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417 Relic Hunter's

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

Welcome to the Premiere Springfield Southwest Missouri Metal Detecting Club. We want to provide members with a metal detecting club where one can exchange ideas, share individual finds, learn new concepts and ideas, meet new people and help introduce the hobby of metal detecting to new people young and old. Our overall purpose will be to stimulate interest in Metal Detecting, Relic Hunting and the Appreciation for the Art of Preserving our Natural History.

Meeting location: Springfield Greene County Library, 4653 South Campbell Ave. Springfield, Mo. 65810
Meeting time: the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.

We the members of the 417 Relic Hunters, assemble ourselves for the following purpose: To learn, discover and to educate our members in a way to recover antiquities of the past by conducting ourselves in a manner that is courteous and polite with respect for others and to establish good fellowship with all other fellow hunters.


New to this.

Hbomb40407/18/2014 04:41PM

Re: New to this.

jscarber11207/20/2014 05:35PM

Re: New to this.

Hbomb14507/21/2014 07:51PM

Re: New to this.

AgilDog10407/22/2014 11:11AM

Re: New to this.

Hbomb11307/23/2014 05:47PM

US Belt Buckle Attachments

tsgman31207/17/2014 01:02PM

Thanks Ray! (n/t)

tsgman9607/18/2014 02:20PM

Re: US Belt Buckle

swingbeepdig9307/17/2014 10:07PM

where to go????

chefcon430107/14/2014 12:58PM

Re: where to go????

AgilDog12907/15/2014 11:01AM

Re: where to go????

chefcon410907/17/2014 08:19PM

Fired Round Ball In Wood? Attachments

AgilDog27806/26/2014 03:52PM

Re: Fired Round Ball In Wood?

jscarber13607/01/2014 10:42PM

Chairs & Metal Detector For Next Meetin'

AgilDog27106/24/2014 03:21PM

Club Token

littup32106/11/2014 08:55PM

Patience- Practice- Persistance Attachments

SWMO MARK46004/21/2014 08:49PM

Re: Patience- Practice- Persistance Attachments

Trowel Head14004/28/2014 03:00PM

Re: Patience- Practice- Persistance

carolinaboy15504/23/2014 08:11PM

Re: Patience- Practice- Persistance

SWMO MARK12704/25/2014 04:15PM

Re: Patience- Practice- Persistance

carolinaboy13704/25/2014 07:23PM

I got paid in silver!!!!

metaldetectorkid39804/19/2014 11:45PM

Re: I got paid in silver!!!!

jscarber16804/20/2014 04:31PM

Pretty good hunt today

carolinaboy36804/18/2014 09:44PM

Re: Pretty good hunt today

jscarber15004/19/2014 08:05PM

Ron Bunch Memorial Hunt

swingbeepdig41104/12/2014 09:28PM

Re: Ron Bunch Memorial Hunt

Trowel Head15904/14/2014 01:38PM

Re: Ron Bunch Memorial Hunt

carolinaboy14904/13/2014 08:55PM

Re: Ron Bunch Memorial Hunt

jscarber12804/13/2014 07:14PM

New to everything

Kaspur52901/30/2014 06:24AM

Re: New to everything

workshoprat9219701/30/2014 08:57PM

Re: New to everything

MOO2YOU15304/13/2014 06:16PM

Re: New to everything

AgilDog17701/30/2014 11:14AM

Re: New to everything

metaldetectorkid22301/31/2014 01:29PM

First Coin! See the video!

workshoprat9246403/25/2014 07:35PM

Re: First Coin! See the video!

AgilDog16603/26/2014 12:36PM

Re: First Coin! See the video!

workshoprat9215203/26/2014 07:36PM

Re: First Coin! See the video!

AgilDog16403/27/2014 04:09PM

Re: First Coin! See the video!

carolinaboy14703/25/2014 10:08PM

Can anyone identify this for me

metaldetectorkid51003/19/2014 07:44PM

Need the picturesmiling smiley (n/t)

AgilDog17203/19/2014 09:56PM

Re: Need the picturesmiling smiley

metaldetectorkid17903/21/2014 09:25PM

Re: Never knew that was there....Cool, Thanks (n/t)

AgilDog18603/22/2014 09:58PM

You can use the image resizer at the top of the page. smiling smiley (n/t)

Tony_swmo14503/22/2014 12:03PM


jscarber68302/04/2014 03:11PM


tsgman21902/05/2014 03:46PM


AgilDog19102/04/2014 10:11PM


jscarber19202/05/2014 10:30AM


carolinaboy20103/17/2014 11:13PM


metaldetectorkid14903/21/2014 09:27PM

This Make Ya Wanna Drool....quiet Attachments

AgilDog45503/19/2014 10:32PM

Re: This Make Ya Wanna Drool....quiet

jscarber15803/20/2014 07:29PM

Re: This Make Ya Wanna Drool....quiet

littup15903/20/2014 09:25AM

Re: This Make Ya Wanna Drool....quiet

AgilDog15303/20/2014 11:04AM


carolinaboy41503/15/2014 10:57PM

Re: Finally

jscarber16703/16/2014 11:35AM

Re: Finally

workshoprat9214603/16/2014 06:11AM

Looking for used AT Pro

Skillian46002/22/2014 10:54PM

Garrett Is Not The Only Dog Hunting Out There...

morelic195521303/09/2014 08:01PM

Garret ace 250 vs 350

workshoprat921,75303/05/2014 08:03PM

Why Not Look At The Teknetics Euro Tek Pro..

morelic195525003/09/2014 07:57PM

Re: Garret ace 250 vs 350

Tony_swmo26003/08/2014 04:13PM

Re: Garret ace 250 vs 350

metaldetectorkid20503/05/2014 10:37PM

Re: Garret ace 250 vs 350

workshoprat9219203/06/2014 08:37PM

Club Token

littup41003/07/2014 11:43PM

Cool Indian Tree. Attachments

AgilDog42202/27/2014 01:32PM

Re: Cool Indian Tree.

carolinaboy18003/05/2014 10:21AM

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