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Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

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AnnouncementLong time member and now a new sponsor... JLowe's Guns08/09/2014 08:38PM
AnnouncementPlease welcome a new sponsoring detector dealer...East Coast Treasure Outfitters08/09/2014 08:37PM
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For those people interested in coin and relic hunting, bottle hunting, or any other forms of treasure hunting. The NKTHC meets on the last Monday of every month at 7:00 at the Boone County High School Media Center at 7056 Burlington Pike in Florence, KY.

Club website can be found at Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters


Need Beach Scoop Attachments

Gog24309/01/2010 08:52PM

Sent you a pm Jim. (n/t)

Randy D10209/02/2010 07:17AM

Randy D might have one laying around cowboy (n/t)

Tommy G9809/01/2010 09:26PM

ace 350

859jamie44709/01/2010 05:20PM

Hang in there buddy! metal detecting smiley (n/t)

Randy D12709/02/2010 07:08AM

hey jamie lets go diggin

GarryinKY14009/01/2010 10:27PM

I am sure you will enjoy it but the wait will kill you lol (n/t)

Tommy G14509/01/2010 05:23PM

Re: I am sure you will enjoy it but the wait will kill you lol

859jamie14609/01/2010 06:18PM

Cleaning items

CopDog24208/30/2010 05:31PM

Sounds like it might be worth a try. Thanks Ed. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti11309/01/2010 09:03AM

Re: Cleaning items

Gog11709/01/2010 08:13AM

That stuff is like Duck Tape. It will fix anything !!! (n/t)

crysh1211208/31/2010 05:41PM

I use a sand blaster works well so cool (n/t)

Tommy G9608/31/2010 02:27PM

I just use a high speed grinder...that gets everything off! lol (n/t)

Randy D13408/31/2010 11:58AM

Re: Cleaning items

859jamie9708/31/2010 06:36AM

A few finds tonight Attachments

Randy G28608/29/2010 09:38PM

Your are tearing it up Randy !!! Nice recoveries !!! (n/t)

crysh1210708/31/2010 05:44PM

Re: A few finds tonight

859jamie11108/31/2010 06:39AM

nice findssmile (n/t)

Tommy G9808/30/2010 08:17AM

I think you are right on the pin.... Attachments

Randy D9508/30/2010 07:09AM

Looks like you had a good night. (n/t)

CopDog9208/30/2010 01:57AM

A few found items! It has been a while! Attachments

CopDog32808/28/2010 06:16PM

I really liked the Ford Tokens. WTG buddy !!! (n/t)

crysh1218708/31/2010 05:43PM

Re: A few found items! It has been a while!

859jamie9908/31/2010 06:41AM

Re: A few found items! It has been a while!

wagsjd13308/29/2010 03:34PM

Cool! I really like the tokens (n/t)

Randy D11008/29/2010 03:29PM

Cool Finds, Glad you found somewhere to hunt while there (n/t)

Randy G10208/28/2010 11:08PM

very nice finds good job (n/t)

Tommy G9608/28/2010 06:24PM

DIV XVI (Spring 2011) going on now on the DIV forum...

Randy D22208/26/2010 08:30PM

Good Luck to those that signed up !!! (n/t)

crysh1212008/27/2010 08:07PM

glad to see you took the plunge and signed up RandyG now you need to buy a new detector lol (n/t)

Tommy G12008/27/2010 04:39PM

Randy G,,,,I see you signed up for this one. good job You wont be disappointed. (n/t)

Randy D10608/27/2010 07:01AM

Re: Randy G,,,,I see you signed up for this one. good job You wont be disappointed.

Randy G10908/27/2010 10:37PM

I'll be bringing some prizes for the hunt.zap

Ken in Cinti23008/27/2010 07:02PM

me too.zap (n/t)

Tommy G11508/27/2010 09:07PM

I hope one is a GPX 4500 !!! rock metal detecting smiley (n/t)

crysh1210408/27/2010 08:06PM

finds from sunday Attachments

GarryinKY27808/24/2010 08:07PM

Nice digging. Keep it up !!! (n/t)

crysh1210508/26/2010 08:18PM

Its hard to date those items. Very possibly horse tack hardware..

Randy D14708/25/2010 07:34AM

Re: finds from sunday

Randy G11308/24/2010 08:48PM

nice finds like the star rivet (n/t)

Tommy G12408/24/2010 08:26PM

Another first for me Attachments

Randy G31308/22/2010 10:18PM

Nice job (n/t)

CopDog8808/26/2010 04:09PM

Very nice !!! clap (n/t)

crysh1211108/23/2010 06:19PM

very nice find (n/t)

Tommy G11308/23/2010 09:13AM

Re: Another first for me

wagsjd17608/23/2010 07:51AM

Cool! You are on a roll. good job (n/t)

Randy D12208/22/2010 10:39PM

My DIV six shooters have come back to life....

Randy D32508/22/2010 10:42PM

very cool nice to see how its done (n/t)

sniffen around12808/24/2010 03:46PM

Re: My DIV six shooters have come back to life....

Randy G12508/23/2010 09:16PM

Rob is amazing !!! Very nice work. Great guns !!! (n/t)

crysh1213508/23/2010 06:17PM

Great save and great video Rob did a great job as always. good job (n/t)

Tommy G15108/23/2010 09:23AM

hi all new guy here,(park detecting in ky)

GarryinKY1,09507/28/2010 12:04PM

Re: hi all new guy here,(park detecting in ky)

859jamie21408/22/2010 03:58PM

sent you a pm (n/t)

Tommy G12808/23/2010 09:26AM

Welcome to the SPOT !!! (n/t)

crysh1221208/07/2010 06:45AM

Yeah....what Randy said! pirate

Randy D29807/29/2010 07:06AM

Re: Yeah....what Randy said! pirate

GarryinKY21607/29/2010 07:41AM

Hey Garry! ....

Randy D16007/29/2010 08:45PM

Re: Hey Garry! ....

Tommy G20908/02/2010 09:58AM

Re: Hey Garry! ....

GarryinKY17908/05/2010 10:04AM

Re: hi all new guy here,(park detecting in ky)

RGibbons18907/28/2010 10:39PM

Battery Hooper Days

Tommy G23908/21/2010 06:14PM

Re: Battery Hooper Days

Randy G13108/22/2010 10:20PM

over (n/t)

Tommy G11708/23/2010 09:26AM

Gold and Penny Sculpturing. Some cool finds. Attachments

crysh1242508/22/2010 03:50PM

nice finds keep up the good work (n/t)

Tommy G11708/23/2010 09:25AM

The treasures just keep on coming! Good job. (n/t)

Randy D9808/22/2010 10:37PM

Re: Gold and Penny Sculpturing. Some cool finds.

Randy G11208/22/2010 10:07PM

new here

859jamie24308/21/2010 03:08AM

Re: new here

GarryinKY10708/22/2010 07:14AM

Re: new here

859jamie12008/22/2010 03:40PM

Welcome... As Randy mentioned, attend a club meeting. Make some friends. (n/t)

crysh1211608/21/2010 03:25PM

welcome to the spot

Tommy G11408/21/2010 08:36AM

Re: welcome to the spot

859jamie12208/21/2010 09:31AM

You are only minutes away from most of us here. You shouldnt have ny problem finding someone to hunt with..

Randy D13308/21/2010 02:08PM

Re: You are only minutes away from most of us here. You shouldnt have ny problem finding someone to hunt with..

859jamie12108/21/2010 09:40PM

Oldest Coin To Date and a first for me Attachments

Randy G72908/20/2010 03:16PM

Nice find Randy WTG................. (n/t)

tomjj17108/22/2010 02:29PM

Re: Oldest Coin To Date and a first for me

wagsjd18108/21/2010 04:34PM

Good Job Nice find! (n/t)

CopDog16608/21/2010 01:37PM

very nice find (n/t)

Tommy G19208/21/2010 08:32AM

awesome find and the gash gives it your own personal touch wink (n/t)

GarryinKY17208/21/2010 05:23AM

Nice recovery Randy !!! Keep 'em coming !!! (n/t)

crysh1215408/20/2010 08:17PM

Wow! Thats nice...even with the gash. fighter (n/t)

Randy D13708/20/2010 05:35PM

Congratulations it's always nice to reach those personal goals. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti15308/20/2010 05:34PM

Just dug a gold ring with diamonds in Cambridge,O

Ken in Cinti27208/20/2010 05:31PM

Ran into Rick Culp at Hayes Hunt.

Ken in Cinti17408/21/2010 07:46PM

Yeah I saw that a couple of weeks ago also very impressive (n/t)

Tommy G11108/21/2010 10:59PM

Good Job! (n/t)

CopDog10708/21/2010 01:36PM

great job ken (n/t)

Tommy G9408/21/2010 08:33AM

Sounds like a nice find Ken. See you at the meeting. (n/t)

crysh1212108/20/2010 08:14PM

Cool. Cant wait to see it. (n/t)

Randy D10508/20/2010 05:35PM

Places to Hunt

Randy G31108/15/2010 04:27PM

Oh yea, that's it, give the three musketeers somewhere else to go. (n/t)

Groundhog0311608/15/2010 08:59PM

whos the three musketeers shrug (n/t)

Tommy G12708/16/2010 09:10AM

Anyone have contacts around Richmond KY?

CopDog24608/14/2010 07:49PM

I can't think of anyone. You could always knock on a few doors. (n/t)

crysh1210608/15/2010 01:14PM

Finds from today Attachments

Randy G30308/11/2010 09:19PM

Nice Finds! (n/t)

CopDog11708/14/2010 07:44PM

Nice digging !!! (n/t)

crysh1212708/13/2010 09:20PM

nice finds (n/t)

Tommy G11208/12/2010 04:50PM

What does the buckle look like oon the front? (n/t)

Randy D10808/12/2010 07:03AM

looks like a rosett (n/t)

dean arbogast10408/11/2010 11:00PM

Nice finds! How is the ground right now? (n/t)

Randy D12208/11/2010 09:42PM

Re: Nice finds! How is the ground right now?

Randy G13208/11/2010 09:50PM

No wonder it was free. Attachments

Randy G27908/11/2010 09:23PM

That's the way most of stuff comes from over there. It's cheap for a reason !!! (n/t)

crysh1212108/13/2010 09:23PM

Just step on it and it will bend back Melissa does the same thing everytime lol (n/t)

Tommy G10708/12/2010 04:48PM

Now you have something to get underneath those roots with! metal detecting smiley (n/t)

Randy D12608/11/2010 09:44PM

Re: Now you have something to get underneath those roots with! metal detecting smiley

Randy G12108/11/2010 09:53PM

Ive never had one bend or break....

Randy D12908/12/2010 07:01AM

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