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Relic & Bottle

For the die hard relic hunter, dump digger or privy digger. 

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AnnouncementI'd like to welcome Richard at Backwoods Metal Detectors as a new sponsor...05/14/2015 11:34AM

Caden of the "Dug Out" Team test the Minelab "GoFind" 20! Contest

RelicBob8405/28/2015 07:52PM

Dug another Corp Badgedance! Attachments

jdhinton51905/10/2015 01:55PM

Cool Cleaner Art

RoFro1905/28/2015 12:16AM

Some very cool pieces of lead !! (n/t)

Va Dave3105/16/2015 11:30AM

awesome digs,,,,,,Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr2705/15/2015 10:08AM

Nice corp badge. I wonder how many things like that flag are overlooked by diggers. (n/t)

EdTravis4405/12/2015 07:06AM

Wow , I can only hope for some finds like those dance (n/t)

gbantiques4305/11/2015 09:32PM

Really nice finds, congrats on the badge. (n/t)

metalev3605/10/2015 08:57PM

Wow awesome digging. Congrats!!! (n/t)

dawgmanvt3905/10/2015 08:53PM

Sweet corp badge,,and Im kinda partial to the Confederate Flag carved into the williams Great digs !! (n/t)

confederate joe 1861-18653805/10/2015 08:23PM

Sweet digs!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick3605/10/2015 07:14PM

Re: very cool,awesome corp badge,,that bullet is sweet (n/t)

s. p. watson3805/10/2015 06:40PM

Very neat Justin. Love the Confederate flag in the Williams Cleaner disc. (n/t)

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland4105/10/2015 05:53PM

Memorial Day weekend memorable hut Attachments

RoFro45805/24/2015 03:46PM

An absolutely awesome day of diggin'!!

Bill D. (VA)905/27/2015 06:29PM

As good as it gets as far as Im concerned.

metalev705/27/2015 03:04PM

Congrats !! ... Just awesome (n/t)

Va Dave1205/26/2015 10:24PM

Nice glass Roland! (n/t)

Steve in PA1005/26/2015 12:54PM

Wow what an awesome day you had, luv that canteen congrats:USA: (n/t)

digin daddy1405/25/2015 08:53PM

Roland, is that a Pittsburg double eagle? (n/t)

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland1905/25/2015 11:49AM

Re: Roland, is that a Pittsburg double eagle?

RoFro3705/25/2015 03:12PM

Very nice Roland! Always nice to find a city affiliated historic flask. (n/t)

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland1205/25/2015 03:57PM

Man that was a relic and glass filled hut, Congrats! Wish they all were like that. (n/t)

jdhinton1305/25/2015 09:19AM

Well done Roland! Love that flask. (n/t)

Roger Duron1505/25/2015 07:52AM

Holly crap!!! Beautiful glass and you were due after some of the pretty broken glass you have dug! (n/t)

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland1405/25/2015 06:53AM

WOW ! remarkable day indeed Roland. Congrats ! (n/t)

Rick n Jefrstn1505/24/2015 09:54PM

congrats Roland, you have been on a roll lately. And I would love to see some pics of the glass and relics after they are all cleaned up. (n/t)

Steve Clements2005/24/2015 07:06PM

Need I.D. Help please... Attachments

donsports14805/27/2015 11:30AM

Re: Need I.D. Help please...

duggap1505/27/2015 05:32PM

Need ID on this item Attachments

dkheider33305/25/2015 05:08PM

Down in the Dumps IDed it (n/t)

huntcav65905/27/2015 04:22PM

Throat to a saber scabbard? (n/t)

Rocky Face Dan1105/27/2015 06:29AM


Down in the Dumps4405/25/2015 05:19PM

Relic hunting trip to Bohemoth Blacksnake Valley!!! Attachments

Devonrex41105/22/2015 01:19AM

Nice digs John, Love the snake pic. We dont have black snakes out here. (n/t)

metalev1005/27/2015 02:59PM


RoFro3305/26/2015 11:14PM

Nice digs,,, Rat Snake, Black racer we use to call them.. There good guys (n/t)

p-cap1305/26/2015 06:35PM

They don't look like the average black snake (n/t)

DOUG HARRIS1505/26/2015 03:51PM

what no snake pictures nice Finds congratulations (n/t)

confederate joe 1861-18652405/22/2015 11:40AM

Nice finds.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2305/22/2015 07:24AM

Sounds like you had quite the adventure. Congratulations and good luck on going back. (n/t)

EdTravis2005/22/2015 07:13AM

More pics (n/t) Attachments

Devonrex4405/22/2015 01:22AM

Nice snake the Nautilus is much more better looking (n/t)

confederate joe 1861-1865705/27/2015 09:08AM

Posting this for my son Jrelichunter. Attachments

Rockvillerelichunter50009/23/2012 09:51PM

Re: Posting this for my son Jrelichunter. (n/t)

majordadto102005/27/2015 09:16AM

sweet dig!CSA (n/t)

va digger 665909/24/2012 04:05PM

Very nice button.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick4809/24/2012 02:33PM

Nice find, no spot is ever searched out. (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz5309/24/2012 11:16AM

Thanks, was a nice little surprise since I did think it was going to be an eagle with the indentation circle around the hook on the back. (n/t)

Jrelichunter3355209/24/2012 11:09AM

Well done; is that a VA button I see? (n/t)

ConfCav5309/24/2012 10:17AM

Wow! Great button...you've got some serious competition there Dad! (n/t)

kkcsteve5209/24/2012 09:31AM

Very nice button. (n/t)

kyrebel5209/24/2012 08:53AM

Zesty. (n/t)

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska5409/24/2012 08:01AM

sometimes those work over spots pay off.... congrats (n/t)

RickWolfrey7209/24/2012 05:58AM

congrats Jason, it is a pretty button (n/t)

huntcav656509/24/2012 05:51AM

Nice Button! (n/t)

Tim(Mo)6409/24/2012 05:37AM

congrats to him clap (n/t)

umrgolf5809/23/2012 11:05PM

congratulations to your son (n/t)

wwiijeff7209/23/2012 11:03PM

Very Nice Button. (n/t)

David Croft6109/23/2012 09:55PM

Re: Posting this for my son Jrelichunter.

radar162511309/23/2012 09:54PM

3 more PA miltia buttons Attachments

nathan21905/27/2015 02:01AM

SA war buttons 1893 about

nathan1305/27/2015 08:23AM

One more to add to the hut glass finds Attachments

RoFro22905/25/2015 03:15PM

Hope that cleans up good it's a beauty (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)1205/26/2015 06:25PM

Nice digs Roland!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1305/26/2015 08:57AM

Some Fun Diggins Attachments

RoFro59705/15/2015 10:15PM

Nice haul Roland, looks like your on a great spot rock (n/t)

Steve in PA1105/26/2015 01:01PM

Great finds, Roland. Amazing variety. Congrats on the kepi, plates and had pins. clap (n/t)

Doug Stokes1505/23/2015 11:17PM

Good finds RoFro...Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr2605/22/2015 12:43PM

Re: Some Fun Diggins

Strycker2705/21/2015 12:55PM

That is awesome....congrats Roland. (n/t)

Dale(Va)2605/20/2015 11:38AM

Awesome, awesome finds!

Digginit Fisher CZ-62405/19/2015 06:17PM

Re: Awesome, awesome finds!

RoFro2205/20/2015 11:34PM

Great finds Roland. I love the hardee pin and kepi pieces

metalev2105/19/2015 02:54PM

That sure is an impressive variety of relics for a 7hr dig. (n/t)

digin daddy3105/18/2015 06:00PM

Sweet finds Roland!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2905/18/2015 09:31AM

WOW Roland ,,You and Debbie have to be the favorites for the CW cup Championship

gbantiques3205/17/2015 10:33PM

Wonderful finds, Ro. Congratulations to you!!! (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle3105/17/2015 02:50PM

That clip corner is beautiful along with all tge other finds! (n/t)

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland2905/16/2015 07:50PM

Nice finds! (n/t)

Depths of History3405/16/2015 01:42PM

Lots of big brass !! Congrats (n/t)

Va Dave3505/16/2015 11:38AM

Congrats on some very nice relics ! (n/t)

Steve Clements3405/16/2015 11:21AM

Awesome finds! Congrats. (n/t)

jdhinton3305/16/2015 10:49AM

Awesome! Looks like you had a great 7 hours! (n/t)

ValleyDigger3705/16/2015 10:10AM

You sure hit it out the park with all those finds. Congratulations (n/t)

EdTravis3605/16/2015 09:44AM

Some very nice finds there. And, you know, that .69 cal Boxplate is right up there with all the .69 conicals you are getting. Great job! (n/t)

Dave3605/16/2015 08:56AM

A plate and kepi remains lifes great usally lucky with just finding a kepibu ckle but you raised the bar (n/t)

confederate joe 1861-18653205/15/2015 11:22PM

Today's lead Attachments

JTH1318517705/24/2015 09:06PM

Nice digs.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1605/25/2015 08:11AM

Dirt squeezins Attachments

Earl K. in Va.64604/10/2015 06:39AM

beautiful brother Earl !!!! (n/t)

RickWolfrey1505/25/2015 06:58AM

Your are a machine Earl. Amazing ! (n/t)

Shiloh Digger1805/24/2015 05:27AM

Your are a machine Earl. Amazing ! (n/t)

Shiloh Digger1805/24/2015 05:27AM

Great finds, Earl. Way to go!!! (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle3704/24/2015 10:51AM

Wow Earl nice finds!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray5904104/21/2015 02:26PM

Nice digs.....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr4404/20/2015 10:14AM

Sweet finds Earl.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick5804/17/2015 08:52AM

Wow! Nice squeezins! (n/t)

ValleyDigger6104/13/2015 01:34PM

Nice finds Earl. I really like the SC button, nice condition. (n/t)

metalev6204/13/2015 10:37AM

Very nice! (n/t)

cumberlandgray5704/12/2015 09:49PM

Re: Dirt squeezins

Depths of History6704/12/2015 12:07PM

very nice finds Earl (n/t)

huntcav657204/10/2015 09:24PM

Awesome squeezins (n/t)

dough6404/10/2015 08:21PM

Good finds Earl corps badge and 2 CS buttons are hard to beat. Well done. (n/t)

ConfCav7304/10/2015 12:20PM

Nice Digs! (n/t)

kevin baptiste6404/10/2015 12:03PM

Nice Earl.....

EdTravis8104/10/2015 07:17AM

Recent finds Attachments

JTH1318528205/22/2015 10:39PM

Nice digs... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1505/24/2015 09:00AM

Nice digs, Jason. like the buttons and variety. good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes1405/23/2015 11:06PM

Button find.. Attachments

JTH1318529805/22/2015 10:34PM

Sweet button!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1605/24/2015 08:59AM

Congratulations on all that Gold looks great (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)2105/24/2015 01:06AM

Martingale and PA militia button Civil War period Attachments

nathan28205/20/2015 10:41PM

Great digs, Nathan! Love the martingale and the PA button. good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes1905/23/2015 10:58PM

Nice finds.....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr2305/22/2015 12:39PM

Very Nice Nathan, congratulations. (n/t)

EdTravis2005/22/2015 07:15AM

Re: Awesome,,I've always wanted to find one of those (n/t)

s. p. watson1905/21/2015 04:13PM

Sweet finds, congrats! (n/t)

jdhinton2005/21/2015 09:32AM

Re: Martingale and PA militia button Civil War period Attachments

nathan3905/21/2015 08:03AM

Sweet finds!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2005/21/2015 07:18AM

Eagle R, I ,Officers coat, buckles Attachments

nathan33405/19/2015 12:01AM

Good finds..... Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr2305/22/2015 12:41PM

Nice digz, Nathan

Digginit Fisher CZ-62805/19/2015 06:13PM

Re: Nice digz, Nathan

nathan2605/20/2015 10:38PM

Re: Eagle R, I ,Officers coat, buckles

metalev3005/19/2015 02:57PM

Nice digs.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2605/19/2015 09:53AM

Re: Eagle R, I ,Officers coat, buckles Attachments

nathan4105/19/2015 12:03AM

Help with Deciphering old script Attachments

RoFro28105/17/2015 10:07AM

Re: Help with Deciphering old script

Imdigginit3405/20/2015 09:37PM

I saw on your last post w/a clipped corner could Mr Menefee be from VA or a J T Menefee 1st TX?

Bama Dave3805/18/2015 02:42PM

Re: I saw on your last post w/a clipped corner could Mr Menefee be from VA or a J T Menefee 1st TX?

RoFro4805/18/2015 05:13PM

Very sweet find. Let us know what you find out about him... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick3005/18/2015 09:23AM

Metal detecingninternet show

KSHOLLYWOOD14805/20/2015 07:47PM

Latest Finds....Got A Hotchkiss! Attachments

Marc in Va43605/04/2015 08:46PM

Fantastic Find!!! And Great History!! :-) (n/t)

5thvabattalion2405/20/2015 02:06PM

Congrats Marc! (n/t)

fever872205/19/2015 12:54PM

Two sweet pieces of ammunition there Marc, WTG!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray5904405/11/2015 04:06PM

Awesome digging Marc on prime historic property, great provenance!!!

dawgmanvt4705/10/2015 09:02PM

nice shell and bullets, Marc! The blown out nose is pretty cool. good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes4805/06/2015 12:08AM

Two great finds Marc! (n/t)

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland5505/05/2015 06:41PM

Killer shell Marc. The Carcano is a great find as well. (n/t)

metalev5405/05/2015 03:08PM

Congrats on the shell Marc!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick5105/05/2015 02:39PM

Re: Latest Finds....Got A Hotchkiss!

ericchampigny5905/05/2015 09:54AM

Fine looking shell Mark. I would have been tickled to death with the Carcano. Congrats. (n/t)

Rick n Jefrstn5805/04/2015 10:18PM

Mark those are sweet finds from prime property too,,the bullet to the right of the fist picture appears to be a Carcano or Carcana they were carried by North Carolina troop's I use to find them off Davis Ford rd in Manassas Good luck thumbs down and take more  (n/t)

confederate joe 1861-18655905/04/2015 09:33PM

Nice shell Marc congrats (n/t)

digin daddy5305/04/2015 09:15PM

Day of Sick Leave paid off Attachments

Whites600041705/15/2015 08:29PM

Nice one. Congrats! (n/t)

Dale(Va)2605/20/2015 11:36AM

Geez, I hope your boss does't read this forum. (n/t)

Mark in Maryland2305/19/2015 07:32PM

I sawed ya. cool smiley hard to believe there's stuff still there as much as that site's been pounded. Nice shell Dwayne. Made a return trip too didn't ya ? quiet (n/t)

Rick n Jefrstn3105/18/2015 08:24PM

Great find!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick3605/18/2015 09:31AM

CCCaaaHHH CCCAAAHHHH HAACCKK Might need another couple days to recover quiet (n/t)

gbantiques3405/17/2015 10:39PM

"Boom Baby!"

RoFro4205/17/2015 10:17AM

Congrats on a great shell !! (n/t)

Va Dave3705/16/2015 11:40AM

Im going to call your boss Great shell (n/t)

confederate joe 1861-18654305/15/2015 11:17PM

Re: Im going to call your boss Great shell

Whites60004405/18/2015 04:36PM

Re: Im going to call your boss Great shell

Depths of History4105/16/2015 01:40PM

Hey. I don't feel any better. Congrats again!! (n/t)

D1gman4705/15/2015 09:38PM

Re: Hey. I don't feel any better. Congrats again!!

kray3505/19/2015 12:42PM

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