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One of a kind musket ball with "CS" carved into it!

One of a kind musket ball with "CS" carved into it!
November 09, 2018 03:26PM
I decided to once again go back and search for my missing wreath to my plain CS artillery tongue that I found a few weeks back. After hunting for several hours I still had not found the wreath nor was I fortunate to get my coil over any more Mississippi buttons. The best find of the day was a Hotchkiss time fuse adapter from an exploded case shot projectile. It even had the remainder of the iron tube lodged in the base. You could also see the impression of the case shot balls striking the soft lead fuse upon detonation. The fancy colonial silver plated button was also a good one! I even found a large portion of a brass 1700’s cooking pot that I thought was definitely going to be a plate! Other than this I found several dropped musket balls and a fired 58 caliber minnie. All in all it had been a great day with my XP Deus! After cleaning the round balls and taking a few pictures I noticed one ball had what appeared to be an S on it...… I remember thinking "what am I looking at"? embarrassed Upon closer examination, not only was there an S but also what looked like a small C in front of it!!! I was looking at "CS' on top of an oval field!!! rock I couldn't tell if the letters were cast or carved. After posting the musket ball on my Facebook page I had several people who were confirming that they to saw the CS. A few days later I had my good friend and relic hunter/collector Clint Allen look at my round ball and this is what he said..... "Looked at round ball in person today, S is carved into the ball and a C also that is partially obscured by a little damage to the round ball. Looks like they were carved with the point of a penknife. Good find John." Thanks Clint!!! I guess a bored Mississippi soldier whittled it during the long hours of boredom of camp life during the Peninsula Campaign. I have it now in my case with the artillery tongue and Mississippi buttons that have come from this campsite and man does it look good! Today I just heard back from another authority as well….. Got this message forwarded to me from Butch Holcombe yesterday. Looks like my “CS” musket ball is definitely the real deal.....”It looks well carved & does look like it could have been cast that way, but I do see imperfections in the lettering. Beautiful piece though.”
Charlie Harris. Wow!!! This is the first musket ball I have ever seen with "CS" carved into it!!! I certainly won't ever forget this day! Devonrex

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Re: One of a kind musket ball with "CS" carved into it!
November 09, 2018 10:06PM
real Nice Piece
Very neat find!!! (n/t)
November 09, 2018 04:00PM
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Interesting CS marking, unique (n/t)
November 24, 2018 04:37PM
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