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Tri-State Historical Research & Recovery

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot. 

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AnnouncementLong time member and now a new sponsor... JLowe's Guns08/09/2014 08:38PM
AnnouncementPlease welcome a new sponsoring detector dealer...East Coast Treasure Outfitters08/09/2014 08:37PM
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Our statement or clubs purpose is to "Exchange information with other members, show off your finds, research, hear guest speakers, presentations, special programs, and most of all, fellowship!"

We meet at 7:00pm on the second Thursday of each month at Norwood Christian Church, 4400 Ashland Ave. in Norwood, Ohio.


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RHorseUSMC1,54602/22/2010 06:58PM

Only have two pin pointers not three. Counted them wrong. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti1108/30/2014 05:29PM

The club website has a new look. Check it out when you get a chance. (n/t)

RHorseUSMC2808/24/2014 06:47AM

Post the web site name or a link would you. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti1208/24/2014 07:59AM

Look up. Its right there as the first post. sing (n/t)

RHorseUSMC1208/24/2014 10:23AM

We have a 1854 gold coin for a Club hunt prize.metal detecting smiley

Ken in Cinti4908/06/2014 09:07PM

It is a 1851 gold coin. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti808/24/2014 08:00AM

Who ever gets it should be happy.

Ken in Cinti708/21/2014 10:02AM

Cool! That would look good in my pouch (n/t)

Randy D908/20/2014 02:34PM

You are correct Mike K.

Ken in Cinti1508/12/2014 08:55PM

Re: We have a 1854 gold coin for a Club hunt prize.metal detecting smiley

michael kraus1408/12/2014 05:51PM

Gold coin is in.shooting Attachments

Ken in Cinti4608/13/2014 02:18PM

That will look good in my pouch. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti908/24/2014 07:55AM

Nice! (n/t)

Randy D1008/20/2014 02:32PM

DIV list is posted. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti1508/24/2014 07:53AM

Word is we have one metal detector and three pin pointers for prizeshot smiley

Ken in Cinti2708/21/2014 10:16AM

Definitely looking forward to this one. dance (n/t)

RHorseUSMC1008/24/2014 06:46AM

Club Seeded Hunt 9/21/14

michael kraus4408/12/2014 06:08PM

I will be there. (n/t)

Randy D1208/20/2014 02:34PM

Better take advantage of that.

Ken in Cinti1308/14/2014 10:27AM

Ground is hard.

Ken in Cinti2008/19/2014 07:41AM

Got some more nice coins. Attachments

Ken in Cinti3408/12/2014 08:59PM

Got some surprises Monday. Silver dance Attachments

Ken in Cinti3508/06/2014 06:26PM

Found out today about the Medal.

Ken in Cinti1908/10/2014 09:27AM

It is really nice feeling to recover a lost ring for a family. Attachments

Ken in Cinti3008/06/2014 08:07AM

Club hunt fees are due.

Ken in Cinti3407/30/2014 02:04PM

I'll pay mine this month at the meeting. (n/t)

RHorseUSMC1408/01/2014 10:58PM

How many gold coins did friend find

wagsjd4407/02/2014 07:25PM

Finger hit the wrong button.

Ken in Cinti1407/04/2014 08:28AM

Better picture of Roy's gold coin. Attachments

Ken in Cinti4007/02/2014 09:55AM

A friend of mine found a good onedance Attachments

Ken in Cinti4806/29/2014 07:48AM

If you want to hear Roy's story go to Buckeye Treasure Form.

Ken in Cinti2307/01/2014 08:44PM

This is a find of a life time don't you think? (n/t)

Ken in Cinti1906/30/2014 07:50AM

Got another ring today in a park.

Ken in Cinti4006/29/2014 04:09PM

A friend of mine found a good onedance Attachments

Ken in Cinti4106/29/2014 07:48AM

Lake Erie walleye. Attachments

Ken in Cinti8206/11/2014 06:52PM

Oh the Fish tales these two could tellbeerLOL (n/t)

ringfinder1706/25/2014 12:27PM

Donations for club huntdance

Ken in Cinti11105/23/2014 07:26AM

Thank you Rick. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti2306/17/2014 10:50PM

This is your hunt.

Ken in Cinti4005/25/2014 09:23AM

Ken- I've got a few prizes for you. (n/t)

RHorseUSMC2506/17/2014 09:11AM

Had a good meeting last nightdance

Ken in Cinti7006/13/2014 10:14AM

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