Had a very slow morning this past Sunday and I certainly worked hard for these finds today, but it paid off! Once again...shotgun shell after shotgun shell, but you gotta dig'em! I finally come across a 3 ringer! So I slowed it way down and worked the area...nothing else. I just started slowing it down and gridding out areas. I came across a bouncy(but good signal, 70 vdi) and it turned out to be 3 wheat pennies in one hole...then 2 inches from that another wheat. Not bad I thought! Dates are: 1912, 1916 S, 1917 D and 1920. Well I'm back at gridding the area out after that. Pretty dry spell after that then I dug a .54 cal. confederate gardner. Once again I slowed down and worked the area, but nothing again. Just a random drop.

Back at it again and I come across a 50-55 vdi(which is a good chance to be indian head on my F75, but wasn't getting my hopes up) lifted the clump and to my surpise an indian was staring back at me! Rescanned the hole...another one! 1900 and 1901! I keep gridding out the area and run across a high 80 vdi and thought for sure it was gonna be a clad quarter for some reason. To my surpise it was an 1845 braided hair large cent!! WOW! I just got a penny trifecta! Pretty darn cool and a first for me. I work my way to one of the fields close to the house and I ended up finding two 3 ringers and a sharps. Making my way back I found an alluminum(I'm guessing) 2 cent token, but unfortunately I dropped it while putting it in my pocket I think. Guess I'll have to go back and find it! Anyway...a slow morning turned out to be a pretty good day for me. I keep learning to dig those iffy signals and it's a must for everyone 'cause you just never know! Thanks for looking and happy hunting!

Nice Finds! (n/t)
April 21, 2012 10:49PM
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Nice coins!! (n/t)
April 19, 2012 09:53PM
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nice finds... (n/t)
April 17, 2012 08:39PM
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Proud of my Great, Great Granduncle who took a stand against Tyranny - Private Durham P. Bunnell, Company H, 46th Regiment, North Carolina State Troops! Wounded at the Wilderness - captured at Hatcher's Run! May I measure up to his example!
Hey, great hunt and wonderful finds.

Saving history one pull tab at a time.
April 17, 2012 02:32PM
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Nice finds! clap (n/t)
April 17, 2012 10:46AM
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Nice digs... (n/t)
April 17, 2012 08:50AM
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