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Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

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AnnouncementI could use some opinions on adding some additional forums to the Spot...04/22/2014 07:31PM
For those people interested in coin and relic hunting, bottle hunting, or any other forms of treasure hunting. The NKTHC meets on the last Monday of every month at 7:00 at the Boone County High School Media Center at 7056 Burlington Pike in Florence, KY.

Club website can be found at Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters


First Timers for DIV

CopDog26403/24/2010 07:58PM

Good luck guys. Find lots of goodies and show those other guys up for me. (n/t)

Groundhog0313003/24/2010 10:02PM

Bring it on...we are saving you some relics (n/t)

Randy D12103/24/2010 10:02PM

Getting settled in at the hotel. The week already started off right....

Randy D26903/20/2010 09:07PM

Great! I am getting ready for DIV 14

CopDog11903/21/2010 09:41PM

rock The DIV countdown has begun!...

Randy D26403/14/2010 02:13PM

I'm READY !!!! Shawn, Ed, Tom and Mike drive safe. See you soon. rock (n/t)

crysh1215003/19/2010 08:43PM

Zero days! Leaving in the AM. Ed, Shawn, Tom....see you guys later in the week. We might save you a relic or two. nana (n/t)

Randy D13303/19/2010 10:49AM

Good luck guys..................

tomjj13703/17/2010 07:14PM

2 more days! (n/t)

Randy D12203/17/2010 12:02PM

4 more days!! good job (n/t)

Randy D11903/15/2010 09:38PM

Don't forget the Astronaut Diapers if you drink a bunch of hot java or you may be embarrassed (n/t)

crysh1214503/14/2010 08:23PM

Good luck! I will see you at XIV!

CopDog12603/14/2010 05:46PM

All is that this weekend hammer (n/t)

Tommy G12403/14/2010 03:20PM

Finds from 3/18/2010 Attachments

crysh1227403/18/2010 10:46PM

It turns out the tire pressure gauge is for an old diving helmet. Very cool !!! (n/t)

crysh1212703/19/2010 08:41PM

that a lot of digging nice silver (n/t)

sniffen around12403/19/2010 07:00PM

Real nice finds! (n/t)

CopDog9503/19/2010 05:19PM

I hate to tell you ...but next week all you are going to find are some old civil war relics. Dont worry, we will back to diggin wheaties soon enough! (n/t)

Randy D12703/19/2010 07:50AM

Last weekend finds Attachments

crysh1224703/18/2010 10:40PM

You have been finding some interesting stuff. (n/t)

Randy D11503/19/2010 07:48AM

Big slick and fatty Attachments

sniffen around30303/16/2010 05:27PM

WTG Brian !!! (n/t)

crysh1212203/18/2010 05:59AM

Nice (n/t)

CopDog11403/17/2010 08:11PM

Yes, sir...I would take that too! Nice finds. (n/t)

Randy D12603/16/2010 10:11PM

Sunday Finds Attachments

ki4rtg30203/14/2010 06:38PM

Nice finds, for being your first time! (n/t)

CopDog13203/17/2010 08:10PM

nice finds

Tommy G14603/15/2010 04:41PM

Re: Sunday Finds

wagsjd13203/15/2010 07:48AM

Nice finds !!! The play coin could be 50s or 60s.

crysh1247503/14/2010 08:19PM

Those are some pretty cool finds....

Randy D16703/14/2010 08:01PM

Thursday hunt Attachments

sniffen around33403/12/2010 05:43PM

Re: Thursday hunt

wagsjd15503/15/2010 07:52AM

Looks like you did pretty ok! (n/t)

Randy D15403/13/2010 11:34AM

Nice Hunting Brian. (n/t)

crysh1213703/12/2010 09:06PM

Nice Finds (n/t)

CopDog13003/12/2010 06:55PM

Saturday 13th Hunting

CopDog24903/12/2010 07:03PM

Id like to but I think the rain will make me melt cowboy (n/t)

Tommy G12703/13/2010 10:25AM

I'd really like to Ed but I got Daddy duties tomorrow. Good Luck !!! Stay Dry !!! (n/t)

crysh1210903/12/2010 09:04PM

Glad I got out for a while! Attachments

CopDog27903/10/2010 09:05AM

Nice going Ed. Is your back doing ok ? (n/t)

crysh1212303/10/2010 09:47PM

Re: Nice going Ed. Is your back doing ok ?

CopDog12403/12/2010 06:56PM

Re: Glad I got out for a while!

wagsjd13603/10/2010 08:50PM

very nice find (n/t)

Tommy G12303/10/2010 04:54PM

nice dime like the s (n/t)

sniffen around9603/10/2010 03:35PM

Very nice Ed! (n/t)

Randy D13603/10/2010 12:31PM

Good Location for Metal Detecting in NKY

ki4rtg40703/10/2010 07:17PM

So, what part of Latonia are you from?

Groundhog0313103/11/2010 09:32PM

Hi Jesse, what kind of places are you trying?

Randy D11503/10/2010 09:58PM

Re: Hi Jesse, what kind of places are you trying?

ki4rtg10303/10/2010 10:47PM

It sounds like you are digging targets...

Randy D11403/11/2010 08:00PM

Rimless coin

wagsjd48203/10/2010 07:43AM

Check it out good, some error coins are worth alot of money..... (n/t)

SharkHunter11903/10/2010 10:49AM

Finds for today 3/6/2010 - This doesn't happen very often. Attachments

crysh1238103/06/2010 06:32PM

Nice find Greg! (n/t)

CopDog12303/10/2010 08:59AM

nice gouge I mean coins fighter (n/t)

Tommy G14003/07/2010 10:37PM

Braggin about 3 lousy cents...

Randy D15403/07/2010 04:36PM

I'm glad you clarified that for me. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out (n/t)

crysh1216003/07/2010 08:28PM

Congratulations Greg.

Ken in Cinti13703/07/2010 01:45PM

Wow, 2 very nice finds! Surely you seached that particular area real good for more coins? clap (n/t)

DblDinCincy19303/06/2010 08:21PM

Well, of course I went back but nothing good this time. It was still good to get out. (n/t)

crysh1213703/07/2010 08:31PM

way to go love the coins (n/t)

sniffen around13403/06/2010 08:18PM

Good find can't even see where you hit it (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)13103/06/2010 07:48PM

Scouting Attachments

sniffen around32603/06/2010 03:55PM

I see the future clubhouse meeting room! (n/t)

Randy D10203/07/2010 04:34PM

What. No kitchen sink ? (n/t)

crysh1211403/06/2010 06:22PM

worked hard for this one Attachments

sniffen around31903/04/2010 04:32PM

Nice Indian Brian !!! (n/t)

crysh1211103/06/2010 06:24PM

Nice Find! (n/t)

CopDog10403/05/2010 04:52PM

The indian looks to be in good shape! (n/t)

Randy D12603/04/2010 09:08PM

In the 50's Sunday, looks like I am going hunting!!!!!!!!!!! (n/t)

CopDog21903/05/2010 04:53PM

Good luck Ed !!! (n/t)

crysh129203/06/2010 06:23PM

You and everyone else who owns a metal detector! metal detecting smiley (n/t)

Randy D11303/05/2010 04:54PM

You out huntin today Joe? (n/t)

Randy D25803/03/2010 10:55AM

All the DIV guys still coming this Wednesday? (n/t)

RHorseUSMC27602/28/2010 07:48PM

I will be there! (n/t)

CopDog13003/03/2010 01:00AM

Are you kidding I wouldnt miss a free meal thanks Greg clap (n/t)

Tommy G11903/02/2010 07:28AM

Yes sir !!! buds (n/t)

crysh1212103/01/2010 06:00PM

On my calendar! (n/t)

Randy D13202/28/2010 09:22PM

history of Dixie hwy its Tuesday the 23rd, 7pm at the Erlanger library you must register 9624002 or on line

sniffen around23702/23/2010 07:39AM

Thanks Brian. Here is the link......

Randy D10602/23/2010 01:00PM

Dont forget....meeting tomorrow night! (n/t)

Randy D23302/21/2010 07:45PM

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