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Relic & Bottle

For the die hard relic hunter, dump digger or privy digger. 

Subject Author Views Posted

Flat Button surprise!!!! Attachments

ValleyDigger 129 05/26/2016 09:43PM

Nice one Darryl Congrats!!! (n/t)

VADIGGIN41 2 05/27/2016 07:01PM

Congrats on a cool button !! (n/t)

Va Dave 2 05/27/2016 06:50PM

Awesome!!!! (n/t)

csovera 2 05/27/2016 06:42PM

Way to go man!!!! That's nice!! (n/t)

gimbig 3 05/27/2016 09:45AM

Nice button Darryl (n/t)

ronr 4 05/26/2016 10:42PM

Kim and I hit it Saturday with some nice finds Attachments

gbantiques 454 05/09/2016 08:29PM

Nice finds! (n/t)

ValleyDigger 5 05/26/2016 09:45PM

Nice digs. Now we all wait until the fall unfortunatly.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 18 05/19/2016 03:02PM

Neat pendant, and what a pile of high tones. Gotta love chasing that lead (n/t)

Va Dave 11 05/18/2016 05:28PM

Glad you two had a good day. (n/t)

digin daddy 11 05/17/2016 08:03PM

Nice finds ! I would bet ........

A HUNTER 31 05/11/2016 04:23AM

I see a nice coffee pot handle top right... Attachments

Dave 46 05/10/2016 10:20PM

WE thought it was a handle as well thanks Dave (n/t)

gbantiques 21 05/11/2016 12:05PM

Re: Kim and I hit it Saturday with some nice finds

Earl K. in Va. 37 05/10/2016 06:26AM

we are still trying to figure it out (n/t)

gbantiques 30 05/11/2016 12:07PM

Charles and Kim, y'all are continuing to make some great recoveries! good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes 16 05/10/2016 12:18AM

Been digging a few things.... Attachments

Dale(Va) 329 05/21/2016 03:48PM

Nice haul! (n/t)

ValleyDigger 4 05/26/2016 09:13PM

Nice pile of relics there Dale. That is a sweet RI! (n/t)

Marc in Va 7 05/24/2016 08:17AM

Re:I really like that Rhode Island button as well! Outstanding!!!

Devonrex 5 05/24/2016 06:35AM

The Rhode Island is a beauty, Great recovery Dale. (n/t)

metalev 8 05/23/2016 03:51PM

Congrats on the noce RI button and digs!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 8 05/23/2016 11:31AM

Wow that RI cam out NICE, WTG Dale, you really worked for those two buttons!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 6 05/23/2016 11:20AM

Nice haul I still think it's strange how one button will have 95 ....

Jim F. (In.) 19 05/22/2016 09:59PM

Nice finds Dale (n/t)

hendu 9 05/21/2016 10:30PM

Re: Been digging a few things....

JRobo 11 05/21/2016 08:13PM

Nice Haul Daledance (n/t)

gbantiques 8 05/21/2016 07:57PM

Re: Been digging a few things....

Earl K. in Va. 14 05/21/2016 05:11PM

Good looking pile of relics Dale. Congrats on the RI (n/t)

ronr 8 05/21/2016 04:49PM

Nice R.I Dale !! (n/t)

Va Dave 9 05/21/2016 04:23PM

Had a bit of luck today Attachments

Earl K. in Va. 778 05/07/2016 10:26PM

Really nice Earl! (n/t)

ValleyDigger 5 05/26/2016 09:11PM

Nice plate Earl! (n/t)

Marc in Va 9 05/24/2016 08:21AM

Sweet plate Earl.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 10 05/19/2016 03:03PM

Way to go Earl, sweet sword belt plate!!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 14 05/14/2016 08:46PM

Very nice (n/t)

Leebo in SC 17 05/12/2016 07:05AM

Nice! Have you ever found one with the leaves still on?

Rodney Cox (csadoc) 30 05/12/2016 12:51AM

Re: Nice! Have you ever found one with the leaves still on?

Earl K. in Va. 55 05/12/2016 04:25PM

Nice ! (n/t)

A HUNTER 18 05/11/2016 04:25AM

Congrats, Earl. Another sweet plate! good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes 20 05/10/2016 12:15AM

Your screen name should be PLATE wisperer metal detecting smiley (n/t)

gbantiques 25 05/09/2016 08:13PM

Darn Earl, that is beautiful!

Donnie V 18 05/09/2016 07:53PM

it's nice to be rewarded digging in a trashy site, good job. (n/t)

digin daddy 19 05/09/2016 03:06PM

Earl-- This is beautiful. You just continue to amaze all of us with your great finds. Hope you'll continue finding excellent artifacts at this site. (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle 19 05/09/2016 09:21AM

Re: Earl-- This is beautiful. You just continue to amaze all of us with your great finds. Hope you'll continue finding excellent artifacts at this site.

Earl K. in Va. 65 05/09/2016 11:35AM

Good find Earl...........Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 24 05/08/2016 09:49PM

Re: very nice, "standard", I hope this means what I think (n/t)

s. p. watson 44 05/08/2016 04:08PM

Re: very nice, "standard", I hope this means what I think

Earl K. in Va. 44 05/08/2016 04:38PM

Re: very nice, "standard", I hope this means what I think

Earl K. in Va. 32 05/08/2016 04:38PM

Very Nice Earl!!!! (n/t)

kydiggin 18 05/08/2016 01:02PM

NICE!!!!!! (n/t)

58th Va 21 05/08/2016 08:47AM

Re: Had a bit of luck today

JRobo 30 05/07/2016 10:42PM

Battery choices for White's MXT?

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 128 05/23/2016 07:08PM

I buy Rayovac in the 36 pack. Alot Cheaper, and I change my batteries every time I use it. Same power as Coppertop. (n/t)

LeadHead 3 05/26/2016 07:48AM

Re: Battery choices for White's MXT?

JRobo 11 05/24/2016 02:27PM

Re: Battery choices for White's MXT?

gimbig 14 05/23/2016 11:25PM

Duracell with the copper top although the platium will give you more power

Jim F. (In.) 16 05/23/2016 08:28PM

Thank you! (n/t)

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 7 05/23/2016 08:42PM

Cedar thicket squeezins Attachments

Earl K. in Va. 348 05/21/2016 05:09PM

I used clear poly brushed on with a small foam brush on the clod itself - will take sev coats (n/t)

Bama Dave 9 05/25/2016 03:07PM

Nice Digs Earl. I have dug the same button and was told that they were spare navy buttons that were converted for civilian use. (n/t)

Marc in Va 7 05/24/2016 08:15AM

Nice recoveries! (n/t)

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 10 05/23/2016 09:48PM

I have the same button. Its a Navy button, I will find the number and reference later today.

metalev 20 05/23/2016 03:49PM

Re: I have the same button. Its a Navy button, I will find the number and reference later today.

Earl K. in Va. 15 05/23/2016 04:57PM

I have a button like that Earl but always thought it was just a flat button. Good luck omn the plate. Interested to see how it turns out,,,, (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 11 05/23/2016 11:34AM

Interesting button Earl, I assume it is plain on the front. I like odd buttons like that. (n/t)

mmurray590 8 05/23/2016 11:23AM

Re: Cedar thicket squeezins

JRobo 19 05/21/2016 09:26PM

Nice finds plate wisperer ,,I like the idea but have no experience to share (n/t)

gbantiques 17 05/21/2016 08:00PM

Beautiful Staff Cuff!!! Attachments

Devonrex 429 05/09/2016 09:15PM

Wow!! That is a beautiful cuff button. Congrats on the nice find. (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle 8 05/25/2016 12:20PM

Sweet button! (n/t)

Marc in Va 8 05/24/2016 08:20AM

That is a beautiful button!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 11 05/19/2016 03:01PM

Nice button.....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 15 05/17/2016 07:28PM

Very Nice (n/t)

p-cap 12 05/16/2016 06:30PM

Awesome find!

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 23 05/11/2016 03:50PM

Re: Beautiful Staff Cuff!!!

Earl K. in Va. 30 05/10/2016 06:22AM

Beautiful! Congrats! (n/t)

Doug Stokes 16 05/10/2016 12:17AM

SWEET dance (n/t)

gbantiques 15 05/09/2016 09:55PM

Anyone want to get together and dig some tomorrow? I'm off work all week and looking for someone to dig with.

Eddie in Culpeper 112 05/24/2016 08:21PM

Dusted off the AI coil ... Attachments

Va Dave 314 05/17/2016 10:07PM

Nice info Dave and good digs. (n/t)

Marc in Va 8 05/24/2016 08:19AM

That's awesome Dave. I'd always heard they loose depth. Good to hear otherwise! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 10 05/21/2016 03:32PM

Hey Dave..would that be a good coil for EMP Cow fencing as well? Have you tried it where the interference is lower to the ground? (n/t)

Dave 20 05/18/2016 07:26PM

Follow up ....

Va Dave 30 05/20/2016 04:22PM

Re: Follow up ....

Dave 20 05/21/2016 11:50AM

Re: Follow up ....

Va Dave 18 05/21/2016 04:17PM

Re: Hey Dave..would that be a good coil for EMP Cow fencing as well? Have you tried it where the interference is lower to the ground?

Va Dave 28 05/18/2016 09:27PM

NICE guns blazing (n/t)

gbantiques 11 05/18/2016 02:23PM

They come in handy in the right conditions, WTG Dave!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 11 05/18/2016 09:24AM

Nice going Dave....never tried an AI....but wished I would have one a few times. (n/t)

Dale(Va) 11 05/18/2016 08:42AM

Thanks Dale, your welcome to take'r for a test drive if ya got a site in need

Va Dave 9 05/18/2016 05:17PM

Looks like you got all the dust off !clap (n/t)

Allan P Hunt 12 05/17/2016 10:32PM

Thank ya Sir. You boys hitting the Stripers ? (n/t)

Va Dave 16 05/18/2016 05:22PM

Ha not me. I haven't been out once. Too busy with work etc ARGH (n/t)

Brdhunt 8 05/21/2016 01:06PM

My digging buddy Attachments

Jack Mountcastle 233 05/21/2016 02:07PM

Thats a great day diggin!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 14 05/23/2016 11:33AM

He sure looks like he is enjoying time with Grandpa too Jack, good job!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 10 05/23/2016 11:24AM

Nice,,,,I would consider selling that sponcer coveragesing (n/t)

gbantiques 15 05/21/2016 08:04PM

Sounds like you got him hooked Jack. (n/t)

ronr 11 05/21/2016 04:51PM

Awesome!!! Can't wait to dig with my soon when he gets older. (n/t)

cumberlandgray 10 05/21/2016 03:30PM

Connecticut button and a breast plate, a good two Saturdays. Attachments

mmurray590 443 05/14/2016 08:56PM

Looks like a great two Saturdays to me Mike. (n/t)

ronr 7 05/21/2016 04:52PM

Excellent! Those Connecticut buttons are hard to come by. Way to go! (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle 6 05/21/2016 01:54PM

Sweet day diggin Mike..... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 9 05/19/2016 03:00PM

Nice haul Mike! Awesome! (n/t)

WanderingRon 13 05/19/2016 10:11AM

Nice pile'a brass Mike... especially that big round piece !! (n/t)

Va Dave 15 05/18/2016 05:19PM

Good finds.....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 9 05/17/2016 07:27PM

Re: Connecticut button and a breast plate, a good two Saturdays.

JRobo 11 05/16/2016 08:33PM

Nice Mike was that dug with your raffle win from DIV BR ?

gbantiques 9 05/16/2016 05:50PM

Holy crap Mike! I leave you 2 guys alone for a couple weeks and you go and dig a plate! Congratulations Mike.......

Marc in Va 23 05/16/2016 03:31PM

LOL....nope.....I didn't think there was.....we each only found one bullet....but

Dale(Va) 17 05/16/2016 04:38PM

Nice looking finds! (n/t)

kydiggin 13 05/16/2016 08:14AM

Nice bunch of finds (n/t)

ericchampigny 14 05/15/2016 12:53PM

WTG Mike....that was fun. Glad you saved that plate....we couldn't hear it. (n/t)

Dale(Va) 12 05/15/2016 11:14AM

Nice saves!. (n/t)

Bama Dave 12 05/14/2016 09:01PM

Latest Digs Attachments

Bama Dave 314 05/14/2016 09:04PM

good job (n/t)

cumberlandgray 10 05/21/2016 03:33PM

Nice digs Dave... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 9 05/19/2016 02:59PM

Nice Daveclap (n/t)

gbantiques 10 05/16/2016 05:51PM

Thanks for the video looks like you had funthumbs down (n/t)

Jim F. (In.) 13 05/16/2016 09:14AM

Nice digs Dave. (n/t)

Dale(Va) 15 05/15/2016 11:26AM

Love those cleaners, WTG!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 13 05/15/2016 09:37AM

Yesterdays hut dig. Got a good one! Attachments

Marc in Va 777 04/25/2016 02:22PM

Great camp time capsule Marc, and that plate ...Tight !! (n/t)

Va Dave 12 05/18/2016 05:31PM

Tons of bricks and some neat stuff in that hole Marc, good job!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 13 05/14/2016 08:49PM

Stunning NCO plate, Marc! Congrats! I really like the mess cup, too. clap (n/t)

Doug Stokes 18 05/10/2016 12:26AM

That's a great find!!! (n/t)

Kreager 18 05/04/2016 10:48AM

Great finds!!!!!!! Congrads!!!! (n/t)

58th Va 30 05/03/2016 01:04PM

That's a real nice one Marc....Congrats man. (n/t)

Dale(Va) 21 05/03/2016 09:42AM

Excellent finds!

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 28 05/02/2016 11:39PM

Re: Yesterdays hut dig. Got a good one!

Chart56 29 05/02/2016 10:03PM

Good find,,,,,Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 23 04/30/2016 08:58PM

Wow! What a nice plate. Congratulations! (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle 35 04/26/2016 10:55PM

Congrats Mark, very nice recovery there! (n/t)

kydiggin 30 04/26/2016 09:16PM

Congrats Marc on some nice recoveries!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 32 04/26/2016 07:56PM

Excellent NCO plate Marc ! (n/t)

Steve Clements 29 04/26/2016 09:44AM

Awesome plate! (n/t)

AARON TN 34 04/25/2016 10:29PM

That is a real nice plate...nice brick as wellclap (n/t)

gbantiques 34 04/25/2016 09:11PM

Re: Those Eagle plates are tough to come by,I've never dug one with attachments like that,congrats (n/t)

s. p. watson 33 04/25/2016 08:52PM

Re: Yesterdays hut dig. Got a good one!

JRobo 30 04/25/2016 08:37PM

Thats is a beautiful breast plate Marc. They dont get much better. Nice find. (n/t)

metalev 31 04/25/2016 06:08PM

I cut into my rock to get a specimen.... Attachments

Relicgopher 622 11/02/2015 07:34PM

Just wondering how this turned out for you...

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 14 05/17/2016 06:16PM

Good Luck I know some are high in Nickel content If you still have the shavings from cutting you might be able to do your own test..........

Jim F. (In.) 76 11/04/2015 07:27PM

Jimmy,don't be sorry it's not a civil war relic....

reale bill 73 11/04/2015 05:17PM

try taking a small air powered or electric polisher to the large piece where you cut off the small piece and

gbantiques 75 11/03/2015 10:37PM

Re: try taking a small air powered or electric polisher to the large piece where you cut off the small piece and Attachments

reale bill 71 11/04/2015 04:41PM

I think I'llgood job leave it up to the Pros....Thank you both for the advice (n/t)

Relicgopher 60 11/04/2015 05:07PM

Wow! (n/t)

Roger Duron 63 11/03/2015 09:45PM

That's a cool rock....

The Mountain Man 74 11/03/2015 08:10PM

Lucky and Blessed to have friends Like you along the way.....

Relicgopher 73 11/03/2015 08:47PM

Sweet find!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 65 11/03/2015 06:40PM

that is a Very cool find Jim !!! clap (n/t)

ScottinPA 70 11/03/2015 05:07PM

Should be worth a small fortune congratsgood job (n/t)

gbantiques 74 11/03/2015 03:39PM

Really interesting Jimmy. Looking forward to the update. (n/t)

metalev 72 11/03/2015 10:18AM

Awesome Jim I still can't believe still where you found that. Keep us posted and congrats!! (n/t)

5thvabattalion 87 11/03/2015 08:46AM

Thanks David...I really enjoyed chatting with you....

Relicgopher 57 11/03/2015 07:37PM

Too Cool! (n/t)

RoFro 67 11/03/2015 07:30AM


Digginit Fisher CZ-6 69 11/03/2015 12:02AM

What a cool and rare find! Keep us posted Jimmy. (n/t)

Marc in Va 64 11/02/2015 08:39PM

Republic of Texas buttons and other relics Attachments

Steve in PA 716 03/21/2016 12:50PM

Re: Republic of Texas buttons and other relics

goldnugget 15 05/15/2016 11:50AM

VERY nice buttons, congratulations!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 8 05/15/2016 09:39AM

Super buttons Steve. (n/t)

Dale(Va) 25 05/03/2016 09:44AM

Nice Buttons !! (n/t)

Tim(Mo) 29 04/17/2016 01:22AM

Very nce relics... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 42 04/03/2016 11:24AM

Really cool relics from an interesting period. (n/t)

ericchampigny 55 03/23/2016 07:37PM

Awesome buttons and finds......Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 53 03/23/2016 07:29PM

Great Texas relics Steve !! (n/t)

Va Dave 56 03/22/2016 05:00PM

Re: Republic of Texas buttons and other relics

huntcav65 71 03/22/2016 04:34PM

Thats some sweet brassclap (n/t)

gbantiques 59 03/21/2016 08:18PM

Sweet buttons Steve! (n/t)

George S 56 03/21/2016 06:05PM

Wow- great hunt congrats on those buttons! (n/t)

Bama Dave 60 03/21/2016 02:49PM

My first U.S. Belt Buckle! Attachments

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 553 05/02/2016 03:40PM

Congrats! I love it just the way it is. (n/t)

Doug Stokes 19 05/10/2016 12:13AM

That is AWESOME Dirk! Way to go! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 21 05/08/2016 04:49AM

Thanks Mr. T! (n/t)

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 17 05/10/2016 08:00PM

Re: My first U.S. Belt Buckle!

Kreager 25 05/04/2016 10:47AM

Congrats! (n/t)

Dale(Va) 20 05/03/2016 09:24AM

Nice one,you were rewarded with a little time off. (n/t)

digin daddy 27 05/03/2016 07:58AM

Thank you!

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 21 05/03/2016 07:50PM

Nice job on the plate. I'd leave it as is. (n/t)

ericchampigny 27 05/02/2016 09:14PM

Congrats on a beautiful piece of sweet relic candy ,,,think she looks great as is ...kind of tells the story of the US ...beat up but not broken USA,,,,,,Except for the Government bang head (n/t)

gbantiques 31 05/02/2016 09:07PM

You make a darn good point! Thank you! (n/t)

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 22 05/02/2016 09:09PM

Congrats on your first US buckle. I would leave it as you dug it. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 25 05/02/2016 08:38PM

Thank you sir! (n/t)

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 22 05/02/2016 09:07PM


Digginit Fisher CZ-6 34 05/02/2016 06:06PM

Possible burnside brass cartridge (n/t)

gbantiques 31 05/02/2016 09:17PM

Re: Possible burnside brass cartridge

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 24 05/03/2016 07:45PM

Got to do a little digging in VA this weekend Attachments

ericchampigny 403 05/02/2016 09:17PM

Nice finds Eric... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 19 05/04/2016 08:30PM

Nice digs Eric! (n/t)

Dale(Va) 21 05/03/2016 09:26AM

Nice Battle field relics Eric...let me know the next time you come through Maryland beforehand..quiet (n/t)

gbantiques 29 05/02/2016 09:43PM

A little behind sorry.

stillrollin300 318 05/02/2016 06:55PM

Great video Chad!! What memories. (n/t)

LeadHead 23 05/04/2016 06:25PM

Sweet Video ,,,but where are the pics of the trench and battery positions???? shrug (n/t)

gbantiques 28 05/02/2016 09:14PM

Re: Sweet Video ,,,but where are the pics of the trench and battery positions???? shrug

stillrollin300 52 05/03/2016 10:31AM

Nice video and digs Chad.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 20 05/02/2016 08:36PM

Our first trip to the Pasture in a year maybe Attachments

gbantiques 396 05/01/2016 09:50PM

Re: Our first trip to the Pasture in a year maybe

Kreager 25 05/04/2016 10:50AM

Keep hitting it Charles. (n/t)

Dale(Va) 23 05/03/2016 09:40AM

It felt good to get back in there with two nice people, glad we had a good day. (n/t)

digin daddy 23 05/03/2016 07:47AM

Nice productive spot! (n/t)

ericchampigny 18 05/02/2016 09:15PM

Sweet digz! (n/t)

Digginit Fisher CZ-6 17 05/02/2016 09:12PM

Nice digs y'all...... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 21 05/02/2016 08:40PM

A great day of digging Civil War relics! Buttons, bullets and big brass!!! And some Rev War brass too !!! smiling smiley Attachments

Devonrex 431 04/27/2016 06:20PM

You did great John. (n/t)

Dale(Va) 32 05/03/2016 09:38AM

Very nice digs.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 31 04/29/2016 07:45PM

Nice assortment of finds.......Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 33 04/29/2016 05:44PM

Awesome finds as usual!!! (n/t)

Marc in Va 35 04/29/2016 08:29AM

Re: More pics!!! (n/t) Attachments

Devonrex 72 04/27/2016 06:21PM

great finds !!! Notice the BROWN cleaned off buttons that are not PURPLE ,,,Soil conditions give them their Patina ,,,not Rince'n in water Ponder (n/t)

gbantiques 47 04/27/2016 08:54PM

I think you and I need to do an Science experiment (n/t)

Brdhunt 36 04/29/2016 09:42AM

Re: great finds !!! Notice the BROWN cleaned off buttons that are not PURPLE ,,,Soil conditions give them their Patina ,,,not Rince'n in water Ponder

Devonrex 57 04/27/2016 10:04PM

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