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Detecting & Finds

Things related to metal detecting including finds, equipment, site selection, identification and for everyday, general conversations among the Treasure Spot family members. 

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Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Button Attachments

DelawareDigger8304/14/2014 10:00PM

Nice button! (n/t)

Donnie B504/15/2014 09:35PM

Nice button... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick704/15/2014 01:35PM

Congrats on your button ive seen several all civil war buttons looks like yours is too whats the back mark say on it. (n/t)

james10572904/15/2014 11:09AM

What's the best method to clean a 1906 Indian Head Attachments

Gadams4704/15/2014 05:48PM

I would recommend mineral oil

Mark S1204/15/2014 07:05PM

Re: What's the best method to clean a 1906 Indian Head

joey kemper1304/15/2014 05:58PM

Any ideas on this little guy? Attachments

joey kemper7804/14/2014 11:09PM

looks kinda like a sewing bird....... (n/t)

Streak!704/15/2014 04:29PM

AT Pro - 10K Ring, Wheats, Bling Jewelry Attachments

STEVE S.5004/14/2014 09:14PM

Re: AT Pro - 10K Ring, Wheats, Bling Jewelry

wagsjd204/15/2014 03:04PM

Millitary Buttons Attachments

Gadams12904/10/2014 11:35AM

Re: Millitary Buttons

duggap2004/13/2014 12:29PM

Re: Millitary Buttons

Gadams504/15/2014 02:11PM

The buttons are Army Engineer , the last item goes on the end of a axle to hold a wheel on (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)2004/10/2014 08:12PM

Re: The buttons are Army Engineer , the last item goes on the end of a axle to hold a wheel on

Gadams2104/10/2014 08:53PM

Re: Millitary Buttons (n/t)

Gadams2504/10/2014 01:19PM

canada flagNavy davy does fish and wheat

leslie(nova scotia)2404/14/2014 07:40PM

Sunday is a lucky day Attachments

Gadams7804/13/2014 06:17PM

Very nice finds, check that 2 cent piece....thumbs down

JOE inMD2004/13/2014 08:13PM

Need help identifying Attachments

James Dillow8504/13/2014 01:51PM

Please help identify this find Attachments

Genool15803/30/2014 07:43PM

Re: Please help identify this find

Genool1204/13/2014 08:35AM

AT Pro - Silver Rosie, Wheats, Bus token Attachments

STEVE S.6504/11/2014 06:11PM

Congrats (n/t)

james105721104/12/2014 02:47PM

Found 91 coins in 3 hours! Attachments

PikesPeakTreasures14404/05/2014 11:43PM

Nice! clap (n/t)

ScottTX1904/12/2014 10:51AM

canada flagRe: Found 91 coins in 3 hours!

leslie(nova scotia)3104/07/2014 10:33AM

sigma chi medalion found last evening Attachments

Gadams7604/10/2014 01:44PM

Re: sigma chi medalion found last evening

Gadams1704/11/2014 09:45PM

Nice find! Doesn't take long to get hooked when your finding alot of stuff! (n/t)

kevin baptiste1804/11/2014 12:27PM

Neat find... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2104/11/2014 05:20AM

Yesterday's digs Attachments

JDug15304/07/2014 08:41AM

canada flagnice lot of finds! (n/t)

leslie(nova scotia)1404/11/2014 03:08PM

Nice digs... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2204/08/2014 12:07PM

Enjoyed the video, John! (n/t)

Donnie B1804/07/2014 08:46PM

Looks like you got a few rings there! (n/t)

james105722004/07/2014 07:45PM

Very nice finds!!! WTGthumbs down (n/t)

JOE inMD2604/07/2014 07:04PM

In the Treasure Corner - Early Coin Facts

dan4404/11/2014 09:31AM

Civil War Bullet ID help please? Attachments

charlieherrman12504/09/2014 12:23PM

Re: Civil War Bullet ID help please?

Earl K. in Va.2504/10/2014 02:57PM

Re: Civil War Bullet ID help please?

charlieherrman2004/10/2014 03:25PM


STEVE S.8304/09/2014 09:04PM

Great after work hunt! Attachments

trackertreasurehunter10404/08/2014 08:22PM

thumbs down Nice coins whats the token say? (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)2204/09/2014 05:52PM

Grass is starting to grow!!! Love the Barber!!!thumbs down

JOE inMD2704/09/2014 09:30AM

Got out to do a little digging today... Attachments

JOE inMD12804/06/2014 08:24PM

Re: Got out to do a little digging today...

trackertreasurehunter3004/08/2014 08:18PM

Congrats on some nice digs (n/t)

james105722704/08/2014 02:25PM

Nice digs... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick3304/08/2014 12:10PM

canada flagtook my best friend for a walk and dug a century

leslie(nova scotia)8304/06/2014 06:23PM

canada flaglow tide "fix"

leslie(nova scotia)10104/02/2014 06:19PM

Nice work!

PikesPeakTreasures2604/05/2014 11:45PM

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