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Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

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AnnouncementI'd like to welcome Richard at Backwoods Metal Detectors as a new sponsor...06/01/2015 06:35PM
For those people interested in coin and relic hunting, bottle hunting, or any other forms of treasure hunting. The NKTHC meets on the last Monday of every month at 7:00 at the Boone County High School Media Center at 7056 Burlington Pike in Florence, KY.

Club website can be found at Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters


Are we going to the pre meeting dinner?

Ken in Cinti38301/20/2011 08:35PM

DIV XVII pre meeting dinner put on by Rosehammer (n/t)

Ken in Cinti13101/22/2011 10:34AM

If you are talking about in Virginia, already paid. (n/t)

crysh1214701/21/2011 06:41PM

In that case....

Randy D14401/21/2011 07:06AM

thats funny randy you thought Ken was going to buy us dinner lollollol (n/t)

Tommy G13101/21/2011 10:16PM

I think he's talking about the one in Virginia smiling smiley (n/t)

RHorseUSMC16701/21/2011 10:01AM

metal detecting smiley Attention...club DIV participants...please read..

Randy D60001/07/2011 07:19AM

Ok the picture of Greg is freaking me out, NIGHTMARES! lol (n/t)

CopDog26001/19/2011 10:20AM

We have not had any meeting yet...

Randy D25701/14/2011 09:35PM

Is it too late???

snide22201/14/2011 12:27PM

Hey David...

Randy D24401/14/2011 09:38PM

Bring your suits and detectors and sunscreen to the meeting at my house.

Ken in Cinti22901/14/2011 09:45AM

Ken, I was on my way till you mentioned suits... I am afraid this guy will be there (n/t) Attachments

Randy G29701/14/2011 07:49PM

Randy G, I except that of Tommy but not you. (n/t)

crysh1226101/19/2011 08:01PM

Sorry guys did I miss the meeting?

CopDog24201/13/2011 08:57PM

Re: Sorry guys did I miss the meeting?

snide27801/14/2011 12:26PM

Forget Frish's I say we do a road trip and visit Ken!! I'm sick of snow

Randy G17801/11/2011 02:12PM

When are you coming.

Ken in Cinti22301/11/2011 10:01PM

Wish I could Ken, hows the weather (n/t)

Randy G22101/12/2011 01:14PM

Im thinking next wednesday...ish?? (n/t)

Randy D17701/11/2011 07:08AM

Is Next Wednesday the date ? What Time ? (n/t)

Randy G27901/14/2011 03:46PM

Sounds like a good idea, Frisch's again? (n/t)

RHorseUSMC24201/10/2011 09:11AM

That sounds like a good idea Randy. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti18001/09/2011 09:18AM

Im in (n/t)

Tommy G23601/08/2011 11:10PM

You must of read my mind. I'm in. (n/t)

crysh1219601/08/2011 08:13PM

I am In Randy...........

tomjj26001/08/2011 08:00PM

I wish there was some way to participate.

Ken in Cinti28101/08/2011 08:54AM

Maybe we could video conference you in! grinning smiley (n/t)

Randy D24001/08/2011 04:41PM

Im in just let me know when. (n/t)

Randy G25101/07/2011 09:17AM

hot smiley Club DIV attendees....I just sent you an email..please read and reply asap. (n/t)

Randy D58201/15/2011 12:03PM

I just sent you guys another (cancellation) email about the meeting. We'll get this together some day! bang head (n/t)

Randy D20201/19/2011 07:05PM

No snow here.

Ken in Cinti18601/19/2011 09:22AM

Bite me... spinning smiley sticking its tongue out (n/t)

crysh1216101/19/2011 07:55PM

Shut up. guns blazing (n/t)

Randy D16001/19/2011 07:04PM

Due to the snow storm forecast ( and other reasons) we may have to change the DIV meeting day once again. Expect an email from me this evening. (n/t)

Randy D17201/19/2011 07:40AM

I just sent you guys another email. Please read asap. (n/t)

Randy D16201/16/2011 03:35PM

Also, Don't forget payment is due very soon. Read the DIV forums !!! (n/t)

crysh1218301/15/2011 05:20PM

Braved the cold and snow Sunday - paid off Attachments

crysh1291601/18/2011 08:36PM

silver sound good nice ring (n/t)

sniffen around20501/19/2011 06:38PM

Nice Finds. (n/t)

Randy G16601/19/2011 10:37AM

Very nice finds good job! (n/t)

CopDog16101/19/2011 10:17AM

Nice finds....Tommy may be interested in your 'relic' to add to his collection. (n/t)

Randy D17001/19/2011 07:39AM

Ed and Shawn..

Randy D34301/14/2011 10:34PM

Oh I'm awake! Just waiting patiently (n/t)

CopDog16501/19/2011 10:18AM

Wake up you two.hammerbang head

Ken in Cinti14601/17/2011 07:31PM


snide44801/12/2011 07:16PM

Re: Hello...

wagsjd19901/16/2011 11:10AM

Re: Hello...

snide15701/16/2011 11:13PM

Re: Hello...

snide14501/14/2011 12:55AM

Welcome David. Club meetings are the best way to get started.

crysh1214401/13/2011 05:51PM

Re: Hello...

snide16001/13/2011 11:08AM

Welcome and hope you make the next meeting (n/t)

Randy G20501/14/2011 07:10PM

faster than a speeding bullet but ive been there (n/t)

Tommy G24901/13/2011 12:41PM

Hello David hope you can make it ......

Tommy G16601/13/2011 08:29AM

Hi David...

Randy D17501/13/2011 07:05AM

Randy will get in touch with you soon.

Ken in Cinti25401/12/2011 08:40PM

Ended 2010 with a bang and started 2011 the same way metal detecting smiley Attachments

crysh1277101/08/2011 08:35PM

When you said you ended 2010 and started 2011 with a bang.

Ken in Cinti21501/14/2011 09:41AM

Good going! (n/t)

CopDog21101/13/2011 08:58PM

Looks a pretty nice three days! Keep it up. (n/t)

blaze18917001/11/2011 11:54PM

Your off to a great start there Greg, congratulations! (n/t)

Randy G20801/09/2011 08:42PM

Somebody has been huntin! Nice finds! (n/t)

Randy D18101/09/2011 05:15PM

nice digging hope it warms up or will be shut down i think the woods might still be thawed (n/t)

sniffen around19101/09/2011 03:28PM

Good going Greg. Keep it up. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti23101/09/2011 09:20AM

glad i could show you where to go cowboy (n/t)

Tommy G20301/08/2011 11:08PM

I want to see a picture of the truck and the bullets. Cool finds. (n/t)

crysh1223601/09/2011 11:15AM

Hey Tommy, have you hunted those torn up side walks on 20 yet? (n/t)

Randy G28901/06/2011 09:15PM

um um um maybe quiet (n/t)

Tommy G14701/06/2011 09:37PM

Went water detecting and we caught 17 of these. Attachments

Ken in Cinti49101/02/2011 07:22PM

Do need some help catching them.

Ken in Cinti17301/04/2011 12:29PM

I like to fish when are we going this summer? (n/t)

CopDog16701/03/2011 09:18PM

nice job kenso cool (n/t)

Tommy G14301/03/2011 08:01PM

What, You make your friend Jim carry them for you shrug (n/t)

crysh1217001/03/2011 06:08PM

I here thats some good eaten (n/t)

sniffen around13801/03/2011 05:29PM

Looks like dinner to me!! (n/t)

Randy G14301/03/2011 11:41AM

Re: Went water detecting and we caught 17 of these.

wagsjd17901/03/2011 08:12AM

Thems some mighty big bluegills! lol (n/t)

Randy D12801/02/2011 08:36PM

Well here's to more silver and older relics in 2011, Happy new year everyone (n/t)

Randy G38412/31/2010 11:25PM

I agree more and better finds 2011! Good Luck and Happy New Year (n/t)

CopDog14201/03/2011 09:17PM

Happy new year everyone (n/t)

Tommy G15901/01/2011 12:52PM

Happy New Year to you Randy.

Ken in Cinti17401/01/2011 10:53AM

Happy New Year everyone and good luck with the hunting !!! (n/t)

crysh1214901/01/2011 08:39AM

Re:happy new year

sniffen around21301/01/2011 07:16AM

Every year is the year of the pull tab for me! (n/t)

Randy D15901/02/2011 08:35PM


Groundhog0317801/01/2011 01:03AM

jackpot Attachments

sniffen around54412/29/2010 07:56PM

Nice Find! (n/t)

CopDog13001/03/2011 09:16PM

Nice one! (n/t)

Randy D14701/02/2011 08:33PM

That's a rare one. Congratulations !!! (n/t)

crysh1214401/01/2011 08:41AM

nice find (n/t)

Tommy G14512/30/2010 04:03PM

Re: jackpot

wagsjd16712/30/2010 08:23AM

Nice Injun! (n/t)

Randy G19112/30/2010 09:09AM

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

Ken in Cinti26912/22/2010 06:35PM

I covered everyone in the other merry christmas post beer (n/t)

Tommy G16412/27/2010 06:46PM

Thanks Ed at least you posted. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti17112/26/2010 08:25PM

Sorry for the Delay... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! (n/t)

crysh1225512/27/2010 05:15PM

The holiday is over you guys.

Ken in Cinti18312/28/2010 12:34PM

Your so mean.bow (n/t)

Groundhog0316512/29/2010 04:28PM

Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

CopDog15312/22/2010 08:46PM

Someone at one of the meetings asked how much a diamond tester cost.

Ken in Cinti40312/26/2010 08:30PM

You guys will start finding them.smile

Ken in Cinti15512/28/2010 12:31PM

Who the heck finds diamonds? shrug (n/t)

Randy D17112/26/2010 08:38PM

Must of been the folks from the rich part of town shrug (n/t)

crysh1212712/27/2010 05:17PM

Merrry Christmas and Happy New Years

CopDog31612/22/2010 08:50PM

Merry Christmas to you and your family. (n/t)

crysh1218712/24/2010 11:52AM

merry Christmas (n/t)

sniffen around16312/24/2010 08:15AM

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my family to all bandana (n/t)

Tommy G15112/23/2010 11:16AM

Merry Christmas to you and everyone here. Santa may be a bit delayed this year.... Attachments

Randy D27612/23/2010 09:18AM

Missed the Christmas party

Randy G25612/21/2010 01:28PM

Re: Missed the Christmas party

CopDog17212/22/2010 08:47PM

I missed it also.

Ken in Cinti14712/22/2010 06:33PM

Merry Christmas Randy and Happy New Year !!! (n/t)

crysh1214912/21/2010 07:24PM

Sorry you missed the party Randy gave everybody new detectors maybe well see you next year beer (n/t)

Tommy G18912/21/2010 04:45PM

How did the party go last night? (n/t)

Ken in Cinti29412/14/2010 09:03AM

Thanks for the replies.

Ken in Cinti17412/14/2010 07:46PM

I really liked the Pandas rock (n/t)

crysh1215712/14/2010 06:40PM

Went pretty good. Missed having you guys there! (n/t)

Randy D22812/14/2010 06:00PM

The party was a good time wish you and Cindy could have been there (n/t)

Tommy G21112/14/2010 11:45AM

Looks like Greg made it through another hunting season congrats buddy devil (n/t) Attachments

Tommy G43512/12/2010 02:49PM

Ok I am going to have nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!! (n/t)

CopDog16112/13/2010 05:56PM

Wow... bang head I wish I hadnt opened that! (n/t)

Randy D14812/12/2010 08:10PM

Like I said... Someone has too much time on their hands (n/t)

crysh1214312/12/2010 04:12PM

Can someone give me Directions to................

tomjj43812/12/2010 03:10PM

Sorry Tom that I didnt get back with you sooner. Did you get what you need? (n/t)

Randy D14612/12/2010 07:36PM

yes got what I need (n/t)

tomjj16112/12/2010 09:50PM

yep seems like i have everything under control almost (n/t)

Tommy G17812/12/2010 09:08PM

sent you a pm (n/t)

Tommy G14212/12/2010 05:23PM

Chritmas dinner info for Monday night buds

Randy D44812/12/2010 08:09PM

Don't forget about dinner tomorrow everyone buds (n/t)

Tommy G21012/12/2010 02:50PM

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