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That's great Lee....nice buttons.. (n/t)

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Diggin' In Virginia XLVIII
Nov 9 - 11 2020
Diggin' In Virginia XLIX
Nov 12 - 14, 2020

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DIV 45 as always a great farm, US and CS buttons
April 02, 2019 05:40PM
No social media here.
Another great hunt at Brandy Rock. Every time I am there I cant seem to leave the two same fields, seems there's always something good hiding there. I was out hunting with Glen Heath and Craig Williams the morning of the first day, started gridding a spot, got a very faint low tone, and about a foot down recovered the target. It was a total shocker as I was expecting deep iron or a bullet. It turned out to be a Block I button. I hadn't dug a CS button in almost 5 years, and the last was a Va cuff at Brandy in the same field. I was very pleased with that recovery.
The second day, Glen and I were traveling along a different section and I wandered into a small patch of targets. A few button backs, one bullet, I was getting a little excited. Another button signal, dug down, and out flipped a pretty green state button. Glen and I took a few minutes trying to figure out what it was. At first I thought it was a Maryland, but it turned out to be a nice Wisconsin state seal coat button. I was really happy with that one also, as I only had NYs and one CT button in my Union state button case.
My button drought had been satisfied by this hunt, same as my bottle drought was solved at DIV 43 with a case gin and a ginger beer. I didn't dig very many targets at all, but the ones I did recover were keepers.

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Beautiful finds wtg Lee (n/t)
April 04, 2019 05:29AM
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Wow, Lee! Super buttons! Congrats (n/t)
April 04, 2019 12:58AM
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Re: DIV 45 as always a great farm, US and CS buttons
April 03, 2019 10:12PM
Very nice buttons there Lee. (n/t)
April 03, 2019 01:12PM
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Congrats ..on those two nice beauties .... (n/t)
April 03, 2019 06:39AM
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That's great Lee....nice buttons.. (n/t)
April 02, 2019 07:48PM
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Very nice Lee! (n/t)
April 02, 2019 06:33PM
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Congrats!! Those are bucket listers for me! (n/t)
April 02, 2019 07:11PM
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