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Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

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For those people interested in coin and relic hunting, bottle hunting, or any other forms of treasure hunting. The NKTHC meets on the last Monday of every month at 7:00 at the Boone County High School Media Center at 7056 Burlington Pike in Florence, KY.

Club website can be found at Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

Ken in Cinti26812/22/2010 06:35PM

I covered everyone in the other merry christmas post beer (n/t)

Tommy G16012/27/2010 06:46PM

Thanks Ed at least you posted. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti16812/26/2010 08:25PM

Sorry for the Delay... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! (n/t)

crysh1225312/27/2010 05:15PM

The holiday is over you guys.

Ken in Cinti18212/28/2010 12:34PM

Your so mean.bow (n/t)

Groundhog0316112/29/2010 04:28PM

Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

CopDog15212/22/2010 08:46PM

Someone at one of the meetings asked how much a diamond tester cost.

Ken in Cinti40112/26/2010 08:30PM

You guys will start finding them.smile

Ken in Cinti15112/28/2010 12:31PM

Who the heck finds diamonds? shrug (n/t)

Randy D17112/26/2010 08:38PM

Must of been the folks from the rich part of town shrug (n/t)

crysh1212212/27/2010 05:17PM

Merrry Christmas and Happy New Years

CopDog31412/22/2010 08:50PM

Merry Christmas to you and your family. (n/t)

crysh1218512/24/2010 11:52AM

merry Christmas (n/t)

sniffen around15812/24/2010 08:15AM

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my family to all bandana (n/t)

Tommy G15112/23/2010 11:16AM

Merry Christmas to you and everyone here. Santa may be a bit delayed this year.... Attachments

Randy D27012/23/2010 09:18AM

Missed the Christmas party

Randy G25512/21/2010 01:28PM

Re: Missed the Christmas party

CopDog17012/22/2010 08:47PM

I missed it also.

Ken in Cinti14712/22/2010 06:33PM

Merry Christmas Randy and Happy New Year !!! (n/t)

crysh1214812/21/2010 07:24PM

Sorry you missed the party Randy gave everybody new detectors maybe well see you next year beer (n/t)

Tommy G18712/21/2010 04:45PM

How did the party go last night? (n/t)

Ken in Cinti29112/14/2010 09:03AM

Thanks for the replies.

Ken in Cinti17312/14/2010 07:46PM

I really liked the Pandas rock (n/t)

crysh1215312/14/2010 06:40PM

Went pretty good. Missed having you guys there! (n/t)

Randy D22612/14/2010 06:00PM

The party was a good time wish you and Cindy could have been there (n/t)

Tommy G20512/14/2010 11:45AM

Looks like Greg made it through another hunting season congrats buddy devil (n/t) Attachments

Tommy G43112/12/2010 02:49PM

Ok I am going to have nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!! (n/t)

CopDog16112/13/2010 05:56PM

Wow... bang head I wish I hadnt opened that! (n/t)

Randy D14812/12/2010 08:10PM

Like I said... Someone has too much time on their hands (n/t)

crysh1214212/12/2010 04:12PM

Can someone give me Directions to................

tomjj43612/12/2010 03:10PM

Sorry Tom that I didnt get back with you sooner. Did you get what you need? (n/t)

Randy D14512/12/2010 07:36PM

yes got what I need (n/t)

tomjj16112/12/2010 09:50PM

yep seems like i have everything under control almost (n/t)

Tommy G17812/12/2010 09:08PM

sent you a pm (n/t)

Tommy G14112/12/2010 05:23PM

Chritmas dinner info for Monday night buds

Randy D44612/12/2010 08:09PM

Don't forget about dinner tomorrow everyone buds (n/t)

Tommy G20912/12/2010 02:50PM

Any in the club interested in buying........................

tomjj27312/12/2010 02:21PM

Hey Greg got you something here Attachments

Tommy G76512/06/2010 08:28PM


CopDog15412/08/2010 10:30PM

Seperate rooms for those two! (n/t)

Randy D17312/09/2010 01:56PM

you told me to post it you said it was from all of us (n/t)

Tommy G16612/09/2010 04:31PM

Ha Ha Ha (n/t)

crysh1218012/07/2010 06:48PM

the headphones make good ear muffs Attachments

sniffen around40812/07/2010 05:11PM

Good Job! (n/t)

CopDog16112/08/2010 10:27PM

Nice and cold, I bet (n/t)

Randy D16512/08/2010 07:46AM

Re: the headphones make good ear muffs

wagsjd18212/08/2010 07:39AM

nice finds (n/t)

Tommy G17212/07/2010 08:20PM

Nice Finds, You earned every piece today. (n/t)

Randy G18212/07/2010 08:06PM

Nice pile of silver !!! (n/t)

crysh1216212/07/2010 06:48PM

Div list is posted and it looks good dance (n/t)

Tommy G25512/04/2010 01:42PM

Looking good!!!!!!!!!! (n/t)

CopDog13612/07/2010 12:55PM

The alternates need to look each day for their name to come up. (n/t)

crysh1214512/06/2010 06:17PM

Looks like everyone who signed up made the list or high on the alt list. (n/t)

Randy D13712/05/2010 08:45AM

Congratulations to Tommy G and Brian C....

Randy D48411/30/2010 07:28AM

thanks again everyone (n/t)

Tommy G15212/05/2010 06:57PM

it was a 1902 barber half thanks every one. (n/t)

sniffen around28412/05/2010 04:36PM

I knew that! bang head sorry. Thanks for the correction. (n/t)

Randy D16512/05/2010 09:10PM

same difference who cares anyway hammer (n/t)

Tommy G17212/06/2010 09:57AM

Congratulations Brian !!! Well deserved !!! clap rock thumbs down

crysh1214612/04/2010 07:45PM

Congratulations guys- you guys are getting quite the attention... Attachments

RHorseUSMC17112/03/2010 10:01AM

I knew they had somebody big on their side! (n/t)

Randy D15712/03/2010 10:01PM

Good job you two.good job (n/t)

Ken in Cinti16012/01/2010 04:50PM

Thanks Randy (n/t)

Tommy G13712/01/2010 09:10AM

Congratulations Guys Next year watch out LOL (n/t)

CopDog15912/01/2010 12:15AM

you got me nervous Ed (n/t)

Tommy G15012/01/2010 09:11AM

Back to the Honey Hole today! Attachments

CopDog50411/28/2010 05:17PM

Nice ring (n/t)

crysh1213511/29/2010 06:18PM

Good going man! (n/t)

Randy D15711/28/2010 05:54PM

Good Weekend! Attachments

CopDog43111/27/2010 06:04PM

Many cool finds !!! (n/t)

crysh1214411/29/2010 06:16PM

Very cool Ed! (n/t)

Randy D14411/28/2010 05:54PM

very nice finds (n/t)

Tommy G15711/28/2010 11:08AM

Good going Ed.

Ken in Cinti14411/28/2010 09:46AM

Dont forget...tomorrows meeting items!....

Randy D20211/28/2010 05:56PM

thanks for the rain its like opening day for the winter hunt season (n/t)

sniffen around24511/25/2010 11:48AM

Yes, but I enjoyed the mild weather. I knew it couldnt last much longer. (n/t)

Randy D13911/26/2010 11:01AM

Another Old Coin and Lock Attachments

CopDog44011/18/2010 10:41PM

Nice digging Ed. (n/t)

crysh1221011/23/2010 05:29PM

nice finds keep up the good work (n/t)

Tommy G15511/19/2010 03:53PM

Looks like you are still hitting some good spots! good job (n/t)

Randy D25811/19/2010 07:15AM

Re: Another Old Coin and Lock

wagsjd19011/19/2010 07:01AM

Thanks Randy for your research on the artifacts we found and posting the pictures. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti27311/17/2010 09:33AM

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