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Artillery shell hunters... A question...

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Artillery shell hunters... A question...
May 19, 2018 09:40PM
In your all's vast experience, would you say more artillery shells typically overshot or under shot their intended target? I'm hunting a confederate gun position on a nice ridge in a vast cow field... has been hunted for years but not with GPX machines till I got on it... digging a lot of stuff on actual position but have not run into a whole shell yet... I know they can be ANYWHERE but want some idea from YOUR experiences... long or short?

Thank you everyone who responded to my question...
May 30, 2018 03:55PM
IF IT EVER STOPS RAINING.... Then of course the grass will be 3 feet high! I look forward to putting some of these ideas and suggestions to work! There is a LOT ground to cover. There are a few of you out there I owe a hunt in my neck of the woods to! May have to wait till the first cut of hay occurs...

Re: Artillery shell hunters... A question...
May 29, 2018 08:43PM
There will be many more over shot. My best producing sites around Vicksburg were up to around 1/4 mile from the intended targets.
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Eric Champigny
Hey Doc,In the case of this counter battery fire it was over.
May 25, 2018 03:15PM
Imboden took his men and the mules, carrying the guns and ammunition, into a shallow ravine about 100 yards behind Captain William Poague’s Virginia battery, which was hotly engaged.
Within a few minutes, Union artillery shells were screaming across the ravine well above the sheltered men and mules. Imboden, in his account of the action, recalled: ‘The mules became frantic. They kicked, plunged and squealed.

Leo Croft, Command Sergeant Major Retired, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Frederick Croft, Pvt. 18th South Carolina Infantry, KIA Petersburg July 1st 1864
David B. Quertermous, Captain, DeWitt Guards, 1st Arkansas Infantry
Gideon Sampson, Pvt. 23rd Illinois Infantry
Charles Payne, Sgt. 20th Alabama Infantry
William Payne, Pvt. 20th Alabama Infantry
William Y. Croft, Pvt. 18th South Carolina Infantry
Lewis Croft, Pvt. 3rd Confederate Cavalry
...the type and size of ordinance being fired may affect the probable location of duds.

* What type of frags of you finding? Hotchkiss? Parrot? Schenkl? Spherical case or shell? Something else?
* Percussion fused or time fused or combo?
* To Keith's comment, time fused duds may overshoot or undershoot, given (a) it was desirable for those shells to pass and explode overhead and rain shrapnel down on intended targets and (b) the time fuse may burn short or long in reference to the desired target.
* My guess is that a percussion fused shell or solid shot would be preferred by the Federals in this instance since a CS artillery battery would have been a key target. In this case, "on target" percussion fused duds may be less likely to overshoot than a time fused dud.
* Rotating bands of Hotchkiss shells may fly off prior to reaching the target, occasionally prompting the nose and base cup sections to separate before reaching the target. I found a complete rotating band near the base of the leading hill at Fair Oaks last Fall.
* Like you said, they could be anywhere! Happy hunting! I hope you pick up a couple of nice shells and fuses.

Re: Artillery shell hunters... A question...
May 22, 2018 01:15PM
I've found my share but they have all been water finds. I think that if you're going to find complete shells, your better bet would be over, since if a TIME fuze or powder charge failed, the shell will continue to travel beyond the intended target, perhaps bouncing and rolling along the ground for quite a distance. Just my .02. Good luck!
From my reading on this point...
May 21, 2018 10:58PM
Typically they would take aim and fire, then judging from what they would see adjust to hone in on there target. So usually they would undershoot in the first few rounds. Now it is true Confederate shells were much less reliable as to there fuses but unless there regular black powder was compromised in some manner it was typically reliable. Heres the last point, when firing and more importantly. firing under the presence of return fire the crew would often neglect to adjust the elevation screw which would over each shot back its self down, thus make each shot travel further and further, so overshots are more common then undershots. Hope this helps Doc...
away. When firing I'm sure they couldn't even see their target from where they were firing but it looks like they were pretty accurate considering the amount of bullets found in the area.
Re: Artillery shell hunters... A question...
May 20, 2018 10:16PM
Rodney, to your question Ponder I would say ...Yes,,,, And that means a lot of ground to search so give me a call and Kim and I will be glad to help you with the searching and griding ,,,all finds yours unless gifted of coarse good to get up with ya again for some fun ,,,,maybe we can lock in on the targets with more coils on the ground Mowing

Re: Artillery shell hunters... A question...
May 20, 2018 11:08AM
Before the advent of GPS and Radar aiming the old rule with artillerymen was one under, one over, and shoot for effect. If it is on a ridge then I would say more over than under. But it depends on the location of the opposing position.

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that makes sense. They would probably have to range a bit to zero in. (n/t)
May 21, 2018 04:39PM
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Re: Artillery shell hunters... A question...
May 20, 2018 07:04AM
I've never found one, but I do a lot of reading on Confederate artillery. The one common point I always see made is the unreliability of their powder and ammo so I would guess short would be the place to start. Either way, sounds like an awesome spot let us know how you make out.
Re: Artillery shell hunters... A question...
May 19, 2018 09:51PM
I do not have enough experience in the shell field to give more than a guess but I will say sounds like you are in for some fun. Good luck and my guess is under shot.
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