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Midstate Metal Detector Club

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot. 

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We are an active club of 60+ members mostly from central Wisconsin and run a large national hunt the last full weekend of July each year. Our meetings are held at Shooters restaurant and bar located at the intersection of I-39 and State Hiway 54 across from the Gulf station. Meeting time is the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

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GPAA Show in Onalaska Wisconsin Oct 21 -22

Steve0 WI 723 10/04/2006 09:11PM

Re: GPAA Show in Onalaska Wisconsin Oct 21 -22

Tn. Rocks 445 10/05/2006 09:24AM

Re: GPAA Show in Onalaska Wisconsin Oct 21 -22

TerryWI 414 10/05/2006 12:17AM


Steve0 WI 457 10/05/2006 01:49PM

My last coin outing Attachments

Patina 847 09/18/2006 08:39PM

Maybe try this Patina...

ArtWI 488 09/18/2006 09:08PM

Re: Art i still have a couple I.H in oil since over a year now, it works but takes time . (n/t)

George Pa 434 09/28/2006 06:47PM

Art thats a great idea, been doing the same thing for years, I think I have some coins that have been in the oil for over a year. I'll get to them eventually. (n/t)

Steve Adams 472 09/18/2006 10:01PM

I do the same thing Patina with good results!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 464 09/18/2006 09:34PM

Congrats to our new officers

Patina 821 09/21/2006 03:50PM

Thanks for the kind words Steve L. (a.k.a. Patina) and .....

ArtWI 534 09/21/2006 05:56PM

Good meeting last night (9/20).....

ArtWI 875 09/21/2006 09:34AM

I've noticed that we've had an elite class of visitors here but....

TerryWI 946 09/09/2006 03:05PM

Send an e-mail to them to get their attention... Just a thought... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 625 09/18/2006 09:37PM

Re: Terry give them time they will get on sooner or later smiling smiley you got a nice site here. (n/t)

George Pa 633 09/18/2006 12:45AM

Re: I've noticed that we've had an elite class of visitors here but....

Patina 632 09/14/2006 10:56PM

Hey Patina, good to see you here...

ArtWI 645 09/15/2006 01:00AM

Welcome. Really super glad to here you're doing better.

TerryWI 633 09/14/2006 11:15PM

Thanks guys for your concern, I'm o.k. for nowsunny (n/t)

Patina 758 09/18/2006 08:49PM

It will pick up as your members get more used to it...

Randy D 621 09/09/2006 07:52PM

maybe they will come>>>>>>

Steve0 WI 668 09/09/2006 07:06PM

Put the fire under them Terry!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 655 09/09/2006 05:58PM

Hey SteveO...moovin'on up...five spots closer. (n/t)

TerryWI 958 09/09/2006 10:31AM

I'm rooting for you Steve...because that also means that I move closer too!lol Good luck! (n/t)

Randy D 641 09/09/2006 07:54PM

Your gonna make it SteveO....

ArtWI 647 09/09/2006 10:53AM

Re: For DIV-6 ? Hang in SteveO.... (n/t)

George Pa 575 09/18/2006 12:48AM

DIV 7 George. (n/t)

ArtWI 578 09/18/2006 09:02PM

Thanks for the vote of hope guys........

Steve0 WI 626 09/09/2006 07:08PM

September Newsletter Attachments

Steve0 WI 1,101 09/14/2006 09:18PM

Steve, the 1833 capped bust dime was Terry Behn, not Doug Miller. It is my oldest coin find to date and my first bust type coin. (n/t)

TerryWI 609 09/14/2006 09:47PM

Re: Steve, the 1833 capped bust dime was Terry Behn, not Doug Miller. It is my oldest coin find to date and my first bust type coin.

Steve0 WI 632 09/15/2006 01:31PM

I understand that. I'm just making the correction and adding a comment. (n/t)

TerryWI 656 09/15/2006 04:24PM

Capped Bust

Steve0 WI 608 09/16/2006 01:30PM

Maps for club hunt at Dexterville...

ArtWI 914 08/26/2006 04:48PM

Heres the map Attachments

Steve0 WI 675 09/14/2006 09:09PM

Contest over for large cent. The winner is......... Please go to the Contest Forum.

Steve Adams 963 09/04/2006 08:59AM

Here's a picture of a trash pit I found at... Attachments

ArtWI 1,254 08/17/2006 03:35PM

Thanks for the pic! (n/t)

Brett in Brandy Station 660 09/03/2006 10:27PM

Re: Art , you gonna dig some pits at D.I.V.6 ? smiling smiley (n/t)

George Pa 639 08/30/2006 09:13PM

Or else, he'll help me with mine.... (n/t)

TerryWI 637 08/31/2006 10:59AM

Terry, I bought one of those...

ArtWI 636 08/31/2006 11:24AM

Re: Terry, I bought one of those...

TerryWI 696 08/31/2006 01:03PM

I sure hope so George...

ArtWI 644 08/30/2006 11:43PM

Nice Pic. Thanks for sharing... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 616 08/24/2006 11:37AM

Thank you Donnie and

ArtWI 1,170 08/14/2006 10:01PM

Notice that Donnie said "dubious and Tn. Rocks show up...LOL Welcome ArtWi (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 666 08/24/2006 11:33AM

Re: Thank you Donnie and

TerryWI 810 08/15/2006 03:30PM

wink I had to check out the character of you guys...The few examples I've met are dubious at best lollollol (n/t)

Donnie 633 08/15/2006 05:10PM

It's the beer, brats and cheese Donnie LOL. (n/t)

ArtWI 671 08/15/2006 07:20PM

Re: WOW!! Art no beer and brats for me at the coffee shop sad smiley (n/t)

George Pa 644 08/30/2006 09:15PM

You did say you were bringin' the beer drinking smiley , brats an' cheese to DIV VI, din'tcha?

Tn. Rocks 661 08/18/2006 02:23PM

Re: Nope not me Rocks, just my detectors and diggers smiling smiley (n/t)

George Pa 660 09/02/2006 08:58AM

Hey thanks for stopping by Tn. Rocks....

ArtWI 690 08/18/2006 05:54PM

You and your club are very welcome...enjoy! (n/t)

Donnie 641 08/15/2006 11:44AM

Fall club hunt at Dexterville... Attachments

ArtWI 1,139 08/17/2006 09:16AM

Re: Thats a sweet dime Art, and good luck with your club hunts smiling smiley (n/t)

George Pa 661 08/30/2006 09:12PM

Beautiful Dime. GL at the fall hunt.. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 670 08/24/2006 11:37AM

I'll second what Art says...see you in the fall..... (n/t)

TerryWI 660 08/24/2006 07:16PM

Thanks for stopping by Dennis and...

ArtWI 660 08/24/2006 07:05PM

Look forward to meeting you Art and Terry... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 666 08/26/2006 04:58PM

Hey Lucky! I see you..

ArtWI 707 08/26/2006 07:24PM

you will. Hope I dont miss another!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 602 08/26/2006 07:32PM

Re: Fall club hunt at Dexterville...

Steve0 WI 642 08/17/2006 01:36PM

I'll find a map and get it to you Steve. (n/t)

ArtWI 663 08/17/2006 03:05PM


Steve Adams 1,001 08/29/2006 07:19PM

Thanks for posting the contest...

ArtWI 691 08/29/2006 11:00PM

Like Steve said Art glad to see your club on here!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 678 08/30/2006 08:17AM

Your welcome Art, glad to see your club here on the Treasure Spot. (n/t)

Steve Adams 709 08/30/2006 07:21AM

See you guys at DIV 6. I'll be the old geezer with the Wisconsin shirt on at the meeting. (n/t)

ArtWI 707 08/30/2006 09:14AM

Welcome guys! (n/t)

Brett in Brandy Station 1,069 08/29/2006 06:52AM


Steve0 WI 1,059 08/18/2006 01:41PM

Good luck Diggin SteveO!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 727 08/24/2006 11:36AM

Good hunting! Hope you find some good stuff to post up. (n/t)

ArtWI 685 08/18/2006 05:49PM

Finds from the tournment.

luke_wi 1,095 08/17/2006 10:00PM

Thats a boat load Luke. Congrats... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 708 08/24/2006 11:35AM

Glad you could make it

Steve0 WI 723 08/18/2006 01:40PM

Hi and thanks for stopping by Luke...

ArtWI 701 08/17/2006 10:16PM

Forgot to ask Luke, where are you in Wisconsin? (n/t)

ArtWI 659 08/17/2006 10:18PM

clap Welcome Midstate! ...

Randy D 1,160 08/15/2006 01:36PM

Thanks Randy....

ArtWI 637 08/15/2006 05:11PM

Club site

Steve0 WI 1,147 08/14/2006 09:54PM

You guys are very welcome...enjoy! (n/t)

Donnie 751 08/15/2006 11:45AM

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