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September 18, 2005 06:25PM
As all of you know I live in Texas,lots of heat & humidity and I collect Texas Tokens 1870 - 1950. I am not near the dedicated detectorist I once was. In my 20's there was no off season for detecting, in my 30's July, August, and September were put on hold, now fast approaching the big 50 I like to get out when I can.
I have established a way to find silver coins in the comfort of my own home and I would like to share it with you. Here are the results of this summer's guaranteed silver hunt.
These coins have not been dug, rather pulled from ordinary rolls. I set my goal at $10,000 dollars face value to search because that is how the rollers come from my bank, 1,000 per box @ 6.00. I look at half dollars because there are literally tons of them stored in federal reserve banks across the country and for the most part they do not circulate.
After completing my $10,000 here are the totals
Walkers 1 1936D
Franklins 7 1955 being the best
Kennedy 37 1964 90% silver
10 1965 40% silver
23 1966 40% silver
1 1967 either counterfeit or on the wrong planchet.
79 1967 40% silver
48 1968 40% silver
37 1969 40% silver
2 1987 issued only in mint sets
1 1981S proof
45 - 90% Silver and 187 - 40% silver and 4 other keepers out of 20,000 coins. Not a bad total, maybe a way for you in the frozen north to pass your snowbound winters.
HH wherever you find them
runs a column each month for folks to write in about finding coins by searching bank rolls. It's always a treat to read about it. I've tried it several times , and really enjoyed doing it even without the spectacular numbers you have found , Dave. Lets hope your luck continues in Texas.
A big part of our fun is the travel we do going around the State , stopping at lots of small-town banks , giving them something to talk about the rest of the day. They don't see too many folks asking for rolls . Another source is coins that the counting machine rejected . Cashiers often keep a bunch in their drawer waiting for the "recycle" box to come around . Our local banks send "odd" coins back to the Federal Reserve just once a year , so these oddities really accumulate. I once got a handful of Indian Heads because the counter had rejected them , for some reason , and noone had looked closely at them . I had to pay a penney apiece for them . It's occasionally too bizarre to be believable..
Happy Trails...Bob & Sue
Dave, I used to put on Whites day at Treasure week for over 10 years, one year I had a hunt that I buried 400 silver halves and 2000 clad halves, Ken Wray drove me to a local bank where I picked up the clad halves, I handed out the halves in there rolls to the people helping to bury and as we were burying they kept finding silver Franklin and Kennedy 90% halves mixed in with the clad.
I got one 63 quarter last week in a quarter roll. I have heard of the halves being still out, but the bank does not like giving them out. In fact they keep very few on hand. Nickle rolls still have war nickles in them. The 63 quarter was from a roll i picked up for laundry money. So it was a pleasent surprise. I had almost put it in a soda machine. I noticed just in time it looked too good.
I have my bank order them in when they order money. My agreement is that I will not bring them back to that bank. I use them to tip when going out and deposit them in other banks. With all of the state quarters I only look at quarter rolls brought in by customers. The other two items I forgot to mention in the half dollar rolls were a british penny 1963 and a diez peso coin.
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