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That bites

May 05, 2012 04:24PM
With permission from the land owner and blessings from the farmer until crops are in, today Teak and I got kicked off the field we have been hunting for the past 2 months.

The reason – Metal detectorists who took it upon themselves to hunt all around the area and felt they had the same rights as we did. The farmer had to police his fields and run off at least 10 different detectorists. In fact today, two of them were in his field that had crops in. WTS?

So, if you are a poster or lurker and you’ve been hunting up off Guinea Road in Gloucester, VA, thanks a million. You have ruined our fun time and made us look bad.



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I'm sorry to hear that Ina, too bad you couldn't have caught them, I would still
May 06, 2012 06:29PM
go back later and talk to the farmer. A little PR would be great too, maybe make up a collage of some of your finds and give it to him. Sort of a peace offering. It might

May 06, 2012 03:51PM
Hate that for you both. I know how hard we work to find sites and know all too well the feeling of having someone else just jump right in. Hopefully it was no one on this forum, but by all means let us know if they are.


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Its a common occurrence . . .
May 06, 2012 02:57PM
Same thing happens down here . I get permission from a farmer (took me a few months to find him). I go digging. The next weekend I pass by the field and there is an ASS WIPE "detectorist" digging with 2 more of his friends. No permission , just helps himself and leaves huge holes uncovered. I kindly went out there and "ran 'em off" myself. The nerve of some people. The bad really make it bad for the good. I feel your pain. CCH
That bites
May 06, 2012 11:41AM
You would think if they have rocks big enough to jump out there and roll the dice, they'd have the courage to just ask permission???????? Weird

Similar thing happened when I was in VA.. hunting a field w/ a friend and 3 people just drove right out into the field and started detecting. Turned out they "knew the owner's brother" and when they saw us detecting they figured they'd give it a go thumbs down
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Sorry to hear that Ina
May 06, 2012 08:03AM
I know you guys were really enjoying that site and had made some great finds there. It's a total shame there are people in this hobby (and unfortunately more of them than we'd like to believe) that have no morals and are so lazy that they can't go out and find sites for themselves. I can't tell you how many times in the last 15 years that I had permission turned down at a site because the property owner and/or farmer had a bad experience with a relic hunter (illegals sneaking out at nite, leaving holes everywhere, etc). It's just beyond me why anyone would behave this way. I guess there are bad apples in every aspect of life, including our hobby. So don't let it get you down. I know you and Teal are good guys and there will be many more sites for you to hunt. So keep your head high as you know you did things the right way, and can't control what others do. Good luck!
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That really bites! To bad you got bounced with the rest of the bad apples. (n/t)
May 05, 2012 08:35PM
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Sorry to hear that Ina , to bad he didn't call the law on them (n/t)
May 05, 2012 08:05PM
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James A. Farley
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May 05, 2012 05:25PM
Some people are rude and have no concern for other people or property! If you see a farm field that is planted why would u walk right into the field and start digging...not to mention you didn't have permission in the first place!

People like that are creating a big issue for the rest of us that do the proper thing by getting permission! I told the farmer I would not hunt anymore in the field that has been yielding some great finds for me and Sanddigger. Because since we have been detecting this little area others thought it is ok to start hitting the surrounding fields, some planted. The farmer told me in the last 2 weeks he has chased off between 10 to 12 people that were in fields detecting without permission! disappointed
May 05, 2012 05:25PM
Those folks who hunt without permission and say to themselves: "I GUESS that we can hunt here" or here is one they like to say: "It's easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission" make it very difficult on those of us who like to do it the RIGHT WAY!!!! The RIGHT WAY being: making sure that I have CURRENT permission and respecting the landowner's property.
That farmer makes his living from the (beans/corn/wheat) that those sorry rascals were trampling down just to fill that thrill of finding a relic. They are probably the type to dig and sell. I'm sorry man, I'm just aggravated right along with ya and can feel your upsetness. All because of some selfish metal detectorists. I hope that they read this if they are lurkers. And they very well may be readers of this forum. I hate that you lost your place to hunt.
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