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Relic & Bottle

For the die hard relic hunter, dump digger or privy digger. 


Thanksgiving Hunt Yields Kim's best find out of the New Permission field Attachments

gbantiques17211/29/2015 09:35PM

Glad Kim is enjoying the pipe bowl.....You guys move a ton of dirt! (n/t)

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland212/01/2015 09:01AM

Nice to see you two had another productive day, nice ring and whole Spencer cartridge. (n/t)

digin daddy211/30/2015 08:19PM

metal detecting smiley Love the Cavalry button lots of unusual finds there too (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)211/30/2015 06:30PM

Very nice finds!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick111/30/2015 07:55AM

You guys are doing great ! There has got to be a sword belt plate in there somewhere (n/t)

A HUNTER111/30/2015 01:32AM

Last week's searches Attachments

Earl K. in Va.10611/30/2015 08:34PM

Some sweet finds any day Earl good job (n/t)

gbantiques211/30/2015 10:54PM

Nice digs there Earl (n/t)

dean arbogast511/30/2015 09:34PM

Re: Nice digs there Earl

Earl K. in Va.711/30/2015 09:43PM

Excellent Haul! Glad to see you have not lost your touch! (n/t)

Rodney Cox (csadoc)511/30/2015 09:03PM

Re: Excellent Haul! Glad to see you have not lost your touch!

Earl K. in Va.1711/30/2015 09:10PM

Hey Pete George is this a smooth Read short pattern Attachments

dean arbogast17011/29/2015 10:37AM

Yes, and it's a VERY rare version of "Smooth" Read shell -- Re: Hey Pete George is this a smooth Read short pattern

P.C.George2411/30/2015 08:31PM

Thank Pete that is what I was hoping it was (n/t)

dean arbogast811/30/2015 09:22PM

Great Info (n/t)

dean arbogast911/30/2015 09:31PM

Nice shell..... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick411/30/2015 07:56AM

Plate Day 11/28 Attachments

RockyDig26411/28/2015 07:14PM

Good job on your nice relics, and plate to.clap (n/t)

digin daddy211/30/2015 08:48PM

Great job Rocky dance (n/t)

gbantiques411/29/2015 05:06PM

you earned that one. Way to go Rocky! (n/t)

George S711/29/2015 01:28PM

awesome plate Rocky (n/t)

VADIGGIN41811/29/2015 10:38AM

Sweet Rocky.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick411/29/2015 08:46AM

WTG Rocky, nice plate. Congrats (n/t)

Rick n Jefrstn711/28/2015 09:22PM

Nice! (n/t)

RoFro311/28/2015 08:25PM

sing Way to go plate looks good and quite a pile of button too (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)411/28/2015 07:51PM

Guessed correctly... Attachments

RoFro27511/26/2015 02:09PM

Beautiful inks Roland. The glass bug is hard to shake. I find myself detecting less and less knowing it may be around. (n/t)

metalev611/30/2015 02:53PM

Re: Beautiful inks Roland. The glass bug is hard to shake. I find myself detecting less and less knowing it may be around.

RoFro511/30/2015 04:21PM

Good Job Roland ! (n/t)

Steve Clements111/29/2015 05:11PM

Sweet hole Roland... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick411/29/2015 08:48AM

Nice inks.....congrats! (n/t)

relichntr211/28/2015 01:19PM

WOW Roland ,,,,just WOW ,, Kim and I want to dig a bottle SSSSOOOOO BBAAAADDDD USA (n/t)

gbantiques1511/27/2015 09:35PM

Re: WOW Roland ,,,,just WOW ,, Kim and I want to dig a bottle SSSSOOOOO BBAAAADDDD USA

RoFro3211/28/2015 08:38PM

Re: Guessed correctly...

beefy38485611/27/2015 09:16PM

Re: Guessed correctly...

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland1411/26/2015 03:01PM

Thanksgiving (n/t) Attachments

snagslewis3019611/27/2015 04:34PM

Re: Thanksgiving

snagslewis30111/30/2015 03:48PM

Nic spur and recoveries.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick311/29/2015 08:46AM

Nice finds......congrats! (n/t)

relichntr311/28/2015 12:31PM

NICE (n/t)

VADIGGIN41411/27/2015 10:11PM

Sweet Spur good job (n/t)

gbantiques711/27/2015 09:39PM

sweet spur (n/t)

confederate joe 1861-1865511/27/2015 08:38PM

Now that's an awesome recovery, wtg!!! (n/t)

kkcsteve611/27/2015 08:28PM

Re: Now that's an awesome recovery, wtg!!!

snagslewis30111/30/2015 04:00PM

Here's a cool find... Attachments

kkcsteve26611/27/2015 12:09PM

Really nice Steve, still wating to find my first mold. (n/t)

metalev111/30/2015 02:57PM

Another great piece of history saved Steve...

Relicgopher511/29/2015 09:43AM

Very nice Steve... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick311/29/2015 08:47AM

That's a great find......congrats! (n/t)

relichntr511/28/2015 12:33PM

Awesome rock (n/t)

gbantiques311/27/2015 09:37PM

Thats a one of a kind relic and a very good one at thatthumbs down (n/t)

confederate joe 1861-1865411/27/2015 08:40PM

Too Cool Steve!

RoFro1211/27/2015 06:18PM

Thank you Roland, I will be heading out tomorrow...

kkcsteve811/27/2015 08:26PM

Re: Thank you Roland, I will be heading out tomorrow...

beefy384851411/27/2015 09:13PM

Friday Hut Attachments

RoFro19211/28/2015 11:12PM

I like the 12 sided medicine. More glass in that hole I bet. Good luck Roland. (n/t)

metalev111/30/2015 02:56PM

Awesome good job (n/t)

gbantiques311/29/2015 05:05PM

I dug on similar to that at Stonemans switch Ro.

Streak!711/29/2015 03:07PM

Re: Friday Hut

beefy384851011/29/2015 01:37PM

great hunt Roland and good luck on the next hole (n/t)

VADIGGIN41311/29/2015 10:41AM

Looks like a lot of fun ,any guess how many hut are left? (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)311/29/2015 10:20AM

Nice Roland... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick811/29/2015 08:45AM

No Clue (n/t)

RoFro511/29/2015 10:40AM

yep. That would be Dennis! (or more accurately " Anita and I" ) grinning smiley (n/t)

Streak!311/29/2015 03:08PM

AI coil earning its keep ... piece of a Hero Attachments

Va Dave23811/25/2015 11:03PM

A cool piece of history Dave. (n/t)

Steve Clements111/29/2015 05:12PM

Thats pretty cool good job (n/t)

gbantiques911/27/2015 09:45PM

Very neat find.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick611/26/2015 09:11AM


Relicgopher10111/26/2015 02:55PM

BBBB (n/t)

Streak!1411/27/2015 04:46PM

Re: CCCC (n/t)

Relicgopher311/29/2015 09:47AM

aaaa what? (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)711/26/2015 08:35PM

Just found this morning Attachments

MosbySt25211/26/2015 11:52AM

Nice relic... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick411/29/2015 08:49AM

Nice Find......Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr411/28/2015 01:23PM

I believe it's an 1840 Ames NCO sword scabbard throat....... Attachments

Relicgopher2211/26/2015 12:46PM

Re: I believe it's an 1840 Ames NCO sword scabbard throat.......

MosbySt1711/26/2015 12:47PM

Deleted by poster (n/t)

Relicgopher811/26/2015 12:42PM

One piece Virginia Attachments

Hammy6630011/23/2015 10:48AM

Great button sammy (n/t)

spear85411/28/2015 08:38AM

Re: One piece Virginia

jeffnwv1311/25/2015 11:01PM

Nice dig....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr611/24/2015 04:25PM

Thats a super nice button you found. (n/t)

digin daddy911/24/2015 03:21PM

What a beautiful button, and interesting history too. Wish I had a yard like that! (n/t)

JasonH711/24/2015 12:29PM

That is awesome!!!!! Very high on my punchlist. Congratulations! (n/t)

cumberlandgray1011/24/2015 06:40AM

Sweet button!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick911/23/2015 08:45PM


confederate joe 1861-18651011/23/2015 08:28PM

Beauty !! ...just had to tweak the pic Attachments

Va Dave3211/23/2015 08:27PM

That's one sweet button, Congrtas! (n/t)

kydiggin711/24/2015 10:40AM

Sam that is a beautiful button and even better in person (n/t)

VADIGGIN41911/23/2015 07:36PM

Beautiful buttongood job (n/t)

gbantiques1211/23/2015 06:25PM

Outstanding looking button. (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz711/23/2015 03:31PM

thats a beautiful button, congratulations. Very interesting history as well. (n/t)

metalev1411/23/2015 12:31PM

Latest finds for the new spot metal detecting smiley Attachments

gbantiques31311/23/2015 06:59PM

Nice Finds ! The powder flask is cool, y'all are doing real good ! (n/t)

A HUNTER811/26/2015 11:47PM

Re: Latest finds for the new spot metal detecting smiley

jeffnwv1011/25/2015 10:58PM

You are probably already thinking this but...

RoFro2911/24/2015 06:15PM

It's weird ,,when we find melted lead its one piece , usually 1-4 inches deep Attachments

gbantiques1811/24/2015 08:12PM

Nice assortment of finds......Congrts! (n/t)

relichntr611/24/2015 04:24PM

Another, fun day digging with two good friends. (n/t)

digin daddy1011/24/2015 03:16PM

We hit the brother load in this field quiet (n/t) Attachments

gbantiques1711/24/2015 08:25PM

Very nice Charles! (n/t)

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland711/24/2015 01:14PM

Flask Attachments

RoFro3811/23/2015 09:36PM

Thanks Roland ,,,Weird we only found those 2 pieces in the Hole (n/t)

gbantiques911/23/2015 09:48PM

Nice spot. Hope you dig a plate there.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1111/23/2015 08:44PM

One can only Hope and we have all three been scouring this small field for a Plate (n/t)

gbantiques1011/23/2015 10:01PM

Nice and significant in record/context ...

Va Dave2011/23/2015 08:38PM

Thanks Dave (n/t)

gbantiques911/23/2015 09:58PM

11/23/15 finds Attachments

jeffnwv13811/25/2015 10:56PM

Nice lead Jeff.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick911/26/2015 09:14AM

Re: 11/23/15 finds

jon1211/26/2015 08:03AM

Mystery iron ID help Attachments

Dustyrelics14311/22/2015 09:25PM

The heart-shaped thing at top is a period lock. I dug one just like it a few weeks ago; it was the front with a brass key cover. (n/t)

JasonH711/24/2015 12:35PM

Saturday Afternoon Finds Attachments

kydiggin17411/23/2015 12:58PM

Nice digs... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick711/23/2015 08:44PM

nice findsgood job (n/t)

gbantiques711/23/2015 06:27PM

North Carolina GRAND SLAM Attachments

Whites600043711/11/2015 09:40PM

I don't think it gets much better than that, congrats on some sweet buttons! (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz1211/23/2015 03:34PM

Sweet day diggin!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick811/22/2015 08:44PM

Awesome Finds ! Congrads ! (n/t)

Redleg Bill1911/14/2015 11:39PM

good finds....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr1911/14/2015 05:22AM

Totally Awesome! Congrats! (n/t)

ValleyDigger1511/13/2015 11:28PM

That's the way to do it, nice buttons!!! (n/t)

mmurray5901711/12/2015 10:11AM

Sweet good job (n/t)

gbantiques1611/12/2015 09:36AM

What a great couple of days !! Congrats on nice finds !!!! (n/t)

wv_relic_hunter2411/11/2015 09:57PM

Fri's Finds (n/t) Attachments

jeffnwv27411/08/2015 08:28AM

Nice lead Jeff.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick811/22/2015 08:48PM

Good digs Jeff. (n/t)

Dale(Va)2111/08/2015 09:19AM

Rained all Saturday but Umbrellas came out Sunday Attachments

RoFro39611/08/2015 09:48PM

Sweet Roland. Tried to get Anita in a pit so she could dig an ink but no go. Maybe next time.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick911/22/2015 08:47PM

WTG Roland!!!!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray5902111/12/2015 10:12AM

very nice, congrats! (n/t)

dig14me2311/09/2015 08:13PM

Nice variety of pit digging relics. (n/t)

digin daddy2311/09/2015 05:57PM

Love the inks Roland. Nothing like seeing glass in the hole. Good digs. (n/t)

metalev2611/09/2015 10:35AM

Nice finds.....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr2111/09/2015 08:45AM

Very nice Roland! Always fun digging inks!:Can never have enough inks! (n/t)

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland2211/09/2015 05:48AM

Cool finds ! (n/t)

A HUNTER2311/09/2015 12:40AM

NICE as always ,We had great weather Saturday and a ton more Calvary finds, (n/t)

gbantiques2911/08/2015 10:46PM

One more trip to our new site this past weekend before DIV good job Attachments

gbantiques40111/09/2015 02:13PM

Good tune up.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1011/22/2015 08:45PM

Nice assortment of finds......Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr1911/17/2015 07:25PM

Lottsa relics !! ... Chain link parts could be parts to a watering bit, and the finial likely to a cartridge box. Now find that plate that goes with it. (n/t)

Va Dave2611/10/2015 08:15PM

Thank Ya Dave (n/t)

gbantiques1411/16/2015 08:42PM

Nice haul! (n/t)

dig14me1811/09/2015 08:14PM

Well we all had another great weekend at the promise land. its been good to us, wishing you two a successful weekend at your fist div.luck (n/t)

digin daddy2611/09/2015 05:49PM

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