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The Good Stuff

This forum is for the discussion of anything that does not fit into one of the other forums. Family, fun, politics, jokes, other hobbies, etc... are just some of the examples that can be discussed in this forum. Most folks in this forum know each other real well so jokes, jabs and barbs are frequent. Please be "thick skinned" if you use this forum. Normal posting guidelines should be followed. Keep it "family friendly". 

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Announcement alarmalarmalarmVERY IMPORTANT, EVERYONE PLEASE READ alarmalarmalarm 04/06/2020 06:57AM
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Sticky alarmI recently sent an email to a great number of Forum folks here. (1 Posts)

butch in colorado 31 04/03/2020 02:06PM

Sticky EVERYONE Please Read Donnie's post above this. (2 Posts)

butch in colorado 49 03/30/2020 11:42AM

A little Corona "staying inside" music..... bang head

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska 28 04/05/2020 11:40AM

Hum Bug bang head Don't like music..angry (n/t)

Elson 1 04/05/2020 07:17PM

I started looking for my bell bottom pants. Oh I forgot, they are in a museumPonder (n/t)

charlie ky 1 04/05/2020 03:44PM

Thanks Vernon. Funny Song. Unfortunate Situation.helphelp (n/t)

The Nutty Teacher 2 04/05/2020 03:02PM

Very. help (n/t)

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska 1 04/05/2020 03:44PM

lol That was great (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 2 04/05/2020 01:15PM

Not bad. (n/t)

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska 1 04/05/2020 03:44PM

Thanks for asking,Betty and I are O.K.............

Elson 70 03/26/2020 03:53PM

Elson, I don’t want to start anything. But many people only cared how Betty was doing and NOT you.

butch in colorado 16 04/03/2020 05:01PM

Hay boy,Remember I know where you live,"DAMN PUNK" angry (n/t)

Elson 6 04/03/2020 08:19PM

Re: Hay boy,Remember I know where you live,"DAMN PUNK" angry

The Nutty Teacher 17 04/03/2020 08:36PM

Good one Teach. Can I take this pointy hat off now ?cool smiley (n/t)

charlie ky 5 04/04/2020 08:47AM

Re: Good one Teach. Can I take this pointy hat off now ?cool smiley

The Nutty Teacher 8 04/04/2020 06:34PM

What a scary thought, intelligent beings from another world is going to reach out to the folks on this forum. We are all doomed. This is not the place to make a good first impression. The only person they could understand is Elson.Ponder (n/t)

charlie ky 5 04/04/2020 08:14PM

Hey? Are you trying to get a PUNK here?? "DAMN PUNK" (n/t)

Elson 2 04/04/2020 10:30PM

Wave buds thanks Elson, ya’ made my day. (n/t)

butch in colorado 3 04/03/2020 08:25PM

Go to your shop and make some Corona shields. rock (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 8 03/27/2020 09:26AM

Well as you know,,, old folks are at risk. Ponder I have a bottle of 80 proof hand sanitiser if you need any. buds (n/t)

charlie ky 11 03/27/2020 08:50AM

Re: Well as you know,,, old folks are at risk. Ponder I have a bottle of 80 proof hand sanitiser if you need any. buds

The Nutty Teacher 8 04/03/2020 04:46PM

Now I know for sure you are a teacherChaplin So I am used to being corrected in front of the classbeer Why don't you correct Elson's spelling ? Where ever we go , I hope you hang around. (n/t)

charlie ky 8 04/03/2020 06:37PM

Hey, Charlie. The 80 proof stuff may not make good hand sanitizer, but if mouth wash becomes scarce, the 80 proof stuff works well and you don't need to spit it out. (n/t)

RustyNTX 5 04/04/2020 09:36AM

budsdrinking smiley Wine, whiskey tasters have a horrible job. Take a sip and (n/t)

charlie ky 2 04/04/2020 04:14PM

Re: Now I know for sure you are a teacherChaplin So I am used to being corrected in front of the classbeer Why don't you correct Elson's spelling ? Where ever we go , I hope you hang around.

The Nutty Teacher 10 04/03/2020 08:26PM

No one on this forum takes offense to comments posted here. The ones that did moved on,Confetti

charlie ky 8 04/04/2020 04:09PM

Glad to hear. Stay safe my friend. (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 11 03/26/2020 09:02PM

I just told the perky Nancy that living thru this "Safer at Home" edict from the Governor is like living at a Bed & Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner! lol (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 14 04/04/2020 09:20AM

And,,, KK for desert drinking smiley (n/t)

charlie ky 2 04/04/2020 03:55PM

Day after day after day after day, etc. (n/t)

RustyNTX 4 04/04/2020 10:29AM

Did good this evening... image (n/t) Attachments

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska 39 04/03/2020 10:34PM

new meaning to I gotta flush. blink (n/t)

charlie ky 4 04/04/2020 08:45AM

Yeah, I was on a "roll" you might say. (n/t)

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska 2 04/04/2020 10:08AM

Wow!!!.....can you loan me a few squares? smoking smiley (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 4 04/04/2020 08:33AM

Like 4 of a kind? (n/t)

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska 3 04/04/2020 09:21AM

rock bow (n/t)

butch in colorado 2 04/03/2020 11:14PM

If you guys want, I will open a privite face book page . It will be a way to stay in touch. (n/t)

charlie ky 29 03/31/2020 08:53AM

Charlie, Facebook is a step too far for me. Don't let that stop you but I won't ever have a Facebook account of any sort. (n/t)

butch in colorado 9 03/31/2020 12:39PM

just buy a unmarked lap top and sign in with an alias . We won't till any one. Chaplin (n/t)

charlie ky 8 03/31/2020 02:50PM

Nope, you can pry my cold, dead hands from my keyboard. No Facebook account what so ever. thumbs down (n/t)

butch in colorado 9 03/31/2020 03:22PM

Re: Nope, you can pry my cold, dead hands from my keyboard. No Facebook account what so ever. thumbs down

The Nutty Teacher 18 04/02/2020 09:46PM

That would be great, I would do it but I can't spell that wall. buds (n/t)

Elson 7 03/31/2020 10:51AM

It isn't neccersay to be able to spell wall... it doesn't come up very often. blink (n/t)

charlie ky 9 03/31/2020 04:11PM

Damn, See what I mean. blink (n/t)

Elson 7 03/31/2020 06:34PM

Happy Birthday (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 34 03/31/2020 01:06PM

Awh thankya, .... awh thankya verri much (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 4 04/01/2020 09:01AM

Happy Birthday there old boy, It fun to get this old,RIGHT ?? Ponder (n/t)

Elson 9 03/31/2020 06:37PM

Had a big party here .... me, the perky Nancy, and my dogs Tucker and Cooper. At my age, that's as fun as it gets. (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 6 04/01/2020 09:03AM

Yep, don't want to push your luck. beer (n/t)

charlie ky 4 04/01/2020 12:51PM

I think you should buy a KK for every birthday and stick a candle on them.... caution, do this foolish thing out side. (n/t)

charlie ky 7 03/31/2020 04:13PM

zap zap zap Happy Birthday Elson zap zap zap (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 20 04/01/2020 07:44AM

Damn "PUNK" bang head (n/t)

Elson 7 04/01/2020 09:54AM

April Fools! (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 6 04/01/2020 09:04AM

Well here we are,Remember 3-4 or 5 Mo.ago..........

Elson 40 03/31/2020 06:50PM

If you want a FB site, come up with a name and I will get on . (n/t)

charlie ky 20 03/31/2020 02:51PM

This is some of the stuff I do for a living.

butch in colorado 68 03/30/2020 11:41AM

Is that all? You left out "shroominng". thumbs up (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 7 03/31/2020 09:42AM

That I do for fun. It is getting close to time too. We may not be able to go to our sites due to this virus though. We'll see. (n/t)

butch in colorado 6 03/31/2020 12:40PM

You're smarter than the average bear! (n/t)

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska 5 03/30/2020 06:32PM

Sounds like you could be making parts for the Space Station smoking smiley (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 6 03/30/2020 03:10PM

And I'm not even a rocket scientist. Which is a good thing. Chaplin (n/t)

butch in colorado 4 03/30/2020 03:21PM

I can do that. grinning smiley (n/t)

Elson 4 03/30/2020 02:55PM

I believe that Elson, why you were probably giving Ben pointers when he first flew that kite in the rainstorm too. so cool (n/t)

butch in colorado 4 03/30/2020 03:06PM

Hi tech stuff. sounds great for our troops. (n/t)

EdTravis 4 03/30/2020 12:36PM

it is now and will be much better once the GPS III constellation gets fully launched. Wave (n/t)

butch in colorado 3 03/30/2020 01:00PM

Damn ED, What did you do now. Closing the forum on us again ?? Damn it. angry smiley (n/t)

Elson 26 03/30/2020 02:58PM

Mr Elson, this is one you cannot blame on me. I'm going to really miss this forum and all you forum friends. thumbs up (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 7 03/31/2020 09:47AM

ED, why stop blaming you now ? You would have did it if you would have though about it. grinning smiley (n/t)

Elson 8 03/31/2020 10:45AM

It's those danged Krispy Kreme donughts. I told you they were nothing but TROUBLE!!!!!!! (n/t)

butch in colorado 7 03/30/2020 03:31PM

Lookin for a volunteer.... Yes.. Young man in the back... Yes you with a rocket science degree. Pretty sure you could put toghther a site for orphans like us.Chaplin (n/t)

charlie ky 20 03/30/2020 07:05PM

Sorry Charlie. I do a lot of geek things but I just don’t have the capital to open a website.

butch in colorado 13 03/30/2020 08:12PM

Well so sign of CoVid19 in my family, everyone pretty much staying home and only going out for necessities.

RustyNTX 51 03/28/2020 05:10PM

Hell yeah, us elders need to take precautions. beer (n/t)

charlie ky 4 03/29/2020 06:34PM

Great to hear Rusty. We are working 6 days a week now trying to keep up with customers...I'm afraid that I can't protect all my employees and family forever until this calms down. (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 11 03/29/2020 10:52AM

In the end... it comes down to ,, what are the odds.. I had a customer that called saterday morning. said her shade was not working...

charlie ky 16 03/29/2020 06:42PM

How ugly was she? Asking for a friend. smoking smiley (n/t)

butch in colorado 8 03/30/2020 03:37PM

she is about 85 years old.. I don't think I could a wild cat like that. blink (n/t)

charlie ky 5 03/30/2020 07:01PM

Glad to hear you two are doing OK. Poor old Elson is trapped at home doing whatever Miss Betty tells him. thumbs up (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 7 03/29/2020 09:36AM

Krispy Kreme to poison first responders beginning Monday

butch in colorado 47 03/29/2020 07:36PM

I believe the virus has attacked your brain. I was thinking about getting a couple dozen "Hot Now" glazed delivered tomorrow for my birthday! Attachments

Ed SW Fla 10 03/30/2020 09:33AM

bwahahahah Here was the Florida halibut I was fishing for.. pirate

butch in colorado 13 03/30/2020 11:39AM

What you drinking Butch ??? blink (n/t)

Elson 4 03/29/2020 08:42PM

blink (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 3 03/29/2020 07:49PM

How's everyone doing during these tough times?

Craig in Alabama 96 03/26/2020 03:45PM

That is really great news to hear about your business Craig! beer (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 17 03/27/2020 09:29AM

Normally I would agree but I had some work release inmates and lost 7 of them without notice. I hired 2 guys and one lasted 2 day and the other 4 hours. Its been tough. (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 12 03/27/2020 06:20PM

I would think that with so much unemployment due to businesses being shut down .......

Ed SW Fla 16 03/29/2020 09:40AM

You got the part about not thinking right smoking smiley (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 8 03/29/2020 10:55AM

You need to set up better working conditions. Air conditions would be nice. You probabley don't have a bar and tv room. How you expect to keep good hands. Chaplin (n/t)

charlie ky 8 03/28/2020 07:54AM

I am still working. Idaho considers plumbing as essential to health. I am being very careful about getting close to anyone and carry a lot of sanitizing products on my (n/t)

DC/Id 15 03/26/2020 11:32PM

Do you also carry a good supply of cologne or after shave?

cyberdan (SoCA) 14 03/28/2020 11:45AM

Keep on plugging away Dave grinning smiley (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 10 03/27/2020 06:22PM

Still going to work every day

butch in colorado 26 03/26/2020 09:57PM

I hear ya. My Mom is 90 with COPD and my sister is bad diabetic. Worries me to go around them. (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 10 03/27/2020 06:21PM

My life has not changed that much. I was only working part time anyway. Since I have enough food and gear to last almost a year..... Attachments

charlie ky 22 03/27/2020 08:48AM

You didn't mention anything about alcohol ;) (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 13 03/27/2020 06:24PM

I have a couple gallons to be used only for medicianal purposes . I hear there is a shortage of VO in the southern states. beer (n/t)

charlie ky 12 03/28/2020 07:51AM is apparently because I went out and panic bought smoking smiley (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 8 03/28/2020 03:25PM

Protective mask are in short supply but I came across this possible alternative for virus protection if all else fails...image Attachments

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska 100 03/23/2020 10:24AM

I was going to make masks out of toilet paper but that is even harder to get than masks!shrug (n/t)

DC/Id 15 03/23/2020 09:43PM

what a great idea and it is quranteed by Nortons (n/t)

charlie ky 16 03/23/2020 03:21PM

Now that is a savvy entrepreneur. happy (n/t)

butch in colorado 18 03/23/2020 10:51AM

Since the detector is to hard on my knees, I have renewed my interest in drawing since there is not much more I can do at this point... Attachments

charlie ky 98 03/21/2020 09:33AM

Thanks for the comments . I was going to say my fellow treasure huntters,,, but most of us now find our treasures in simple things like family and a good mattresswink ....

charlie ky 37 03/22/2020 06:40PM

Wow!! Thats good Charlie,You and Vern any kin ?? grinning smiley (n/t)

Elson 20 03/21/2020 04:59PM

Very good Charlie! (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 20 03/21/2020 12:44PM

Wow, what happened to little Meghan! That's an excellent drawing Charlie, I'm compressed. Here's a computer doddle I did a while back... image (n/t) Attachments

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska 30 03/21/2020 10:51AM

Anybody ever call you a PUNK smoking smiley (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 22 03/21/2020 12:44PM

You have a hidden talent Charlie. rock (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 20 03/21/2020 09:38AM

Just got the results of my Covid-19. Great News good job Attachments

Craig in Alabama 127 03/17/2020 07:23PM

I'm sure that's the condensed version. (n/t)

Vernon in Virginia~Formerly Alaska 15 03/21/2020 10:52AM

Ya done good Bubba. Who needs an ABC store with that report. (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 14 03/20/2020 09:27AM

You are such an optimist buds (n/t)

charlie ky 16 03/18/2020 09:58AM

Now that is funny! lol (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 16 03/18/2020 09:13AM

Boy you really did good.Now you will live a long time. lol lolblink (n/t)

Elson 16 03/17/2020 08:13PM

Damn even Vegas closed up.What do I do now?? Ponder (n/t)

Elson 69 03/16/2020 07:27PM

I just got an E-mail from the IP in Biloxi .....all Mississippi casinos are closed until further notice. Just go ahead and snail mail me those Vegas $ you were going to lose. rock (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 20 03/17/2020 09:17AM

I know that,All casino's in Louisiana are close also. Ed I don't have enough money to send it to you. shrug grinning smiley (n/t)

Elson 16 03/17/2020 08:18PM

Cut a hole in your pocket??? smoking smiley (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 19 03/17/2020 08:03AM

WHAT !!! And lose my nickal. I guess not. blink (n/t)

Elson 16 03/17/2020 08:21PM least you'd have something to play with smoking smiley (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 18 03/18/2020 09:13AM

yep, poor kids toy. and you never get tired of it. Chaplin (n/t)

charlie ky 20 03/18/2020 09:56AM

DAMN PUNK, hammer (n/t)

Elson 16 03/19/2020 10:52AM

I heard that when Elson was a kid he dropped his nickel down a gopher hole. And that was how the Grand Canyon was formed. wink (n/t)

DC/Id 18 03/18/2020 11:41PM

Did I ever call you a punk ?? "DAMN PUNK" flame (n/t)

Elson 16 03/19/2020 10:50AM

devil (n/t)

Craig in Alabama 18 03/18/2020 12:37PM

Got wonderful news yesterday! Krispy Kreme will start offering "Hot Now" delivery within 10 miles of most stores.... and the Fort Myers store is one of them .... at 9.5 miles away! (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 94 02/25/2020 08:38AM

Let us know how hot they are when you get your first order. (n/t)

RustyNTX 23 03/17/2020 08:51AM

Cold as a rock. lollol (n/t)

Elson 21 03/17/2020 08:22PM

I know that makes you a happy man. dance (n/t)

charlie ky 22 02/25/2020 09:27AM

Craig, I may need to borrow your bib. (n/t)

Ed SW Fla 25 02/25/2020 08:39AM

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