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Midstate Metal Detector Club

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot. 

We are an active club of 60+ members mostly from central Wisconsin and run a large national hunt the last full weekend of July each year. Our meetings are held at Shooters restaurant and bar located at the intersection of I-39 and State Hiway 54 across from the Gulf station. Meeting time is the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

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A few digable spots up north Attachments

juliodog 1,492 03/21/2009 11:08PM

Greenbush GPAA gold and Treasure show March 28,29

Steve0 WI 1,597 03/15/2009 02:56PM

Wood County Permits

Doug,Wi 1,509 03/14/2009 11:10PM

Re: Wood County Permits

TheyCallMeChipWI 799 03/15/2009 12:06PM

Re: Wood County Permits

lockman434 875 03/15/2009 01:28PM

Re: Wood County Permits

jimjimmyjames 728 03/15/2009 02:38AM

Re: Wood County Permits

jimjimmyjames 782 03/15/2009 02:38AM

Senator Pat Kreitlow Meeting

lockman434 1,423 03/13/2009 12:02AM

Re: Senator Pat Kreitlow Meeting

Steve0 WI 804 03/13/2009 08:27PM

March Newsletter

Steve0 WI 1,829 03/11/2009 02:55PM

The Four Lakes Metal Detecting Club in Madison is meeting with the DNR Archaeologist

TheyCallMeChipWI 1,850 03/08/2009 08:50PM

New to the forum

shooter65 1,696 02/27/2009 10:11AM

Welcome Tom

Steve0 WI 816 02/27/2009 01:53PM

Re: Welcome Tom

shooter65 806 02/27/2009 06:56PM

Reply reguarding metal detecting rights

juliodog 1,717 02/18/2009 10:39AM

Re: Reply reguarding metal detecting rights

jimjimmyjames 772 02/18/2009 05:22PM

Hope it works out.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 817 02/18/2009 03:15PM

Re: Reply reguarding metal detecting rights

Steve0 WI 772 02/18/2009 01:46PM

New WI hunter.

jimjimmyjames 1,447 11/27/2008 06:11AM

Good luck to you Jimmy! (n/t)

tsgman 844 01/06/2009 04:27PM

Re: New WI hunter.

juliodog 770 11/27/2008 02:45PM

Jimmie you have some good guys up there like Art and Steve. Good luck diggin!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 760 11/27/2008 01:08PM

Welcome Jimmy

Steve0 WI 848 11/27/2008 11:55AM

Thank you for the welcome!

jimjimmyjames 770 02/15/2009 11:51AM

Wood County Detecting Rules

Steve0 WI 1,466 01/30/2009 03:11PM

good turn out today

Steve0 WI 735 02/13/2009 11:07PM

Re: Wood County Detecting Rules

TheyCallMeChipWI 756 02/02/2009 06:07PM

Re: Wood County Detecting Rules

Steve0 WI 801 02/02/2009 08:01PM

went south to visit - detected a couple hours Attachments

Steve0 WI 1,387 02/12/2009 05:09PM

Nice dime Steve I'm so tired of this weather (n/t)

Jim F. (In.) 777 02/12/2009 10:22PM

Great coin Steve, good digging (n/t)

Steve Adams 737 02/12/2009 07:41PM

Nice dime... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 710 02/12/2009 06:13PM


jimjimmyjames 1,377 02/10/2009 08:32PM

Our hobby

juliodog 1,283 01/26/2009 09:51PM

Re: Our hobby

Steve0 WI 763 01/27/2009 06:08PM

Re: Our hobby_NEW LAWS

juliodog 811 01/30/2009 06:44PM

Re: Our hobby_NEW LAWS

Steve0 WI 828 01/30/2009 08:23PM

Re: Our hobby_NEW LAWS link to law

juliodog 813 01/31/2009 09:58PM

Re: Our hobby_NEW LAWS link to law

jimjimmyjames 810 02/02/2009 09:06PM

Re: Our hobby_NEW LAWS link to law

Steve0 WI 746 02/03/2009 01:05PM

Re: Our hobby_NEW LAWS link to law

jimjimmyjames 880 02/03/2009 04:28PM

Re: Our hobby_NEW LAWS link to law

juliodog 840 02/03/2009 07:11PM

Alternate list in Diggin forum

Steve0 WI 1,225 01/30/2009 02:51PM

Now Playing <> "Kellyco and the Return of the BOGO !!!"

steveKELLYCarr 1,174 01/20/2009 09:47PM

January Newsletter

Steve0 WI 1,274 01/16/2009 08:48PM

New to Kellyco <> "Treasure Find VIDEOS"

steveKELLYCarr 1,070 01/14/2009 09:22PM

Kellyco Extended Hours

steveKELLYCarr 1,138 01/07/2009 10:24PM

December Newsletter

Steve0 WI 1,352 12/09/2008 02:08PM

Re: December Newsletter

tsgman 760 01/06/2009 04:30PM

cant dig so Attachments

juliodog 1,342 12/13/2008 11:25PM

Nice work! (n/t)

tsgman 703 01/06/2009 04:25PM

Thats cool!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 708 12/15/2008 03:57PM

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