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Good Deeds

This forum is for posting those random acts of kindness that we perform with our detectors. 

The purpose of this forum is to allow folks to post stories about the Good Deeds they have done for others while engaged in the hobby of metal detecting. In order to keep things on topic, you can make a new post but replying to existing post is not allowed. This way we have a good list to use when needed to help promote the hobby.

Subject Author Views Posted

Returned class ring

wagsjd 716 09/29/2018 07:06AM

Its been almost 9 years ago

Spur-Man 952 06/16/2018 10:30PM

Class Ring

wagsjd 1,909 11/14/2016 11:39AM

Follow up on returning lost gold earring found

wagsjd 2,254 01/06/2016 09:54AM

Earring to be returned soon

wagsjd 2,256 11/16/2015 02:50PM

Friendly Gesture to Property Owner

louie088 2,543 03/12/2015 04:38PM

Found a ring for a lady on a boat launch ramp yesterday.

Ken in Cinti 2,842 08/06/2014 08:25AM

Found Gold Wedding Band

labradoodle of pa 2,809 04/10/2014 08:10PM

Another cool return

coindigr 2,943 01/13/2014 03:01PM

A good start to 2014

coindigr 2,831 01/02/2014 01:47PM

Wrote this article for W/E Magazine

cwtrader1863 2,928 09/05/2013 05:19PM

Found the ring in the pond for a pregnant Mom.

Ken in Cinti 3,241 04/26/2013 09:53PM

Snapping turtles in pond where ring was lost.

Ken in Cinti 3,043 04/25/2013 08:20AM

Returned a Wedding Ring

THing4CSA 2,955 03/08/2013 09:53PM

Ring returned after losing it 50 year ago.

Rj32 3,155 02/25/2013 05:35PM

Detectorist finds and returns wedding band

sqzdog 3,288 10/19/2012 11:15AM

Spectra V3i settings

ls29 3,373 08/02/2012 11:12AM

Sewer Diversion

freemindstuck 2,927 07/05/2012 05:47PM

returned metal detector

Charlie Peters 3,484 02/18/2012 08:57PM

Returned army ring

headmix4u 3,660 01/21/2011 05:48PM

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