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Detecting & Finds

Things related to metal detecting including finds, equipment, site selection, identification and for everyday, general conversations among the Treasure Spot family members. 

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In the Treasure Corner - Canadian Pennies

dan2110/24/2014 09:01AM

Re: In the Treasure Corner - Canadian Pennies

wagsjd610/24/2014 03:42PM

Wedding Band

newt87133610/23/2014 10:00AM

Re: Wedding Band

wagsjd810/24/2014 07:07AM

Re: Wedding Band

newt8713810/24/2014 01:50PM

Re: Wedding Band

wagsjd510/24/2014 03:38PM

Which one?

JoshC-NC/VA6510/22/2014 06:57AM

Re: Which one?

wagsjd910/24/2014 07:10AM

PM North Georgia Relics Don Dodson. I got one of the new ones for Anita and it really vibrates... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1510/22/2014 08:43AM

death hunt Attachments

jon14110/19/2014 12:34PM

Re: death hunt Attachments

jon2610/21/2014 05:45AM

Five hour drive up and 5 back, hunt for 8 hours, thats a long day. Thanks Jongood job (n/t)

NC*kidd1510/22/2014 07:31AM

Amen!!!! (n/t)

kevin baptiste1710/20/2014 07:52AM

Hunting with a good friend and finding some relics Priceless!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2210/20/2014 06:57AM

That's what I'm talking bout. Great finds guys. (n/t)

hendu2510/19/2014 01:05PM

Wayne don't forget about me coming to SW VA. to hunt with you, (n/t)

NC*kidd1710/22/2014 07:27AM

Re: Wayne don't forget about me coming to SW VA. to hunt with you,

hendu1310/22/2014 12:47PM

28 Silver's this weekend..

Don119719810/19/2014 05:53PM

Nice Silver (n/t)

NC*kidd1310/22/2014 07:20AM

When Stamps Were Coins

dan11710/10/2014 08:50AM

Re: When Stamps Were Coins

AntDigs2310/19/2014 08:58PM

canada flagRe: When Stamps Were Coins

leslie(nova scotia)2810/13/2014 10:08AM

Found this little fellow this weekend. Smallest Box turtle I'd ever seen. Took a picture and released him. (n/t) Attachments

kevin baptiste15310/13/2014 12:18PM

Re: Found this little fellow this weekend. Smallest Box turtle I'd ever seen. Took a picture and released him.

malcolm price2210/15/2014 02:11PM

Re: Found this little fellow this weekend. Smallest Box turtle I'd ever seen. Took a picture and released him.

Davers2110/15/2014 09:27AM

Neat little turtle Kevin... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2410/14/2014 07:42AM

Re: Found this little fellow this weekend. Smallest Box turtle I'd ever seen. Took a picture and released him.

wagsjd2610/14/2014 06:35AM

Wow, That is the smallest one I've ever seen too. (n/t)

JOE inMD2610/13/2014 06:48PM

Todays Digs Carved Bullet - Toe Tap Attachments

TedNC53204/20/2014 09:16PM

Re: Todays Digs Carved Bullet - Toe Tap

Davers2310/15/2014 09:32AM

canada flagRe: Todays Digs Carved Bullet - Toe Tap

leslie(nova scotia)2810/13/2014 10:10AM

Re: Todays Digs Carved Bullet - Toe Tap

gbantiques4409/30/2014 12:22PM

Nice!! Congrats (n/t)

James Dillow8608/19/2014 02:50PM

Re: NICE GOING. (n/t)

George Pa8608/19/2014 01:49PM

Wow! That's really cool (n/t)

IDignVA8208/19/2014 09:23AM

Nice digs! (n/t)

Donnie B12904/22/2014 09:50PM

Love carved bullets... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick13204/21/2014 02:55PM

Congrats thats a cool carved bullet (n/t)

james1057214304/21/2014 11:45AM

Not sure what this oval is from Attachments

IDignVA11710/14/2014 12:19PM

That's cool probably a flapper from the twenty's (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)2810/14/2014 06:00PM

By any chance a religious medal? (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2610/14/2014 03:59PM

Cornfield finds.......old coins Attachments

TwoRivers40709/23/2014 11:35PM

canada flagyo tworivers

leslie(nova scotia)2310/13/2014 10:09AM

What is the piece that looks like a chess pawn? That half dime looks great!! (n/t)

stillrollin3004610/07/2014 09:08AM

Re: What is the piece that looks like a chess pawn? That half dime looks great!!

TwoRivers2710/09/2014 08:51PM

Re: Cornfield finds.......old coins

wagsjd5509/25/2014 06:45AM

Very nice coins.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick6409/24/2014 04:31PM

Excellent saves! clap (n/t)

JoshC-NC/VA5309/24/2014 08:14AM

Nice saves. (n/t)

kevin baptiste4609/24/2014 06:38AM

canada flagback to basics

leslie(nova scotia)5910/12/2014 05:04PM

Nice batch of coins, Les ..... I'm in Truro tonight ....

Bob & Sue2810/12/2014 07:58PM

canada flagthen the rain came.....then silver

leslie(nova scotia)5910/12/2014 06:34AM

canada flaghoney hole gives up 6 silver including a merc

leslie(nova scotia)8810/08/2014 12:36PM

Good silver!!! (n/t)

kevin baptiste3510/09/2014 06:57AM

Seeded Relic Hunt Attachments

GAdirtfishin21609/02/2014 02:18PM

Last Call for Seeded Relic Hunt this Saturday!!! (n/t)

GAdirtfishin4610/08/2014 12:39PM

Spots are still available for the NW GA Seeded Relic Hunt (n/t)

GAdirtfishin5809/18/2014 08:40PM

Guys dont miss out on this hunt.....

GAdirtfishin7509/09/2014 04:28PM

canada flag1917 silver

leslie(nova scotia)11310/02/2014 11:44AM

That's 2 nice coins Leslie. Keep diggin them..... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick4710/03/2014 10:14AM

Nice one!beer (n/t)

kevin baptiste4110/03/2014 07:08AM

Re: canada flag1917 silver

wagsjd4410/02/2014 12:14PM

canada flag1911 silver

leslie(nova scotia)9609/30/2014 05:37PM

Nice coin! How old are the dog licenses? (n/t)

kevin baptiste4210/02/2014 06:55AM

Identification Help!!! Attachments

charlieherrman15109/30/2014 08:05AM

Almost kind of looks like a locker ID tag to me... confused smiley (n/t)

JoshC-NC/VA5009/30/2014 10:07AM

Central VA

JoshC-NC/VA38809/04/2014 01:17PM

Re:Im from Prince George,but live in Myrtle Beach now,,I get back there several times a year,,If i was still there id take u up on it,,Dug alot of relics in Bermuda Hundred,Petersburg and Prince George,,my brother is in PG contact him through pm ,,nwatva (n/t)

s. p. watson5609/28/2014 07:48PM

Thanks for the heads up good job (n/t)

JoshC-NC/VA4409/29/2014 08:02AM

Central Virginia covers a lot of territory (n/t)

Down in the Dumps5609/24/2014 07:57PM

Hahaha! TouchĂ©! I'm in Chesterfield, but have detector, will travel! (n/t)

JoshC-NC/VA4409/24/2014 08:11PM

Re: Central VA

JoshC-NC/VA4209/24/2014 09:14AM

Auction Find today Attachments

Mississippi58609/05/2014 08:40PM

That is awesome (n/t)

Leebo in SC4009/29/2014 06:21AM

Re: Auction Find today

TwoRivers5609/23/2014 11:51PM

Original documents are rare treasures ..... congratsclap (n/t)

Bob & Sue6609/11/2014 11:27PM

That is amazing!! (n/t)

JoshC-NC/VA7409/08/2014 04:10PM

Cool find!! (n/t)

kevin baptiste10109/08/2014 08:17AM

Awesome find!!! (n/t)

Donnie B6309/06/2014 08:21PM

That is a sweet find,,,, (n/t)

Dennis Andrick7209/06/2014 08:15AM

canada flagOtto Mo Bile's last dig

leslie(nova scotia)13409/27/2014 02:54PM

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