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Middle Tennessee Metal Detecting Club

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot. 

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AnnouncementMy Treasure Spot Sponsor, George Lesche at Predator Tools may have a deal for someone...02/21/2014 09:31AM
The Middle Tennessee Treasure Hunters Club was founded in 1971 by a small group of metal-detector enthusiasts. In 1983 the club changed its name to the Middle Tennessee Historical Research Association (MTHRA) in order to reflect the broader historical interests of many club members. We have now come full circle and in October of 1999 we changed our name to Middle Tennessee Metal Detecting Club. We realized that although many of our members do have historical research interests the name often confused folks who couldn't understand our primary purpose. Our club now has well over 100 members and is growing monthly in members who share our interests.

Meeting location: Charlotte Pike, Nashville, Tennessee
Meeting Time: First Friday of every month 7:00 PM


Anyone hunting over the holidays?

Bruce S2411/26/2014 07:50PM

Some Firsts Civil War finds by me and others! Attachments

AARON TN10011/17/2014 12:19AM

Re: Some Firsts Civil War finds by me and others!

Coilygirl711/26/2014 09:26AM

Great Finds Congrats (n/t)

T Guin1011/25/2014 05:56PM

Re: Some Firsts Civil War finds by me and others!

Bruce S2311/17/2014 07:00PM

Nice finds! (n/t)

Billsie1211/17/2014 09:16AM

Weekend finds Attachments

Billsie13011/11/2014 09:55AM

Looks like a good weekend of hunting, I'll trade it for the snow coming our way here in Ohio! (n/t)

ringfinder2011/16/2014 03:11PM

Re: Weekend finds

Billsie2511/16/2014 09:07AM

Little bit of everything, nice finds! (n/t)

AARON TN2511/12/2014 02:25PM

Re: Little bit of everything, nice finds!

Coilygirl1011/26/2014 09:23AM

Sorry for our visitors at last meeting. Mostly business but it has to be done. Hope all will be happy in the end.We had some nice finds for last month. Good luck to all this month. Get out and dig some holes. (n/t)

M.Brown6311/10/2014 09:08AM

Had a guest ride with me, I told him that wasen't how they normally go. He enjoyed it thou. (n/t)

AARON TN1911/12/2014 02:25PM

Searching the 1800's farm across the street from my house Attachments

Nat Winston III16110/17/2014 08:59PM

Re: Searching the 1800's farm across the street from my house

Bruce S3810/25/2014 06:22PM

Re: Searching the 1800's farm across the street from my house Attachments

Nat Winston III3910/26/2014 03:35AM

Re: Searching the 1800's farm across the street from my house

Bruce S4810/17/2014 11:55PM

2014 MTMDC club hunt - lets see your finds Attachments

SOG111210/25/2014 08:58PM

Today's digs... Attachments

Johnnypryor15610/13/2014 07:32PM

Cleaned up nice! (n/t)

AARON TN4610/14/2014 03:47PM

Re: Today's digs...

Bruce S4210/14/2014 07:06AM

We enjoyed our visit Aug. 1st

VOL1266-X50208/02/2014 07:53AM

i know I'm chiming in here a little late, but I have to agree with all of you,

ringfinder4710/12/2014 09:08PM

Re: We enjoyed our visit Aug. 1st

History4Fun5709/13/2014 12:39PM

Re: We enjoyed our visit Aug. 1st

VOL1266-X6009/14/2014 08:42AM

Great job! (n/t)

Marty Gates5008/05/2014 11:07PM

Thanks so much for coming, loved your stories, ya'll are welcome anytime! (n/t)

AARON TN4808/04/2014 03:01PM

Re: We enjoyed our visit Aug. 1st

Billsie6308/03/2014 08:40AM

Thanks for being our guest speaker Quindy, It was great seeing you and Doug again. Tell Josh I said hey. (n/t)

M.Brown4708/02/2014 09:53PM

We enjoyed your program......

Donnie V5508/02/2014 05:09PM

Wanted to thank everyone for the hospitality

Bruce S10410/04/2014 09:55AM

Re: Wanted to thank everyone for the hospitality

AARON TN3710/06/2014 03:00PM

My finds at an early 1800's farm

Nat Winston III47309/13/2014 01:23AM

Re: My finds at an early 1800's farm

jdyoungblood5709/30/2014 02:58PM

Re: My finds at an early 1800's farm

Bruce S4010/04/2014 09:42AM

Recent finds! Attachments

AARON TN31209/24/2014 07:37PM

Re: Recent finds!

Coilygirl4909/29/2014 07:36PM

Re: Recent finds!

Johnnypryor5809/25/2014 03:29PM

Re: Recent finds!

AARON TN4609/25/2014 09:37PM

L A Dids #2 (n/t) Attachments

T Guin21107/09/2014 08:14PM

Re: L A Dids #2

History4Fun4209/13/2014 12:54PM

You find a half dime every time you go down there! Is that button military? (n/t)

AARON TN6907/10/2014 11:16AM

Re: You find a half dime every time you go down there! Is that button military?

T Guin5407/10/2014 04:50PM

New to Detecting

Bbrainey17907/12/2014 03:57PM

Re: New to Detecting

History4Fun5009/13/2014 12:51PM

Re: New to Detecting

Nat Winston III6507/13/2014 06:47PM

Re: New to Detecting

AARON TN5507/13/2014 12:30AM

Tn. Button (n/t) Attachments

Marty Gates49908/05/2014 11:11PM

Re: Tn. Button

History4Fun4609/13/2014 12:33PM

Nice find Marty. (n/t)

M.Brown4008/12/2014 09:40PM

Marty that's one nice button! Congratulations on a fantastic find!!! (n/t)

kyrebel4908/06/2014 04:09PM

AWESOME button, congrats again! (n/t)

AARON TN4608/06/2014 10:09AM

Yep, that would be very hard to beat. (n/t)

Donnie V4908/06/2014 09:29AM

Re: Tn. Button

VOL1266-X5808/06/2014 07:14AM

Civil War Shell! Attachments

AARON TN26907/18/2014 11:44AM

Re: Civil War Shell!

History4Fun4609/13/2014 12:29PM

Re: Civil War Shell!

Nat Winston III5409/01/2014 04:17AM

On my bucket list, very nice (n/t)

Marty Gates5308/05/2014 11:09PM

Re: Civil War Shell!

machineman5307/22/2014 07:53PM

Yeah it was a thrill! (n/t)

AARON TN5407/23/2014 12:15PM

Re: Civil War Shell!

SOG14607/20/2014 10:52AM

Very nice. (n/t)

M.Brown4307/18/2014 11:20PM

Re: Civil War Shell!

Johnnypryor5107/18/2014 07:44PM

Re: Civil War Shell!

Mike Fuson3607/18/2014 04:31PM

Re: Civil War Shell!

beefy384854307/18/2014 02:26PM

Got A New Toy Yesterday Attachments

T Guin47509/04/2014 11:10AM

Re: Got A New Toy Yesterday

History4Fun3909/13/2014 12:24PM

How did it go? (n/t)

AARON TN4909/08/2014 09:02AM

It's Nancy from the club

Coilygirl44009/12/2014 08:20AM

don't delete it! alot of guys from the club use this and look at this who may not have facebook. (n/t)

AARON TN4109/12/2014 12:07PM

Is this yours Tony? Attachments

Mike Fuson22306/11/2014 09:03PM

Re: Is this yours Tony?

Coilygirl5109/11/2014 10:02PM

Re: Is this yours Tony?

AARON TN6406/12/2014 11:31AM

Re: Is this yours Tony?

Mike Fuson6106/12/2014 11:42AM

Congrats Bill S. saw your UCV Reunion medal in AD Magazine (n/t)

VOL1266-X43609/01/2014 05:01PM

That Is A Nice Find Bill (n/t)

T Guin4509/04/2014 10:37AM

Yeah, way to go Bill! (n/t)

AARON TN4409/02/2014 12:17PM

My best find Yet

Nat Winston III49608/29/2014 12:01PM

Looks like you are in a good old spot! (n/t)

AARON TN5809/02/2014 12:16PM

Re: My best find Yet Attachments

Nat Winston III6008/29/2014 06:52PM

Re: My best find Yet Attachments

Nat Winston III4309/01/2014 07:55PM

Re: My best find Yet (n/t) Attachments

Nat Winston III4809/01/2014 07:57PM

Awesome! (n/t)

AARON TN5108/29/2014 04:18PM

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