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Post those items you need to sell or find. 

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AnnouncementLong time member and now a new sponsor... JLowe's Guns10/17/2014 10:09AM
AnnouncementPlease welcome a new sponsoring detector dealer...East Coast Treasure Outfitters08/09/2014 08:37PM
AnnouncementMy Treasure Spot Sponsor, George Lesche at Predator Tools may have a deal for someone...02/21/2014 09:31AM
Even though My Treasure Spot is a nice friendly forum, please be careful when buying and selling items. Make sure that both parties fully understand the terms of the transaction. If possible, confirm the seller's physical address and phone number before sending any payment. Ask for references on a buyer or seller from other members of the forums.

As a service to your fellow buyers and sellers, please take the time to post a reply to the original post pertaining to the transaction. In this reply, please give a short description of your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the transaction including the seller or buyer's name. This will allow users to search for feedback for future transactions.

Under no circumstances will the website owners, hosts, advertisers, administrator and/or moderators be liable for any loss of revenue or anticipated profits, loss of goodwill or injury to reputation, losses suffered by third parties, or any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of this site regardless of the form of action.

This forum is for My Treasure Spot members to sell items that are for their personal use and for Sponsors to promote their business endeavors. If you are not a Sponsor and would like to use My Treasure Spot to sell items related to a business endeavor, contact me at donnie@smithutopia.com for info on becoming a sponsor.

Sticky PSA for the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum (1 Posts)

butch in colorado2,37708/15/2012 11:03PM

Sticky Folks, do not mention the names of any businesses unless they are a sponsor of My Treasure Spot. Part of the perks of being a sponsor is the right to use My Treasure Spot to promote their business. (n/t) (1 Posts)

Donnie1,59301/30/2012 08:25PM

Sticky IMPORTANT...Please read header at the top of this forum. Pay special attention to the last part... (1 Posts)

Donnie3,83707/14/2009 11:28PM


tnrelicman4711/24/2014 08:36AM


jtalley007511/24/2014 01:31PM


tnrelicman711/24/2014 02:49PM

Stock Battery for GPX 45,48,5000 FS

jrobertson11811/18/2014 10:50AM

Reduced to $300 (n/t)

jrobertson911/21/2014 12:49PM

Re: Stock Battery for GPX 45,48,5000 still FSgood job (n/t)

jrobertson1511/20/2014 07:48AM

Also have power cables FS

jrobertson2311/19/2014 09:04AM

One Coiltex power cables sold Thanks Steve. (n/t)

jrobertson1211/19/2014 10:22AM

Re: Second Coiltex power cables spoken for Thanks Ringfinder. (n/t)

jrobertson1311/19/2014 04:11PM

The stock Minelab cable is still available.

jrobertson2611/19/2014 06:48PM

Stock power cable is sold thanks Greg. (n/t)

jrobertson411/23/2014 09:13PM

F/S Camo headphones Attachments

SkiWhiz6411/23/2014 10:52AM

CS Sales & Services GPX5000 Trade-In Special

Bob The Big Hearted20511/14/2014 10:49AM

Re: CS Sales & Services GPX5000 Trade-In Special

Bob The Big Hearted4111/20/2014 09:47AM

Tekenetics T2 SE with the latest upgrades - IN STOCK!

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)8111/19/2014 09:19PM

F/S Garrett GTAX 550 With 3 Coils $250 Shipped Priority Attachments

husb227011/19/2014 03:14PM

FS- CS Saddle Shields Attachments

The Mountain Man19011/19/2014 10:11AM

For you guys that have F75's or F75 LTD's.... I think this is a great deal.

Streak!37711/04/2014 04:08PM

MY LTD should be back in a day or two. Will let everyone know how it went. (n/t)

Streak!4511/12/2014 05:56PM

Think im going to send mine in also. Heck just the tuneup might be worth the price. Reid (n/t)

ReidMan6411/06/2014 10:24PM

Its definitely a great deal!

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)8711/05/2014 10:47PM

But what about the T2's? (n/t)

JoshC-NC/VA7211/06/2014 10:52AM

T2s.... Nothing official... yet! cool smiley (n/t)

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)6611/06/2014 10:26PM

Re: But what about the T2's?

The Wolf8411/06/2014 09:16PM

Can't wait to hear something, I think my unit could use a tune-up, the extras would be a perk lol! (n/t)

JoshC-NC/VA5911/10/2014 07:03AM

Here it is - The official Teknetics T2 upgrade process!

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)3911/18/2014 11:24PM

Woohoo! Can't wait to try it out! happy (n/t)

JoshC-NC/VA1211/19/2014 07:43AM

FS- Whites DFX

The Mountain Man11311/18/2014 10:21AM

FS Whites 4X6 Eliptical DD coil & cover V rated $95 shipped.

Frank in NH6311/14/2014 02:02PM

Re: FS Whites 4X6 Eliptical DD coil & cover V rated $85 shipped. (n/t)

Frank in NH1311/17/2014 09:26AM

Coil Sold (n/t)

Frank in NH1111/18/2014 09:42AM

WTB used TDI coil - pm me if you have one - thx (n/t)

wv_relic_hunter6111/15/2014 04:04PM


Dtektor28610/28/2014 12:37PM


Dtektor3211/14/2014 08:43PM

FS Whites TRX pinpointer $115 shipped:

Frank in NH10111/12/2014 01:41PM

Re: FS Whites TRX pinpointer $110 shipped: (n/t)

Frank in NH3311/14/2014 02:00PM

GPX 5000 is SOLDt!!!!!!

jrobertson53710/30/2014 09:11AM

Re: GPX 5000 / FS this detector is mint!!!!!!!!!!

dkheider5511/13/2014 05:06PM

This is already a good deal but I will sweeten the deal a littlel!!!!!

jrobertson8811/12/2014 05:11PM

Re: GPX 5000 / FS this detector is mint!!!!!!!!!!

Hardcore12511/02/2014 10:25PM

If you were interested in the GPX I just listed it else where!!!!!!1 (n/t)

jrobertson9011/02/2014 11:36AM

I will list the price for the GPX 5000

jrobertson13410/31/2014 04:34PM

Re: I will list the price for the GPX 5000

dkheider3711/13/2014 05:04PM

Re: I will list the price for the GPX 5000

dkheider4411/13/2014 07:36AM

dkheider I set you a PM

jrobertson3411/13/2014 06:41PM

Will reduce price by $250 if you only want the GPX with one stock battery!!!!

jrobertson9810/31/2014 10:31AM

Re: GPX 5000 / FS this detector is mint!!!!!!!!!!

Gary in Old VA11310/30/2014 06:03PM

agreed on the clean part...

spear859710/31/2014 06:48AM

Slightly Used Minelab SDC 2300- Sold Pending Payment (n/t)

North Georgia Relics14011/13/2014 12:28PM

WTB...Fisher CZ 7a

Charles (Sabre)(Tx)8811/11/2014 09:17PM

Re: WTB...Fisher CZ 7a

jtalley0075411/12/2014 04:24PM

Re: WTB...Fisher CZ 7a

Charles (Sabre)(Tx)4111/12/2014 05:46PM

WTT Fisher CZ3D for F19:

Frank in NH14811/03/2014 01:11PM

Re: CZ3D has been sold. (n/t)

Frank in NH4511/12/2014 10:35AM

Frank....do you by any chance have an F75??? (n/t)

Streak!8311/04/2014 04:02PM

Re: Do not have a F75 only a F70! (n/t)

Frank in NH8111/04/2014 04:49PM

New old stock whites classic 2. With 8 inch coil and 10 inch dd coil Attachments

CBAILEY13711/11/2014 04:03AM

Im intetested

jtalley0076411/11/2014 08:08AM

Re: New old stock whites classic 2. With 8 inch coil and 10 inch dd coil

jtalley0075811/11/2014 08:07AM

WTB Garret AT Pro

Imdigginit13111/09/2014 01:00PM

Re: WTB Garret AT Pro

CajunCoinHunter8311/10/2014 04:59PM

Fort Bedford Detectors has one or two used AT-Pro's in stock. Give Kieth a call. He's a Treasure Spot sponsor and a great guy to do business with. You can find his number by clicking on his add in the banner above. (n/t)

Donnie B6511/09/2014 07:29PM

Thanks (n/t)

Imdigginit6511/09/2014 07:33PM

Here's Fort Bedford's number. I think he will have a nice used AT-Pro coming in this week.

Donnie B6511/09/2014 07:55PM

Thanks Donnie! And yes, I do have one coming in soon.... comes with both coils, only a few months old, smiling smiley (n/t)

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)6011/10/2014 11:20PM

OLD tin type photos

dangerousDAN19011/10/2014 07:58AM

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