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This is what I would do....

What do you think??
May 13, 2012 12:04AM
Found these today, along with some indian head, merc, wheaties, rimfires..
The army occupied this area in the 60''s, "1860's", then turned over to the tribal government after that.
But what kind of button or token?? I have the slightest clue??
Anyway, gives an idea, hope it helps.
Thanks for looking.
Larry O UT

Weekend Totals.....rock
May 29, 2012 09:41PM
Here are the overall finds, I'm still trying to get this machine down, I left my XLT at home so I wouldnt fall back on it but I sure wish I wouldnt have. ;)
Anyway I have yet to figure the token and eagle button but neverless it was a decent hunt for being in the middle of the desert here in Utah.
Missing are 2 Indians and 2 wheaties, I gave them to my niece, she was alll the help you could ask for..
1915, 1944-D Wheaties, 1897, 1899, 1900, 1906 Indians, 1905-S Barber, 1940-S Merc, 1987 One pound Queen Eliz, 1951 SLC driver badge, Eagle button, Old model Ford button<-- I like that one!!
bullet casings, yada yada, It was a good one overall!!. And I just found the old school so there is yet to come!!

Happy Hunting Ya'll...

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Re: What do you think??
May 15, 2012 08:44AM
Hello Larry, my name is Robert. I too switched from whites to minelab, however I had the DFX. My Dfx out of the box had great preset programs, but when I wanted to tweak them...Holy moley!

I've had my ETRAC about a week or two now and I am totally killing it! I recommend you download the emulator software on the etrac web page (its in the specifications page) if you haven't already done so. This allows you to practice at home and its an amazing, great way to get used to the menus.

As far as tones, you can set the etrac to respond to single beeps (1 tone) 2 tones 4 tones and multi (numerous tones). The etrac can also be set to respond to ferrous or conductivity. I personally recommend the conductivity setting for coins and the ferrous setting for relics. These settings are in the audio menu. I always perform a noise cancel whenever I start.

Expert settings: I keep ground settings at neutral, then monitor the sensitivity level on the right side. If it is staying low, bump up to the difficult setting. Depending on the amount of trash in the area, I leave trash density on low and deep recovery on. If the machine keeps blanking turn deep recovery off and trash density and recovery fast on (always have both of these on at the same time).
Discrimination patterns. This depends on what you want to dig I love the factory coins program. When I'm questioning a signal I just simply hit the quick mask button. This is a all metal pattern. When in doubt dig it out. Lastly, always monitor the depth gauge if its a low signal. I will usually just dig to be sure. Be confident the etrac is a super detector. Don't forget they'll answer any question you have. And get that emulator. I practiced with that for a month before my etrac arrived. Hope this helps, Robert.
Thanks Robert.. (n/t)
May 16, 2012 07:10AM
This message does not contain any text.
Any directions E-Trac help help
May 14, 2012 11:48PM
I'm planning on headed out again this weekend to see what I can dig up if the weather is good?
Im detecting my uncles land here, there was a trading post, blacksmith shop, post office, housings, etc...
Its on the reservation and has never been detected, I took the XLT out to get a quick idea, and found some cool stuff real quick.
Now I plan on taking the E-TRAC out and hitting it hard. But I moved from the XLT to the Minelab a few years back and only used it a few times.
This machine still has me crooked, I can wiz through with the XLT but the Minelab is just "pftttt"... "whatever".... beep..rippp..whaaaa....
I have the stock coil, the butterfly 14", the stealth X5, Sunray probe, but its like a whole new world to me, that I just cant grasp..
Now, if you dont mind me asking could any of you help me out here with the settings to ease this up a little??
I do have Andys book and and tons of different settings, but I'm at a loss here. I hear and dig, thats it...
What settings would you guys do in this type scenerio.
Ground is alkali, right below Stansbury Mtn range here in Utah...
Anyway; help me if you can, I cant take anyone out on the rez so I'm alone on this one.
When I'm digging good stuff typically I just shoot to kill, but the minelab I just cant sight in..

Thanks if you could help me out here.

Have a good one and happy hunting..

This is what I would do....
May 15, 2012 08:18AM
Put the stock coil on, forget about all the programs, open your screen up, wide open. Go to audio and set it up for TTF, 2 tone ferrous. It's in andys book. We have a bunch of callehole hunters up here, including myself and that is all we use. Your machine will make 2 noises, iron. Or. Nonferrous . Or no dig and dig... If you are in an iron infested envoi rent, use the Sunray 5 inch coil.

Virginia, here I come !!
Vermont, the Northern most shots fired in the Civil War.
Nice.. I will give it a try.. Thx.. (n/t)
May 16, 2012 07:13AM
This message does not contain any text.
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