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Detecting & Finds

Things related to metal detecting including finds, equipment, site selection, identification and for everyday, general conversations among the Treasure Spot family members. 

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AnnouncementI'd like to welcome Richard at Backwoods Metal Detectors as a new sponsor...05/14/2015 11:34AM

canada flagI spy a golden rose

leslie(nova scotia)2005/24/2015 07:00PM

In the Treasure Corner - Metal Detecting and Celebrities

dan3005/21/2015 11:57PM

Apparently there was gold in them there hills! Civil war gold?!!! Attachments

Cyberdigger4905/21/2015 10:56PM

canada flagAudi, monster and a nifty knife

leslie(nova scotia)3505/18/2015 01:08PM

canada flagcentury

leslie(nova scotia)3005/16/2015 02:42PM

Larry Hicklen: Civil War Relic Hunting Pioneer

wadams9705/15/2015 10:22PM

One off the bucket list! Attachments

Eric Parks14105/12/2015 12:47AM

nice silver....very good shape (n/t)

Jeff Barley1905/14/2015 09:42PM

Re: One off the bucket list!

Fyrguy862505/13/2015 08:31PM

Thanks! (n/t)

Eric Parks1905/13/2015 11:18PM

Re: One off the bucket list!

Eric Parks2405/12/2015 08:46PM

Wow, plenty of detail on that quarter! Congrats, I've been hunting for years and haven't found one of those. Headphones are essential if you want to hear everything! (n/t)

JasonH2805/12/2015 11:39AM

Nice coin.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2305/12/2015 09:32AM

ID...? Attachments

BrettMD12105/12/2015 12:30PM

Not sure its Civil War maybe Indian Wars era for Trapdoor Springfield (n/t)

Bama Dave2205/13/2015 10:45AM

l could be wrong but it looks like a sword hanger. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1805/12/2015 02:36PM

Re: l could be wrong but it looks like a sword hanger. Attachments

BrettMD2605/12/2015 02:51PM

canada flagbuckles,silver,seahorse and silver

leslie(nova scotia)6805/10/2015 05:19PM

1945 Merc, wheat, Great Seal button Attachments

STEVE S.8405/09/2015 05:28PM

canada flagThe Yellow Copper Caper

leslie(nova scotia)9205/07/2015 02:56PM

Nice, You are too funny!! WTG (n/t)

NC*kidd2105/08/2015 08:57AM

In the Treasure Corner - Have You Found a Million-Dollar Treasure?

dan8605/07/2015 09:52PM

SC gives up a pewter USA! Attachments

Fyrguy8619004/26/2015 08:18AM

Re: SC gives up a pewter USA!

Fletch882105/07/2015 11:04AM

Congrats on the great set of digs! thumbs down (n/t)

WanderingRon2405/05/2015 08:41PM

Nice digs... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick3005/05/2015 04:26PM

super button, and dont use "OFF". (Off sucks)

Streak!3704/29/2015 03:25PM

Congratulations! Nice button! (n/t)

Donnie B3004/28/2015 05:24PM

4-16-15 Attachments

jon21004/17/2015 05:10PM

Re: 4-16-15 Attachments

jon3505/04/2015 04:46PM

Good finds Jon, sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. (n/t)

NC*kidd3704/30/2015 07:34AM

Nice digs Jon!good job (n/t)

jeffnwv5604/19/2015 07:56AM

As I read this I already itch , hate those suckers (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)5304/17/2015 10:49PM

Re: 4-16-15 Attachments

jon5704/17/2015 05:14PM

Re: 4-16-15

Fyrguy863305/04/2015 02:25PM

canada flag1st quotas of the year

leslie(nova scotia)6105/03/2015 03:17PM

Two pewter USA Buttons Attachments

G.A.P.metal21504/14/2015 06:31PM

Sweet Buttons (n/t)

NC*kidd3004/30/2015 07:36AM

that brings back memories

Streak!4104/19/2015 03:52PM

Congrats on 2 sweet buttons.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick4004/17/2015 08:54AM

How are you planning to stabilize them so the edges dont flake? (n/t)

Bama Dave4904/16/2015 04:43PM

Wow !!! (n/t)

therick4904/16/2015 03:21PM

Re: Two pewter USA Buttons

kray5104/16/2015 03:16PM

Metal detecting radio show

KSHOLLYWOOD7704/29/2015 12:14PM

canada flagdigging the Dominican Rep

leslie(nova scotia)7704/26/2015 01:36PM

Hope you are all having a good time. (n/t)

kevin baptiste2904/27/2015 12:36PM

In the Treasure Corner - Secret Hiding Places

dan11004/24/2015 08:52AM

Hoping someone can help me....

PaChristy15404/22/2015 11:44AM

RoFro can do it probably (n/t)

Bama Dave4404/22/2015 01:41PM

Re: RoFro can do it probably

PaChristy4004/22/2015 08:57PM

PM him lookup RoFro (n/t)

Bama Dave4204/23/2015 09:24AM

THANKS (n/t)

PaChristy3804/24/2015 05:39AM

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