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Diggin' In Virginia

Diggin' In Virginia (DIV) is an invitational hunt dedicated to the ideals of friendship, fun and the proper recovery/identification of historical artifacts 

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Participant List

Please use the other forums on the Spot for non-DIV related post.
Diggin' in Virginia is in NO WAY affiliated with any other "organized" hunts.
We DO NOT have any contact information for any principals of any other "organized" relic hunts.
PLEASE DO NOT email or call us for information on hunts other than DIV!

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Sticky Fall 2016 DIV.... (25 Posts)

John K. in Va. 219 04/30/2016 08:01AM

Sticky I'm going to place another shirt order for those that missed ordering earlier (31 Posts)

Rose K. in Va. 642 03/22/2016 09:45AM

Sticky DIV committee with the "Digger Guys" Attachments (13 Posts)

John K. in Va. 867 03/21/2016 08:26AM

Sticky Reporting finds lists for both hunts (5 Posts)

Rose K. in Va. 633 03/22/2016 10:26AM

Sticky hot smileyI need some Attachments (116 Posts)

John K. in Va. 3,365 12/12/2015 07:07AM

Sticky Relic hunting at DIV........... (53 Posts)

John K. in Va. 3,712 08/20/2015 07:38AM

Sticky Metal detecting "reality" shows.... (42 Posts)

John K. in Va. 1,872 02/08/2016 06:34AM

Sticky Finds list reporting procedures (2 Posts)

Rose K. in Va. 1,431 11/17/2015 06:03AM

Awesome confederate button found at Brandy Rock Attachments

jeremy 606 04/13/2016 06:02PM

nice one congrats (n/t)

VADIGGIN41 9 04/30/2016 12:14PM

WTG Jeremy! What an incredible button! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 7 04/29/2016 06:50AM

Jeremy my friend, I have never been to a DIV that you haven't

ringfinder 41 04/23/2016 07:00AM

Re: Jeremy my friend, I have never been to a DIV that you haven't

jeremy 31 04/25/2016 06:51PM

Jeremy, you are so right about all the friends we have

ringfinder 20 04/26/2016 06:29PM

Awesome Buttons Jeremy ! Congrads !good jobmetal detecting smiley (n/t)

Redleg Bill 29 04/20/2016 08:19PM

Re: Awesome confederate button found at Brandy Rock

IDignVA 26 04/20/2016 06:52AM

Re: Awesome confederate button found at Brandy Rock

carolinaboy 29 04/19/2016 11:58AM

Super nice buttons! Congrats on the script C! (n/t)

Doug Stokes 24 04/19/2016 01:52AM

If you use some naval jelly or CLR on that Eagle button it will shine like the dickens! (n/t)

Donnie B 37 04/14/2016 07:20PM

Very nice button Jeremy congrats (n/t)

verg 31 04/14/2016 06:39PM

nice, congrads! (n/t)

pepperpump 31 04/14/2016 11:59AM

Nice finds.....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 33 04/14/2016 09:45AM

you did great, Jeremy! That script C is beautiful!

Kim J 41 04/13/2016 07:18PM

Very nice button! Congrats, that one makes the hunt! (n/t)

kydiggin 30 04/13/2016 06:18PM

2 very generous acres at Brandy Rock farm for me. Attachments

Brad Upp 456 04/21/2016 02:52PM

two awesome finds Brad congrats (n/t)

VADIGGIN41 7 04/30/2016 12:12PM

Awesome Brad! WTG! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 8 04/29/2016 06:47AM

Well done,Brad. (n/t)

It's RG 8 04/28/2016 06:03PM

Re: 2 very generous acres at Brandy Rock farm for me.

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland 24 04/26/2016 03:33PM

GREAT finds Brad and......................

Donnie B 20 04/26/2016 12:46PM

WTG two plates a US & a CS Congrads Awesome Finds !good job (n/t)

Redleg Bill 19 04/25/2016 12:46PM

Re: 2 very generous acres at Brandy Rock farm for me.

IDignVA 13 04/25/2016 06:39AM

Two great finds,,,,,,Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 16 04/24/2016 11:24PM

Kudos to you clap (n/t)

gbantiques 18 04/24/2016 09:37PM

Simply beautiful as is, Brad. Congratulations on two super plates! good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes 17 04/24/2016 02:56PM

Nice finds Brad!! (n/t)

yogipa 19 04/23/2016 06:58AM

Wow Brad, love to hunt those two acres again, Awesome recoveries,

ringfinder 21 04/23/2016 06:38AM

You worked hard and kept at it very well and were rewarded with 2 awesome plates Brad!

dawgmanvt 25 04/22/2016 07:52PM

Great Job Brad! You Have Recovered Some Amazing Relics! (n/t)

David Croft 19 04/22/2016 08:32AM

Brad, I really enjoyed seeing that Fork tongue fresh out the dirt! (n/t)

ValleyDigger 17 04/22/2016 07:18AM

Re: 2 very generous acres at Brandy Rock farm for me.

carolinaboy 32 04/21/2016 11:09PM

brad you had a hell of a hunt my friend.

stillrollin300 20 04/21/2016 06:36PM

DIV 33 video

cumberlandgray 120 04/29/2016 06:48AM

Awesome video Tony thanks for sharing (n/t)

VADIGGIN41 7 04/30/2016 12:11PM

Another great video Tony! Love the long ones! (n/t)

NBell 7 04/29/2016 09:12PM

Nice Tony dance (n/t)

gbantiques 7 04/29/2016 06:31PM

Nice Video Tony.....Keep em coming,,,,,Thanks! (n/t)

relichntr 7 04/29/2016 05:37PM

metal detecting smiley Great movie Tony it sure was fun (n/t)

Jim F. (In.) 7 04/29/2016 05:15PM

GREAT video Tony! Thank you!!! (n/t)

Donnie B 7 04/29/2016 09:09AM

D Guard Bowie From Beauregard Farm (DIV XXXIII) - Preservation Finally Completed! dance Attachments

Doug Stokes 271 04/25/2016 12:47AM

That is a spectacular relic Doug congrats! (n/t)

VADIGGIN41 7 04/30/2016 12:11PM

Awsome find and great clean up (n/t)

Jeff Barley 8 04/30/2016 09:04AM

Re: D Guard Bowie From Beauregard Farm (DIV XXXIII) - Preservation Finally Completed! dance

JRobo 8 04/30/2016 08:51AM

Great find.....Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 7 04/29/2016 05:39PM

One of the truly remarkable finds at a DIV. (n/t)

Ron Stump, Southern Maryland 17 04/26/2016 03:31PM

Great job! Awesome find! (n/t)

Donnie B 14 04/26/2016 12:46PM

Excellent job on the preservation ! (n/t)

Steve Clements 17 04/26/2016 09:39AM

Super cool! (n/t)

ValleyDigger 18 04/26/2016 03:01AM

Cleaned up great! (n/t)

AARON TN 14 04/25/2016 10:05PM

That Bowie is in excellent shape!! (n/t)

southernexplorer 17 04/25/2016 04:56PM

Another awesome find! (n/t)

dough 15 04/25/2016 04:46PM

Re: Awesome find my friend,I'm glad I was there to watch you pull it out if the pit,,AMAZING (n/t)

s. p. watson 16 04/25/2016 12:30PM

Great job Doug, you did well. (n/t)

Donnie V 16 04/25/2016 11:46AM


MTNMAN130 16 04/25/2016 10:26AM

Came out great Doug! (n/t)

nc digger 21 04/25/2016 08:46AM

Very nice (n/t)

Leebo in SC 16 04/25/2016 06:23AM

Awesome find, Congrats! (n/t)

Diggin History 17 04/25/2016 06:18AM

Looks great Doug.That is a great find!!! (n/t)

bucko GA 16 04/25/2016 04:31AM

Fall of 2016 DIV

Fire Fighter 43 129 04/28/2016 12:37PM

Re: Fall of 2016 DIV

Steve0 WI 22 04/29/2016 10:07PM

It could be at anytime. Just keep watching. (n/t)

gimbig 13 04/28/2016 02:23PM

Moving to Batesville soon!

Wykid Digs 161 04/20/2016 11:43PM

Try this link for some historical reference...may be helpful:

cumberlandgray 14 04/29/2016 06:59AM

They came with gifts Confetti and same happy little twins they were!! Attachments

kydiggin 259 04/19/2016 06:33PM

Jimmy that's awesome. Thank you for being great parents to them. (n/t)

cumberlandgray 8 04/29/2016 06:53AM

Tell them, "Hi. We hope to see them again!" from the Pennsylvania guys! (n/t)

It's RG 11 04/28/2016 06:09PM

Jimmy & Lavonna, no child could ask for a more loving family,

ringfinder 25 04/23/2016 06:50AM

Jimmy and lavonna are great people. They are some of the few who really care about people in this world!!! (n/t)

bucko GA 30 04/21/2016 05:08AM

Awww....they are so cute and very blessed to have you two in their lives. (n/t)

Rose K. in Va. 24 04/20/2016 05:33AM

Their faces say it all. Kim, Linda and Craig are good people and Anita and I are proud to have them as well as y'all as friends Jimmie.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 23 04/19/2016 08:29PM

We had a super time there Boss!

Streak! 41 04/19/2016 07:00PM

DIV mailing list 220 04/26/2016 11:35PM

Re: DIV mailing list

stillrollin300 20 04/27/2016 11:39PM

Re: DIV mailing list

gimbig 17 04/27/2016 01:33AM

Re: DIV mailing list 24 04/27/2016 12:25PM

Re: DIV mailing list

DiggerDean 29 04/27/2016 12:09AM

DIV 34 Brandy Rock finds...inkwells and lots of 'em! metal detecting smiley Attachments

spear85 505 04/08/2016 09:39PM

Re: DIV 34 Brandy Rock finds...inkwells and lots of 'em! metal detecting smiley

HomeGuardDan 18 04/25/2016 12:22PM

Barry, what a nice jester letting others enjoy the thrill of digging

ringfinder 24 04/23/2016 07:11AM

An excellent hunt. Always nice to see Civil War glass. Great finds. (n/t)

metalev 31 04/20/2016 05:03PM

Re: DIV 34 Brandy Rock finds...inkwells and lots of 'em! metal detecting smiley

IDignVA 29 04/20/2016 06:56AM

Sweet pewter block I and inks, Barry. You did great, as usual. It was good seeing you and the family. good job (n/t)

Doug Stokes 28 04/19/2016 01:49AM

It was a blast as usual Barry!

stillrollin300 28 04/13/2016 09:46AM

Excellent story and finds Barry ! (n/t)

Steve Clements 31 04/12/2016 06:57PM

Awesome Barry! What a hunt! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 33 04/12/2016 06:55PM

Great finds. I just wanted to find one inkwell! (n/t)

southernexplorer 32 04/11/2016 11:32PM

congrats Barry outstanding digs and that is one sweet button (n/t)

verg 32 04/10/2016 06:40PM

Re: DIV 34 Brandy Rock finds...inkwells and lots of 'em! metal detecting smiley

Magicfireman 32 04/10/2016 12:26PM

That's really cool..I wonder how many letters home were wrote out of those bottles (n/t)

Hardcore 33 04/10/2016 12:14PM

Beautiful Barry, congrats!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 35 04/10/2016 10:35AM

Very Cool Barry, Congrats on a Great Hunt! (n/t)

David Croft 32 04/10/2016 01:03AM

Awesome Relics Barry !good jobmetal detecting smiley (n/t)

Redleg Bill 36 04/09/2016 07:11PM

Awesome finds Barry, As always it was a pleasure. Thanks again for sharing that awesome pit!!! (n/t)

VADIGGIN41 31 04/09/2016 06:01PM

good jobBRAVO good job Nice group shot (n/t)

gbantiques 30 04/09/2016 05:46PM

Kudo's to you Barry! (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz 36 04/09/2016 10:21AM

I heard about you giving the ink well's away what a fantastic unselfish thing to do all your friends ought to count their blessings Barry

Jim F. (In.) 35 04/09/2016 08:43AM

Re: DIV 34 Brandy Rock finds...inkwells and lots of 'em! metal detecting smiley

IDignVA 37 04/09/2016 08:02AM

Nice story, Nice finds! That is a lot of ink wells! (n/t)

ValleyDigger 32 04/09/2016 07:27AM

EXCELLENT job Barry!!! (n/t)

dawgmanvt 33 04/08/2016 11:16PM

Nice Inks and button........Congrats! (n/t)

relichntr 42 04/08/2016 10:16PM

Please keep our good friend Doug Legge, aka cedarcreek, in your prayers this week.

Rose K. in Va. 477 04/03/2016 11:58AM

Thanks for update Rick,Prayers continue. (n/t)

xlting 23 04/24/2016 10:20PM

Our thoughts & prayers are with you & your family Doug. Good luck & Godspeed !! (n/t)

MTNMAN130 16 04/24/2016 12:11AM

Visited with Doug today in the hospital. He's sore but said that the surgery went well. He's hoping to come home on Monday. (n/t)

Rick n Jefrstn 21 04/23/2016 10:15PM

Good news! Praying for a speedy recovery, Doug. Thanks for the update, Rick. (n/t)

Doug Stokes 16 04/24/2016 02:52PM

That is great news, stay strong Doug, prayers stil lstreaming your way. (n/t)

mmurray590 17 04/24/2016 07:40AM

Prayers for you my friend,, stay positive (n/t)

p-cap 19 04/22/2016 10:25AM

Doug's surgery is tomorrow (Friday).

Rick n Jefrstn 35 04/21/2016 09:45PM

Re: Doug's surgery is tomorrow (Friday).

xlting 25 04/22/2016 07:03AM

Happy Birthday Doug Legge !! Confetti Now hurry up and get better so we can get back to some diggin. (n/t)

Rick n Jefrstn 29 04/17/2016 09:06PM

Happy belated birthday Doug. Hope you had a great day! (n/t)

Rose K. in Va. 25 04/18/2016 06:38PM

Ditto, ditto, ditto Doug, Happy Belated Birthday!!!!ConfettiConfettiConfetti (n/t)

mmurray590 24 04/18/2016 03:37PM

Prayers Sent!! (n/t)

southernexplorer 27 04/17/2016 12:29PM

Hey Doug! I sent up some awesome prayers for you and your surgeon!!! (n/t)

It's RG 27 04/14/2016 12:50PM

Prayers go to the one that controls all,I will keep ya in my prayers Doug get well. (n/t)

olddigger50 32 04/13/2016 07:51PM

Hey Doug...You are in our prayers!!! Get well soon!!! (n/t)

Fred in NC 34 04/11/2016 10:51PM

Prayers on the way

Drew 42 04/11/2016 07:21PM

Prayers Doug! (n/t)

Rodney Cox (csadoc) 36 04/09/2016 01:09AM

Prayers for Doug and his family. (n/t)

Roger Duron 32 04/08/2016 11:21PM

Doug, you definitely have my prayers and support. My best wishes for you and your wife. (n/t)

dawgmanvt 29 04/08/2016 11:06PM

Re: Rose Thank you,, prayers are sent to Doug from our house. (n/t)

George Pa 32 04/08/2016 10:53PM

Doug, I will be praying for a smooth procedure and for your quick healing. Then you can get back to Diggin' with us! (n/t)

Doug Stokes 34 04/07/2016 01:18AM

Doug, I will be praying for a smooth procedure and for your quick healing. Then you can get back to Diggin' with us! (n/t)

Doug Stokes 33 04/07/2016 01:18AM

Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. My surgery is scheduled for April 22nd. (n/t)

cedarcreek 37 04/06/2016 10:55PM

I just got off the phone with Doug. He has great attitude and I am sure with all our prayers he will be ready for the fall hunt. He is one of my closest friends and it came about from DIV. So when Rose says friends and family it is a very true statement! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 32 04/06/2016 06:34PM

Doug, I'm so sorry to hear this news, this is a wake-up for me,

ringfinder 37 04/06/2016 07:50AM

Praying for your surgery to be successful and for a speedy recovery. (n/t)

D1gman 32 04/06/2016 06:59AM

Praying for you Doug.....get well soon....we got relics to dig man.. (n/t)

Dale(Va) 35 04/05/2016 08:47PM

We'll be keeping Doug in our prayer.. (n/t)

kydiggin 31 04/05/2016 10:25AM

Prayers And Hope For A Positive Outcome And Recovery! (n/t)

Doug (On the Chesapeake) 31 04/04/2016 07:29PM

Doug, you are in my prayers! (n/t)

David Croft 34 04/04/2016 07:04PM

God be with you Doug, my prayers are with you always. Let me know if you need ANYTHING. (n/t)

mmurray590 30 04/04/2016 03:24PM

Doug you will be in my prayers... (n/t)

stillrollin300 28 04/04/2016 12:47PM

Re: Please keep our good friend Doug Legge, aka cedarcreek, in your prayers this week.

Magicfireman 32 04/04/2016 11:19AM

Trust your surgery will be a success with all these prayers (n/t)

Va Dave 32 04/04/2016 09:28AM

Praying for a good outcome. (n/t)

ValleyDigger 32 04/04/2016 12:04AM

Prayers for Doug . (n/t)

Redleg Bill 32 04/03/2016 10:54PM

Re: Please keep our good friend Doug Legge, aka cedarcreek, in your prayers this week.

gbantiques 37 04/03/2016 10:21PM

Doug , you are in our prayers, all will be well. (n/t)

55thVa 30 04/03/2016 09:38PM

Keeping you and your family in my prayers Doug (n/t)

Hardcore 32 04/03/2016 09:35PM

Doug you are in Ann's and my prayers (n/t)

Ron/InIronBrigade 33 04/03/2016 08:33PM

Prayers sent! (n/t)

nc digger 38 04/03/2016 06:26PM

Our thoughts & prayers are with you & your family Doug (n/t)

Diggin History 33 04/03/2016 04:37PM

Prayers sent

JOE inMD 31 04/03/2016 03:47PM

Prayers on the way Doug. Keep the faith brother (n/t)

Streak! 31 04/03/2016 03:43PM

Our Prayers are with Doug & Cathy. (n/t)

xlting 31 04/03/2016 02:43PM

will do Rose (n/t)

VADIGGIN41 29 04/03/2016 12:45PM

lol lol lol lol Finish reading it so you don't miss the punchline. Attachments

ScottTX 233 04/12/2016 09:10AM

That's a good one Scott ! yes this old man use's a metal Detector ,have for almost 40 years !metal detecting smileysmiling smiley (n/t)

Redleg Bill 27 04/20/2016 08:30PM

Walk For Life ~ Looking for sponsors

Rose K. in Va. 334 03/22/2016 06:02PM

Thank you all for sponsoring me for the walk

Rose K. in Va. 20 04/20/2016 05:39AM

Re: Walk For Life ~ Looking for sponsors

Blue-n-gray 16 04/19/2016 08:21AM

Re: Walk For Life ~ Looking for sponsors

thomasbunnell 26 04/13/2016 12:48PM

will send check (n/t)

10TH GA 21 03/22/2016 06:21PM

D guard Bowie knife found at Beauregard Attachments

Doug Stokes 795 03/21/2016 01:08AM

Incredible Find! - Congratulations (n/t)

Mike S. N Tn. 29 04/17/2016 08:18AM

Re: Incredible Find! - Congratulations

Doug Stokes 27 04/19/2016 01:42AM

Re: D guard Bowie knife found at Beauregard

VTCIVILWAR 60 04/11/2016 06:12PM

Thanks, Henry. I'm glad my NE connection made it down to Brandy Rock. Had a great time, as always. (n/t)

Doug Stokes 30 04/12/2016 12:43AM

Congrats again on a great find! (n/t)

AARON TN 38 04/06/2016 10:42PM

Thanks, Aaron! I appreciate it. I am going to be soaking it in the zinc/lye bath this weekend. (n/t)

Doug Stokes 32 04/07/2016 01:20AM

Congrats Doug, what a find. Enjoyed talkin to you at DIV. (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz 31 03/30/2016 09:03PM

Now that is one cool find, congratulations!!!!! (n/t)

mmurray590 31 03/29/2016 12:16PM

Thanks, everybody! Relic hunting with DIV friends. It just doesn't get any better. thumbs down (n/t)

Doug Stokes 32 03/29/2016 01:14AM

Amazing relic congrats (n/t)

VADIGGIN41 32 03/27/2016 04:11PM

congrats on an awesome CS relic, please post updated pics after you clean and preserve the knife. (n/t)

Steve Clements 42 03/25/2016 10:00AM

oh bowie!!

cnutridgerunner 46 03/22/2016 09:22PM

great relic, congratulations (n/t)

huntcav65 31 03/22/2016 04:46PM

Doug, it was a pleasure seeing you again.

stillrollin300 44 03/22/2016 11:05AM

Thats pretty awesome!! clap (n/t)

ScottTX 38 03/22/2016 10:05AM

That's beautiful!! (n/t)

yogipa 38 03/22/2016 06:06AM

Awesome find ! You dont see many of those dug ! (n/t)

A HUNTER 39 03/22/2016 04:08AM

That will put a smile on anyone's find. (n/t)

Dale(Va) 29 03/21/2016 09:51PM

awesome dig Doug congrats (n/t)

verg 34 03/21/2016 08:50PM

A great relic for a great guy!

dawgmanvt 44 03/21/2016 07:19PM

WOW that awesome Doug! (n/t)

nc digger 34 03/21/2016 06:22PM

Pun ... Killer !! Sure will look great in your display with those Confederate Buckles. Congrats Doug good job (n/t)

Va Dave 32 03/21/2016 04:40PM

Great job Doug, I love our group and we always have fun and dig nice relics. (n/t)

nwatnVA 32 03/21/2016 03:45PM

Man that's Awesome!!! (n/t)

ValleyDigger 29 03/21/2016 03:10PM

Amazing find Doug and a great historical save thumbs down (n/t)

Steve in PA 37 03/21/2016 02:44PM

Awesome Find Doug ,,,Congratsgood job (n/t)

gbantiques 32 03/21/2016 12:29PM

Re: Awesome find my friend,,,I still can't believe it myself,, congrats to you , enjoyed digging with you again,, Im pretty sure we you,Noel and myself were the last ones to leave the fields of Brandy Rock on the last day,,,die hard relic hunters to the  (n/t)

s. p. watson 43 03/21/2016 12:00PM

Re: Awesome find my friend,,,I still can't believe it myself,, congrats to you , enjoyed digging with you again,, Im pretty sure we you,Noel and myself were the last ones to leave the fields of Brandy Rock on the last day,,,die hard relic hunters to the  (n/t)

s. p. watson 33 03/21/2016 12:00PM

Congratulations buddy with all the buckles and other great finds you have found ............

Jim F. (In.) 34 03/21/2016 11:40AM

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Congrats on a great relic! (n/t)

Donnie V 32 03/21/2016 11:20AM

That's NICE! All it takes is one signal to make the hunt, and the chance is always there at these two farms! (n/t)

kydiggin 30 03/21/2016 10:23AM

It's not often you see those bowie's come out of the ground. In my opinion, I'd include that in one of the top 10 DIV finds of all times. Congratulations!! (n/t)

Dave 37 03/21/2016 10:15AM

That is a fantastic find. Please post a photo when you get it cleaned up. (n/t)

ericchampigny 45 03/21/2016 07:22AM

Sunrise in kentucky (n/t) Attachments

Streak! 395 04/03/2016 07:25AM

Re: Sunrise in kentucky Pretty. (n/t)

George Pa 36 04/08/2016 10:50PM

We wish we could have been there to Jimmy. We will next time!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 37 04/06/2016 06:41PM

We truly enjoyed having you guys down. To say it was fun would be an understatement.....

kydiggin 70 04/05/2016 08:01PM

You guys were wonderful hosts! We had a great time hanging out with you guys and your family.

It's RG 29 04/18/2016 06:09PM

We had a fantastic Time boss.

Streak! 54 04/07/2016 10:07AM

Nothing like Kentucky in the early spring and Jimmy and his wife are great hosts! (n/t)

ringfinder 37 04/06/2016 07:56AM

Beautiful Streak.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 35 04/03/2016 11:14AM

Have a wonderful time and tell 'our' friends we said hi. (n/t)

Rose K. in Va. 32 04/03/2016 10:38AM

GOLD in them, thar hills !

Allan P Hunt 305 04/15/2016 12:41PM

I Posted a pic of it in the Relic forum (n/t)

Brdhunt 35 04/15/2016 02:42PM

Way to go, Brad !Wave (n/t)

Allan P Hunt 33 04/15/2016 12:45PM

Civil War Music

feistyfrank 209 04/03/2016 03:37PM

Re: Civil War Music

Detector Dave 49 04/15/2016 12:13PM

Anybody know anything about the guy....

John K. in Va. 906 04/04/2016 11:43AM

Re: Anybody know anything about the guy....

3ringer in TN 113 04/10/2016 11:23AM

FYI. PA hunt in Apr.

Streak! 156 04/06/2016 05:32PM

Streak, could you p.m. me info on the hunt or am I to late (n/t)

yogipa 35 04/10/2016 07:05AM

Yes, agreed a second chance is warranted

dawgmanvt 62 04/09/2016 12:29PM

Re: FYI. PA hunt in Apr.

Gary in Old VA 75 04/08/2016 06:24PM

Re: FYI. PA hunt in Apr.

PaChristy 52 04/08/2016 05:30PM

Nice post Streak good job,,,,Your right we sometimes make stupid decisions but we ALL live in glass Houses ..and yes that was a pathetic thing to do ,,,Good luck with the hunt

gbantiques 56 04/08/2016 03:32PM

You can get banned from TNet?

fever87 82 04/05/2016 06:59PM

Re: Anybody know anything about the guy....

PaChristy 78 04/05/2016 11:22AM

The guy definitely got banned from Treasure Net............

Donnie B 78 04/05/2016 06:51AM

Re: Anybody know anything about the guy....

dustythecat 78 04/04/2016 09:41PM

No, but what do you expect from anybody associated with Diggin' in Pakistan.....hammer (n/t)

mmurray590 64 04/04/2016 03:30PM

Really?? I am going to that hunt. Does that make me a dirt bag? REALLY?? So are a lot of DIVers. Detecting isnt always JUST about the south. We do other stuff too. hammer (n/t)

Streak! 69 04/06/2016 03:35PM

Never said anything about you being a dirt bag Streak, in fact the opposite, unless of course you are going to Pakistan....LOL (n/t)

mmurray590 42 04/11/2016 04:02PM

Pakistan lol lol lol lol hey, wait I was born in Pencilvania! (n/t)

ScottTX 36 04/04/2016 06:07PM

I heard the same thing from another little birdie....... (n/t)

Donnie B 48 04/04/2016 11:47AM

Thank you/update on my dad

Cyberdigger 140 04/09/2016 10:06PM

Glad to hear he is on the road to recovery!! (n/t)

cntrydncr1 30 04/11/2016 11:58AM

Glad to hear he is doing better Hailey. Tell him Anita and I have him in our prayers. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 31 04/10/2016 11:33AM

Thanks For The Update Hailey...

Doug (On the Chesapeake) 33 04/10/2016 08:54AM

Thank you for letting us know about your dad Hailey

Rose K. in Va. 39 04/10/2016 06:26AM


vabill007 261 04/09/2016 05:39PM


vabill007 38 04/11/2016 11:20AM


John S.(NY) 53 04/10/2016 05:51AM


55thVa 38 04/09/2016 09:49PM

Hey Bill ...

Va Dave 45 04/09/2016 07:44PM


gbantiques 60 04/09/2016 05:51PM

So I thought I was a Yankee....

SEOhio digger 308 04/05/2016 08:33PM

Same thing happened to me....I never knew, check out the sig.

ScottTX 45 04/11/2016 09:35AM

You might want to try

Brdhunt 45 04/06/2016 10:28PM

Re: You might want to try

SEOhio digger 38 04/08/2016 05:08PM

If you have access to the "OR'S" offical records of the war of rebellion they have all the info. just need to dig it out !smiling smiley (n/t)

Redleg Bill 40 04/06/2016 08:58PM

Re: If you have access to the "OR'S" offical records of the war of rebellion they have all the info. just need to dig it out !smiling smiley

SEOhio digger 30 04/08/2016 05:07PM

Re: So I thought I was a Yankee....

gimbig 45 04/06/2016 03:37AM

Re: So I thought I was a Yankee....

SEOhio digger 31 04/06/2016 05:41PM

Congratulations! What an honorable history to have in your family line! (n/t)

cumberlandgray 33 04/05/2016 10:18PM

Re: Congratulations! What an honorable history to have in your family line!

SEOhio digger 36 04/06/2016 05:42PM

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