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Diggin' In Virginia

Diggin' In Virginia (DIV) is an invitational hunt dedicated to the ideals of friendship, fun and the proper recovery/identification of historical artifacts 

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AnnouncementLong time member and now a new sponsor... JLowe's Guns08/09/2014 08:38PM
AnnouncementPlease welcome a new sponsoring detector dealer...East Coast Treasure Outfitters08/09/2014 08:37PM
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Please use the other forums on the Spot for non-DIV related post.
Diggin' in Virginia is in NO WAY affiliated with any other "organized" hunts.
We DO NOT have any contact information for any principals of any other "organized" relic hunts.
PLEASE DO NOT email or call us for information on hunts other than DIV!


Sticky Carpools for DIV XXVIII ~ please read (6 Posts)

Rose K. in Va.75009/17/2014 10:03AM

Sticky DIV XXVIII & XXIXgood job (150 Posts)

John K. in Va.4,12708/01/2014 02:56PM

Sticky Need a spring steel probe for the upcoming hunt? (17 Posts)

John K. in Va.58509/17/2014 07:38AM

Sticky Unhappy news...... (57 Posts)

John K. in Va.1,91708/05/2014 09:09AM

Sticky Most of you have read my numerous diatribes on securing a Fall hunt site ad nauseamfighter (34 Posts)

John K. in Va.1,63908/25/2014 09:03AM

Sticky If you requested to join the private forum and have not been approved please read (28 Posts)

Rose K. in Va.98408/24/2014 07:01AM

Sticky This is very interesting.........good job (32 Posts)

John K. in Va.2,60303/28/2014 09:52AM

A new project that I launched .....sorta related to relics and history.

RM18909/29/2014 04:21PM

Cool stuff nice pics. (n/t)

ReidMan2109/29/2014 10:44PM

Very cool Rick! Was that you that started the FB page as well? (n/t)

cumberlandgray1609/29/2014 10:08PM

Are you accepting photos to be added to your website? (n/t)

cedarcreek1509/29/2014 09:30PM

Re: A new project that I launched .....sorta related to relics and history.

Dustyrelics2109/29/2014 09:27PM

Re: A new project that I launched .....sorta related to relics and history.

RM1709/30/2014 07:32AM

Very nice work!!thumbs down (n/t)

JOE inMD1509/29/2014 07:40PM

Rick is it the same one on Facebook.?

xlting2409/29/2014 07:00PM

Look forward to the site when its up and running!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick1709/29/2014 05:46PM

Hello, I'm from Newport News, new to the forum

HighTechRedNeck10009/29/2014 05:24PM

You're in a good spot! (n/t)

Donnie B1709/29/2014 07:56PM

Welcomegood job (n/t)

JOE inMD1909/29/2014 07:41PM

My Blue and Gray

Blueandgray40809/26/2014 09:28PM

Re: My Blue and Gray

John K. in Va.7009/27/2014 07:15AM

Re: My Blue and Gray

Blueandgray4409/28/2014 08:30PM

Re: My Blue and Gray

Brdhunt3809/29/2014 12:26PM

Re: My Blue and Gray

John K. in Va.4309/29/2014 05:16PM

While we're waiting and preparing...

cumberlandgray50509/24/2014 05:24PM

Enjoyed it Tony...Can't wait! Great job. (n/t)

LeadHead2009/28/2014 09:15PM

Awesome Flash, Oh I mean Tony, LOL, Dang, I might just load up and head for Va. this fall! Wish all you guys the best of Luck, wish

ringfinder3709/26/2014 08:38PM

Re: While we're waiting and preparing...

55thVa4009/26/2014 08:15AM

Its DIV season !! ...way to bring it in Tony metal detecting smiley (n/t)

Va Dave3809/25/2014 12:42PM

Nice video. Watched it last week. Yeah... I recognize that spot, (n/t)

DwightS3509/25/2014 11:47AM

I watched this one yesterday on YouTube! Great video, Tony! There ain't nuthin better than Diggin' In Virginia!!!! (n/t)

Donnie B3909/25/2014 07:50AM

Man oh man, I'm ready!!!! (n/t)

dough3809/24/2014 10:01PM

Awesome Tony! I'm ready to go back! (n/t)

Rodney Cox (csadoc)4409/24/2014 09:13PM

Clearance items for sale - updated

Rose K. in Va.51009/26/2014 11:39AM

Thanks for your orders.....evrything is sold out. (n/t)

Rose K. in Va.2709/28/2014 11:49AM

I'll take the two grey XL's for Dad! one long sleeve amd one short sleeve (n/t)

SoMdRelicHunter2909/28/2014 10:34AM

Re: Clearance items for sale - updated

ckmax2709/28/2014 08:27AM

Rose I will take a 2xl olive if you still have one available. Please let me know and I will send you the money. Thanks. (n/t)

Bootyhunter2709/27/2014 07:10PM

Hello Rose, I will take the 2 - 3 XL pocket T's in chocolate brown if you still have them (n/t)

Leebo in SC2709/27/2014 12:25PM

Re: Clearance items for sale

Blueandgray3009/26/2014 09:06PM

Re: Clearance items for sale

Rose K. in Va.4909/27/2014 07:00AM

Re: Clearance items for sale

Blueandgray2509/28/2014 08:26PM

Re: Clearance items for sale

metalman2509/26/2014 07:36PM

Re: Clearance items for sale

mtwolf22702009/26/2014 06:53PM

I'll take the last beige 2XL pocket T, Rose. (n/t)

mmurray5902609/26/2014 03:46PM

I will tale 1 -2 XL tan & 1 - Pocket 2 XL beige Thanks (n/t)

SharkHunter3109/26/2014 03:26PM

Thanks Rose..I will buy the 1...2XL Beige Crewneck (n/t)

ltdennis2009/26/2014 12:56PM

Re: Clearance items for sale

jrobertson3509/26/2014 12:29PM

I was reading…. Attachments

mahone44809/25/2014 11:57AM

Very cool Randy! I love this stuff!!! (n/t)

cumberlandgray2409/28/2014 01:39PM

Re: I was reading….

Earl K. in Va.5609/25/2014 06:16PM

Page 287 describes the size of the hall for the Washington Ball

xlting3909/25/2014 02:40PM

if I were a betting man, I'd bet it was right in Stevensburg itself.

Streak!3909/25/2014 12:49PM

Believe it was located at the peak of Cole's Hill (n/t)

Va Dave3009/25/2014 12:24PM

A little late...but here are my DIV 26 and 27 finds (plus some ID help) Attachments

RelicFanatic49209/24/2014 09:01PM

Wow! Fantastic! Doesn't get any better than that! good job (n/t)

cumberlandgray2209/28/2014 01:35PM

Congratulations Tim, the Wreath is a once in a Lifetime recovery, Awesome, hope the hunt in October is just as good for you and all of the DIV participants ! (n/t)

ringfinder2709/26/2014 08:08PM

Thanks Dennis for those kind words! (n/t)

RelicFanatic2009/27/2014 12:01AM

You did excellent Tim, WTG!!!! It was nice meeting you. (n/t)

mmurray5903209/26/2014 03:52PM

Thanks Mike! I couldn't have done it without you...

RelicFanatic2409/27/2014 12:00AM

sweet finds! Congrats and hope you do as well next month! (n/t)

fever874409/25/2014 10:47AM

Thanks John! (n/t)

RelicFanatic4109/25/2014 05:07PM

Diggin' In Virginia!!! (n/t)

Donnie B4509/25/2014 06:13AM

Re: A little late...but here are my DIV 26 and 27 finds (plus some ID help)

55thVa5709/24/2014 10:50PM

Thanks for the IDs Joe! Glad you liked them! (n/t)

RelicFanatic4309/24/2014 11:27PM

Prayer Request

Rose K. in Va.50409/24/2014 03:00AM

Hope they all feel better soon ! (n/t)

A HUNTER2209/27/2014 10:46PM

Re:hoping and praying for a speedy recovery (n/t)

s. p. watson2009/27/2014 08:46PM

Prayers sent! (n/t)

Meals552009/27/2014 03:08PM

Great news (n/t)

xlting2109/27/2014 10:14AM

Get well soon, prayers sent (n/t)

time preserver1909/27/2014 09:33AM

Glad to hear everybody is getting well Tod. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2009/27/2014 09:17AM

Prayers for their quick healing. (n/t)

It's RG2009/27/2014 08:31AM

Thanks Everybody! Getting better every day.

Todd K in Va4809/27/2014 07:25AM

Great News, Todd!....Glad The Kids Are Well, Too...However........

Doug (On the Chesapeake)3009/27/2014 06:38PM

Great news prayers work. (n/t)

jrobertson2009/27/2014 07:49AM

Take it easy for a few days!!!! They did some poking around in there....

DwightS1709/27/2014 07:36AM

Rose, how did Todd do with the Surgery, hope Chase and Alyssa are doing better too! (n/t)

ringfinder2309/26/2014 08:14PM

Your family are in our prayers (n/t)

BJ @ Cass2509/26/2014 09:58AM

Prayers sent for Todd and Alyssa's speedy recovery. (n/t)

Mike in Cassville3009/25/2014 10:34PM

There in our family's prayers. (n/t)

DIGGER7312109/25/2014 09:40PM

Always praying for DIV family, trust all went well today. (n/t)

Va Dave2609/25/2014 07:59PM

Prayers sent, hope all is well. Reid (n/t)

ReidMan2509/25/2014 05:46PM

Re: Dear Rose and John, Prayers sent. They will be fine in no time. (n/t)

George Kinzee2509/25/2014 05:07PM

Rose your family are in our prayers . (n/t)

jrobertson2409/25/2014 04:05PM

In my prayers.. (n/t)

dand2709/25/2014 03:55PM

Prayers sent (n/t)

gdigger2409/25/2014 02:29PM

Praying for the whole family. (n/t)

North Georgia Relics2409/25/2014 01:14PM

Thinking about the entire Kendrick family. Multiple sicknesses can cause a lot of stress on families. (n/t)

DwightS2209/25/2014 11:45AM

Prayer on the way (n/t)

metalman2409/25/2014 10:22AM

Prayer send, hope all went well! (n/t)

nc-joe2509/25/2014 09:49AM

hope all is well (n/t)

hang75752809/25/2014 05:12AM

Prayers have been sent for Todd and family!!! (n/t)

Fred in NC3109/24/2014 11:10PM

Prayers sent...That is a lot for one family to go through. (n/t)

ValleyDigger2909/24/2014 10:53PM

Praying for a speedy recovery for everyone. (n/t)

dough2909/24/2014 10:04PM

Re: Prayer Requestprayers are on the way (n/t)

shamborelics2609/24/2014 09:55PM

in our thoughts and prayers (n/t)

mtwolf22702409/24/2014 09:04PM

Prayers are on the way Rose. (n/t)

Roger Duron2609/24/2014 09:04PM

Done (n/t)

Georgia Jumper2909/24/2014 08:41PM

Prayers on the way! (n/t)

RelicFanatic2909/24/2014 08:22PM

Sorry to hear they are sick. Prayers on the way for healing. (n/t)

cumberlandgray2909/24/2014 07:50PM

Prayers Sent (n/t)

artydigger3109/24/2014 07:29PM

ALL are in our prayers Miss Rose. (n/t)

Streak!2609/24/2014 06:36PM

On my prayer list. (n/t)

Velke3209/24/2014 06:25PM

Praying for you & your family! Praying for a speedy recovery! (n/t)

1eyejack3009/24/2014 06:21PM

They are in our thoughts & prayers! Hoping for a speedy recovery! (n/t)

Diggin History3209/24/2014 05:30PM

Prayers sent (n/t)

kyrebel2909/24/2014 04:50PM

Prayers For The Entire Family, Rose....

Doug (On the Chesapeake)3309/24/2014 04:48PM

Prayer sent... (n/t)

thomasbunnell2709/24/2014 04:40PM

Prayers sent for a full & speedy recovery for all. (n/t)

Gord (Tecumseh)3209/24/2014 04:10PM

They are in my prayers Rose. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2209/24/2014 04:00PM

Prayers on their way for both of them Rose. (n/t)

mmurray5902809/24/2014 03:29PM

Re: Prayer Request

Magicfireman2709/24/2014 10:09AM

Prayers sent Rose. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti3009/24/2014 09:47AM

We will keep them in our thoughts and prayers for a safe and speedy recovery (n/t)

John in Wilmington2709/24/2014 09:18AM

Prayers OTW! (n/t)

Rodney Cox (csadoc)3009/24/2014 08:41AM

We'll keep your family in our prayers Rose (n/t)

kydiggin3609/24/2014 08:18AM

We will keep Todd and his family in our prayers (n/t)

ringfinder3309/24/2014 08:11AM

They are in my prayers. (n/t)

treasurehound3409/24/2014 08:11AM

Re: Prayer Request

55thVa3909/24/2014 08:07AM

Prayers on the way Rose (n/t)

va digger 663409/24/2014 07:45AM

Our thoughts and prayers are with them. (n/t)

kevin baptiste4009/24/2014 06:41AM

Sending up prayers for Todd and Alyssa. I had appendicitus a few years ago and was back up within a couple of weeks. They didn't cut me open like in the old days. They went thru my belly button......kinda like arthroscopic surgery. (n/t)

Donnie B3609/24/2014 06:18AM

Praying (n/t)

Leebo in SC3109/24/2014 06:16AM

They are in Our Prayers (n/t)

xlting3209/24/2014 06:15AM

We are praying for the family Rose !! (n/t)

yogipa3309/24/2014 06:07AM

Common problem for us relic hunters... Who fixes shorted out headphones?

Rodney Cox (csadoc)31209/23/2014 07:02PM

Thank you everyone for your input, especially Streak!

Rodney Cox (csadoc)3109/27/2014 05:58PM

Detector Pro will not repair any phone other than theirs!! (n/t)

47th Ky4509/24/2014 08:23PM

Send them to me Mr. Rodney. I'll fix em all for you.

Streak!5209/24/2014 06:38PM

That would be great Streak...

Rodney Cox (csadoc)5609/24/2014 08:54PM

when my Sun Ray set shorted out, I sent them to

Kim J7109/24/2014 07:58AM

Dont know about the others but Gray Ghosts have a lifetime warranty Doc. They have outsatnding customer service.I have 3 pair and they have always got them repaired and returned quick (n/t)

ronr5009/23/2014 10:25PM

I've sent phones back to Detector Pro a couple times for repair and they were....

cumberlandgray8009/23/2014 08:10PM

Garrett AT Pro

ret0126109/26/2014 10:12PM

Re: Garrett AT Pro

hendu3609/27/2014 02:34PM

Re: Garrett AT Pro

PaHunter852709/27/2014 09:53AM

Re: Garrett AT Pro

ret012709/27/2014 11:47AM

There are a number of posts on this.

DwightS3009/27/2014 06:21AM

Re: There are a number of posts on this.

ret012309/27/2014 11:49AM

Please say prayers for Steve Adams and his family. His mother passed away this weekend. She was one of the sweetest people I have ever known. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick25409/21/2014 03:53PM

Prayers for Steve and his family. (n/t)

It's RG3109/27/2014 09:03AM

Prayers sent! (n/t)

1eyejack4309/24/2014 06:24PM

Prayers for Steve and his family on the way! (n/t)

Rodney Cox (csadoc)4209/23/2014 06:56PM

Prayers on the way for Steve and family (n/t)

va digger 665009/23/2014 05:09PM

So sorry to hear. Praying (n/t)

Leebo in SC5709/22/2014 09:48PM

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.......... (n/t)

Donnie B4409/22/2014 08:01PM

Steve sorry to here this you and your Family in our thoughts and Prayers. (n/t)

jeff5209/22/2014 07:53PM

So Very Sorry For The Loss Of Your Mother, Steve.....Know That You And Your Family Are In My Thoughts. (n/t)

Doug (On the Chesapeake)5509/22/2014 07:33PM

A Mothers love.......

Jimmieluv6909/22/2014 06:49PM

Prayers sent to Steve and his family, we are so sorry for your loss (n/t)

ringfinder5609/22/2014 06:24PM

Steve I am sorry to hear of your loss. My family's prayers are with you and yours. (n/t)

mmurray5906109/22/2014 02:56PM

Sorry for your loss Steve. (n/t)

Ken in Cinti6309/22/2014 07:42AM

Our deepest sympathy to Steve and his family. (n/t)

Rose K. in Va.6409/22/2014 06:27AM

Prayers and comfort for you and your family, Steve. Very sorry to hear about your Mom. (n/t)

Doug Stokes5409/21/2014 11:21PM

So sorry to hear this. My prayers go out to the family. (n/t)

Rick n Jefrstn5409/21/2014 10:11PM

Prayers go out for Steve and his family. (n/t)

Roger Duron6209/21/2014 09:15PM

Keeping Steve and his family in our prayers.. (n/t)

kydiggin5109/21/2014 09:10PM

Re: Prayers going out for Steve and his Family (n/t)

s. p. watson5509/21/2014 08:10PM

Our Prayers are with Steve and Family (n/t)

xlting5209/21/2014 06:50PM

Re: Please say prayers for Steve Adams and his family. His mother passed away this weekend. She was one of the sweetest people I have ever known.

Magicfireman5809/21/2014 05:46PM

Prayers for Steve and his whole family Dennis. May she rest in peace..... angel (n/t)

Streak!5809/21/2014 05:21PM

Still have 2 ride spots avalible for div

PaHunter8514209/26/2014 08:46PM

New Pinpointers

SharkHunter37109/22/2014 04:24PM

Re: New Pinpointers

47th Ky10209/23/2014 11:10AM

The X Pointer does cause interference with PI machines when turned on. I found that I needed to "turn off" the the headphones by flipping the switch on my Grey Ghosts when using it. (n/t)

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)5909/23/2014 10:52PM

Re: The X Pointer does cause interference with PI machines when turned on. I found that I needed to "turn off" the the headphones by flipping the switch on my Grey Ghosts when using it.

malcolm price7909/24/2014 11:59AM

This interference only occurs when the pinpointer is on.... you can't get the GPX far enough away to stop the interference. When its off there is no interference. smiling smiley (n/t)

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)4309/25/2014 11:19PM

Re: This interference only occurs when the pin-pointer is on.... you can't get the GPX far enough away to stop the interference. When its off there is no interference. smiling smiley

malcolm price4309/26/2014 12:08PM

Re: This interference only occurs when the pin-pointer is on.... you can't get the GPX far enough away to stop the interference. When its off there is no interference. smiling smiley

frog214209/26/2014 12:42PM

Re: Sorry, duplicate post

frog213909/26/2014 12:42PM

Thanks Duard, Congratulations on making it on hunt roster. (n/t)

SharkHunter6109/23/2014 03:57PM

Re: New Pinpointers

Towvan8709/22/2014 11:18PM

Try the BUY/SALE/Trade Forum (n/t)

Gord (Tecumseh)8109/22/2014 05:09PM

THANKS Gord bang head (n/t)

SharkHunter8009/22/2014 06:11PM

Re: THANKS Gord bang head

Allen in MT7309/23/2014 03:26PM

Need one more rider. Pick up at 8am and dig till 4pm. Pm me

James Dillow20009/24/2014 10:24PM

Re: Need one more rider. Pick up at 8am and dig till 4pm. Pm me

ret013209/25/2014 07:32PM

Re: Need one more rider. Pick up at 8am and dig till 4pm. Pm me

James Dillow2009/25/2014 07:49PM

Then and Now?

royski49409/20/2014 09:31PM

Re: Then and Now?

Earl K. in Va.8609/22/2014 05:14PM

Re: Then and Now?

PaHunter855409/23/2014 06:57PM

Re: Then and Now?

Earl K. in Va.4109/25/2014 06:27PM

Is there a certain software needed to open.

PMiller1428309/25/2014 01:33AM

Just make sure you have acrobat reader its a free download. (n/t)

ReidMan2809/25/2014 05:42PM

Depends on your browser I think.

Streak!3009/25/2014 12:35PM

No works the same as rest of forum bud (n/t)

va digger 662609/25/2014 06:37AM


PMiller1429009/25/2014 01:16AM

Not yet...the sign ups won't take place until after DIV 28. Just keep on checking the forum for updates, which should probably come in November (n/t)

RelicFanatic3609/25/2014 01:26AM

Re: Not yet...the sign ups won't take place until after DIV 28. Just keep on checking the forum for updates, which should probably come in November

PMiller145009/25/2014 01:28AM

Heres my son swearing in at Fort Lee today. Attachments

ReidMan27709/23/2014 10:17PM

Congratulations... (n/t)

dough2709/24/2014 10:03PM

thank him for his service Reid. you should be proud! (n/t)

Streak!2909/24/2014 06:35PM

Thank him as well as your other son. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2809/24/2014 04:36PM

Thank Him for His Courage and Dedication (n/t)

xlting3409/24/2014 11:14AM

Congrats for his service.

treasurehound3209/24/2014 08:17AM

Congratulations and thanks. (n/t)

kevin baptiste3109/24/2014 06:43AM

I'm sure you are Very Proud of your Son Reid, pass on my Thanks for his service for our Freedom! (n/t)

ringfinder2909/23/2014 10:28PM

Welcome to a new member of our DIV family Attachments

John in Wilmington22309/24/2014 09:13AM

precious!! (n/t)

Streak!3309/24/2014 06:31PM

Congrats to you and mom. She is sweet!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick3109/24/2014 04:37PM

Congrats to the NEW Mom & Dad

Gord (Tecumseh)3609/24/2014 04:05PM

Congratulations John!!! (n/t)

mmurray5903309/24/2014 03:28PM

Congrats! (n/t)

Meals553309/24/2014 12:16PM

Congrats (n/t)

xlting3209/24/2014 11:12AM

Congratulations (n/t)

Leebo in SC3509/24/2014 10:17AM

9 ~ XXVIII Alternates have moved up

Rose K. in Va.20509/23/2014 08:14AM

Congratulations one and all!! (n/t)

mmurray5903109/24/2014 03:32PM

Congratulations everyone!! (n/t)

Brian Aleksandrowicz4109/23/2014 12:10PM

Thanks John and Rose (n/t)

47th Ky4109/23/2014 10:56AM

Congratulations!!!!! Get ready for 3 days of fun.dance (n/t)

DwightS5409/23/2014 09:27AM

Thank you Rose! Looking forward to it! (n/t)

Randy D4309/23/2014 08:24AM

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