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Relic & Bottle

For the die hard relic hunter, dump digger or privy digger. 

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AnnouncementI could use some opinions on adding some additional forums to the Spot...04/17/2014 11:01PM

19 years and my dream comes true Attachments

rebel196344804/13/2014 10:05PM

Awesome CS tongue, Congratulations! (n/t)

ringfinder104/17/2014 11:08PM

That is an Awesome Find!!! Congratulations! (n/t)

Mike S. N Tn.404/17/2014 10:20PM

congratulations on a dream come true!!! still # 1 on my wish list (n/t)

RickWolfrey904/16/2014 05:36AM

Way to getter dug! CSACONGRATSCSA (n/t)

JDug1004/15/2014 10:09AM

congrats (n/t)

BUCKKILLER1804/15/2014 05:40AM

Sweeet find! (n/t)

Donnie B1904/14/2014 08:49PM

Sweet find there, you can mark that one off the list! (n/t)

Arvonian1804/14/2014 08:06PM

Congrats on a great find (n/t)

verg2504/14/2014 07:08PM

Hey Mike good job!!! (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz2804/14/2014 06:13PM

Re: Hey Mike good job!!!

rebel19631804/15/2014 01:15AM

You knew it had to be there. Great job finding it! Now go get the rest of it! (n/t)

Erik Wagner2404/14/2014 05:13PM

Re: You knew it had to be there. Great job finding it! Now go get the rest of it!

rebel19631804/15/2014 01:14AM

Very nice find. (n/t)

D1gman2204/14/2014 12:54PM

Awesome find! clap (n/t)

ScottTX2404/14/2014 10:58AM

Awesome! Congratulations on a great find! (n/t)

cumberlandgray2604/14/2014 09:44AM

Nice one! (n/t)

kevin baptiste2204/14/2014 08:35AM

congratulations, keep up the tight hunting and good luck on the rest (n/t)

huntcav652304/14/2014 08:03AM

Awesome find! Congradulations (n/t)

Mark / MO3004/14/2014 07:02AM

Congrats!! (n/t)

kydiggin2204/14/2014 06:38AM

Awesome Find!!!! Congrats! (n/t)

VaMark2304/14/2014 06:27AM

Congrats!!!! (n/t)

ValleyDigger2104/14/2014 04:54AM

Beautiful find, congrats (n/t)

arthur.richards2304/13/2014 10:26PM

Congrats on a great find there (n/t)

james105722504/13/2014 10:24PM

Bullet hole finds Attachments

BUCKKILLER42204/13/2014 04:50PM

Re: Bullet hole finds

steeleman504/17/2014 04:29PM

Excellent finds! (n/t)

metalev204/17/2014 02:54PM

The leather is amazing! (n/t)

ericchampigny404/16/2014 04:22PM

amazing find!!!!!!! (n/t)

RickWolfrey704/16/2014 06:01AM


Digginit Fisher CZ-61804/14/2014 08:04PM

That is amazing!! Congratulations. (n/t)

D1gman1904/14/2014 12:56PM

Wow!! Awesome! (n/t)

cumberlandgray1604/14/2014 09:19AM

GREAT SAVES!!!!!! (n/t)

kevin baptiste1804/14/2014 08:36AM

One of the most amazing finds I've seen in my 30+ years of digging! (n/t)

Rocky Face Dan1804/13/2014 09:52PM

Wow! Amazing saves (n/t)

arthur.richards2804/13/2014 08:28PM

Great find, congrats! (n/t)

jdhinton2304/13/2014 08:26PM

WOW! That's awesome! (n/t)

Donnie B2304/13/2014 07:40PM

Now that's one heck of a hole!!!!! Congrats!!! (n/t)

kydiggin2404/13/2014 07:29PM

Congrats on some cool finds the hole that kept on giving (n/t)

james105722304/13/2014 06:02PM

AWESOME! (n/t)

ValleyDigger2504/13/2014 05:54PM

Re: Bullet hole finds

Mark / MO2404/13/2014 05:53PM

Re: Bullet hole finds

wenzelcon193404/13/2014 05:49PM

NC Sunburst Attachments

verg33304/14/2014 07:14PM

Nice button Glenn!! (n/t)

metalev204/17/2014 02:51PM

oh Man, that is a nice one Glenn!!!!!! Big time congratulations!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590104/17/2014 01:15PM

beautiful button!!! I hope that there are some more around there (n/t)

RickWolfrey904/16/2014 06:21AM

When we were talking to Mike near the Farley house you said that you hadn't found one yet but had the feeling one would be comming soon. Spooky..... Kind of like the drawing of the pickle bottle in the dirt! Congrats, brother Glen! cowboy (n/t)

It's RG1604/15/2014 10:53PM

Re: When we were talking to Mike near the Farley house you said that you hadn't found one yet but had the feeling one would be comming soon. Spooky..... Kind of like the drawing of the pickle bottle in the dirt! Congrats, brother Glen! cowboy

verg804/16/2014 09:29PM

Outstanding button Mr. Glen. Now you can take the rest of the summer off!! metal detecting smiley (n/t)

Streak!1604/15/2014 07:28PM

Re: Outstanding button Mr. Glen. Now you can take the rest of the summer off!! metal detecting smiley

verg504/16/2014 09:31PM

Really good condition! Congrats! (n/t)

ValleyDigger1304/15/2014 06:38PM

Great Button Verg (n/t)

SharkHunter1304/15/2014 06:32PM

Re: NC Sunburst

stillrollin3001604/15/2014 04:26PM

unfortunately no shank (n/t)

verg1204/15/2014 05:50PM

Beautiful button Glen ! (n/t)

kyrebel1104/15/2014 04:01PM

Sweet NC Sunburst!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1104/15/2014 01:37PM

Nice find Glen.You know I still owe you for putting me on a hut. (n/t)

MATT WHALEY1304/15/2014 01:34PM

Still waiting for my hundred dollars lol. (n/t)

verg1504/15/2014 05:58PM

Congrats on a beautiful button Glenn. (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz1404/15/2014 01:04PM

Thanks Brian now I need that NC state seal button (n/t)

verg1304/15/2014 06:00PM

Re: Thanks Brian now I need that NC state seal button

Brian Aleksandrowicz1104/15/2014 08:50PM

Great find, Glen, way to go!! (n/t)

frog211304/15/2014 12:21PM

Man, you are having a banner year! Congratulations, Glen. (n/t)

pianoman1004/15/2014 11:54AM

Congrats thats a very sweet find (n/t)

james105721404/15/2014 11:12AM

Nice Digs.good job (n/t)

JDug1304/15/2014 10:11AM

Wow!!! That's a sweet button Glen!! (n/t)

cumberlandgray904/15/2014 09:34AM

Sweet Sunburst Glen!!!!! Congrats on your first!!!! (n/t)

Marc in Va1804/15/2014 07:12AM

sweet button (n/t)

BUCKKILLER1304/15/2014 05:39AM

Re: NC Sunburst

rebel19631704/15/2014 01:21AM

Nice button! (n/t)

Donnie B1604/14/2014 08:48PM

Nothing like digging a button from your homestate its a beauty (n/t)

digin daddy1804/14/2014 08:33PM

DANG Glen!

Arvonian2604/14/2014 07:59PM

Re: DANG Glen!

verg1704/15/2014 06:50AM

Re: DANG Glen!

verg1804/14/2014 08:23PM

Re: NC Sunburst

steeleman1904/14/2014 07:38PM

Re: NC Sunburst

verg1804/14/2014 08:22PM

Re: NC Sunburst

steeleman1404/15/2014 12:02PM

starting to plow fields now on some and no till planting corn now (n/t)

verg1204/15/2014 06:03PM

They no-tilled one of my best fields Monday, then it snowed Tuesday. It's about over here till fall (n/t)

kydiggin1004/16/2014 01:56PM

Very nice looking NC Glen, Congrats! (n/t)

kydiggin1804/14/2014 07:18PM

4 feet down...AGAIN. !!Praise alert!! Attachments

cumberlandgray43704/14/2014 11:49AM

Love the schnapps. Nice digs Tony. (n/t)

metalev304/17/2014 02:50PM

WTG Tony, beautiful bottles!!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590104/17/2014 01:17PM

Awesome relics and glass. (n/t)

ericchampigny604/16/2014 04:20PM

NICE!!! (n/t)

kevin baptiste1004/16/2014 06:48AM

Congrats, Tony. cowboy Your rewards are well deserved! (n/t)

It's RG1504/15/2014 11:03PM

Great finds Tony. Thanks for sharing your faith! (n/t)

Rocky Face Dan1804/15/2014 07:11PM

Beautiful finds, Tony. You certainly deserve them after all that digging! Congratulations. (n/t)

Jack Mountcastle2104/15/2014 05:57PM

Congrats on some fantastic finds! (n/t)

pianoman2104/15/2014 11:58AM

Awesome finds ! GOD is GREAT !angel (n/t)

A HUNTER2204/15/2014 11:33AM

Congrats those are some great looking bottles there (n/t)

james105722504/15/2014 11:18AM

Nice Digs! Congrats! (n/t)

JDug2204/15/2014 10:10AM

Awesome bottles, congrats! (n/t)

jdhinton2504/15/2014 03:03AM

Lots of nectar in that hole...........WTG! (n/t)

cedarcreek2604/14/2014 09:51PM

Awsome pit Tony ! Looks like you had a lot of fun with it. Congrats (n/t)

Rick n Jefrstn2704/14/2014 09:29PM

Good Job Tony!!

Towvan3004/14/2014 09:15PM

very nice!!! (n/t)

George S3204/14/2014 09:10PM

Awesome bottles, Tony! (n/t)

Donnie B3004/14/2014 08:46PM

Holy Cow, Batman!

Digginit Fisher CZ-64104/14/2014 08:06PM

That was a killer pit Badger! Congrats on all the glass (n/t)

ronr3004/14/2014 08:05PM

Way to go Tony

Arvonian2904/14/2014 08:03PM

Congrats Tony!!! Really nice stuff there badger! (n/t)

ValleyDigger2704/14/2014 08:03PM

Congrats Tony. Great looking glassthumbs down (n/t)

JOE inMD3104/14/2014 07:15PM

Awesome digs Tony congrats ( go deep or go home ) (n/t)

verg3104/14/2014 07:06PM

Nice finds Tony, Congrats!! (n/t)

kydiggin2904/14/2014 06:15PM

WTG Tony-- (n/t) Attachments

Don in Virginia4804/14/2014 05:42PM

Looks just like him. Good one Don (n/t)

ronr3004/14/2014 08:06PM

That was a good pose you caught me in Don!! LOLOL!!! (n/t)

cumberlandgray2704/14/2014 08:05PM

Great looking finds Tony...congrats! (n/t)

Erik Wagner3104/14/2014 05:12PM

Re: 4 feet down...AGAIN. !!Praise alert!!

rebel19633904/14/2014 12:59PM

Congrats Tony. The good Lord is definately shining down on you. Keep it up!! (n/t)

D1gman2904/14/2014 12:47PM

Re: 4 feet down...AGAIN. !!Praise alert!!

BUCKKILLER3404/14/2014 12:11PM

Schnapps bottle embossing, and food jar with cork (n/t) Attachments

cumberlandgray4304/14/2014 11:57AM

Awesome Tony congrats (n/t)

xlting3104/14/2014 12:46PM

After a broken neck, busted lip, and reconstructive surgery..... Attachments

Dave12204/17/2014 02:40PM

First time out since DIV Attachments

chief570922804/15/2014 02:27PM

Like that 2 center!!! I am still looking for one of those. WTG!!! (n/t)

mmurray590104/17/2014 01:13PM

NICE digs!! (n/t)

coindigr104/17/2014 10:58AM

Thanks for the comments! (n/t)

chief5709104/17/2014 08:36AM

That is a very nice 2 cent piece! Congrats! (n/t)

Donnie B1204/15/2014 09:31PM

Very cool! (n/t)

cumberlandgray1104/15/2014 09:02PM

Awesome condition on that 2-cent'r (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz1004/15/2014 08:52PM

Check that Motto!! thumbs down Small is good!! (n/t)

JOE inMD1604/15/2014 06:55PM

Nice finds! (n/t)

ValleyDigger1604/15/2014 06:40PM

Re: First time out since DIV

stillrollin3001704/15/2014 04:29PM

Congrats those are some great finds and the 2 cent piece still has lots of detail on it (n/t)

james105721304/15/2014 03:26PM

2 cent piece

reale bill2404/15/2014 03:11PM

Re: 2 cent piece

chief5709304/17/2014 08:36AM

First decent cellar hunt this year, CT Copper Attachments

ericchampigny18304/16/2014 04:24PM

Nice copper and good luck when you get bak to that cellar!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590104/17/2014 01:11PM

What a wonderful CT Copper! (n/t)

coindigr104/17/2014 12:21PM

That CT is in great shape!!! good job (n/t)

chief5709404/17/2014 08:33AM

Nice coin! (n/t)

Donnie B204/16/2014 09:17PM

Congrats that coppers in nice shape (n/t)

james10572204/16/2014 09:11PM

Wow, that is a beautiful Connecticut copper! (n/t)

Steve in PA404/16/2014 07:05PM

Colonial Silver - 1661, 1708, and 1778 - Just Dug Attachments

Steve in PA17804/16/2014 07:23PM

Some real sweet silver, congratulations Steve!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590404/17/2014 01:10PM

Wow! WTG! (n/t)

cumberlandgray104/17/2014 12:47PM

WOW!! Awesome (n/t)

coindigr104/17/2014 11:56AM

Congrats on that old silver good job (n/t)

chief5709304/17/2014 08:35AM

Congrats! That's really neat stuff. (n/t)

jdhinton204/16/2014 11:54PM

WOW! Awesome finds! Congrats! (n/t)

Donnie B204/16/2014 09:15PM

Congrats those are some nice silvers there thats gonna be a hard to beat day (n/t)

james10572104/16/2014 09:10PM

real nice coins Steve!!! (n/t)

George S204/16/2014 08:45PM

Great finds. We have very little early silver in my area. Even the coppers are scarce in the old homesteads. (n/t)

ericchampigny504/16/2014 08:09PM

Digging With Robby!

nuggetnoggin13304/17/2014 12:36AM

A kid having fun ~ good job. (n/t)

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska604/17/2014 09:33AM

scooterthompson Attachments

scooterthompson39504/12/2014 07:47PM

Thats a beauty, congrats (n/t)

RickWolfrey1504/16/2014 06:17AM

thats on my bucket list.

wenzelcon191804/13/2014 06:02PM

Excellent find! (n/t)

ValleyDigger2004/13/2014 05:56PM

I've been a thousand times and never did that good, sweet! clap (n/t)

ScottTX2704/13/2014 09:25AM

Re: I've been a thousand times and never did that good, sweet! clap

scooterthompson2704/13/2014 09:34AM

Re: scooterthompson

huntcav652904/12/2014 11:38PM

Awesome find (n/t)

arthur.richards2404/12/2014 10:55PM

Congrats to him thats a great way to start off i bet hes hooked now (n/t)

james105722204/12/2014 09:35PM

Nice button! Very nice condition! (n/t)

Donnie B2804/12/2014 08:06PM

That is one heck of a start!!! Good, rare button. (n/t)

Donnie V2304/12/2014 08:00PM

Two nice plates this weekend AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Attachments

gbantiques38204/13/2014 10:10PM

congrats on a great weekend (n/t)

RickWolfrey704/16/2014 06:08AM

You're in a good spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (n/t)

Donnie B1404/14/2014 08:47PM

Thats great for a two day hunt . (n/t)

digin daddy1304/14/2014 08:45PM

That's a great weekend...congrats! (n/t)

Erik Wagner1704/14/2014 05:16PM

Very nice plates!!! Congrats. (n/t)

D1gman1804/14/2014 12:53PM

Sweet plate! clap (n/t)

ScottTX1704/14/2014 10:58AM

Congratulations! (n/t)

cumberlandgray1804/14/2014 09:20AM

Nice plates! Congrats! The hoof-pick is modern. (n/t)

Roger Duron2004/14/2014 09:01AM

Nice saves.beer (n/t)

kevin baptiste2004/14/2014 08:34AM

Nice! (n/t)

Mark / MO1904/14/2014 07:02AM

Congrats on the great finds. I have found round balls attached like that and wondered if they wereshrug sinkers for fishing. (n/t)

medicman5071804/13/2014 11:47PM

Re: Two nice plates this weekend AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

rebel19632004/13/2014 10:41PM

Impressive digs, congrats (n/t)

arthur.richards1604/13/2014 10:27PM

Quick hunt this past weekend

stillrollin30013804/15/2014 04:31PM

Some help with ID needed Attachments

gbantiques18404/14/2014 02:50PM

Buckle ID -- Re: Some help with ID needed Attachments

P.C.George2004/15/2014 02:02PM

the iron piece is saddle strap buckle i guess im calling it right (n/t)

shilohdigger2104/15/2014 08:40AM

I grew up on a horse farm and the pick looks modern to me. If its iron and period I would think it would need cooking. (n/t)

JHR_VA3204/14/2014 04:08PM

I agree JHR VA, the hoof pick is modern. No doubt about it. (n/t)

Roger Duron2404/14/2014 10:16PM

Today's digs on a invite to Virginia. Attachments

JDug24104/14/2014 11:15PM

Nice digs... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1404/15/2014 01:36PM

Congrats looks like it did ok to me (n/t)

james105722004/15/2014 11:20AM

Yesterday was a slow day until i found my first Schenkel fuse..Need help to determine if the file with the pick is period or not.. (n/t) Attachments

medicman50721504/13/2014 11:37PM

Nice looking fuse (n/t)

kydiggin1204/15/2014 10:33AM

Nice Digs! Congrats! (n/t)

JDug1104/15/2014 10:10AM

OK now I see it , it's really hard to tell although it don't have much rust on it, if it was used by a Farrier it would take a long time to smooth a hoof (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)3204/14/2014 05:01PM

I agree Jim, not a tool a Farrier would have used. (n/t)

Roger Duron2704/14/2014 09:55PM

Thanks for the input guys! (n/t)

medicman5072004/14/2014 11:03PM

shrug Got a picture of the file? (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)2704/14/2014 09:50AM

Saturday finds Attachments

rebel196320304/13/2014 10:07PM

Nice digs! (n/t)

Donnie B1804/14/2014 08:50PM

Nice looking fnds, Congrats (n/t)

kydiggin1904/14/2014 07:15PM

Today's digs. Attachments

JDug29304/12/2014 09:04PM

now you can be a redneck relic hunter (n/t)

digin daddy2504/14/2014 08:36PM

Nice looking finds! (n/t)

kydiggin2304/14/2014 06:17PM

Nice Finds! .....Red Neck.....lol couldn't resist (n/t)

VaMark2504/14/2014 09:27AM

Nice saves! clap (n/t)

ScottTX2704/13/2014 09:23AM

Nice digs, JDug! (n/t)

Donnie B2604/13/2014 09:15AM

Re: Today's digs.

rebel19633204/12/2014 11:16PM

Congrats on a great day (n/t)

james105723104/12/2014 09:34PM

It's Messed Up But It's Mine!! CSA Attachments

RockyDig63703/30/2014 09:59PM

congrats Rocky you are on a roll (n/t)

verg1504/14/2014 07:26PM

Very nice indeed! clap (n/t)

ScottTX2004/12/2014 10:45AM

Great find Rocky ! (n/t)

Hutch2704/06/2014 07:20AM

That's a Nice'un! Congrats!!! (n/t)

Jeff-TN3204/04/2014 09:52PM

Man thats a rare one congrats (n/t)

VADIGGIN413204/04/2014 07:55PM

Congrats on a cool button (n/t)

james105723704/03/2014 08:08AM

That one is worth fixing. It is a lot better than I thought it would be! (n/t)

George S4104/03/2014 06:57AM

Re: It's Messed Up But It's Mine!! CSA

stillrollin3004004/02/2014 04:42PM

Congrats, That's a killer button!!! (n/t)

kydiggin4904/02/2014 12:53PM

Awesome Find!!! - Congratulations!!! (n/t)

Mike S. N Tn.5303/31/2014 10:14PM

Good find Rocky; don't find many AL buttons up this way (n/t)

ConfCav5203/31/2014 07:08PM

Re: It's Messed Up But It's Mine!! CSA

Metal Head5703/31/2014 04:04PM

Its still a nice find!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick6403/31/2014 03:36PM

Wow, that's a rare one! (n/t)

ericchampigny4803/31/2014 02:34PM

Awesome cs find! Now go find another. (n/t)

jdhinton7003/31/2014 02:29PM

Awesome button!! Its a great feeling when you what you can't recognize is a super rare button. (n/t)

West Va Digger7103/31/2014 12:41PM

Wow! Awesome find!!! (n/t)

ValleyDigger5303/31/2014 12:18PM

That's a beautybeer (n/t)

kevin baptiste5703/31/2014 12:03PM

Congrats! (n/t)

Heath156303/31/2014 11:58AM

Congratulations on a super scarce button... Nice save!!! (n/t)

Trace Hepler4303/31/2014 11:42AM

Awesome button! Congrats! (n/t)

Donnie B6403/31/2014 07:06AM

Nice one Rocky! Not many have dug that one! (n/t)

Steve in PA5803/31/2014 06:59AM

Nice dig....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr6103/31/2014 06:17AM

Any desire to get that one repaired Rocky? Great snag!! (n/t)

civilman17103/31/2014 05:52AM

Re: Any desire to get that one repaired Rocky? Great snag!!

RockyDig8503/31/2014 06:56AM

That is one RARE button! Good job Rocky. (n/t)

Donnie V6003/30/2014 10:59PM

Awesome find Rocky. Congrats (n/t)

Rick n Jefrstn6803/30/2014 10:50PM

Sweet! (n/t)

cedarcreek6803/30/2014 10:24PM

That one is a heart breaker (n/t)

RickWolfrey6503/30/2014 10:21PM

Major disappointment................

Donnie B30604/13/2014 09:27AM

I've had a similar problem at a Colonial home site near my house. Finally started finding more in the fields away from the house (n/t)

cumberlandgray2604/14/2014 09:49AM

Yep, been there done that. Last two time out great location, great land owner...... And snake eyes! Nothing!! (n/t)

Mark / MO2804/13/2014 05:55PM

Re: Major disappointment................

wagsjd2504/13/2014 09:40AM

Try hunting the old home site with the GPX.

ScottTX3104/13/2014 09:30AM

Re: Try hunting the old home site with the GPX.

Donnie B2504/13/2014 09:46AM

That's a great idea! I might just break out the GPX on the site. I can't believe the lack of targets. I was so excited.....................

Donnie B2604/13/2014 09:35AM

Dug A Complete Smith Cartridge Attachments

ronr41104/11/2014 09:23AM

Thanks for all the responses. Jim Thomas advises that if it is solid to not coat with anything. (n/t)

ronr1904/13/2014 11:43PM

I used acrylic clear coat nail polish on mine

AntDigs3304/13/2014 11:00PM

Wow, you are really saving history! I hope you can preserve those cartridges! (n/t)

pianoman2604/13/2014 08:28AM

Awesome!!! Way to go!! (n/t)

cumberlandgray3604/12/2014 04:04PM

Very nice finds! clap (n/t)

ScottTX3104/12/2014 10:07AM

Re: Dug A Complete Smith Cartridge

rebel19633004/12/2014 12:45AM

Amazing! (n/t)

ValleyDigger3304/11/2014 11:34PM

Awesome!!! (n/t)

Donnie B3104/11/2014 07:08PM

Really neat find, congrats! (n/t)

jdhinton2604/11/2014 05:43PM

congrats on your Complete Smith Cartridge (n/t)

huntcav652904/11/2014 05:13PM

Smith bullet Rubber-Case preservation info -- Re: Dug A Complete Smith Cartridge

P.C.George5004/11/2014 03:30PM

The complete Smith cartridge is a great find! However, now that the rubber cartridge is exposed to air, there is a chance that it could quickly dry and crumble, so you might want to consider preserving the cartridge to prevent this. Perhaps some of the o (n/t)

Steve Clements4004/11/2014 02:34PM

Perhaps some of the other forum participants can provide addtl insight on the potential drying and crumbling. (n/t)

Steve Clements3804/11/2014 02:39PM

Very cool Ron! I can't recall seeing another dug Smith rubber cartridge. (n/t)

Erik Wagner3104/11/2014 01:09PM

Nice! (n/t)

kydiggin3204/11/2014 12:16PM

Wow congrats on some great finds there (n/t)

james105723304/11/2014 09:47AM

Re: Dug A Complete Smith Cartridge

Keith Sylvester4304/11/2014 09:26AM

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