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Midstate Metal Detector Club

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot. 

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We are an active club of 60+ members mostly from central Wisconsin and run a large national hunt the last full weekend of July each year. Our meetings are held at Shooters restaurant and bar located at the intersection of I-39 and State Hiway 54 across from the Gulf station. Meeting time is the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!


A few bucks in scrap Attachments

juliodog84307/16/2008 11:59PM

Re: good going (n/t)

George Pa29309/06/2008 07:45AM

Hope you get a good price! (n/t)

tsgman31909/04/2008 05:21PM

That will do it!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams37307/17/2008 12:22PM

Nice digs... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick35007/17/2008 07:59AM

bonus find Attachments

juliodog63708/30/2008 11:43AM

Neat ring! (n/t)

tsgman31009/04/2008 05:19PM

good find , hey we could all use a bonus like that (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)32609/02/2008 07:40PM

I bet that made your day! (n/t)

Brett in Brandy Station30809/02/2008 08:59AM

Nice find!!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams29009/01/2008 08:15AM

Nice ring!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick33508/30/2008 03:43PM

Quite a bonus,WTG. (n/t)

chuckles va bch30608/30/2008 12:18PM

online education

PETER0141908/30/2008 03:47PM

Metal detecting tour wanted

PETER SILVER56208/27/2008 03:46PM

Re: Metal detecting tour wanted

juliodog38108/27/2008 09:18PM

Noob here...

lucky55108/02/2008 09:50PM

Welcome to Treasure Spot! (n/t)

tsgman33308/20/2008 09:59AM

Re: Noob here...

lucky36708/03/2008 01:25PM

Re: Noob here...

juliodog32408/03/2008 09:13PM

Re: Noob here...

lucky32508/03/2008 09:54PM

Re: Noob here...

juliodog30308/04/2008 06:08PM

Re: Noob here...

Steve0 WI37408/02/2008 11:02PM

Wisconsin River Drawdown

DanOsh1,03508/15/2008 09:33AM

Re: Wisconsin River Drawdown

Steve0 WI56008/16/2008 10:21PM

August newsletter

Steve0 WI52908/10/2008 08:40PM

2008 Treasure Hunt

Doug,Wi56207/30/2008 09:26PM

Thank you Doug!

TheyCallMeChipWI43307/31/2008 09:12PM

july Newsletter

Steve0 WI56007/02/2008 09:31PM

June newsletter

Steve0 WI84606/14/2008 09:45PM

a little swinging time , a few finds Attachments

juliodog89605/08/2008 10:55PM

One similiar on ebay right now.

A. Grignon36406/02/2008 04:38PM

Almost looks like it is a pry bar maybe? (n/t)

tsgman37605/29/2008 09:06PM

A fine piece of Iron to find

TheyCallMeChipWI40805/12/2008 07:18PM

May newsletter

Steve0 WI77905/11/2008 02:28PM

Nice newsletter. well done. (n/t)

tsgman44505/29/2008 09:10PM

A first for the first day out this year Attachments

Wabun85705/24/2008 02:01AM

Man thats a nice one, congrats to you! (n/t)

tsgman39205/29/2008 09:04PM

boy I like that very cool looks to be in great condition (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)39905/28/2008 08:26PM

nice find wtg!!!! (n/t)

va digger 6638305/25/2008 08:02PM


Steve0 WI38605/24/2008 10:56PM

Cool sideplate, congrats!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams39105/24/2008 06:56PM

Neat find!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick40105/24/2008 09:35AM

Re: A first for the first day out this year

bricks40605/24/2008 07:25AM

Re: A first for the first day out this year

Wabun35805/24/2008 01:18PM

Ain't He Cute Attachments

Doug,Wi81505/28/2008 10:02AM

Definiately a 08 model, nice shot! (n/t)

tsgman36605/29/2008 09:03PM

That's great (n/t)

Steve Adams39705/29/2008 10:24AM

Beautiful fawn!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick40205/28/2008 11:26AM

Way to go Larry.....

TerryWI69905/13/2008 04:33PM

Hey Larry I just thought of something...

ArtWI46705/27/2008 01:41PM

Congrats Larry! (n/t)

tsgman36605/27/2008 01:09PM

See ya in October Tim. It's going to be another great site! (n/t)

ArtWI37305/27/2008 01:45PM

congrats ya'll see ya'll in oct!!!! (n/t)

va digger 6641105/25/2008 08:01PM

See ya there Tony. (n/t)

ArtWI37905/25/2008 10:31PM

hey if you come down through Indiana I'll join your convoy (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)40605/16/2008 10:31PM

Congrats fellas, see yall in October!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams40705/15/2008 10:27AM

Congratulations to all 5 of us

TheyCallMeChipWI43805/13/2008 09:14PM

I sure hope so Kent! We'll be hunting on Halloween, are you bringing a costume? LOL. (n/t)

ArtWI40105/13/2008 09:43PM

Re: I sure hope so Kent! We'll be hunting on Halloween, are you bringing a costume? LOL.

TheyCallMeChipWI42805/14/2008 06:17PM

Congrats Steve, Larry, Kent, Terry & Art

gbduke37305/14/2008 07:04PM


Steve0 WI40205/24/2008 10:59PM

I call it the sweet tone telling you its non ferrous and big , gets your heart beating Attachments

juliodog79805/15/2008 11:14PM

That's a oldie! (n/t)

tsgman35905/27/2008 01:09PM

cool find!!!! (n/t)

va digger 6631105/25/2008 08:03PM

No sign of the faucets? Interesting find. (n/t)

Steve Adams36305/16/2008 09:00AM

Re: No sign of the faucets? Interesting find.

juliodog36905/16/2008 11:12AM

Good thing the bathtub wasn't attached or you would have had to dig that up too! Neat find. (n/t)

ArtWI35305/16/2008 08:19AM

Silver scrap Attachments

juliodog84005/12/2008 08:56AM

interesting piece any idea what the stones are? (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)38605/16/2008 10:33PM

Nice find! (n/t)

tsgman38405/15/2008 06:43PM

nice find!!!! (n/t)

va digger 6634905/12/2008 07:25PM

That is a nice looking piece of Silver...

TheyCallMeChipWI38605/12/2008 07:24PM

Neat looking piece... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick34905/12/2008 03:54PM

Nice, that should put a few bucks in your pocket (n/t)

Steve Adams34105/12/2008 02:29PM

New Member Finds Attachments

Barbersinger75305/10/2008 08:01AM

Nice finds! (n/t)

tsgman36405/15/2008 06:44PM

nice digs ya'll wtg!!!! (n/t)

va digger 6634605/12/2008 07:24PM

Glad to see your post

TheyCallMeChipWI35905/12/2008 07:20PM

Welcome to the forum! Keep posting your finds and pictures here.

ArtWI37805/10/2008 12:13PM

Re: New Member Finds - Nicefinds ,

juliodog40505/10/2008 09:41AM

smarter than the average bear? Attachments

juliodog73305/11/2008 08:38PM

Wow bet he was a big one! (n/t)

tsgman34305/15/2008 06:44PM

Man, it did a number on your lid!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams32405/12/2008 08:10AM

The attachment is not there.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick32805/11/2008 09:24PM

POT Attachments

juliodog87803/26/2008 09:20PM

That's a neat pot, cool find! (n/t)

tsgman36805/07/2008 08:30PM

very very cool find (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)36304/04/2008 08:57PM

If nothing else...

TheyCallMeChipWI36804/01/2008 08:18PM

It worth more than that, I have seen those at auction bring 100 dollars or more (n/t)

Steve Adams40803/31/2008 09:17AM

Re:Worth more as a flower pot,,, not scrap.. (n/t)

George Pa40603/28/2008 06:35PM

.re scrap;Maybe ill use it to cast lead bullets , could even melt silver if i had a bellows (n/t)

juliodog38503/28/2008 09:31PM

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