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Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

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AnnouncementI'd like to bring this post to everyone's attention. It is a testament to the good souls we have here on the Spot. Remember: Finds, Friends and Fun!01/24/2015 07:18PM
For those people interested in coin and relic hunting, bottle hunting, or any other forms of treasure hunting. The NKTHC meets on the last Monday of every month at 7:00 at the Boone County High School Media Center at 7056 Burlington Pike in Florence, KY.

Club website can be found at Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters


one killer find one bummer find but best finds yet!!! Attachments

GarryinKY44211/01/2010 10:01AM

can you post a larger pic of both sides of the coin,I think I found one last year

brian potter15011/07/2010 03:46PM

Can you take a picture of the back of the plate?

Ken in Cinti19311/01/2010 09:25PM

Re: Can you take a picture of the back of the plate? (n/t) Attachments

GarryinKY16811/01/2010 10:32PM

very nice finds (n/t)

Tommy G16211/01/2010 07:30PM

Great finds. You need to go there again !!! (n/t)

crysh1213911/01/2010 07:13PM

Wow Garry, thats pretty awsome! Looks like you got a good spot! (n/t)

Randy D15311/01/2010 06:26PM

Gary that is an awesome find, goes to show that you never know what will turn up where. Congratulations! (n/t)

Randy G14411/01/2010 11:42AM

Token catalog website

crysh122,77011/05/2010 08:43PM

Cool site. That will come in handy. (n/t)

Randy D18311/05/2010 09:04PM

Hey Tommy- thanks for the Yuengling!

RHorseUSMC26711/02/2010 08:48PM

I told Tommy it was a bad to drink when medicated. He said he does it all the time. stars (n/t)

crysh1211311/04/2010 08:17PM

No problem

Tommy G14611/03/2010 09:13AM

Whats the deal with all the messaging? We want to see the stuff. (n/t)

Groundhog0322511/03/2010 09:56PM

Mines posted on DIV forum. Not much to show. Hut digging takes time. (n/t)

crysh1211911/04/2010 08:12PM

Sorry to say...I dont have anything to show other than the carved bullet. sad smiley (n/t)

Randy D10411/04/2010 07:12AM

Hey Ken THANKS a whole lot

Tommy G27211/03/2010 09:15AM

Now you did it.

Ken in Cinti13611/03/2010 07:24PM

2 cases? blink (n/t)

RHorseUSMC12111/03/2010 12:21PM

shrugsure what are pals for beer you did get them both didnt you (n/t)

Tommy G10611/03/2010 03:56PM

Mike K found a good un! Attachments

Randy D39710/29/2010 09:36PM

I still don't know who found it.

Ken in Cinti16111/01/2010 09:32PM

That was a find of a lifetime Mike !!! Congratulations !!! (n/t)

crysh1214911/01/2010 07:21PM

Nice find! (n/t)

CopDog13610/31/2010 03:46PM

Awesome, Badge Mike. (n/t)

Randy G16510/29/2010 09:48PM

Hey Randy, Tell Tommy I bought some really nice coils from a lady in Hebron at a yard sale real cheap, she kept mumbling something about being left at home. (n/t)

Randy G22910/29/2010 09:53PM

Yeah I ran into that lady she wants everything back with interest nana (n/t)

Tommy G10911/01/2010 07:34PM

There should be a few detectors there too! (n/t)

Randy D10410/29/2010 09:56PM

No, they had been run over in the driveway. Real sad (n/t)

Randy G12010/29/2010 09:59PM

I see finds from Ken, Randy, Mike and Greg... What did Tommy find? shrug (n/t)

RHorseUSMC18710/29/2010 10:08PM

no need to show off let everyone else enjoy their fifteen minutes of shame i mean fame (n/t)

Tommy G12411/01/2010 07:32PM

Ok guys Im jealouse of those DIV'rs, need to dig something anybody up for a hunt Sunday? (n/t)

Randy G19110/29/2010 09:18PM

Sorry Randy I would have got with you But:

CopDog13810/31/2010 03:48PM

Re: Sorry Randy I would have got with you But:

Randy G11010/31/2010 09:39PM

Gregs sutler token Attachments

Randy D32410/29/2010 09:43PM

Very Very Nice Find! (n/t)

CopDog10510/31/2010 03:46PM

Great Find Greg, keep em coming (n/t)

Randy G10910/29/2010 09:47PM

Utah trip photos Attachments

crysh1227910/26/2010 08:01PM

Nice Old Relics. Sorry Ken. LOL (n/t)

CopDog14910/28/2010 09:04PM

Utah trip photos - part 2 Attachments

crysh1232210/26/2010 08:14PM

Wow Beautiful Country. Maybe I will get to visit someday! (n/t)

CopDog12510/28/2010 09:02PM

Beautiful country out there! (n/t)

Randy D11610/26/2010 10:31PM

Headin out in a few hours....wish us luck!

Randy D21810/27/2010 07:17PM

Good Luck! Look forward to checking the fines online! (n/t)

CopDog9110/28/2010 09:01PM

Good luck to everyone. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti12310/27/2010 09:57PM

One more wishing you guys a lot of luck, and I hope you find your dream relic, send us some pictures. (n/t)

Randy G21610/26/2010 07:51PM

Thanks Randy (n/t)

Tommy G24110/26/2010 08:44PM

Thanks Randy. I wish you could have made it this time. Keep trying !!! (n/t)

crysh1212510/26/2010 08:27PM

My treasures from my last four hunts! Attachments

CopDog26210/25/2010 05:28PM

Not bad at all Ed. Keep 'em coming !!! (n/t)

crysh1212810/26/2010 07:33PM

Looks like the silver is finding you! (n/t)

Randy D10310/26/2010 07:05AM

Good luck to you guys going to DIV, sure going to miss being there sad smiley (n/t)

RHorseUSMC21810/26/2010 10:50AM

Thanks Rick, We will miss having you there. Get ready for Spring !!! (n/t)

crysh1212510/26/2010 07:32PM

Thanks Rick...

Randy D12110/26/2010 04:38PM

Just rest up for the next one it wont be the same but I'll have lots of pics devil (n/t)

Tommy G12210/26/2010 12:33PM

Thats right...no relics...

Randy D8910/26/2010 03:11PM

Meeting Monday.

Ken in Cinti24810/23/2010 02:33PM

Yes...there is a meeting tonight...

Randy D9310/25/2010 07:05AM

Randy G....so close but yet so far...

Randy D17110/21/2010 08:17AM

Yea it was getting closer but looks like the alternate list has stalled out. Maybe next year. Can't wait to see what you guys bring back. (n/t)

Randy G9610/21/2010 07:41PM

Its a bummer I was hoping to share some good times with you but we will this spring (n/t)

Tommy G8510/21/2010 06:27PM

Send Rose a PM and let her know you can go now.

Ken in Cinti16310/21/2010 02:52PM

Found a new spot! (n/t) Attachments

Randy G32910/20/2010 01:55AM

been there lots of pull tabs (n/t)

Tommy G11510/20/2010 08:54AM

Metal Detectors Gone Hollywood -- Kellyco Trivia Contest

steveKELLYCarr18810/19/2010 03:28PM

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