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Diggin' In Virginia

Diggin' In Virginia (DIV) is an invitational hunt dedicated to the ideals of friendship, fun and the proper recovery/identification of historical artifacts 

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Participant List

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Please use the other forums on the Spot for non-DIV related post.
Diggin' in Virginia is in NO WAY affiliated with any other "organized" hunts.
We DO NOT have any contact information for any principals of any other "organized" relic hunts.
PLEASE DO NOT email or call us for information on hunts other than DIV!


Sticky XXIX alternates waiting - please read - new sign ups now! (39 Posts)

Rose K. in Va.98801/30/2015 06:48AM

Sticky Anyone needing a Spring Steel Probe...... (10 Posts)

John K. in Va.56001/16/2015 06:29AM

Sticky DIV XXX Alternates waiting ~ everyone please read ~ new sign up now! (32 Posts)

Rose K. in Va.1,17201/26/2015 07:36AM

Sticky Cancellation procedure for XXIX and XXX (1 Posts)

Rose K. in Va.50801/20/2015 05:41AM

Sticky DIV XXIX and DIV XXXgood job (40 Posts)

John K. in Va.2,95312/19/2014 04:34PM

I know you can't go by this ,But here is the long range weather for Virginia the month of March..sunny

olddigger5012403/01/2015 11:46AM

Yeah the long range weather forecast looks wet blink (n/t)

dough603/01/2015 06:09PM

Congratulations Allan Robison - you've been added to the XXX list

Rose K. in Va.10202/20/2015 09:59AM

Re: Congratulations Allan Robison - you've been added to the XXX list

bigalathenstn1902/28/2015 10:12PM

Re: Congratulations Allan Robison - you've been added to the XXX list

bigalathenstn2302/24/2015 04:12PM

Congrats!! (n/t)

groundhogging2702/23/2015 05:02PM

Snow, cold temps and thre ground

scoopydoo13902/28/2015 05:39PM

Re: Snow, cold temps and thre ground

Dustyrelics2002/28/2015 09:42PM

Minelab GPZ 7000....bet this puppy cost $$$$$ Attachments

ScottTX1,08402/07/2015 10:19AM

The machine cost $10,000, but my divorce would add another $20,000 to that. lol nana (n/t)

nwatnVA1002/28/2015 09:50AM

Don't get wrong...

ScottTX7502/23/2015 08:35AM

Re: Minelab GPZ 7000....bet this puppy cost $$$$$

Strycker3902/22/2015 05:20PM

A few details, it's weatherproof but not advertised as waterproof, but

tsgman8102/19/2015 03:58PM

Can someobdy hand me a napkin so I can wipe the drool off my shirt? (n/t)

mmurray5904402/19/2015 02:35PM

I got mine in a couple of days ago, but the ground is frozen here.

tsgman6002/19/2015 02:12PM

We plan to have one at both DIVs.

North Georgia Relics9302/18/2015 12:57PM

More info now on our website

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)8302/17/2015 11:44PM


SGTLOWE8202/17/2015 03:15PM

This jus in....

ScottTX11502/16/2015 10:00PM

I can say this now.... $9999.00

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)9102/17/2015 12:33PM

If I was a gold prospector ala Jonathan Porter maybe, but for relics its out of the question. (n/t)

ScottTX5102/18/2015 12:35PM

Here's the video

dough14502/12/2015 04:10PM

thumbs down I will be swinging one. The ultimate test Virginia soil. (n/t)

tsgman8602/12/2015 11:37AM

I didnt win the Powerball last night so Im out! (n/t)

Brdhunt8302/12/2015 09:54AM

Just got and email from a dealer $9000 and change!!!!!!!

jrobertson12702/11/2015 05:45PM

I just read on a Minelab forum it's $10,700. For gold prospectors that might just work but for relic hunting shrug (n/t)

ScottTX7902/15/2015 12:32AM

At that price, it better dig for you to (n/t)

Ron/InIronBrigade6402/13/2015 08:45AM

Oh and hand me a beer while I watch (n/t)

Ron/InIronBrigade6702/13/2015 08:46AM

Seems ...

Va Dave12602/12/2015 09:38PM

I'll be finding out as soon as they ship me one. (n/t)

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)5902/14/2015 09:33PM

Re: Seems ...

Earl K. in Va.12102/14/2015 06:09PM

Owwwwwwwwwwch!!!!!! bang head (n/t)

ScottTX7502/12/2015 09:55AM

LOL wow......!!! Does the machine also tell you where to start to look for relics too?? I think I'll stick with my GPX thats all that is needed (n/t)

5thvabattalion7002/12/2015 09:09AM

The coil can be submersed 3 ft. and it is all metal!! (n/t)

47th Ky7302/07/2015 10:21PM

I like the fact that it's waterproof and would use the same battery as my CTX 3030. I also like the wireless module. I wonder if you will get target info from the screen or is that only the menu and GPS? (n/t)

Donnie B8502/07/2015 07:16PM

I have one ordered!!!!! thumbs down

Streak!20002/07/2015 05:23PM

I know this is nothing like up north..... Attachments

ScottTX29902/23/2015 11:04AM

Snow ohh noooooooo

ReidMan3802/25/2015 01:31PM

I'm done with it, they are calling for another 12" of snow tonight here in NC bang head

stillrollin3002802/25/2015 11:47AM

I hope it warms up befroe DIV, or we will be calling it Brrrrginny instead of virginny again this year.... bang head (n/t)

Streak!1902/24/2015 04:11PM

Noticed it was 9º there this morning. eye popping smiley (n/t)

ScottTX2302/24/2015 11:13PM

it was 9 this morning, but 9 BELOW yesterday!! (n/t)

Streak!1502/25/2015 01:12PM

Re: I know this is nothing like up north..... (n/t) Attachments

ScottTX3402/24/2015 10:50AM

Yup, it snowed! (n/t) Attachments

ScottTX1602/28/2015 08:06AM

When was the last time you saw snow there? (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)4302/23/2015 07:33PM

Snow? Couple of inches this time last year.

ScottTX2802/24/2015 10:29AM

Its that dang nabbed global warming Scott! shrug

Streak!2402/24/2015 04:09PM

Three cheers for global warming! Imagine what this winter would be like without global warming. (n/t)

Mark S2402/24/2015 08:13PM

I dont see anything Scott. Is that supposed to be snow?? grinning smiley

Streak!5102/23/2015 02:45PM

You were probably barefoot too. Right? (n/t)

thomasbunnell2102/25/2015 12:01AM

Forecast is....

ScottTX2802/24/2015 11:16PM

No pics, forecast was a swing and a miss...thankfully! clap (n/t)

ScottTX2002/25/2015 09:16AM

In a lot of places when you start to slide on a road like that the first words you say are "Oh crap" or something like that. Up in northern Minnesota when a person starts to slide on the road they will say" Hold my beer and watch this"grinning smiley (n/t)

Hardcore4702/23/2015 12:11PM

Here in West By God Virginia we will hand your beer back when you are done. Then tell you to move outt of the way cause you ain't seen nothing yet!!!fighter (n/t)

gimbig4102/23/2015 10:50PM

dang rednecks!!! shrug (n/t)

Streak!2602/24/2015 04:12PM

YES SIR!!!! (n/t)

gimbig1902/24/2015 07:03PM

Proud to be !!! (n/t)


now thats funny right there and probably true!!! thumbs down (n/t)

Streak!4502/23/2015 02:46PM

Re: now thats funny right there and probably true!!! thumbs down

PaHunter854902/23/2015 03:50PM

Could we have another DIV like this?? NOOOOOOOshrug (n/t) Attachments

JOE inMD28702/26/2015 06:46PM

That was crazy , No take that back we was crazyfighter (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)1002/27/2015 08:54PM

Looks like the newest Sasquatch Sighting Photos to me!

Brdhunt1802/27/2015 09:13AM

Re: Could we have another DIV like this?? NOOOOOOOshrug

PaHunter851902/27/2015 08:20AM

Re: Could we have another DIV like this?? NOOOOOOOshrug

nhfinder1702/26/2015 10:18PM

Hey I know those guys. As you can see it will not matter to the squirrel club! (n/t)

SGTLOWE1502/26/2015 09:32PM

It has crossed my mind the closer we get and we are still getting major snow accumulations. Come on spring!!! (n/t)

Macon1602/26/2015 08:31PM

BITE your tongue man!!!!!! smiling smiley. I Sure hope not! (n/t)

kydiggin1402/26/2015 07:33PM

Ran across some items y'all might like to see Attachments

ScottTX32302/24/2015 11:22PM

Thanks,,,Anticipation....The pics are great. (n/t)

chris taylor1302/27/2015 07:25PM

Thanks for sharing Scott,,,The Sketching shows Attachments

xlting7002/25/2015 07:54AM

As I sit here looking at these 24" snow drifts....it's hard to believe that in about a month we'll be at DIV,,,,

kydiggin20702/19/2015 06:39PM

Hang in there Jimmy, think of it this way, with all the snow and hard and I mean really hard

ringfinder2802/24/2015 01:39PM

I'm thinking of starting a Snow Shoe and Parka rental for this Winter DIV (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)1902/24/2015 05:20PM

Check this out.... Attachments

ScottTX10502/22/2015 09:44AM

Stay safe , nothing more dangerous than a driver's that's not use to driving on icestars (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)3002/22/2015 10:56AM

It in the 30's here this morning. What a heat wave! Had another calf born last night, Lavonna and myself just took him and his momma to the barn. Temps are suppose to start falling again tonight. (n/t)

kydiggin3302/22/2015 10:31AM

pretty much exactly the same here jimmy.

Streak!3402/22/2015 10:45AM

Finally hit above freezing here today in the Nashville area and the great "thaw begins". The raining is coming down now to move that ice along. Glory hallelujah! dance (n/t)

Doug Stokes3702/21/2015 01:38PM

It was 70 where I live today….. a little bit warmer than normal.. (n/t)

hdmike4202/20/2015 09:59PM

flame I was thinking the very same thing today ,suppose to get 4-7 inches of snow tomorrow...

Jim F. (In.)4202/20/2015 07:24PM

The Chesapeake Bay at the Bay Bridge in Maryland looks like the Bering Strait! The sea ducks were all sitting on top of the ice and a red fox was running around out there! (n/t)

Brdhunt3902/20/2015 11:08AM

Its a balmy -3 here in the Shenandoah Valley today Jimmy. Calling for significant snow tomorrow........ (n/t)

Dennis Andrick4202/20/2015 08:26AM

-5 here this morn........ just starting to get cold. grinning smiley

Streak!4902/20/2015 06:02PM

YUCK!!! Get out of there! (n/t)

Rose K. in Va.3802/20/2015 10:01AM

No snow down here. Just been unusually cold. Wont be long now Jimmy !!!!!!! (n/t)

bucko GA3902/20/2015 04:58AM

Only 623 hours and 2 minutes until DIV XXIX left to go. (n/t)

mmurray5905002/24/2015 07:58AM

Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

Rose K. in Va.33202/15/2015 01:24PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

Depths of History2202/23/2015 10:06PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

Depths of History2302/23/2015 10:05PM

1 Cherry Pie, please (n/t)

nc-joe2102/23/2015 01:49PM

I'll take 4 doz.lg cookies pls.,2choc.chip,1peanut butter,and 1oatmeal.Thank You (n/t)

chris taylor2802/21/2015 12:52PM

One Delicious Cherry Pie Miss Ada please Thanks

58th Va2802/21/2015 10:53AM

As always...

cumberlandgray4702/21/2015 09:42AM

Re:Hi Rose can I get a Apple Pie ,And some Peanut butter fudge ,No Nuts .Thank you smiling smiley (n/t)

olddigger503102/20/2015 10:37PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

malcolm price5302/18/2015 12:05PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

DOUG HARRIS5102/18/2015 11:36AM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

turkeyman4202/17/2015 08:01PM

I would like 3 dozen large chocloate chip cookies, please Rose. - $18.00 (n/t)

mmurray5903402/17/2015 04:17PM

Oh I have got to have another one of those famous pecan pie (n/t)

treasurehound3902/17/2015 01:50PM

One Banana Bread with nuts no icing. Thanks (n/t)

medicman5074302/17/2015 01:09PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

nhfinder3402/16/2015 08:57PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

shamborelics4802/16/2015 06:00PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

mahone6502/16/2015 02:58PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

bucko GA5302/15/2015 07:28PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

1Cool_Uncle5402/15/2015 06:27PM

I'll take one of those Famous Apple Pies! Thanks Rose! (n/t)

Donnie B5102/15/2015 05:40PM

I'll take a pan of brownies with nuts.

DwightS5102/15/2015 05:12PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

PaHunter854802/15/2015 04:16PM

Re: Bake sale orders for XXIX and XXX

Magicfireman4602/15/2015 02:56PM

And the WINNER is.......

Rose K. in Va.63402/15/2015 05:59AM

Congrads Dennis! (n/t)

pepperpump2202/23/2015 10:05PM

Congrats, Dennis! clap Supper's on you March 21st!! grinning smiley (n/t)

Doug Stokes2602/21/2015 02:06PM

I guess Mike Murray has lost his touch! Congratulations! (n/t)

kevin baptiste3802/18/2015 08:43AM

Way to go Dennis! (n/t)

archer6614202/17/2015 08:24PM

Congrats to ole "No=tell Motel Dennis"... (n/t)

Earl K. in Va.4202/17/2015 05:35PM

Congrats Dennis. (n/t)

groundhogging4202/16/2015 10:00PM

Congrats Dennis! (n/t)

WanderingRon4002/16/2015 09:47PM

Congrats!!! (n/t)

David Croft5202/15/2015 11:50PM

Couldn't happened to a nicer guy! Congratulation Mr. Dennisclap (n/t)

NC*kidd4602/15/2015 06:27PM

Congrats Dennisthumbs down (n/t)

JOE inMD5002/15/2015 06:21PM

Alright Dennis is buying tie first keg. WTG Dennis beer (n/t)

SharkHunter5202/15/2015 05:43PM

Congratulations!!! (n/t)

Donnie B5202/15/2015 05:30PM

Congratulations Dennis & Anita! (n/t)

ringfinder5002/15/2015 05:19PM

Congrats Dennis! (n/t)

kydiggin5502/15/2015 03:52PM

Congratulations Dennis couldn't of happened to a nicer guy (n/t)

Jim F. (In.)5102/15/2015 03:15PM

Have you ever MET Dennis?? shrug grinning smiley (n/t)

Streak!5402/15/2015 04:09PM

Wow Anita and I are really excited!!!! Thanks so much John & Rose... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick5602/15/2015 12:14PM

Congrats and Enjoy (n/t)

time preserver4502/15/2015 12:01PM

congratulation Dennis you the man (n/t)

Streak!4502/15/2015 11:54AM

congrats Dennis (n/t)

va digger 664802/15/2015 10:51AM

Congrats (n/t)

dough5002/15/2015 10:22AM

congrats Dennis! (n/t)

pepperpump5502/15/2015 09:44AM

Congratulations (n/t)

Magicfireman5302/15/2015 09:30AM

congrats!! (n/t)

cntrydncr15302/15/2015 09:21AM

Congrats Dennis !!! (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz5702/15/2015 08:20AM

Congrats Dennis. And again thank you to the donor. (n/t)

treasurehound5402/15/2015 07:51AM

Congratulations Dennis, this is your lucky day!!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray5905802/15/2015 07:16AM

Way to go Dennis!!!!! Congrats! (n/t)

mahone5402/15/2015 06:57AM

Congrats Dennis (n/t)

Jeff Barley5202/15/2015 06:43AM

Congratulations Dennis! (n/t)

Roger Duron5802/15/2015 06:38AM

Congrats Dennis !!!!!!!!!!! (n/t)

wv_relic_hunter5502/15/2015 06:37AM

Congrats Dennis (n/t)

xlting5502/15/2015 06:01AM

Congratulations Joe Joyce, Joel Donovan and Kat Libby- you've been added to the XXIX list

Rose K. in Va.9702/20/2015 09:25AM

Congrats!! (n/t)

groundhogging2002/23/2015 05:03PM

Re: Congratulations Joe Joyce, Joel Donovan and Kat Libby- you've been added to the XXIX list

JJinVA3502/20/2015 04:08PM

Congratulations Keith Leppart, you've been added to the XXIX list

Rose K. in Va.11102/18/2015 07:06AM

Congrats!! (n/t)

groundhogging2502/23/2015 05:00PM

congrats Keith!!! (n/t)

gdigger3702/18/2015 07:47PM

congrats keith, can't wait to see you there! (n/t)

gtoast993502/18/2015 07:43PM

Congratsthumbs down (n/t)

JOE inMD3502/18/2015 06:52PM

Alright Keith !! ...see ya there (n/t)

Va Dave3602/18/2015 03:48PM

Thanks for the invite! smiling smiley (n/t)

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)4102/18/2015 09:20AM

Congratulations!!! (n/t)

Donnie B4002/18/2015 09:07AM

Proud Dad Attachments

ReidMan30101/31/2015 08:17PM

Congrats and here's to safe travels for your son. (n/t)

Strycker3602/22/2015 05:24PM

I'll say prayers for his safety. Congrats to your son! (n/t)

It's RG6802/05/2015 11:17PM

Congrats to you and your son Reid! (n/t)

WanderingRon8002/01/2015 10:21PM

And Proud you should be, he is a fine looking young man and we should all be Thankful for his Service! (n/t)

ringfinder8202/01/2015 01:46PM

thats a fine looking young man Reid. You SHOLUD be proud! Who's the chubby guy next to him?? nana (n/t)

Streak!8802/01/2015 01:40PM

Congrats and prayers for his safety as he serves our country. (n/t)

ScottTX8802/01/2015 09:16AM

Congratulation to both your son and you Reid. (n/t)

jrobertson8602/01/2015 07:22AM

Congratulations !!! We'll pray for safety for him as he serves our country. (n/t)

Rose K. in Va.8302/01/2015 05:52AM

Re: Proud Dad

Magicfireman8201/31/2015 11:23PM

Infinium LS

hdmike25702/18/2015 07:53PM

Re: Infinium LS

ReidMan5202/20/2015 12:37PM

keep your control box mounted on your machine and not chest mounted. The infinuim, for me at least, worked the best when it didn't have an cable movement (n/t)

Hardcore3602/19/2015 09:45PM

thats a good point Joel.

Streak!4402/20/2015 06:04PM

Re: thats a good point Joel.

hdmike3602/20/2015 10:04PM

I really liked this machine ...

Va Dave7402/18/2015 09:57PM

your exactly right Dave. i really liked mine too.

Streak!4702/19/2015 06:41PM

Re: I really liked this machine ...

ron_c14302/19/2015 03:50PM

Re: Infinium LS

WanderingRon4702/18/2015 08:07PM

I use one Mike...I have the mono coil. (n/t)

cntrydncr13302/19/2015 08:43PM

Re: I use one Mike...I have the mono coil.

ron_c14002/20/2015 06:22AM

Re: I use one Mike...I have the mono coil.

cntrydncr13402/20/2015 05:40PM

7 ~ DIX XXX alternates have moved up

Rose K. in Va.19202/16/2015 05:21PM

Re: 7 ~ DIX XXX alternates have moved up

sstewart4202/20/2015 05:02PM

Got it...don't forget to mail your release. (n/t)

Rose K. in Va.3802/20/2015 05:41PM

Congratulations!!! (n/t)

Donnie B4602/18/2015 09:08AM

Congrats to allthumbs down (n/t)

JOE inMD4302/17/2015 06:29PM

Re: 7 ~ DIX XXX alternates have moved up

sstewart4802/17/2015 10:26AM

Congrats (n/t)

groundhogging4402/16/2015 10:01PM

Re: 7 ~ DIX XXX alternates have moved up

nhfinder4702/16/2015 07:09PM

finally got out

Gizmo33701/30/2015 12:10AM

Re: finally got out

rosswiseman3102/20/2015 05:06PM

Hey, Bill! Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope to see you soon!. (n/t)

It's RG6202/05/2015 11:22PM

We too hope to see you at a future DIV.....Mike would want that for sure. (n/t)

Rose K. in Va.9201/31/2015 05:53AM

It's Good To Hear From You Bill...and Good That You Seem To Be Having Some Closure...

Doug (On the Chesapeake)9001/30/2015 08:44PM

Prayer request for my Marine veteran niece

treasurehound37402/04/2015 12:06PM

Re: Prayer request for my Marine veteran niece

pitdigger4002/19/2015 01:11PM

Re: Prayer request for my Marine veteran niece

steeleman4802/16/2015 10:40AM

Re: Prayer request for my Marine veteran niece

JoePolachek5502/12/2015 12:42PM

Prayers sent for her quick recovery! I thank her for her courage and service! USA (n/t)

Doug Stokes6402/10/2015 04:59PM

DoneUSA (n/t)

medicman5077202/09/2015 01:38PM

Done! (n/t)

Hornbush6502/09/2015 07:36AM

Re: Prayers are on the way (n/t)

shamborelics7502/07/2015 08:50PM

We're all very proud of her! She is an American hero!!! Prayers for her doctor's skilled hands and for her quick healing. angel (n/t)

It's RG8702/05/2015 10:52PM

Couldn't have said it better! Hoping for a full recovery. (n/t)

dough8802/06/2015 05:39PM

Tell her thank you and our prayers are on their way for her. (n/t)

mmurray5908002/05/2015 06:20PM

its young men and women like that that still make me proud to be an AMERICAN Randy. us map

Streak!8302/05/2015 04:13PM

Anita and I will keep her and your family in our prayers. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick8302/05/2015 02:40PM

Praying for your niece! Thanks to her for serving our country! (n/t)

1eyejack8602/05/2015 11:25AM

Prayers Sent. (n/t)

David Croft9802/05/2015 10:59AM


treasurehound10302/05/2015 09:21AM

Tell her thank you. (n/t)

kevin baptiste9002/05/2015 08:12AM

Prayers sent (n/t)

va digger 668702/05/2015 05:25AM

Prayers have been sent for your Niece!!! God Bless Her!!! (n/t)

Fred in NC8402/04/2015 07:57PM

We'll keep her in our prayers....keep the faith! (n/t)

Rose K. in Va.8402/04/2015 06:50PM

a pic in her dress blues Attachments

treasurehound13202/04/2015 06:26PM

smart looking young lady!! thumbs down (n/t)

Streak!8302/05/2015 04:14PM

we will keep your Niece in our prayers, may this Brave Marine be pain free soon! (n/t)

ringfinder9002/04/2015 03:50PM

Prayers sent (n/t)

xlting8402/04/2015 02:40PM

Re: Prayer request for my Marine veteran niece

Magicfireman8502/04/2015 12:50PM

I'm reading, The Battle of the Wilderness May 5-6 1864, and thought I share something with y'all about the area we hunt.

ScottTX41202/14/2015 01:47AM

Welcome to Brandy Station! (n/t)

Brett in Brandy Station5102/18/2015 09:18PM

Thanks Scott I knew that the town was almost destroyed , no wonder the town people hated them....

Jim F. (In.)5302/14/2015 05:04PM

A very busy place for a few seconds in the history of man. (n/t)

SharkHunter4302/14/2015 01:58PM

Great Stuff! Thank you! (n/t)

David Croft4802/14/2015 11:36AM

Wonderful descriptions of the area and activity. Fuels the imagination!! (n/t)

Macon4302/14/2015 11:36AM

Re: I'm reading, The Battle of the Wilderness May 5-6 1864, and thought I share something with y'all about the area we hunt.

Magicfireman5502/14/2015 10:02AM

Thanks for posting, Is that Gordon Rhea? I recommend all 4 books in that series, they're awesome. He's working on a 5th I believe. (n/t)

ericchampigny5602/14/2015 09:46AM

Great read. Thanks for sharing.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick4502/14/2015 09:10AM

Re: Thanks. Sure brings it to life. Good reading. (n/t)

Fourmulaone5402/14/2015 07:00AM

Good reading Scott, I have to get that book (n/t)

yogipa5002/14/2015 06:34AM

Good reading. Thanks Scott (n/t)

Ron/InIronBrigade5202/14/2015 05:54AM

DIV Orders

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