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Camera Corner

Discussions relating to all things involving photography. Share tips, hints, reviews or just show off those great pictures you have taken. Rick Martin has graciously offered to moderate and assist with this forum. 

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Rolling On The River Attachments

cedarcreek 796 11/16/2006 09:53AM

Very good picture (n/t)

wildman2ga 421 01/01/2007 11:25AM

Beautiful color Doug but one thing, is he doing his shark imatation?lol (n/t)

DblD 437 11/21/2006 09:53PM

Man thats a cool pic, love its eyes!!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 451 11/18/2006 05:37PM

Great Picture Cedar. (n/t)

PHOTOMAN 474 11/17/2006 12:33PM

Nice cedarcreek! (n/t)

mmurray590 450 11/17/2006 07:09AM

Re: Nice shot Creek, great color.......I like........... (n/t)

TennEarl 436 11/16/2006 08:44PM

Great shots!...really like the first one (n/t)

Erik Wagner 475 11/16/2006 01:28PM

Evil Eye Attachments

cedarcreek 480 11/16/2006 10:10AM

Nice pictures Creek. Man I gotta learn my camera!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 422 11/16/2006 10:58AM

Re: Them two great pics Creek, thanks thumbs up (n/t)

George Pa 455 11/16/2006 10:30AM

Welcome to all........

RM 747 11/10/2006 04:59AM

Very good idea (n/t)

wildman2ga 429 01/01/2007 11:24AM

Great idea RM.good job (n/t)

PHOTOMAN 471 11/17/2006 12:50PM

Thanks RM ,cool idea . (n/t)

jeff 460 11/12/2006 06:52PM

Re Thanks for the forum RM great looking so far smiling smiley (n/t)

George Pa 456 11/12/2006 05:17PM

Rick, great idea on the forum, it was a pleasure meeting you at DIV!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 459 11/11/2006 07:09AM

Re: Welcome to all........

Caretaker 499 11/10/2006 07:33PM

i need all the help i can understand !!! (n/t)

creekrat 418 11/10/2006 08:35AM

Thanks for the tips you gave me at the dig RM....... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 455 11/10/2006 08:07AM

Just another pretty pic near my house here in Lynchburg,Tn. Attachments

alex 787 11/16/2006 11:37AM

That is some very nice land (n/t)

wildman2ga 379 01/01/2007 11:23AM

Beautiful country, I can almost see the relics laying out there waiting for me!!!lol (n/t)

DblD 476 11/21/2006 07:11AM

Beautiful view Alex!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 447 11/18/2006 05:34PM

Great scenery alex, thanks for the pic. (n/t)

mmurray590 460 11/17/2006 07:07AM

Re: Nice Shot Alex......Beautiful Country................ (n/t)

TennEarl 501 11/16/2006 08:46PM

Re: Beautiful country and looks like prime hunting too smiling smiley (n/t)

George Pa 428 11/16/2006 04:04PM

It is prime hunting. Growing up here ..........

alex 437 11/16/2006 08:29PM

Re: That you are sir, to have the luck to hunt all that beautiful country side. (n/t)

George Pa 452 11/19/2006 08:51PM

Very pretty country you have there!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 439 11/16/2006 02:31PM

Cool shot...but you need to get rid of that date stamp (n/t)

Erik Wagner 521 11/16/2006 01:26PM

I would if I knew how. I know how to leave it off when I use my camera. But at that time I had forgot about it. (n/t)

alex 407 11/16/2006 03:02PM

Is that a public road or your driveway? (n/t)

cedarcreek 465 11/16/2006 12:03PM

It's a county road between mine and my parents house. (n/t)

alex 457 11/16/2006 03:00PM

I've been spotted! Attachments

cedarcreek 783 11/18/2006 09:27PM

Time for that front leg to start kicking (n/t)

wildman2ga 446 01/01/2007 11:22AM

Great shot Doug, nice, clear & very close! (n/t)

DblD 462 11/21/2006 07:06AM

Nice shot!!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 497 11/19/2006 09:05PM

Re: heck i had them stop and watch me for over 20 minutes at times, kind of neat to look back at em ,, thumbs up (n/t)

George Pa 503 11/19/2006 09:10AM

Me to Doug. Been spotted more than once!!! GL deer hunting!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 483 11/18/2006 09:54PM

I like it !good job (n/t)

Erik Wagner 491 11/18/2006 09:31PM

Proper form aids in accuracy when firing long arms........ Attachments

Tn. Rocks 723 11/20/2006 12:21AM

That was a cool picture Thanks (n/t)

wildman2ga 428 01/01/2007 11:20AM

Great post Rocks!!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 438 11/20/2006 09:30AM

Re: Dems pretty markers. (n/t)

George Pa 420 11/20/2006 08:34AM

Cool pictures Rocks!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 431 11/20/2006 08:30AM

The old Church in Mount Jackson Attachments

Dennis Andrick 725 11/19/2006 03:00PM

Very nice pics Dennis Thanks (n/t)

wildman2ga 417 01/01/2007 11:19AM

Nice pics Dennis!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 460 11/19/2006 09:03PM

Re: Dennis did i see that one ? it looks like the one on the main drag smiling smiley (n/t)

George Pa 427 11/19/2006 05:19PM

Thats the one I pointed out to you.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 514 11/19/2006 06:35PM

Re: O.K. Thanks Dennis,, i thought it was... (n/t)

George Pa 428 11/19/2006 08:45PM

Zouaves on the march Attachments

Erik Wagner 914 11/17/2006 09:09PM

very neat picture (n/t)

wildman2ga 439 01/01/2007 11:19AM

Re: Now thats a very nice pictuer Erik, thanks smiling smiley thumbs up (n/t)

George Pa 510 11/19/2006 08:47PM

Great pic Erik!!!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 490 11/18/2006 05:31PM

They look a little more well fed than the original boys (n/t)

cedarcreek 523 11/18/2006 03:01PM

I like this new forum.................... (n/t)

Jimmy/Tn 446 11/18/2006 10:41AM

Very nice picture Erik!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 474 11/17/2006 09:10PM

Always watch your rear Attachments

cedarcreek 784 11/21/2006 08:33PM

Re: Thats a awesome shot, very nice smiling smileyhot java (n/t)

George Pa 497 01/01/2007 09:26AM

Very nice Picture (n/t)

wildman2ga 473 12/31/2006 11:42PM

terrific shot ! wind was with you (n/t)

creekrat 477 11/22/2006 07:37PM

Good shot!!!! (n/t)

alex 465 11/22/2006 05:32PM

Super picture Doug. Now get that big one!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 477 11/22/2006 11:22AM

Re: very nice pic,s thumbs up (n/t)

George Pa 447 11/22/2006 09:30AM

Excellent shot Doug, couldn't have been better with each looking in different directions. (n/t)

DblD 459 11/21/2006 09:40PM

Great shot!...They definitely needed a fourth set of eyes (n/t)

Erik Wagner 557 11/21/2006 09:16PM

Very nice pic Sneaky Doug lol (n/t)

Steve Adams 513 11/21/2006 09:05PM

Chipmunk Attachments

cedarcreek 734 11/22/2006 08:23AM

Thats a nice picture (n/t)

wildman2ga 411 12/31/2006 06:21PM

Thats a great shot Doug!!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 451 11/23/2006 08:02AM

Nice sharp detail, good photography! (n/t)

DblD 408 11/22/2006 10:43PM

nice clean shot ,love the woods (n/t)

creekrat 425 11/22/2006 07:33PM

Great picture!! (n/t)

alex 423 11/22/2006 05:29PM

Re: Nice Shot Creek............ (n/t)

TennEarl 432 11/22/2006 03:14PM

Wow thats a cool picture Doug!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 455 11/22/2006 11:27AM

Re: Now thats a nice pic Creek smiling smiley thumbs up even if they are a pest smiling smiley (n/t)

George Pa 437 11/22/2006 09:21AM

Brigadier-General John Hunt Morgan Re-Enactments Attachments

DblD 750 11/21/2006 10:45PM

Very nice pics Thanks (n/t)

wildman2ga 446 12/31/2006 06:21PM

Great pics!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 431 11/23/2006 08:04AM

They are nice Dbld!!!! Thanks for sharing.... (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 439 11/22/2006 11:25AM

Re: Thanks DbID, More grand pics smiling smiley (n/t)

George Pa 440 11/22/2006 09:25AM

Well meat on the table!!! Attachments

Dennis Andrick 752 11/22/2006 11:58AM

Congrats on your buck (n/t)

wildman2ga 462 12/31/2006 06:20PM

Looks delicious Dennis! Tell DL congrats but to give Dad a chance on the next one! (n/t)

mmurray590 463 11/25/2006 05:39PM

Re: Well meat on the table!!!

cedarcreek 409 11/23/2006 08:47PM

Tell DL he did good Dennis, I will be expecting my tenderloin lol (n/t)

Steve Adams 462 11/23/2006 08:02AM

Decent for his first, I remember my first!!! (n/t)

DblD 423 11/22/2006 10:44PM

Good job!!!!! Nice buck. (n/t)

alex 432 11/22/2006 05:28PM

Re: Well meat on the table!!!

TennEarl 446 11/22/2006 03:14PM

It was my sons 1st buck so he was tickled....doing a scalp mount for him. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 411 11/22/2006 06:43PM

Re: Looks like the old man got shut out ,, nice going sonny boy, nice buck ( 6 point ) ? (n/t)

George Pa 450 11/22/2006 12:37PM

Civil War Re-Enactment (Sharonville, Ohio) Attachments

DblD 778 11/21/2006 10:57PM

Very cool Thanks for the pics (n/t)

wildman2ga 406 12/31/2006 06:19PM

Cool! (n/t)

mmurray590 442 11/25/2006 05:39PM

Those are great images!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 485 11/23/2006 08:03AM

Re: Civil War Re-Enactment (Sharonville, Ohio)

TennEarl 501 11/22/2006 03:17PM

Very cool effects!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 457 11/22/2006 11:25AM

Re: Nice pics DbID, thanks (n/t)

George Pa 484 11/22/2006 09:23AM

Last Night at the Lake Attachments

Erik Wagner 826 11/25/2006 03:50PM

Thats a nice sunset thanks (n/t)

wildman2ga 460 12/31/2006 01:41PM

I thought I saw your truck there last night. Great shots! (n/t)

John Wagner 488 11/25/2006 06:53PM

Beautiful Erik!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 491 11/25/2006 05:59PM

Re: Very nice pictuers Erik,sunny (n/t)

George Pa 547 11/25/2006 05:29PM

Beautiful sunset Erik!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 516 11/25/2006 04:26PM

looking for new camera

creekrat 701 11/26/2006 06:24AM

my wife has the Canon Digital Rebel XTI and she loves it not the hard to use (n/t)

wildman2ga 461 12/31/2006 01:40PM

Check out the XTI at (n/t)

cedarcreek 472 11/26/2006 07:44AM

I use a Canon 20D which I have owned for about 2 years now and although Canon has produced newer models, I still love it. I primarily use my camera for wildlife photography so I purchased the 100-400mm telephoto lens which is necessary to get the closeup (n/t)

cedarcreek 439 11/26/2006 07:43AM

Re: Good luck Creek, hope you find a nice one smiling smiley (n/t)

George Pa 453 11/26/2006 06:36AM

Northern Cardinal Attachments

cedarcreek 762 11/24/2006 10:02PM

Very cool pictures (n/t)

wildman2ga 451 12/31/2006 01:37PM

Thats a nice pic ! (n/t)

Rich in Houston 437 11/26/2006 06:27PM

Beautiful bird and picture Doug. (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 466 11/25/2006 02:02PM

Great pic.!! Pretty bird. (n/t)

alex 497 11/25/2006 09:52AM

Beautiful shot !!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 475 11/25/2006 08:01AM

southern brother Attachments

creekrat 469 11/25/2006 07:35AM

Neat picture with the two together!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 423 11/25/2006 02:03PM

Nice pic. very clear. (n/t)

alex 441 11/25/2006 09:54AM

Thats a great shot Larry!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 450 11/25/2006 08:02AM

Re:There a beatiful bird creek, nice shot smiling smiley (n/t)

George Pa 433 11/25/2006 12:00AM

White Sands, New Mexico

RM 797 11/24/2006 11:02AM

Man that is so cool neat picture (n/t)

wildman2ga 483 12/31/2006 01:37PM

What's up with the falloff? Did the polarizer do that? (n/t)

Steve and Bia 522 11/27/2006 01:02PM

Re: What's up with the falloff? Did the polarizer do that?

RM 469 11/27/2006 03:15PM

It doesn't get much prettier than that.!!!!!! (n/t)

alex 509 11/25/2006 09:56AM

Nice pictures RM!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 503 11/24/2006 06:52PM

Incredible shots Rick, man it looks beautiful out there!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 498 11/24/2006 06:52PM

Re: Hay RM,, ! Why is it called WHITE SANDS I WONDER / very nice picshot javasunnyUSA (n/t)

George Pa 485 11/24/2006 12:43PM

Went out with some friends today,an took this picture. (n/t) Attachments

Paul Tn. 829 11/26/2006 09:50PM

very cool picture (n/t)

wildman2ga 491 12/31/2006 01:36PM

Re: Nice pictuer Paul thumbs up (n/t)

George Pa 473 11/28/2006 12:22PM

Nice picture Paul!!! Did y'all dig anything??? (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 463 11/27/2006 08:24AM

Nice looking shot Paul!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 462 11/27/2006 07:39AM

I Thought Things Were BIGGER In The Southwest lol

RM 831 12/02/2006 09:01AM

Very nice looking animal (n/t)

wildman2ga 498 12/31/2006 01:35PM

That's a great looking little animal, still doesn't beat a goat staring you down lol (n/t)

Steve Adams 476 12/02/2006 04:56PM

Re:Thems some cute little horses RM, big bucks too (n/t)

George Pa 571 12/02/2006 03:13PM

Wow!...a horse small enough to fit through a doggie door! (n/t)

Erik Wagner 1,101 12/02/2006 12:37PM

Cool picture RM. Neat little animal!!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 512 12/02/2006 09:28AM

High caliber photo Attachments

Erik Wagner 1,033 12/01/2006 07:33PM

Very neat picture (n/t)

wildman2ga 519 12/31/2006 01:34PM

Great looking shot Erik!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 563 12/02/2006 04:58PM

Re: lol (n/t)

RM 514 12/02/2006 05:50AM

I'd sure hate to have to load it! Can you imagine the muzzleblast?! What's the diameter, any idea? (n/t)

Tn. Rocks 571 12/01/2006 11:45PM

I couldn't get my micrometer around it, but I'd guess about 28" to 32" in diameter (n/t)

Erik Wagner 583 12/01/2006 11:57PM

Think they'd notice if I rolled it into the bed of my Dakota? lol (n/t)

Tn. Rocks 643 12/01/2006 11:59PM

I think they'd notice you crushed under a giant Miniehelp (n/t)

Erik Wagner 612 12/02/2006 12:30PM

No problem. Just send the medic with some aspirin. lol (n/t)

Tn. Rocks 535 12/02/2006 04:53PM

That is a neat monument!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 543 12/01/2006 09:08PM

Re: Thats a mighty nice monument Erik. (n/t)

George Pa 591 12/01/2006 08:26PM

Yosemite, El Capitan and Halfdome

RM 836 12/20/2006 06:03AM

Man that was a nice picture (n/t)

wildman2ga 541 12/31/2006 01:33PM

AWESOME. (n/t)

jeff 600 12/22/2006 11:15AM

Re: Beautiful shot RM,,thumbs up (n/t)

George Pa 574 12/20/2006 04:44PM

Spectacular shot!!!!! (n/t)

Steve Adams 520 12/20/2006 10:40AM

Thats a beauty RM!!! (n/t)

Dennis Andrick 533 12/20/2006 10:09AM

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