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Detecting & Finds

Things related to metal detecting including finds, equipment, site selection, identification and for everyday, general conversations among the Treasure Spot family members. 

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AnnouncementMy Treasure Spot Sponsor, George Lesche at Predator Tools may have a deal for someone...02/21/2014 09:31AM

1945 Mercury dime, wheats, silver jewelry Attachments

STEVE S.2207/30/2014 09:57PM

Bought a new toy for the relic off season!!!dance Attachments

JOE inMD9207/26/2014 09:35PM

suuuhweet!!!!! NICE boat joe!!

Streak!807/30/2014 05:02PM

Re: suuuhweet!!!!! NICE boat joe!!

JOE inMD307/30/2014 07:22PM

Very nice Joe. Whens the fish fry? (n/t)

Dennis Andrick707/27/2014 11:28AM

Not to big on a fish fry, but I surpised my wife with a seafood bake today.... Attachments

JOE inMD1507/27/2014 09:07PM


Tico5807/28/2014 02:58PM

Got to love it smiling smiley

stillrollin30014007/22/2014 02:54PM

Claim !!!!!!!!!!! Nice job Chad. (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz1207/25/2014 04:39PM

never!!!! fall is coming soon (n/t)

stillrollin300907/25/2014 11:39PM

canada flagRe: Got to love it smiling smiley

leslie(nova scotia)1807/24/2014 11:40AM

64 Kennedy halves are worth $32.00. beer (n/t)

Down in the Dumps2707/23/2014 05:40AM

Re: Got to love it smiling smiley Attachments

stillrollin3001707/22/2014 03:05PM

First Barber Quarter and more.... Attachments

GAdirtfishin16807/07/2014 10:31PM

Re: First Barber Quarter and more....

GAdirtfishin707/25/2014 11:00PM

Re: First Barber Quarter and more....

david.jones1707/23/2014 08:54PM

Re: First Barber Quarter and more....

ecdonovan101307/23/2014 02:16PM

Re: First Barber Quarter and more....

docbars3107/08/2014 08:09PM

Congrats on your finds (n/t)

james105722707/09/2014 04:00PM

Congrats on the Barber and the Merc two nice coins , I'm shocked at the depth of the AT Pro love mine (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)3307/08/2014 08:02PM

Nice coins, Yes the ATP is a beast!!!thumbs down (n/t)

JOE inMD2107/08/2014 07:53PM

Nice coins... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2507/08/2014 09:19AM

Type of metal? Attachments

jafo2k17407/14/2014 06:58AM

Re: Type of metal?

jafo2k3507/14/2014 01:39PM

Re: Type of metal?

kray3007/14/2014 07:18PM

Re: Type of metal?

Macon707/25/2014 09:34PM

Re: Type of metal?

jafo2k2207/14/2014 07:26PM

1877 Dime Attachments

david.jones7607/23/2014 08:49PM

Re: 1877 Dime

trackertreasurehunter607/25/2014 08:26PM

Congrats! (n/t)

Donnie B607/25/2014 06:24PM

Congrats still some detail left on it too (n/t)

james105721107/24/2014 12:52PM

Very nice coin.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1007/24/2014 10:31AM

First Excelsior Attachments

kminnick91818607/15/2014 10:49PM

Re: First Excelsior

pappap's peanutbutter1507/20/2014 09:13PM

Re: First Excelsior

kminnick9181107/23/2014 04:13PM

They can't get it all WTG (n/t)

nwatnVA2107/20/2014 02:09PM

Nice button! (n/t)

AARON TN2607/18/2014 02:10PM

Nice find! (n/t)

Donnie B2107/16/2014 09:52PM

canada flagquota with gold "O"

leslie(nova scotia)3907/23/2014 01:54PM

New to area, where to go hunt tomorrow?

chefcon49607/14/2014 01:13PM

canada flagRe: New to area, where to go hunt tomorrow?

leslie(nova scotia)1507/22/2014 04:20AM

Welcome to the spot

stillrollin3001807/21/2014 03:55PM

indian head penny 1902

acworthDigger10906/25/2014 10:48PM

canada flagRe: indian head penny 1902

leslie(nova scotia)1607/22/2014 04:11AM

Congrats im sure there will be many to follow (n/t)

james105722606/26/2014 10:01AM

canada flagdigaholic's busy day included a silver "O"

leslie(nova scotia)6007/20/2014 08:08AM

Awesome find, but have question

acworthDigger32306/22/2014 04:38PM

Awesome find! (n/t)

AARON TN2707/18/2014 02:12PM

Congrats on the shell thats a great find (n/t)

james105723007/09/2014 04:01PM

Re: Awesome find, but have question

JRoberts384623507/07/2014 10:41PM

Re: Awesome find, but have question

doc holiday2607/04/2014 08:49PM

Re: Awesome find, Hotchkiss Attachments

acworthDigger6706/23/2014 10:25PM

Re: Awesome find, Hotchkiss

doc holiday3307/04/2014 08:45PM

from Windows Explorer right click on the image and select "Open with: Paint"

fever874406/23/2014 04:55PM

Sunken California Gold Rush Treasure

dan10207/18/2014 10:37AM

canada flagquota had me rolling in the "dough"

leslie(nova scotia)5807/17/2014 01:54PM

Re: canada flagquota had me rolling in the "dough"

wagsjd2107/18/2014 07:58AM

I.D. help -- I think it's a stirrup Attachments

pappap's peanutbutter17007/11/2014 09:14PM

Stirrup? Looks more like a "stirr-down".

fever872307/17/2014 08:20AM

It's a stirrup. Just do electrolysis and leave it like it is. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2707/12/2014 10:30AM

canada flagquota accounting made simple

leslie(nova scotia)5407/14/2014 03:58PM

canada flaghad to "laugh" at quota with fish scale

leslie(nova scotia)8907/09/2014 02:05PM

Nice finds (n/t)

james105722407/09/2014 03:59PM

canada flagquota with silver "O"

leslie(nova scotia)9507/06/2014 05:16PM

civil war relic I.D. help Attachments

pappap's peanutbutter23807/01/2014 11:56PM

A Gardiner bullet and finial, and is the other thing part of a mechanical pencil? (n/t)

nwatnVA2807/06/2014 12:46PM

Its a Gardner.Nice finds... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2707/06/2014 09:05AM

Re: civil war relic I.D. help Attachments

Grunter4107/04/2014 11:28PM

Re: civil war relic I.D. help

pappap's peanutbutter2407/06/2014 12:48AM

Could you show the open end of the bullet? that would show if it is a Gardner. The other appears to be a cartridge box finial... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick5007/02/2014 03:10PM

not sure if this photo is good enough to clarify, Dennis Attachments

pappap's peanutbutter4907/03/2014 01:29PM


pappap's peanutbutter6807/02/2014 01:03PM


Grunter2807/05/2014 11:44PM

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