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Post those items you need to sell or find. 

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AnnouncementI could use some opinions on adding some additional forums to the Spot...04/16/2014 07:42AM
Even though My Treasure Spot is a nice friendly forum, please be careful when buying and selling items. Make sure that both parties fully understand the terms of the transaction. If possible, confirm the seller's physical address and phone number before sending any payment. Ask for references on a buyer or seller from other members of the forums.

As a service to your fellow buyers and sellers, please take the time to post a reply to the original post pertaining to the transaction. In this reply, please give a short description of your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the transaction including the seller or buyer's name. This will allow users to search for feedback for future transactions.

Under no circumstances will the website owners, hosts, advertisers, administrator and/or moderators be liable for any loss of revenue or anticipated profits, loss of goodwill or injury to reputation, losses suffered by third parties, or any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of this site regardless of the form of action.

This forum is for My Treasure Spot members to sell items that are for their personal use and for Sponsors to promote their business endeavors. If you are not a Sponsor and would like to use My Treasure Spot to sell items related to a business endeavor, contact me at donnie@smithutopia.com for info on becoming a sponsor.

Sticky PSA for the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum (1 Posts)

butch in colorado1,77308/15/2012 11:03PM

Sticky Folks, do not mention the names of any businesses unless they are a sponsor of My Treasure Spot. Part of the perks of being a sponsor is the right to use My Treasure Spot to promote their business. (n/t) (1 Posts)

Donnie1,09701/30/2012 08:25PM

Sticky IMPORTANT...Please read header at the top of this forum. Pay special attention to the last part... (1 Posts)

Donnie3,16707/14/2009 11:28PM

Super nice AT Pro with extras for trade 0r sale

JonPa504/17/2014 11:09AM

Albert's Button Book and Guide to Albert's button book Attachments

ihuntrelics!8104/15/2014 10:53PM

Re: Albert's Button Book and Guide to Albert's button book

CajunCoinHunter804/16/2014 12:17PM

PM sent! (n/t)

ihuntrelics!204/16/2014 09:37PM

North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 A Roster Attachments

ihuntrelics!5804/15/2014 10:09PM

Re: North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 A Roster

steeleman804/16/2014 04:11PM

PM sent! (n/t)

ihuntrelics!104/16/2014 09:36PM

F/S Teknetics Omega

SkiWhiz2604/16/2014 07:44PM

Minelab Explorer XS 300$

JHR_VA7804/14/2014 04:18PM

250 shipped (n/t)

JHR_VA504/16/2014 03:59PM

The Civil War Experience Attachments

ihuntrelics!4604/15/2014 11:08PM

Great Maps of the Civil War Attachments

ihuntrelics!7004/15/2014 11:01PM

Kentucky Cavaliers in Dixie by George Dallas Mosgrove Attachments

ihuntrelics!2304/15/2014 10:24PM

Round Ball to Rimfire part 4 Attachments

ihuntrelics!4504/15/2014 10:17PM

Fisher f75 LTD for sale

littleREBEL8604/15/2014 07:25PM

I am looking for a used or new Whites Royal 800 coil Drop me a line. (n/t)

Gary in Old VA2904/11/2014 08:47PM

Found one Thanks Erik (n/t)

Gary in Old VA704/15/2014 06:32PM

For Sale-White's TDI excellent condition also Blue&Gray Pro

stymied12804/14/2014 06:00PM

Do you have photos Jerry? (n/t)

xlting804/15/2014 01:15PM

Re: Do you have photos Jerry?

stymied1404/15/2014 02:45PM

Re: Do you have photos Jerry?

xlting1004/15/2014 03:06PM

Re: Do you have photos Jerry?

stymied804/15/2014 04:08PM

Re: For Sale-White's TDI excellent condition also Blue&Gray Pro

tmanly2704/14/2014 08:19PM

Re: For Sale-White's TDI excellent condition also Blue&Gray Pro

stymied2204/15/2014 12:00PM

For sale….CZ 70 pro/ or CZ 6A Attachments

Sonny(IN)12504/09/2014 06:19PM

Re: For sale….CZ 70 pro/ or CZ 6A

Sonny(IN)2904/11/2014 10:10AM

I'll take the CZ 6A (n/t)

Tony in Ohio1504/10/2014 07:45AM

pm sent (n/t)

Tony in Ohio1004/10/2014 05:27AM

Re: For sale….CZ 70 pro/ or CZ 6A (n/t) Attachments

Sonny(IN)2904/09/2014 06:22PM

Re: For sale….CZ 70 pro/ or CZ 6A

DanielJYnacay1004/15/2014 03:37PM

Re: For sale….CZ 70 pro/ or CZ 6A

DanielJYnacay1904/12/2014 10:53PM

WTB Razorback 8.5x11 TDI Mono Coil

TabWhisperer2504/15/2014 12:10PM

WTB Minelab Harness

47th Ky8804/11/2014 11:08AM

Re: WTB Minelab Harness, found one, thanks John at JDUG (n/t)

47th Ky804/13/2014 04:10PM

Where do you live? (n/t)

JDug1804/12/2014 09:19PM

GPX 4800 plus Goldscreamer, used very little, $4000 shipped Conus Attachments

Bootyhunter6404/13/2014 11:08AM

Sold Attachments

jimsjunk31303/31/2014 08:27PM

Re: Minelab gpx 4800. Almost new $2850.00

Fletch883404/13/2014 10:22AM

FS Tesoro Toltec II Attachments

Woodchuck93903/01/2013 04:35PM

Re: FS Tesoro Toltec II

DanielJYnacay2004/12/2014 11:18PM

keep on bumpinggood job (n/t)

Gary in Old VA6203/15/2013 09:16PM

bumparoohot smiley (n/t)

Gary in Old VA7803/12/2013 07:23PM

Folks this is a very clean unit I have had it in my hand a good job9 out of 10 (n/t)

Gary in Old VA9403/09/2013 09:36PM

Re: FS Tesoro Toltec II PRICE LOWERED $225 (n/t)

Woodchuck8603/06/2013 04:09PM

Re: FS Tesoro Toltec II PRICE LOWERED $200

Woodchuck33603/16/2013 01:23AM

Re: FS Tesoro Toltec II PRICE LOWERED $200

Mrusa10010303/16/2013 06:52PM

Re: FS Tesoro Toltec II NO Longer FS

Woodchuck10003/17/2013 03:28AM

Re: FS Tesoro Toltec II NO Longer FS

whoppy3810/29/2013 07:07AM

Found one-WTB Whites TDI SL

TabWhisperer7204/12/2014 10:16PM

Trade Fisher ID Excel Weighs 2.7 LBS { Retail new $499.00 } for Tesoro Golden Sabre / high tones. Or sell-or?? Attachments

Chuck,Diggin'it in Florida3004/12/2014 12:41PM

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