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Diggin' In Virginia

Diggin' In Virginia (DIV) is an invitational hunt dedicated to the ideals of friendship, fun and the proper recovery/identification of historical artifacts 

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Please use the other forums on the Spot for non-DIV related post.
Diggin' in Virginia is in NO WAY affiliated with any other "organized" hunts.
We DO NOT have any contact information for any principals of any other "organized" relic hunts.
PLEASE DO NOT email or call us for information on hunts other than DIV!


Sticky Carpools for DIV XXVIII ~ please read (7 Posts)

Rose K. in Va.1,00509/17/2014 10:03AM

Sticky Food at the hunt site Friday and Saturday (17 Posts)

Rose K. in Va.69710/11/2014 10:45AM

Sticky DIV XXVIII & XXIXgood job (151 Posts)

John K. in Va.4,56208/01/2014 02:56PM

Sticky Pre hunt meeting food (9 Posts)

Rose K. in Va.52110/11/2014 10:51AM

Sticky If you requested to join the private forum and have not been approved please read (28 Posts)

Rose K. in Va.1,11408/24/2014 07:01AM

Sticky This is very interesting.........good job (32 Posts)

John K. in Va.2,80403/28/2014 09:52AM

Today's Find Attachments

MASAAM31210/24/2014 08:13PM

WTG!! Congrats!! (n/t)

VaMark010/25/2014 06:44PM

Awesome! clap (n/t)

ScottTX1410/24/2014 10:41PM

Congrats!!! (n/t)

carpetbagger1410/24/2014 10:03PM

Very very nice, congrats! (n/t)

JDug1510/24/2014 09:16PM

It doesn't get much better than that!!! Congrats!! (n/t)

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)1610/24/2014 08:52PM

Outstanding!!! Congrats (n/t)

Hardcore1210/24/2014 08:50PM

beautiful Donnie!!!! (n/t)

Kim J1510/24/2014 08:40PM

Diggin' In Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! dance zap (n/t)

Donnie B1910/24/2014 08:28PM

Awesome, Congratulations! (n/t)

ringfinder1710/24/2014 08:18PM

News Flash, Once in a Lifetime Finds, I took these pictures off Attachments

ringfinder14410/25/2014 08:51AM

Once in a lifetime for sure, maybe 5 lifetimes. (n/t)

ericchampigny010/25/2014 06:36PM

Talk about heart stopper!!!

stillrollin3001110/25/2014 11:37AM

Good Luck 2 everyone! My day ended early yesterday

1eyejack6310/25/2014 10:56AM

WOW, I didnt realize

jimsjunk23810/23/2014 11:37AM

I hear you guys! I've been going every spring and fall since DIV 10, but the MRSA infection in February has made me miss my second hunt. ???? It's killing me. It's all I could think about yesterday. Hopefully I will have recovered and can join in the spri (n/t)

Paul in Stafford1210/25/2014 07:57AM

Count me in...

ScottTX1810/24/2014 10:51PM

Re: Count me in...

Flyntgr1310/25/2014 03:38AM

I agree

royski2510/24/2014 03:23PM

This is my first fall hunt missed in 5 years, wish I was there. Good luck out there. (n/t)

ericchampigny2010/24/2014 10:13AM

I also hear you, this is my first miss in years, I have checked in

ringfinder2710/23/2014 11:34PM

AMEN!!!!!! (n/t)

Hardcore2110/23/2014 09:56PM

I hear ya brother!!! (n/t)

Streak!2210/23/2014 01:35PM

Me either!

Rocky Face Dan2310/23/2014 01:23PM

Day one for a First Timer to DIV grinning smiley (n/t) Attachments

carpetbagger23010/24/2014 10:02PM

Good first day. You don't see that Harpers Ferry bullet that often. Stay with it and you will need a bigger display. (n/t)

Rocky Face Dan1810/25/2014 07:15AM

Nice finds! clap (n/t)

ScottTX1110/24/2014 10:40PM

Pretty nice finds, but you better get a bigger box, you're going to need it! (n/t)

ringfinder1710/24/2014 10:10PM

At the last minute I was unable to make the hunt. Here is another selection from Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson by S. C. Gwynne

ScottTX6710/24/2014 08:35AM

Re: At the last minute I was unable to make the hunt. Here is another selection from Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson by S. C. Gwynne

Flyntgr1310/25/2014 03:52AM

thank You Scott, I hope everyone reads this Worthy post, the last part

ringfinder1810/24/2014 09:20AM

Day 1 Site 2 metal detecting smiley (n/t) Attachments

Mississippi31710/24/2014 06:07PM

Re: Day 1 Site 2 metal detecting smiley

Flyntgr1710/25/2014 03:43AM

Nice! clap (n/t)

ScottTX1310/24/2014 10:44PM

Good finds Frank, thanks for posting your recoveries for those of us who could not attend! (n/t)

ringfinder2810/24/2014 06:57PM

I wanna see Brad Upp's buckle!!! thumbs down (n/t)

Streak!15310/24/2014 06:29PM

I posted it on Facebook DIV page

gimbig5110/24/2014 08:51PM

Shane your day will happen when you least expect it my friend!

ValleyDigger1710/24/2014 11:49PM

Streak, I havent seen Brad Upp's buckle yet, but Tony Hochstetler found a Breast Plate at 10 inches with his GPX and Van Boone found

ringfinder7710/24/2014 07:04PM

I saw Vans find Denny. Nice!! (n/t)

Streak!1810/24/2014 08:00PM

WOW, just saw the Gold Coins and Seated Half dollars and Breast Plate that were found all in one hole on FaceBook, not sure why no one has posted them on here! (n/t)

ringfinder12110/24/2014 08:44PM

Totally Awesome! (n/t)

ValleyDigger1210/24/2014 11:47PM

My friend Jeff dug those and he just left here from borrowing a coil .

JDug3210/24/2014 09:23PM

Here is a Picture that Randy Schuh posted on Facebook Attachments

ringfinder12710/24/2014 09:07PM

Now that's awesome!!!! clap (n/t)

ScottTX910/24/2014 10:39PM

Incredible finds! (n/t)

ericchampigny1410/24/2014 10:30PM

Today's DIV digs. Attachments

JDug25110/24/2014 09:10PM

Nice! clap (n/t)

ScottTX1210/24/2014 10:42PM

Well done, JDug! (n/t)

Donnie B1610/24/2014 09:34PM

Nice Digs John, that's the way I like to hunt, find something, Hunker down and hunt slow and Low, what detector were you

ringfinder1910/24/2014 09:16PM

Thanks, slow & low is the only way to go. grinning smiley

JDug2410/24/2014 09:26PM

I dont know how it can get any better than this.

Streak!30310/23/2014 01:39PM

Re: God will bless you well Kim thumbs down (n/t)

olddigger501710/24/2014 08:00PM

I know how it could get better..good job

John K. in Va.4410/23/2014 08:49PM

you will be happy to know.......... Attachments

Streak!5910/24/2014 11:58AM

Well done, Streak. Well Done. (n/t)

Donnie B1210/24/2014 08:31PM

Fred didn't know it but an Angle was by his side the entire day and his name was "Kim Cox"

ringfinder1610/24/2014 06:53PM

WTG Streak! clap (n/t)

EdTravis1210/24/2014 06:04PM

There's a special place in Heaven for folks like you Kim! GOD Bless You! angel (n/t)

John K. in Va.1310/24/2014 05:29PM

Amen brother.metal detecting smiley (n/t)

JDug1910/23/2014 03:29PM

helpCould someone please pass this on to John and Rose for me, help

Adam(Va)19110/23/2014 05:25PM

We will be thinking of John and pray for a speedy recovery. (n/t)

ringfinder2210/24/2014 09:24AM

We received a message from his wife

Rose K. in Va.3610/24/2014 03:22AM

Forgot to mention at the meeting last night

Rose K. in Va.19810/24/2014 04:23AM

I will spread the word!...Thank you! (n/t)

1eyejack1710/24/2014 06:14AM

luckGood Luck to All DIV'ers and a good luck wish to.....

ValleyDigger4910/24/2014 01:04AM

Good luck to all my friends at DIV XXVIII

Dave4410/24/2014 12:04AM

Anyone "Hungry" to dig a pit?.... Attachments

GTdigger52010/15/2014 06:34PM

Matt, that Hardtack or Johnny cake is a Awesome recovery my friend, i

ringfinder5710/21/2014 09:00PM

Johnny Cake is a completely different animal Dennysmiling smiley Hardtack is almost industructable!lol (n/t)

John K. in Va.3710/22/2014 07:54AM

Thanks John, I wasn't sure if they were the same or not, how were the Johnny cakes

ringfinder5110/22/2014 08:09AM

Re: Thanks John, I wasn't sure if they were the same or not, how were the Johnny cakes

John K. in Va.5310/23/2014 06:29AM

OK John, have a Great time this weekend, I know you will be in the fields all day looking at some fine relics that

ringfinder2810/23/2014 11:44PM

sorry you and Gary won't be there, won't be the same without you guys (n/t)

yogipa3210/22/2014 12:12PM

Thanks Jack, we will miss seeing and Diggin with everyone, Best off Luck to you all! (n/t)

ringfinder2310/23/2014 11:40PM

Wish I could be there - Good Luck!! (n/t)

Paul in Stafford3310/21/2014 08:36PM

Cool thats something I really want to find..........

Jim F. (In.)4810/18/2014 09:53AM

Oh man...that's sweet. How'd you preserve those? (n/t)

cumberlandgray4110/17/2014 10:34PM

Re: Anyone "Hungry" to dig a pit?....

pianoman6710/16/2014 09:36PM

Looks like you took a bite. lol (n/t)

Dale(Va)5410/16/2014 03:27PM

Minelab GPX cover

Goodwillhunting5610/23/2014 10:20PM

Good luck to all the DIV'ers

Bombtech4310/23/2014 09:41PM

Good Luck and Happy Hunting to all participating in the DIV!! Cant wait to see pics!! (n/t)

JoshC-NC/VA4010/23/2014 04:44PM

Reserved rentals available now. Attachments

JDug11510/23/2014 03:18PM

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