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Relic & Bottle

For the die hard relic hunter, dump digger or privy digger. 

Subject Author Views Posted

After 6 Years, I finally got another one. Confederate Infantry Button! Attachments

RECOVERED 28 09/25/2016 09:09AM

Louisiana Jacket found!!! Attachments

Devonrex 314 09/18/2016 05:43PM

Sweet (n/t)

M.Brown 2 09/23/2016 07:52AM

beautiful squid eaters! clap (n/t)

Doug Stokes 8 09/21/2016 10:41PM

Nice John ..Real Nice clap (n/t)

gbantiques 4 09/20/2016 09:21PM

Awesome job I would have been happy with just one couldnt imagine what I would be like if I found 5 congrats (n/t)

carolinaboy 7 09/19/2016 07:43PM

That's some sweet!! pelicans. congrat's (n/t)

digin daddy 4 09/19/2016 05:29PM

Awesome ! (n/t)

Bert Hebb 5 09/19/2016 11:13AM

congrats on the buttonsgood job (n/t)

Ga/goatee 6 09/18/2016 10:54PM

Congrats on some sweet buttons!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 6 09/18/2016 06:42PM

After two months.....I went digging....smiling smiley Attachments

Dale(Va) 301 09/17/2016 07:14PM

Nice saves (n/t)

M.Brown 2 09/23/2016 07:49AM

Way to go Dale! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 6 09/22/2016 09:12PM

Nice Dale ...Glad to hear your fellin better good job (n/t)

gbantiques 4 09/20/2016 09:18PM

Glad to see ya back at it Dale !! (n/t)

Va Dave 4 09/20/2016 07:06PM

Congrats on your great finds Dale, sounds like the Dr.'s diggin' prescription for fast recovery worked. (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz 4 09/20/2016 08:40AM

Fantastic ! (n/t)

Bert Hebb 7 09/19/2016 11:14AM

Re: After two months.....I went digging....smiling smiley

hendu 10 09/18/2016 10:10AM

Good to hear about your recovery, Dale. Gotta love 69 minies. Sweet kepi buckle, too. (n/t)

Doug Stokes 7 09/18/2016 10:10AM

Nice finds! Glad you're feeling better. (n/t)

Ga/goatee 7 09/18/2016 08:28AM

Congratulations glad to see your feeling better and diggin relics again (n/t)

carolinaboy 7 09/18/2016 08:07AM

Re: After two months.....I went digging....smiling smiley

JRobo 9 09/17/2016 10:25PM

Welcome back Dale. Glad your recovery went so well. Im sure the nice weather helped speed up the recovery (n/t)

ronr 4 09/17/2016 08:03PM

Congratulations on your finds and your recovery my friend!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 8 09/17/2016 07:55PM

Super rare Rev War projectile dug this weekend. grinning smiley Attachments

ericchampigny 286 09/18/2016 05:46PM

That is awesome! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 5 09/22/2016 09:11PM

Super awesome find you have been finding some great relics congratulations (n/t)

carolinaboy 2 09/22/2016 11:11AM

Re: Super rare Rev War projectile dug this weekend. grinning smiley

fortboy 4 09/22/2016 09:48AM

Amazing find! good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes 2 09/21/2016 10:40PM

Yes, I have 3 cannonballs and a pile of frags and grape so far. More to come soon! (n/t)

ericchampigny 4 09/21/2016 09:27AM

Outatanding is this from the same site you recovered the other arty projectiles from? (n/t)

Bama Dave 7 09/20/2016 10:06PM

That's great Eric dance (n/t)

gbantiques 3 09/20/2016 09:16PM

Congrats on another rare piece of Rev Artillery !! (n/t)

Va Dave 4 09/20/2016 07:08PM

WOW, what a find!!!bow (n/t)

Ga/goatee 9 09/18/2016 10:52PM

That is super cool thanks for sharing (n/t)

Jim F. (In.) 7 09/18/2016 07:29PM

Cool find... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 11 09/18/2016 06:40PM

Outstanding!!! First I've ever seen or heard of!

Devonrex 12 09/18/2016 06:02PM

It's been almost two years since I've dug confederate brass

JHR_VA 541 09/03/2016 06:41PM

That's a tight button, right there! nice kepi size! Congrats to you on ending the CS drought on a solid note. clap (n/t)

Doug Stokes 7 09/21/2016 10:43PM

Re: It's been almost two years since I've dug confederate brass

Chart56 24 09/08/2016 08:47PM

That is awesome James!! Reminds me of the old times. We need to dig again for a whole day. Maybe down by the river again. (n/t)

cumberlandgray 22 09/07/2016 07:21PM

Great look'n button!! (n/t)

Va Dave 26 09/06/2016 06:46PM

Gosh, I know that must have shot your pulse rate right on up there. Congratulations on this wonderful find! (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle 24 09/06/2016 05:02PM

Thanks everyone. (n/t)

JHR_VA 23 09/06/2016 12:14PM

That's a beautiful button congratulations on ending the drought (n/t)

carolinaboy 20 09/05/2016 06:30PM

What a beautiful button!!!!!!! (n/t)

Ga/goatee 21 09/05/2016 03:48PM

thumbs down Wow that was sure worth the wait (n/t)

Jim F. (In.) 18 09/05/2016 10:52AM

VERY Nice, WTG!! (n/t)

mmurray590 23 09/04/2016 06:34PM

Its a beauty.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 24 09/03/2016 09:45PM

Re: that's a beauty,congrats on a nice button (n/t)

s. p. watson 23 09/03/2016 08:49PM

Thats a great looking button James. Congrats (n/t)

ronr 21 09/03/2016 07:29PM

Nice one dance (n/t)

gbantiques 24 09/03/2016 07:03PM

Got me Rev War button number 9 for the year!!! Attachments

Devonrex 278 09/03/2016 03:45PM

Very nice! Congrats on the saves. Looks to be in great shape, too. good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes 7 09/18/2016 10:07AM

Sweet!!!!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 24 09/04/2016 06:35PM

Congrats on another nice Rev button.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 18 09/03/2016 09:44PM

Nice job John clap (n/t)

gbantiques 22 09/03/2016 07:05PM

Nice finds!!! (n/t)

Ga/goatee 25 09/03/2016 05:03PM

You're killing it in there! (n/t)

ericchampigny 21 09/03/2016 03:58PM

Want to share something with my friends.......... Attachments

Devonrex 339 09/10/2016 10:40PM

beer We Love ya brother...Cherish every memoryangel (n/t)

gbantiques 9 09/16/2016 09:30PM

Re: Want to share something with my friends..........

Shane Smith 10 09/16/2016 04:33PM

It's the memories that realy count,you and your father sharing in this great hobby together congrat"s on your A coat button. (n/t)

digin daddy 13 09/16/2016 02:58PM

Great story, I think your dad was close with you today! (n/t)

royski 11 09/14/2016 10:11PM

Great story. I know your father is watching as mine is ever time I go detecting. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 15 09/11/2016 05:54PM

Re: Want to share something with my friends..........

Plugmaster Ford 18 09/11/2016 09:41AM

What a great story, thanks for sharing it. My dad would take me detecting too. He didn't hunt, just sat in the truck and watched me having fun. (n/t)

Ga/goatee 16 09/11/2016 09:39AM

Congrats on the find,,,,,Touching Story! (n/t)

relichntr 20 09/11/2016 09:25AM

NEED YOUR HELP! Attachments

MosbySt 369 09/09/2016 10:07AM

Dean can disarm it, he does a GREAT job, but tell your friend to get it the heck away form the fireplace!!!!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 28 09/14/2016 02:16PM

You might want to get it Drilled it still has powder in it (n/t)

dean arbogast 17 09/12/2016 05:05PM

Dean got it right... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 23 09/11/2016 05:56PM

Looks like a 2.9 U S read parrott with zinc fuce and sabot missing (n/t)

dean arbogast 38 09/09/2016 05:54PM

Re: Looks like a 2.9 U S read parrott with zinc fuce and sabot missing

MosbySt 33 09/12/2016 09:09AM

Last few weeks finds, got something (or most of it anyway) I have always wanted to find. Attachments

mmurray590 451 09/09/2016 08:34AM

Nothing wrong with those. WTG (n/t)

nwatnVA 16 09/14/2016 06:49AM

Nice digs Mike and Marc. Hope your back diggin with them soon Dale!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 13 09/11/2016 05:58PM

Nice plates of brass and lead Mike. Hope you have had some rain up your way I can hardly get a shovel into the dry ground down here. (n/t)

ronr 14 09/10/2016 02:24PM

Great finds and good luck on the "new spot". (n/t)

carolinaboy 20 09/10/2016 07:41AM

Nice !! I see a full paper plate Mike (n/t)

Va Dave 15 09/09/2016 04:57PM

You been doing real good Mike. Looks like we need to get back to the "new" spot Sunday morning! (n/t)

Marc in Va 20 09/09/2016 11:37AM

I know where the "new" spot is.....I was thinking about hitting it that I feel better.....

Dale(Va) 28 09/09/2016 01:11PM

Sounds good cause I can't find it !! ... what time ya picking me up Fishing (n/t)

Va Dave 18 09/09/2016 04:55PM

We'll be there at 0' dark thirty Dave, but Dale likes to sleep in these days......LOL (n/t)

mmurray590 18 09/09/2016 05:35PM

New spots are the most exciting ,,,good luck to all of you ...any recent pics of you and that new grandbaby Ole man [Mike} angel (n/t)

gbantiques 17 09/09/2016 11:29PM

Re: Last few weeks finds, got something (or most of it anyway) I have always wanted to find.

Plugmaster Ford 15 09/09/2016 11:34AM

Nice clap (n/t)

gbantiques 18 09/09/2016 11:29AM

Re: Last few weeks finds, got something (or most of it anyway) I have always wanted to find.

JRobo 28 09/09/2016 09:08AM

Wow, you've got some fine looking stuff!!!! Love the 69ers, I haven't found any of those yet. good job (n/t)

Ga/goatee 20 09/09/2016 09:03AM

Went looking for the "New Spot " metal detecting smiley and stumbled onto this little spot ..... Attachments

Va Dave 370 09/09/2016 04:53PM

Nice recoveries.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 18 09/11/2016 05:55PM

Nice digs.....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 14 09/11/2016 09:26AM

Nice finds ! I have saved a few bricks dug from huts myself, (n/t)

A HUNTER 12 09/11/2016 05:33AM

Great saves that would be so cool to build a fire box out of those bricks (n/t)

Jim F. (In.) 15 09/10/2016 12:42PM

I must say that was a great 2 acres you stumbled upon congratulations on the finds (n/t)

carolinaboy 15 09/10/2016 07:35AM

Nice job Dave ,,,hit it hard ,,,looks like you just scratched the surfaceclap (n/t)

gbantiques 15 09/09/2016 11:25PM

Gotta love those previously hunted spots!!!!!! Way to go!smoking smiley (n/t)

Ga/goatee 20 09/09/2016 11:10PM

Love those bricks & that thimble, WTG Dave!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 16 09/09/2016 05:38PM

Nice job!! Those bricks are relics too! If they could only talk.. (n/t)

Brdhunt 18 09/09/2016 05:37PM

A Day on the Plantation! Attachments

James Dews 569 08/30/2016 09:03AM

Awesome bottles......Congrats on the finds! (n/t)

relichntr 18 09/11/2016 09:35AM

Wow, wow, wow, somebody sure enjoyed their bitters!!!! Now you can enjoy the bottles!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 21 09/04/2016 06:33PM

Super job! Great that all your hard work paid off so well. bowbow (n/t)

EdTravis 23 09/02/2016 01:41PM

Re: A Day on the Plantation!

Keith Sylvester 28 09/02/2016 08:39AM

congrats, that's incredible! (n/t)

jdhinton 23 09/01/2016 10:49PM

congrats, that's incredible! (n/t)

jdhinton 21 09/01/2016 10:48PM

bang head And other people can't find one Congratulations (n/t)

Jim F. (In.) 29 09/01/2016 08:19PM

Re: Wow,great finds,congrats!!!! (n/t)

s. p. watson 25 08/31/2016 11:17PM

That is too Kool ,,congratsConfetti (n/t)

gbantiques 28 08/31/2016 08:52AM

Re: A Day on the Plantation!

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland 44 08/31/2016 08:36AM

Amazing!! Congrats on an instant collection! Great saves, James! (n/t)

Doug Stokes 29 08/31/2016 01:05AM

A lot of hard work really paid off. What a fine collection!!!bow (n/t)

Ga/goatee 29 08/30/2016 04:53PM

Sweet bottles.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 20 08/30/2016 04:11PM

Wow Jim, this post blew me away.

metalev 33 08/30/2016 03:16PM

Re: A Day on the Plantation!

malcolm price 32 08/30/2016 03:12PM

Wow that is just spectacular. Never seen so many come from one dig. Big congrats (n/t)

ronr 23 08/30/2016 01:42PM

That is incredible! Congrats, all your hard work in locating and digging it paid off! (n/t)

JasonH 22 08/30/2016 01:16PM

That is absolutely amazing great finds.

carolinaboy 22 08/30/2016 01:16PM

Awesome!!!!!!!!rock (n/t)

jeffnwv 22 08/30/2016 09:21AM

Re: A Day on the Plantation! Attachments

James Dews 60 08/30/2016 09:05AM

You the man JimWave (n/t)

GTdigger 20 09/05/2016 08:26AM

Interesting water relics ... Attachments

Va Dave 508 08/27/2016 06:53PM

Thanks guys (n/t)

Va Dave 17 09/06/2016 06:39PM

Love that token Dave, good job!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 20 09/04/2016 06:40PM

Really nice finds, Dave! WTG! good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes 35 08/29/2016 11:09PM

Neat.. (n/t)

Bert Hebb 20 08/29/2016 07:55PM

Nice finds. I dug an intact silver pocket watch at Cole's Hill a few years ago. (n/t)

M.Brown 27 08/29/2016 12:08PM

Great finds, Dave. Thanks for posting! How about a separate post when you've had time to explore the cool pocket watch a bit? (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle 27 08/28/2016 09:01PM

Thanks for your interest Jack, not much to explore, your lookin at the best side...

Va Dave 25 09/06/2016 06:44PM

Very cool Dave! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 22 08/28/2016 05:04PM

HELLO ,,,more on the pocket watch ,,,NEVER seen one dug intact ...MORE ,more ,morehot smiley (n/t)

gbantiques 35 08/27/2016 09:46PM

Cool pocket watch! (n/t)

Brdhunt 24 08/27/2016 09:43PM

That fishing lure is pretty cool good job (n/t)

carolinaboy 21 08/27/2016 09:01PM

Lets go fishinsmoking smiley (n/t)

Ga/goatee 26 08/27/2016 07:35PM

PBS Privy Digging Segment

digginholes 255 09/03/2016 11:47AM

Re: PBS Privy Digging Segment

spittenred 28 09/04/2016 08:25PM

Revolutionary War uniform remnants found USA Attachments

ericchampigny 629 07/26/2016 06:40PM

It is always cool to find the whole set WTG, nice finds!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 26 09/04/2016 06:37PM

Omg ! Nice (n/t)

Bert Hebb 39 08/15/2016 05:44PM

Those are neat! (n/t)

dough 40 08/15/2016 04:54PM

Nice finds. We have a pile of buttons to clean up from our dig. I'm still hopeful with age of the site that there will be a good button in there that hasn't been noticed (n/t)

West Va Digger 44 08/14/2016 07:32PM

Amazing finds, Eric! Congrats. good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes 37 08/10/2016 12:02AM

Awesome Eric.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 46 07/28/2016 07:03PM

That is amazing! Congrats! (n/t)

WanderingRon 49 07/28/2016 12:28PM

Dude that is SWEET!!! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 56 07/27/2016 07:20PM

Really cool find. I have not seen the remains of a rev war coat dug prior. (n/t)

metalev 55 07/27/2016 05:28PM

Those buttons are pretty awesome buddy great finds (n/t)

carolinaboy 59 07/26/2016 10:40PM

Re: Revolutionary War uniform remnants found USA

Ga/goatee 66 07/26/2016 10:13PM

Sweetdance (n/t)

gbantiques 51 07/26/2016 09:43PM

Re: Revolutionary War uniform remnants found USA

Shane Smith 56 07/26/2016 07:09PM

Find of my Life..A complete John Brown Pike Attachments

Bert Hebb 780 08/15/2016 04:33PM

It doesn't get any better than that- a link to one of the catalysts of the Civil War! Congrats! (n/t)

JasonH 28 08/30/2016 01:30PM

Awesome find! (n/t)

Donnie B 30 08/23/2016 09:57AM

Incredible! Great job saving the history! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 29 08/23/2016 06:30AM

COngrats on a historic find- love to see it when you get it preserved and stabilized (n/t)

Bama Dave 26 08/22/2016 10:20PM

WoW what a find....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 31 08/22/2016 11:58AM

There is only one thing to say, WOW!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 39 08/21/2016 01:02PM

Amazing! (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle 30 08/21/2016 09:22AM

Bert, you were in the right place at the right time congrats. (n/t)

digin daddy 38 08/20/2016 09:00PM

congratulations, Bert! Such an amazing and historical find. I am happy that you saved it! (n/t)

Doug Stokes 35 08/18/2016 03:17PM

Thanks Everyone for the very kind feedback... (n/t)

Bert Hebb 34 08/18/2016 03:12PM

Just saw one of these at auction a few weeks ago

Earl K. in Va. 106 08/18/2016 03:06PM

It does have some hard clay adhered to it with some Stone in it which I dare not try to chip off it's too hard might take off some of the wood (n/t)

Bert Hebb 35 08/17/2016 02:04PM

Outstanding piece of history there Bert!!! rock (n/t)

jeffnwv 33 08/17/2016 08:52AM

Congradulations!!!WoW, what a great find (n/t)

LeadHead 42 08/17/2016 07:58AM

eye popping smiley That is really rare congratulations Bert (n/t)

Jim F. (In.) 36 08/16/2016 09:15PM

Congratulations Bert !! ... Incredible find !! (n/t)

Va Dave 37 08/16/2016 08:49PM

It should have a serial number on the metal pole mount. Not sure how I would clean this up though. (n/t)

ericchampigny 40 08/16/2016 08:44PM

Re: Find of my Life..A complete John Brown Pike

Shane Smith 52 08/16/2016 05:07PM

Here is what the Dirt and Site looks like.. (n/t) Attachments

Bert Hebb 74 08/16/2016 04:18PM

That is an Outstanding, Once in a Lifetime Find! Congrats (n/t)

artydigger 32 08/16/2016 04:14PM

Thank you ericchampigny... (n/t)

Bert Hebb 38 08/16/2016 03:45PM

That's probably the most historic find I've seen recovered on this site. How did the handle not disintegrate? (n/t)

ericchampigny 42 08/16/2016 11:37AM

Re: That's probably the most historic find I've seen recovered on this site. How did the handle not disintegrate?

Bert Hebb 58 08/16/2016 12:18PM

Can't tell by the photo but wet clay will sometimes seal it air tight (n/t)

Jim F. (In.) 45 08/16/2016 09:18PM

Great Find Super Cool (n/t)

David Scales 41 08/16/2016 07:55AM

Congrats, one heck of a find!!!!!

Ga/goatee 43 08/15/2016 09:48PM

That find is as sweet as it gets!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 37 08/15/2016 08:38PM

Re: Find of my Life..A complete John Brown Pike

JRobo 40 08/15/2016 07:41PM

One of the most incredible relics I have ever seen!

George S 66 08/15/2016 05:01PM

Thanks George.. ! ???????????? (n/t)

Bert Hebb 38 08/15/2016 05:46PM

Re: Thanks George.. ! I agree... (n/t)

Bert Hebb 38 08/15/2016 05:47PM

Thanks everyone ! (n/t)

Bert Hebb 35 08/15/2016 04:59PM

Wow....just amazing.....congrats! (n/t)

WanderingRon 41 08/15/2016 04:55PM

Awesome (n/t)

dough 37 08/15/2016 04:53PM

Rev War British cannonball and artillery relics. Attachments

ericchampigny 349 08/23/2016 05:56PM

Re: Rev War British cannonball and artillery relics.

James Dews 36 08/30/2016 08:58AM

WOW! Very nice, Eric! clap (n/t)

Doug Stokes 18 08/29/2016 11:11PM

That cleaned up real nice (n/t)

nwatnVA 30 08/26/2016 01:53PM

Dug a few British cannonballs, both solid shot and wood fused, but I've never dug one with a broad arrow mark. Outstanding!!!

Devonrex 29 08/26/2016 08:27AM

Love the cannonball Eric! It cleaned up nice.smoking smiley (n/t)

Ga/goatee 38 08/25/2016 03:59PM

Re: Rev War British cannonball and artillery relics.

Keith Sylvester 46 08/25/2016 01:23PM

That is AWESOME! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 35 08/25/2016 01:21PM

Those are some great finds Eric thanks for sharing with us.

carolinaboy 40 08/23/2016 09:54PM

Re: Those are some great finds Eric thanks for sharing with us.

Brdhunt 40 08/24/2016 12:51AM

Real Nice Ericthumbs down (n/t)

gbantiques 33 08/23/2016 08:01PM

Eric that marked cannonball is really really cool !! Nice work !! (n/t)

Va Dave 32 08/23/2016 07:35PM

Very nice relics.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 29 08/23/2016 05:58PM

Pontil Soda and Medicine Pit Attachments

James Dews 327 08/27/2016 01:13PM

Love the glass! Congrats on a great pit! good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes 26 08/29/2016 11:08PM

The kind of hole privy diggers dream about.

metalev 26 08/29/2016 02:54PM

Great bottles (n/t)

M.Brown 20 08/29/2016 12:14PM

Awesome pit! Love the glass colors. (n/t)

cumberlandgray 27 08/28/2016 05:03PM

That pit sure was loaded....

Relicgopher 25 08/28/2016 01:02PM

NICE James happy (n/t)

gbantiques 23 08/27/2016 09:50PM

Those are some fine looking bottles.bow (n/t)

Ga/goatee 24 08/27/2016 07:41PM

Congrats on a Sweet dig James!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 22 08/27/2016 04:51PM

Re: Pontil Soda and Medicine Pit (n/t) Attachments

James Dews 44 08/27/2016 01:18PM

Re: Pontil Soda and Medicine Pit Attachments

James Dews 40 08/27/2016 01:15PM

Got another first for me and I couldn't be happier!!! Revolutionary War peiod French Patriotic watch winder portraying Louis XVI, King of France and Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, during the American Revolution! Attachments

Devonrex 355 08/22/2016 07:50PM

An excellent historic find John. That site has been good to you. (n/t)

metalev 36 08/29/2016 02:58PM

Updated information on Royal Revolutionary War French watch winder Attachments

Devonrex 83 08/25/2016 01:55PM

IDK, but it looks & sounds like you're on to something there! Congratulations bow (n/t)

Ga/goatee 39 08/25/2016 02:17PM

question Attachments

Devonrex 61 08/25/2016 01:48PM

Awesome ! (n/t)

Bert Hebb 37 08/25/2016 01:30PM

Looks & sounds like you found a honey spot!!!smoking smiley (n/t)

Ga/goatee 37 08/23/2016 10:15PM

Nice job that's a really cool and unique find. I haven't seen one of those before (n/t)

carolinaboy 41 08/23/2016 09:58PM

Nice rock (n/t)

gbantiques 41 08/23/2016 08:07PM

Sweet relic!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 37 08/23/2016 05:57PM

Sweet find, great stuff coming out of that site! (n/t)

ericchampigny 41 08/23/2016 04:58PM

SWEEEET!!! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 43 08/23/2016 06:31AM

Just got done fine toothpicking the back of the watch winder and another bust is portrayed! Except this one is a female!!! Attachments

Devonrex 62 08/22/2016 11:26PM

When you least expect it. Got a good one today! Attachments

Marc in Va 674 08/20/2016 09:50PM

Re: When you least expect it. Got a good one today!

Rick in Bealeton 36 08/27/2016 11:47PM

Re: When you least expect it. Got a good one today!

Chart56 50 08/24/2016 10:02PM

Incredible history! Congrats on the ID disc Marc, definitely on the top of my wish list. (n/t)

metalev 40 08/24/2016 03:34PM

Re: When you least expect it. Got a good one today!

JRobo 52 08/23/2016 10:37PM

Congrats Marc on a very sweet relic!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 39 08/23/2016 05:59PM

The most awesome thing to me is that he was a drummer! Awesome! (n/t)

Donnie B 34 08/23/2016 09:58AM

Outstanding relic and story, congrats Marc ! (n/t)

Steve Clements 36 08/23/2016 09:20AM

Wow what a story and great saves along with the documentation (n/t)

Bama Dave 32 08/22/2016 10:10PM

Re: When you least expect it. Got a good one today!

JRobo 41 08/22/2016 10:06PM

WOW!!! What a find !!! Guess that's one off your bucket list !! (n/t)

58th Va 38 08/22/2016 08:26PM

Now that is amazing find and connection! (n/t)

WanderingRon 34 08/22/2016 05:28PM

Mark that's sweet one I dug years ago came from a 12th New Hampshire camp in Fauquier county (n/t)

confederate joe 1861-1865 44 08/21/2016 09:12PM

Joe, do you remember his regiment, company and soldier name? (n/t)

Dave 43 08/22/2016 08:26AM

Amazing find and connection with the 1982 recovery of the silver ID disc. Congratulations! History preserved yet again! good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes 35 08/21/2016 07:42PM

Congras Marc on a rare and unique personal find ,an ID disc is better than a plate,,,,most platesclap (n/t)

gbantiques 40 08/21/2016 05:31PM

Wow that's a first! Never heard of 2 ID's from the same soldier being found!! Outstanding!!!!! (n/t)

Devonrex 42 08/21/2016 05:08PM

You and Dave have got quite a story going on hereā€¦ Congratulations on a fantastic piece for your collection. (n/t)

Va Dave 37 08/21/2016 04:41PM

I love it.. Awesome (n/t)

Bert Hebb 36 08/21/2016 04:32PM

Awesome find Marc must be a great feeling holding so much history in your hand congrats (n/t)

carolinaboy 39 08/21/2016 03:34PM

That was a real cool find Marc, congratulations, you sure know how to dig out a hut!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 37 08/21/2016 01:00PM

Marc......when you get the chance.... Attachments

Dave 82 08/21/2016 12:51PM

Wow, wow, wow!!! Absolutely doesn't get any better than that!!! good jobgood job (n/t)

cumberlandgray 35 08/22/2016 08:06AM

Re: Marc......when you get the chance....

Marc in Va 52 08/21/2016 03:47PM

Re: Marc......when you get the chance....

Dave 59 08/21/2016 04:25PM

Wow that's so amazing to not only find the id but then be able to find out so much history on the solider. Simply amazing congrats guys (n/t)

carolinaboy 31 08/24/2016 09:41PM

Re: Marc......when you get the chance....

Marc in Va 58 08/21/2016 07:04PM

Congratulations on your wonderful discovery! (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle 41 08/21/2016 09:21AM

awesome find, the history you're finding along with it is incredible. (n/t)

ericchampigny 37 08/21/2016 08:25AM

Way to go Marc. Great find!good job (n/t)

Ga/goatee 33 08/20/2016 11:22PM

Wow ! awsome Mark. Congrats on a spectacular find. (n/t)

Rick n Jefrstn 38 08/20/2016 10:00PM

Congratulations, Marc! (n/t)

cedarcreek 36 08/20/2016 09:59PM

Finding lots of info on this soldier. (n/t) Attachments

Marc in Va 59 08/20/2016 09:54PM

Confederate relics of the Southern Museum Richmond Attachments

xlting 291 08/26/2016 04:31PM

Good read Jeff... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 25 08/27/2016 04:57PM

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