attachments

wagsjd9510/15/2015 07:07PM

You can still buy them just like that today, so hard to say how old it is. (n/t)

Randy D2710/20/2015 06:36AM

Short hunt Attachments

wagsjd12110/15/2015 06:38PM

You dont need to go to VA, you are finding it all right here! (n/t)

Randy D2610/20/2015 06:33AM

You know what that is. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti3610/17/2015 07:41AM

Have some detecting items for sale.

Ken in Cinti12310/11/2015 02:27PM

They were some good scoops.

Ken in Cinti5110/14/2015 08:25AM

It's Ray Lovin's stuff. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti5010/12/2015 04:23PM

What type of scoops do you have? (n/t)

Randy D3710/14/2015 06:43AM

So will that leave you with an even dozen detectors? How will you manage? lol (n/t)

Randy D3810/12/2015 08:01AM


DSTADTLANDER14110/13/2015 07:08PM

Good job! (n/t)

Randy D3910/14/2015 06:44AM

Got a couple of nice finds.

Ken in Cinti13410/06/2015 09:41PM

Re: Got a couple of nice finds.

wagsjd5110/09/2015 06:56AM

Nice, keep on digging! (n/t)

gldnuggit4310/07/2015 05:13PM

Wow..nice finds..cant wait to see the button. (n/t)

Randy D5710/07/2015 07:14AM

By request...for your viewing pleasure...

Randy D12110/02/2015 06:58AM

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