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Buy / Sale / Trade

Post those items you need to sell or find. 

Even though My Treasure Spot is a nice friendly forum, please be careful when buying and selling items. Make sure that both parties fully understand the terms of the transaction. If possible, confirm the seller's physical address and phone number before sending any payment. Ask for references on a buyer or seller from other members of the forums.

As a service to your fellow buyers and sellers, please take the time to post a reply to the original post pertaining to the transaction. In this reply, please give a short description of your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the transaction including the seller or buyer's name. This will allow users to search for feedback for future transactions.

Under no circumstances will the website owners, hosts, advertisers, administrator and/or moderators be liable for any loss of revenue or anticipated profits, loss of goodwill or injury to reputation, losses suffered by third parties, or any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of this site regardless of the form of action.

This forum is for My Treasure Spot members to sell items that are for their personal use and for Sponsors to promote their business endeavors. If you are not a Sponsor and would like to use My Treasure Spot to sell items related to a business endeavor, contact me at donnie@smithutopia.com for info on becoming a sponsor.

Sticky PSA for the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum (1 Posts)

butch in colorado3,15508/15/2012 11:03PM

Sticky Folks, do not mention the names of any businesses unless they are a sponsor of My Treasure Spot. Part of the perks of being a sponsor is the right to use My Treasure Spot to promote their business. (n/t) (1 Posts)

Donnie2,21301/30/2012 08:25PM

Sticky IMPORTANT...Please read header at the top of this forum. Pay special attention to the last part... (1 Posts)

Donnie4,65407/14/2009 11:28PM

Looking for a used Garrett Infinium to buy (n/t)

Keystone37809/03/2015 10:42PM

FS...8x6 SEF Coil for Whites V3, V3I, DFX, MXT, M6 $105 shipped. Attachments

Dan(NM)2109/02/2015 09:04PM

SOLD !!!! (n/t)

Dan(NM)209/03/2015 10:18PM

FS/ Trade Etrac package

Adam(Va)2409/03/2015 04:11PM

Re: FS/ Trade Etrac package

ARTIE709/03/2015 05:00PM

For Sale - Rhode Island Providance Horse Guards Caot Button, Non dug excellant condition

time preserver9108/21/2015 02:30PM


time preserver809/03/2015 12:17PM


time preserver15708/21/2015 02:35PM


time preserver1009/03/2015 07:42AM

Minelab GPX 4500s in stock and ready to go!

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)24508/08/2015 10:41PM

Get yours before the big dig this fall! (n/t)

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)3008/22/2015 07:10AM

We also have the popular 10"x5", 15"x12", and 18" DD coils in stock smiling smiley (n/t)

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)909/02/2015 02:55PM

For Trade: Lortone qt6 6 LB Rotary Rock Tumbler Cleaner Attachments

Texasclaydigger4709/02/2015 11:48AM

Fort Bedford Used Detector list including a GP3500, X-Terra 705, Teknetics T2SE and more

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)23308/20/2015 01:16PM

Updates: Added a Tejon and a DFX... others gone!

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)809/02/2015 11:38AM

This list was just updated. The price was lowered on the GP3500, Deus. Added an Etrac and X1 Probe! (n/t)

Fort Bedford (Mach 1 Pilot)3508/27/2015 11:19PM

New Tesoros in Black with 11" x 8" Widescan Coil Attachments

RichardnTn5109/01/2015 12:52PM

Infinium 10 x 14 mono, 8" mono, straight shaft, headphone adapter.

ReidMan5408/31/2015 10:52PM

XP Deus WS4 with 11 inch coil

paulsbox8508/31/2015 08:57PM

FS/FT Whites DFX 300 Packagemetal detecting smiley (SOLD PENDING PAYMENT) Attachments

crevias10508/27/2015 07:59PM


crevias1308/31/2015 02:29PM

Package is back up FS/FT because of none payment shrug (n/t)

crevias2208/28/2015 04:18PM

WTB...Whites 10" D2 coil for the MXT.

Dan(NM)2708/29/2015 06:00PM

Found one !! (n/t)

Dan(NM)708/31/2015 08:41AM

Garrett ATX PI for sale (just in time for DIV)

Donnie16408/18/2015 03:02PM

Price drop to $1550.00 or make reasonable offer (n/t)

Donnie1708/29/2015 01:24PM

Hey DIV'rs Whites TDI SL for sale!

indiana j12408/29/2015 12:04PM

Want to Buy, 11th Corps Badge, Dug

ericchampigny9608/28/2015 06:15PM

FOR SALE - Very Rare C. S. Gardner Pattern Wood Canteen. One of the ones from the Cache found in Washington GA in 2010

time preserver19308/22/2015 06:42PM

Yes, that is the price, i have it listed on the main description page at the bottom (n/t)

time preserver1908/28/2015 05:36PM

Whats the price? (n/t)

Dennis Andrick2708/24/2015 06:02PM

Shows $2695 on the website. (n/t)

Strycker1808/27/2015 10:29PM

Framed/Matted Mort Kunstler Print - REDUCED TO $200 Attachments

MosbySt20508/19/2015 08:07AM

BUMP (n/t)

MosbySt1608/27/2015 11:51AM

REDUCED TO $300 (n/t)

MosbySt3808/20/2015 01:29PM


Strycker2508/27/2015 10:31PM


MosbySt1508/28/2015 03:03PM

MXT for sale. Comes with standard 950 coil and the 6x9 DD coils and coil covers and lower rods. (n/t)

EROK12208/22/2015 06:29PM

$450 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 Or Trade for a nice GARRETT AT PRO

EROK2508/28/2015 11:24AM

PM SENTrock (n/t)

dodirtdigger1908/28/2015 12:16PM

Re: MXT for sale. Comes with standard 950 coil and the 6x9 DD coils and coil covers and lower rods.

7centsworth4008/22/2015 10:34PM

$600 shipped lower 48 (n/t)

EROK2708/24/2015 07:13AM

Like New Garrett AT PRO and Extra Coil

Newdigger10408/27/2015 08:37PM

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