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Very neat! Thanks John! (n/t)

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Coles Hill photo (revisited)
April 14, 2010 11:37PM
I found a scan of the original glass plate negative at the Library of Congress site.

My first thought was...No wonder the version most of us has seen is so touched first glance this is an ugly negative. BUT, if you download the 86MB TIFF version of this file...WOW! The detail is amazing!

Here's a link to the LOC photo site:
happyYahoo! I hear that hillside calling!!! Looks like another DIV in the making happy (n/t)
April 18, 2010 07:40PM
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awesome pic erik!CSA (n/t)
April 18, 2010 06:27PM
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TonyMusser proud of my ancestors Corp Michael J Musser,Pvt William J musser,Pvt Thomas J Musser 63rd Regiment Virginia Vols CSA Army of Tennesse,,pvt David crockett cole 1st reg Va calvary,pvt thomas v cole 1st reg Va calvary,pvt Jackson Haga 51st Va Inf,ggggrandfather elbert t haga co i 51st Va Inf
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Very Cool Photo!! Thanks for sharing (n/t)
April 18, 2010 09:38AM
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That is really cool! Well done ! Thanks for posting (n/t)
April 17, 2010 10:26AM
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~~ "There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy's life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure." Mark Twain ~~
Erik, that is a amazing picture and Thanks for the Link to other pictures
April 17, 2010 09:36AM
For us non Virginians this picture tells so much as to where huts were located. I have always wondered which way a hut would lay. Did the soldier dig his hut so
the opening faced the south, east or west?

On a hill side near Cole's hill, my buddies and I dug a small hut, but it wasn't very deep, we found just a few things, but made us wonder which way the hut would have laid. We
did find bricks in the bottom of the fire area, broken bottles and a couple of tent grommets. I'd sure like to go back to the site in your picture and dig some more!!

Thanks Again, from a Yankee from Ohio,
Very nice picture smiling smiley lets go back .metal detecting smiley
April 18, 2010 09:51AM
I would say the hut opening would be east because the back would be faceing the north due to the wind & weather ,just my thought ,Thats what I would dometal detecting smiley
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Ahhhh I figured it out spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
April 16, 2010 03:11PM
As I still pondered on why the camp wasn't laid out in any neat order, it suddenly dawned on me.

With as many beer and whiskey bottles that came out of there....those soldiers were bloomin' drunk all the time. To them, THAT WAS straight and orderly. LOL
Wow! That's awesome! If you look at a topo map, you can pretty much narrow...
April 16, 2010 09:45AM
...down a couple locations where the camera would have been. To cool! Thanks for sharing!
Nice Pics (n/t)
April 16, 2010 08:54AM
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April 16, 2010 08:51AM
This photo has me brainstorming about analysis..
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Good Job . Erik..thumbs up (n/t)
April 15, 2010 07:19PM
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Great job Erik! That pic is in my files now! (n/t)
April 15, 2010 06:59PM
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Great pic, thanks for posting. good job (n/t)
April 15, 2010 06:19PM
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I agrre with ya'll.....
April 15, 2010 05:50PM
Still many huts, trash/fire pits to be had on that site! IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY, I'D GO BACK IN A MINUTE!
nice pic (n/t)
April 15, 2010 11:13AM
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Man Lets Go Back!!
April 15, 2010 11:01AM
That is by far my favorite site. It's been very kind to me. I'd go back in a heart beat!! And I noticed too what p-cap said....wonder why they aint no particular order in how that camp is laid out?
For the most part it
April 15, 2010 10:30AM
appears to be no ryme or reason to the placement of the hut's. No wonder we could not figure out a pattern. very interesting photo.
This pic is especially special for me because....
April 15, 2010 09:23AM
for the last two years, Don, Bryan and I have had the pleasure of hunting an area where these same ammunition wagons were parked, and have found about 1500 dropped Sharps,Spencers, Burnsides, Colt and Bartholow pistol bullets...and still counting, with the bulk of them being the Sharps...all in a little 20 acre field with the old roadbed running along the woods edge. So this pic and the clarity of the ammunition wagons makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up knowing we got bullets from these same wagons! Way too cool in my opinion. Now I can display a printout of this pic with a grouping of the bullets from these ammunition wagons. And anyone who thinks this hill is hunted don't even need glasses to see the hundreds of huts on this hill...imagine the possibilities still left up there!! Thanks for this post.
Hopefully the same person that touched up the one John put up....
April 15, 2010 09:44AM
will touch up this broken glass plate image and then one heck of an image will be available for an awesome picture to accompany our relics we have recovered. That is my plan almost immediately.. Now I need one of the clover badges in the worst way! I agree that the site as far as huts ect. has just barely been scratched... a trip to the area that John suggests the image was taken from needs to be surveyed further with folks on site and some sort of a visual plotting of sorts could and will nail down a museums worth of recoveries. Unbelievable is all I can say! Also, the hospital area has to have lots still there too!

The TIFF photo is remarkable. Thanks for sharing. (n/t)
April 15, 2010 08:21AM
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Wow.. awsome job Eric. Really makes you think about all that is still in there! (n/t)
April 15, 2010 07:22AM
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Re: Coles Hill photo (revisited)
April 15, 2010 06:27AM

Great job finding the orginal. Would that first ridge be Hansborough Ridge? If so, this photo looks to have been shot from the vicinity of modern Rt.3.
Ron, I believe.............
April 15, 2010 06:50AM
It was taken from Stevensburg Road. If you go down Stevensburg Rd. about 1/2 way between Mountain Run and Rt. 666 you will be able to get the sight picture you see in the original. The camera may have been set up off the road out in the field towards the hill some but I believe thats where it was taken.
Very neat! Thanks John! (n/t)
April 15, 2010 05:08PM
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Look at all of those huts, Great photo, Thanks cowboy (n/t)
April 15, 2010 06:26AM
This message does not contain any text.

"I do my duty until the moment when battle begins: I then leave the matter to God." - General Robert E. Lee
look at the hillside!!!
April 14, 2010 11:53PM
good job finding the original.
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