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417 Relic Hunter's

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

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Welcome to the Premiere Springfield Southwest Missouri Metal Detecting Club. We want to provide members with a metal detecting club where one can exchange ideas, share individual finds, learn new concepts and ideas, meet new people and help introduce the hobby of metal detecting to new people young and old. Our overall purpose will be to stimulate interest in Metal Detecting, Relic Hunting and the Appreciation for the Art of Preserving our Natural History.

Meeting location: Springfield Greene County Library, 4653 South Campbell Ave. Springfield, Mo. 65810
Meeting time: the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.

We the members of the 417 Relic Hunters, assemble ourselves for the following purpose: To learn, discover and to educate our members in a way to recover antiquities of the past by conducting ourselves in a manner that is courteous and polite with respect for others and to establish good fellowship with all other fellow hunters.

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XP Deus

carolinaboy 533 10/22/2015 09:37PM

Great time at club hunt

carolinaboy 463 10/17/2015 05:32PM


Zap123 573 10/09/2015 03:57PM


carolinaboy 301 10/10/2015 11:42PM


Zap123 281 10/12/2015 04:07PM

Lurker soon to be hunter

eniac 644 08/26/2015 03:52PM

Re: Lurker soon to be hunter

eniac 320 09/01/2015 11:22AM

Re: Lurker soon to be hunter

eniac 307 09/02/2015 12:15PM

Re: Lurker soon to be hunter

alphacharlie65 294 09/06/2015 01:40PM

Re: Lurker soon to be hunter

AgilDog 296 09/08/2015 06:12PM

all but two, one is held at a local park each Summer, plus

tsgman 299 09/08/2015 06:02PM

New to the Forum

Dartel 586 08/15/2015 02:10AM

Fisher F19 for sale. Attachments

AgilDog 640 08/12/2015 11:31AM

Back into detecting after 30 years

telecaster 636 07/27/2015 05:29PM

Re: Back into detecting after 30 years

swingbeepdig 314 08/06/2015 08:39PM

Re: Back into detecting after 30 years

AgilDog 300 07/28/2015 10:37AM

Re: Back into detecting after 30 years

telecaster 335 07/28/2015 08:45PM

Next Club Meeting

telecaster 622 07/31/2015 04:47PM

Re: Next Club Meeting

AgilDog 330 08/04/2015 10:46AM

Re: Next Club Meeting

telecaster 338 08/04/2015 01:53PM

Re: Next Club Meeting

littup 355 07/31/2015 08:08PM

Black Dirt

Zap123 594 07/13/2015 03:42PM

Re: Black Dirt

carolinaboy 339 07/13/2015 09:33PM

Re: Black Dirt

jscarber 305 07/13/2015 06:09PM

Police came along, had to go.

jscarber 762 06/07/2015 08:15PM

Re: Police came along, had to go. (should have been solo)

Kemper 343 06/07/2015 09:07PM

Re: Police came along, had to go. (should have been solo)

jscarber 303 06/07/2015 09:39PM

sounds good. If you're working there you should be able to work around the interference. (n/t)

Kemper 295 06/07/2015 09:48PM

Last few hunts, rings up. Attachments

jscarber 666 05/31/2015 08:51PM

Re: Last few hunts, rings up.

AgilDog 340 06/02/2015 10:39AM


littup 673 05/12/2015 01:17PM

Re: T-Shirts

littup 342 05/19/2015 10:57PM

Re: T-Shirts

AgilDog 357 05/12/2015 05:09PM

Meteorite Man Steve

littup 621 05/04/2015 09:49PM

Re: Meteorite Man Steve

littup 349 05/06/2015 02:19PM

what a terrific hunt ! ---

swingbeepdig 712 04/20/2015 06:30PM

Re: what a terrific hunt ! ---

littup 403 04/22/2015 02:54PM

Webinar from last nights meeting.4/7/15

AgilDog 668 04/08/2015 04:15PM

Wilson creek

tometusns 814 03/30/2015 09:16PM

Re: Wilson creek

AgilDog 445 03/31/2015 10:47AM

Re: Wilson creek

tometusns 391 03/31/2015 06:09PM

Re: Wilson creek

AgilDog 415 04/01/2015 10:55AM

Re: Wilson creek

tometusns 424 04/01/2015 05:11PM

pin fire cartridge found ?

swingbeepdig 801 03/12/2015 07:20PM

Re: pin fire cartridge found ?

Aaron 400 03/19/2015 10:26PM

Re: pin fire cartridge found ? Attachments

jscarber 393 03/13/2015 11:14PM

Re: pin fire cartridge found ?

metaldetectorkid 378 03/13/2015 07:13PM

2 Pound Shot or Mill Stone? Attachments

AgilDog 796 03/08/2015 11:23PM

Re: 2 Pound Shot or Mill Stone?

metaldetectorkid 352 03/13/2015 07:16PM


Zap123 712 03/12/2015 11:54AM


SWMO MARK 398 03/12/2015 08:20PM


AgilDog 409 03/12/2015 04:35PM

Club Token Has Been Found! Attachments

AgilDog 700 03/06/2015 02:24PM

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