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417 Relic Hunter's

Free detecting club forum provided courtesy of My Treasure Spot 

Welcome to the Premiere Springfield Southwest Missouri Metal Detecting Club. We want to provide members with a metal detecting club where one can exchange ideas, share individual finds, learn new concepts and ideas, meet new people and help introduce the hobby of metal detecting to new people young and old. Our overall purpose will be to stimulate interest in Metal Detecting, Relic Hunting and the Appreciation for the Art of Preserving our Natural History.

Meeting location: Springfield Greene County Library, 4653 South Campbell Ave. Springfield, Mo. 65810
Meeting time: the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.

We the members of the 417 Relic Hunters, assemble ourselves for the following purpose: To learn, discover and to educate our members in a way to recover antiquities of the past by conducting ourselves in a manner that is courteous and polite with respect for others and to establish good fellowship with all other fellow hunters.

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Sticky Metal Detector Sales of Southwest Missouri.metal detecting smiley Attachments (14 Posts)

tsgman 14,673 04/03/2011 01:32AM

Sticky 417 Relic Hunters Club of SW MO, new website link. (1 Posts)

tsgman 2,985 07/22/2014 11:21AM

Sticky I invite you all to visit our new website launched today. Metal Detector Sales of SW MO, A proud sponsor of Treasure Spot!:good job Attachments (1 Posts)

tsgman 3,029 11/20/2013 12:16PM

Sticky January 2013 Newsletter Attachments (1 Posts)

tsgman 2,556 03/05/2013 11:00AM

Sticky December Newsletter Online! (2 Posts)

robertk 2,092 01/08/2013 01:30PM

Sticky November newsletter online! (1 Posts)

robertk 2,090 11/13/2012 11:06PM

Sticky September & October Newsletters online (1 Posts)

robertk 2,181 10/10/2012 07:22AM

Sticky August newsletter online (1 Posts)

robertk 2,452 08/08/2012 12:00PM

Sticky July newsletter (1 Posts)

robertk 2,312 07/18/2012 11:17AM

Sticky June Newsletter (1 Posts)

tsgman 2,123 06/21/2012 03:15PM

Sticky May newsletter! (1 Posts)

robertk 2,324 05/01/2012 05:52PM

Sticky April Newsletter (1 Posts)

robertk 2,295 04/03/2012 03:59PM

Sticky March newsletter (1 Posts)

robertk 2,200 03/06/2012 10:17AM

Sticky 417 Relic Hunters Library List. (1 Posts)

morelic1955 3,226 02/28/2011 02:22PM

A little something Attachments

Digger RJ 578 07/26/2018 12:41AM

Oklahoma hunt Attachments

Digger RJ 628 07/21/2018 11:39AM

Sprinfield Parks

Still Lookin 817 06/09/2018 06:30PM

Re: Sprinfield Parks

carolinaboy 440 06/10/2018 09:08PM

Re: Sprinfield Parks

Still Lookin 376 06/10/2018 09:27PM

Re: Sprinfield Parks

AgilDog 348 07/03/2018 04:22PM

My second CW button Attachments

Phat Cleo 1,081 11/14/2017 07:13PM

Just wait till you visit a DIV!!! (n/t)

Plugmaster Ford 657 11/22/2017 02:00PM

WTG,congratulations!good job (n/t)

Ga/goatee 615 11/14/2017 07:53PM

My first Civil War button! Attachments

Phat Cleo 1,038 10/10/2017 03:38PM

Great Find!! congrats.. (n/t)

ashdigger 536 10/24/2017 11:44PM

Quite certain it won't be your last!! (n/t)

Plugmaster Ford 585 10/13/2017 06:52PM

Found an 1863 phatty Indian Head penny in great shape! Attachments

Phat Cleo 1,034 10/06/2017 09:21AM

And all while you were sick with malaria type symptoms!! fighter (n/t)

Plugmaster Ford 740 10/06/2017 09:48AM

Phat Cleo is now in the house

Plugmaster Ford 968 10/03/2017 12:23PM

Re: Phat Cleo is now in the house

Phat Cleo 575 10/06/2017 09:24AM

Big Thank You to Tim Garton @ Metal Dector Sales of SWMO

Bob Luthardt 1,167 08/26/2017 11:41PM

Tim runs a great shop!! Glad he could get you back out hunting!! (n/t)

Plugmaster Ford 596 10/03/2017 12:27PM

DIV sign ups

Plugmaster Ford 1,835 09/13/2016 11:06PM

Re: DIV sign ups

WABB 728 08/10/2017 05:44PM

Re: DIV sign ups

Plugmaster Ford 668 08/11/2017 08:58AM

Re: DIV sign ups

littup 971 10/13/2016 11:59AM

It's a paid invite only Civil War hunt in Virginia. Everyone should go at least once if they can (n/t)

carolinaboy 974 10/13/2016 01:27PM

Re: It's a paid invite only Civil War hunt in Virginia. Everyone should go at least once if the can

littup 948 10/13/2016 09:37PM

Summer Hunt 2017

Plugmaster Ford 1,188 08/10/2017 07:40AM

1857 Flying Eagle Cent

jscarber 1,585 02/21/2017 07:52PM

Re: 1857 Flying Eagle Cent

Plugmaster Ford 723 08/10/2017 07:34AM

Re: 1857 Flying Eagle Cent

Plugmaster Ford 702 08/10/2017 07:33AM

Re: 1857 Flying Eagle Cent

jscarber 842 02/22/2017 09:17PM

Great job Jimmy. Those are some good guys to go hunting with

carolinaboy 826 02/22/2017 09:14AM

Branson Missouri Hunting.

alphacharlie65 1,442 07/15/2017 08:30PM

Jeff don't be giving any of my sites out. Lol (n/t)

jeremy 711 07/25/2017 02:11PM

Man...I thought you retired from digging Jeremy!!! (n/t)

Plugmaster Ford 767 07/29/2017 03:17PM

There was activity down in that part of the state. Forsyth & Ozark have proven good for some. (n/t)

Plugmaster Ford 724 07/17/2017 10:47AM

Summer Water Detecting Friends, Tony and Phil. (n/t) Attachments

tsgman 1,236 04/27/2017 03:13PM

A few Southwest Missouri Silver Coin Finds! (n/t) Attachments

tsgman 1,271 04/27/2017 03:10PM

417 Relic Hunters Annual Christmas Party 2016 Attachments

tsgman 1,227 04/27/2017 03:04PM

417 Relic Hunters Club Members donate $1634.00 in 2016 to Childrens Miracle Network Attachments

tsgman 1,155 04/27/2017 02:54PM

417 Relic Hunters Spring Hunt Pics from 2016. (n/t) Attachments

tsgman 1,250 04/27/2017 02:48PM

2017 10th Annual Ron Bunch Memorial Spring Hunt. Attachments

tsgman 1,241 04/25/2017 03:08PM

2017 hunt pictures (n/t) Attachments

tsgman 803 04/27/2017 02:39PM

Busiek State Park

Marc 1,514 03/24/2017 11:04PM

Re: Busiek State Park

Marc 751 03/29/2017 10:27PM

Re: Busiek State Park

jscarber 780 03/27/2017 10:11PM

Visiting The Area

Helen JR 1,457 02/08/2017 02:28PM

Re: Visiting The Area

Plugmaster Ford 928 02/08/2017 06:06PM

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