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Re: For Sale: Tesoro Stingray II Metal Detector-Price Reduced

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For Sale: Tesoro Stingray II Metal Detector- Now on eBay
February 05, 2011 10:08AM

I have for sale a used Tesoro Stingray II metal detector. This metal detector comes with built-in waterproof headphones, a 10.5” coil, coil cover, a uMax coil adaptor cord, and printed Stingray II instruction manual. I just recently got this detector back from the Tesoro repair department and everything on it works perfectly.

The Stingray II metal detector is the predecessor to the Tesoro Tiger Shark and many believe the Stingray II to be a better detector. The uMax adaptor cord the detector comes with allows this Stingray II to use all of the different types of uMax coils on it. However, the adaptor cord and uMax coil connectors are not waterproof. You might be able to seal and/or tape the adaptor cord and connector somehow so it would be waterproof, I don‘t know if it is possible but I don't suggest trying it. The rest of the metal detector including the control box is completely waterproof up to 200ft. The Tesoro repair department said that the control box is waterproof and safe to submerge in water but whoever buys it, do so at your own risk (no refunds for leak damage). I have only tested this Stingray II detector at home since after getting the detector repaired by Tesoro and it works great.

The 10.5” coil has plenty of scuff marks on it but still works perfectly. The 10.5” coil cover included is loose and will fall off of the coil so whoever buys the detector can tape or seal the coil cover back onto the coil by whatever way they choose. This detector uses 6 AA batteries which are included.

When I first bought this Stingray II detector, it came with a very heavy upper rod so I replaced that upper rod. The new upper rod is a much lighter modified (at home) Fisher upper rod with a lighter White’s metal arm cuff, arm strap, and metal stand. The modifications on the rod weren’t done perfectly (some of the holes are a little bit off-center) but the rod still works good, is adjustable, and is a lot better rod than what came with the detector when I bought it.

This detector has 7 controls (4 are on the front panel and 3 of them are on the inside of the control box). The 4 controls on the front panel are: 1. ON/OFF Tune Speed, Battery Check, 2. Mode Control, 3. Discrimination Level Control, and 4. Ground Adjust. The 3 controls on the inside of the control box are: 1. Threshold Adjust, 2. Volume, and 3. Motion Disc Sensitivity.

Please note that the ON/OFF Tune Speed, Battery Check turn knob was replaced with a different knob. The new knob functions the exact same way as the original. The knob works great and is waterproof.

Please also note that the Motion Disc Sensitivity, Volume and Threshold Adjust controls on the inside of the control box are difficult to reach and adjust (Which is the way it is with all Stingray II metal detectors). However you really only need to adjust those once. I haven’t touched those controls since I got the detector back from Tesoro so whoever buys the detector might want to adjust them first before metal detecting with the detector.

The Tesoro Stingray II metal detector is one of the best freshwater detectors ever made. It is also very good on land and I have heard works on the surf at the beach.

I would like to get $350 shipped for it. I accept a money order or Paypal. However, if you use Paypal, then please add $10 to cover the Paypal fees. If interested, then send me an e-mail or PM me. My e-mail address is:


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Re: For Sale: Tesoro Stingray II Metal Detector-Price Reduced
February 07, 2011 10:32AM
The price is now reduced on the Tesoro Stingray II detector I am selling. New price is $320 shipped and insured. I accept Money order or Paypal. If you use Paypal, then please add 3% ($9.60) to cover the Paypal fees. If interested my e-mail address is Thanks, David
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