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Civil War Artifact Recovery Team

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

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AnnouncementI'd like to bring this post to everyone's attention. It is a testament to the good souls we have here on the Spot. Remember: Finds, Friends and Fun!01/24/2015 07:18PM
Recovering one artifact at a time.

Meeting location: TBD
Meeting time: TBD


Any CTX 3030 Users?

Kyguerilla44405/26/2014 06:19PM

New to group - some Gettysburg finds Attachments

GFORCE1,05812/04/2012 09:59AM

Re: New to group - some Gettysburg finds

brianc5779402/04/2014 08:39AM

Happy Birthday to General Lee Today (n/t) Attachments

Stonewall52101/19/2014 05:20PM

Don't know where to start looking around Manassas, VA

royski1,33003/31/2011 06:32PM

Any where you can get permission. It is a hit and miss thing. You could dig one spot not find anything,and the camp could be across the street. (n/t)

PMiller1428804/11/2013 03:00PM

Civil War Relic Show

Stonewall1,40701/14/2011 10:07AM

Where and when ??????? (n/t)

PMiller1421101/12/2013 09:24PM

First box plate Attachments

Hutch2,84904/19/2009 07:58PM

Re: First box plate

JDug25911/19/2012 08:13AM

Sweet finds bubba. W.T.G. !!! (n/t)

Bradley13787008/12/2009 01:09PM

Re: First box plate

dragon6banger91105/12/2009 07:00PM

very nice plate congrats (n/t)

Bama Dave88605/07/2009 09:58AM

That's a great looking plate, congrats on all the finds! (n/t)

tsgman87504/20/2009 08:32PM

Re: First box plate

civilman11,02904/20/2009 12:16PM

Re: First box plate

civilman179706/29/2009 12:30PM

Re: First box plate

Hutch89907/08/2009 11:31AM

Re: First box plate

RockyDig87704/20/2009 08:02AM

Re: First box plate

Longraven89204/19/2009 08:12PM

Getting Started

alamo761,22807/26/2010 11:48PM

try a whites mxt an easy start and go detector (n/t)

va digger 6628309/07/2012 09:04PM

Re: Getting Started

Hutch66808/09/2010 08:41AM

Just my opinion just go to Wal-Mart and get a cheap detector , there was s story not long ago about a kid that bought detector at radio shack and walked out his back door and found a 1800.00 belt buckle

Jim F. (In.)74907/27/2010 08:15PM

My Weekend Find's..... Attachments

civilman12,26106/29/2009 12:26PM

Nice digs!!....pirate (n/t)

1eyejack34910/12/2011 07:00PM

silver diamond jewelry

ssuu89508/21/2011 10:29PM

useful metals and United

ssuu79808/21/2011 10:29PM

Silver is minimum

ssuu86908/21/2011 10:28PM

history. Silver is minimum

ssuu86808/21/2011 10:28PM

Latest Finds Attachments

JayMD1,64003/28/2011 02:55PM

Re: Latest Finds

civilman146104/24/2011 08:25PM

Thats some nice finds (n/t)

Hutch46404/14/2011 07:59PM

2nd Corps Heel Plate!!! Attachments

Longraven2,69705/02/2009 04:10PM

Re: 2nd Corps Heel Plate!!!

Cheryl52604/15/2011 11:08PM

Re: 2nd Corps Heel Plate!!!

dragon6banger1,10305/12/2009 07:06PM

nice heel plate! (n/t)

va digger 661,07805/05/2009 09:10PM

That 2nd Corps Heel Plate is great way to go!!!!! (n/t)

Hutch1,38405/02/2009 08:13PM

Re: 2nd Corps Heel Plate!!!

civilman188905/02/2009 04:26PM

Springfield Missouri yard find! Attachments

tsgman3,20004/04/2009 10:33PM

Nice find! (Musician's sword had no curve.) (n/t)

Leaddigger94211/26/2009 10:53PM

Re: Springfield Missouri yard find!

civilman199104/16/2009 12:27PM

Re: Springfield Missouri yard find!

dragon6banger86004/15/2009 09:32PM

Thats is Great would love to find someting in the yard. (n/t)

Hutch86404/05/2009 07:43PM

Re: Springfield Missouri yard find!

Longraven84704/05/2009 07:28PM

Out with Civil and Minime Attachments

Longraven1,70306/13/2009 10:10PM

Great save Ty....WTG!!!! (n/t)

civilman182506/14/2009 10:00AM

My Ninth Wash. Arsenal........This year !!!! Attachments

civilman11,89805/26/2009 09:52PM

Re: My Ninth Wash. Arsenal........This year !!!!

Hutch84305/28/2009 07:02PM

Re: My Ninth Wash. Arsenal........This year !!!!

civilman180906/05/2009 07:57PM


dragon6banger1,44705/12/2009 07:11PM

Re: Introduction

Brad88705/19/2009 01:54AM

Re: Introduction

civilman177205/18/2009 06:52PM

I hate to do this but...

Hutch2,08705/18/2009 07:00PM

Re: I hate to do this but...

Brad80505/19/2009 01:51AM

Re: I hate to do this but...

civilman178605/18/2009 07:11PM

CW-ART get together!

Hutch1,51805/13/2009 07:21AM

Lets shoot for the 24th of May please let me know if this is ok asap (n/t)

Hutch1,07605/16/2009 01:14PM

Re: CW-ART get together!

Brad81805/15/2009 01:01AM

anyone up for the saturday holiday weekend? (n/t)

Hutch83705/15/2009 04:45PM

Re: CW-ART get together!

civilman181305/13/2009 12:24PM

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