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BlissTool settings and Information

BlissTool settings and Information
March 12, 2013 10:14PM
If you have a BlissTool, please add your information to this Topic!
I am just getting to know my BT, used it at DIV XXVI.
March 28, 2014 09:48AM
I was impressed with the way it was able to pick through the iron carpet I was hunting in. I was pulling out small bits of brass with good solid clear signals, even with nails in the same hole. This is the best target separation I have experienced with any machine so far. I was using the 11 inch coil, I sure hope they come out with the 7 inch coil I hear rumors about. On the last day I dug a really pretty Block I button at about 8 inches plus the 2 inches of snow would have made it about 10 inches deep. Very strong clear "dig me" signal. Gain was only set at 1.5, threshold at 4.5. Like I said, I have had limited time on this machine. I am excited to see what it is capable of once I really learn how to use it. I would love to hear from any of you that used one at DIV and what your experience was.

Roger Duron
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Thanks for the info, Great Post!
Re: BlissTool settings and Information
March 17, 2013 10:18PM

BLISSTOOL USA is currently Authorized Distributor

On 25 February 2013, BLISSTOOL made the decision to sell to other distributors in the USA market solely because of BLISSTOOL USA campaign related to promotion of the brand DeepTech.

At this stage, BLISSTOOL USA will continue as an authorized distributor and will receive constructive cooperation on our part.

BLISSTOOL thanked BLISSTOOL USA for constructive and fruitful cooperation in the past. They did a good job for promoting of BLISSTOOL brand in USA and were helpful to many USA customers. Thank also BLISSTOOL USA for their patience and support, given the long delay in the execution of their orders in 2012, during the expansion of our production capacity, and the resulting lack of opportunity we to deliver in time to all our distributors and customers. In this connection, the end customers with late deliveries will receive discounts on their future purchases.

BLISSTOOL will continue to provide direct support to all BLISSTOOL customers, including those in the USA. In this regard, according to the latest reports of our service and repair centers worldwide, but mainly in USA, from the last batch, there are a small amount of damaged detectors during transport. Currently we analyze the conditions that lead to damage to prevent future similar opportunities. For this purpose, if necessary, we will implement production changes, including improved transport packaging. If you received a damaged metal detector, we will repaired it at our expense in our main service and repair center in Bulgaria or in our service and repair center in USA, Florida. All BLISSTOOL metal detectors have a 3 year worldwide warranty for the quality of the produced components and in case of any factory flaws. In need of repair, please follow the instructions outlined in our warranty card as a manufacturer and/or contact the distributor/dealer from whom you bought your BLISSTOOL metal detector. You can also contact us directly via email or by phone +359883450667.

Please note that all BLISSTOOL metal detectors and all BLISSTOOL search coils are thoroughly tested at several stages during production and also tested through extensive field testing after manufacture. Such a procedure pass all BLISSTOOL metal detectors in the process of providing 100% performance.

Best Regards,

Ahmed Merchev
(President, sole owner and chief developer of BLISSTOOL)


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Re: BlissTool settings and Information
March 17, 2013 09:41PM
Hello everyone. I would like to share my experience with the blisstool V3 at div XXII. first I would like to thank John & Rose for another super hunt.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a blisstool. Day one for me was just a learning day. learning to ground balance and burying targets at different depths to see what it could do.
making many adjustments to get the best depth and signal clarity. The most important thing to do is to have it perfectly ground balanced, so signals will come in clearly. I noticed when the ground changes, especially on the hilltops where it was much hotter ground. the machine would sound like radiation, making crackling sizzling sounds, so it was time to re-ground balance. this machine is a single tone, beep & dig machine. learning to ground balance was a bit tricky at first. I felt more comfortable with it on day 2 as I continued to fine tune it. I noticed that the coil is very sensitive if bumped it would false a bit. So the best coil position was 1/2" to 1" off the ground and nice level smooth swing. depending on trash density you could swing it fast, but when trashy or nail infested areas you must work slower. The good signals always came in very clearly & crisp. bad signals always had a crackling noise. I dug a few nails not trusting it, trying to make a bad signal sound good. Even the deepest signals sound good 12+ inches, but are much shorter&quiter but still good.It will find very deep iron 2+ feet, because it is past discimination depth. I had to give up several super deep targets, It can find huts also,barrel bands,horseshoes etc. I picked up several bullets on top of the ground, it would double beep clearly on the surface targets. On day three I was rolling digging many bullets, some brass, A 1785 conn copper, a first for me. Also A block I coat button that broke.

I was able to run the gain @ 4 for maximun depth in the red hot dirt & it was running smooth. but at this gain level I would pick up surface hot rocks,but not a problem.
I talked to Carter pennington & he said I could ground balance the hot rocks out,WOW ground balance the hot rocks, what other vlf can do that? I dug 50+ bullets

here are my final V3 settings. GAIN: 3-4
in culpeper GROUND BALANCE: 6-8
So I really like this machine!!! Im going to sell my tdi & get another blisstool for my sweetheart Loretta, or Ladydigger. Ive signed her up for div 23& I hope she gets picked because she can dig some relics&coins & she is so darn lucky!!! also very fun to dig with & does not give up.

So over all I dug with ringfinder,fieldtracker,tony in oh, oh eric,& thomas & son. thanks you guys for all the fun.
I was comparing signals with the gpx4500, 2- gp3000's , 2- infiniums. they also tested me in the field, the bliss was right everytime. on one instance the gp3000 said good signal deep,the bliss crackled severly stating iron. I was right. bent nail.

Pm me for any questions. thankyou. hunterjoe.
Re: BlissTool settings and Information
August 23, 2013 01:51PM
Hi Hunter Joe
Sounds like your doing well with the Blisstool. You might want to try a ferrite ground balance. I have found this to work well in very trashy areas and it may help with those nasty hot rocks. Also Daryn Groves made a video about how to tune out hot rocks. I don't have them down here in Florida so I couldn't tell you first hand. Hope this helps you out.
Keep Diggin
The First time in the test garden it found all the brass buttons and the one Indian war repro belt plate I had planted several years ago. The buttons were buried at 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24 inches. The plate about 27" (so deep I couldn't be exactly sure). It discriminated out a good bit of iron spread throughout the garden, with discriminate level at 5 with no trouble, though I had the discriminate depth set too high for the low gain (about 1.5), so it supposedly could miss small, good targets at depth. If so, I can't say how deep this will actually go for a good target like a button or minnie or plate. If Angelico will dig a 36" hole for me, I'll bury another item to find out (his choice of which). I'm too olde to dig that deep just to fill it back up.

So I went to a battlefield (on private property with owner's permission of course) and found one modern .22 and one small caliber fired round ball, one tiny flatened ball (game piece?) and a surprise or two. One minnie had been made into a pencil, complete with halfmoon base cut for tip of index finger, and a worn 1903 V nickel (confederate, obviously). All small ones were found within 3 inches and all minnies at 6 to 8 inches. They are where they are found! I found a very nice horse shoe (looked handmade) with practically no rust, except for the remnants of nails still in it at 15", but it must have fallen out of my pouch before I left the woods. I also found a peanut butter aluminum wrapper at 25".

Discrimination works great for nails and smaller objects. Cannon balls, horseshoes and all aluminum will all give good signals at any depth, as will larger nails and shell frags. My testing isn't complete, and I don't know where to test in northern VA for DIV, however. The machine is far from complicated like a DFX, for example. But it has to ground balance to perfection and then be run in "auto" for best results for a novice Blisstoolist. I consider this a great result for a first-time out in a thoroughly hunted area which I only hunted about 7 hours, with lots of movement time.
In good ground (low mineralization). It is absolutely a Very deep detector with good relic-hunting discrimination in good soil; I'll report back after DIV as to highly conductive soil (according to the factory expert at minelab-not highly mineralized).

I'm a novice, and I approve of this message, which is my own opinion only. All comments are welcomed.

Some other things I learned but forgot to post. Later in the hunt, I learned some things:

One thing I learned: if a target crackles or clicks JUST ONCE, no need to try to repeat it till it sounds good; it's iron, regardless of more swinging of the coil.

Second thing: a great target just an inch or two beneath the soil will double beep like other VLFs sound when they cross a straight nail in a certain direction. Raise the coil and see how high it will signal the target and swing it as fast as you can over the target. If it sounds good in every direction (like going over a hub of a wagon wheel and moving in ever direction like spokes on a wagon wheel) and if's good all around, it's good to dig.

Third lesson: If a target breaks up during a swing in ANY direction, no need to keep trying to make it sound good: it IS IRON. On the other hand, if the target is truly good, you can whip the coil in every direction (only over the exact pinpoint of the target of course) as FAST as you possible can, and it will NOT breakup. A good signal will sound good unless you swing too slow.

Fourth: when you get a signal that sounds like it might be good, scrape away the leaves and sweep it again. If it still sounds good, dig it a depth of 4 or 5 inches and re-sweep it. If it breaks up, cover the hole. If it still sounds good (and you have it properly balanced and have the target pin-pointed), you probably have a keeper in the hole. Or it might be a large hunk of iron or junk. But you have to dig that signal!!!

In good soil with no aluminum and little iron chunks, this thing is amazing. But in a burned-out house site with lots of melted tin and aluminum it will still pick out the good stuff, but it will also pick the tin and aluminum. But it's pretty good to hunt in small to medium iron which has confused most other VLFs, which will sound-off as if good targets. Lots of iron will break up with this machine.

Uh,be,uh, abuuuh, abuuuh, abuuuh, that's all folks! metal detecting smileyCSA
Thanks for the info will try out your settings and the four lessons on my next outing.
Scott you didnt mention the soil conditions you were testing in
September 06, 2013 09:55PM
Bliss is trying to sell this as a highly mineralized soil detector. Is this the conditions that your test are based on ?

"I do my duty until the moment when battle begins: I then leave the matter to God." - General Robert E. Lee
Just wanted to say you made a very informative post or field test of the Blisstool. Good Job.
Keep Diggin
great info, Thanks (n/t)
March 14, 2013 08:54AM
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Great information Scott and Reggie, thanks for posting this info. Hope more folks post on this topic!

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